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Important Places in the History of the Brigade 

1.  Circleville / Columbus, OH


2.  Terre Haute, IN


3.  Cincinnati, OH


4.  Covington, KY


5.  Kanawha/Gauley Bridge, WV


6.  Bardstown / Perryville, KY


7.  Ft. Donelson, TN


8.  Nashville / Lavergne, TN


9.  Murfreesboro, TN


10.  Shiloh / Pittsburgh Landing, TN


11.  Chattanooga / Ooltewah, TN


12.  Chickamauga, GA


13.  Atlanta, GA


14.  Bridgeport, AL


15.  Corinth, MS



Circleville / Columbus, OH

The men of the 90th OH were mustered in from 

Camp Circleville, near Lancaster, OH, on 29 Aug 62.



                                                                                            Camp Circleville as it

                                                                                            looks today.




            Paroled POWs would often be

           sent to Camp Chase, near

            Columbus, before returning to

           their regiments.









                     Camp Chase, OH 

Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati, OH was the home of several military camps and hospitals during the War.  Camp Clay, near the Cincinnati suburb of Pendleton, was the place where the men of the 1st and 2nd KY were mustered in during the months of May and June 61.

Camp Dennison was another

important training camp for the

recruits from Ohio and even from

nearby states such as IN and KY.

It was here that the men of

Standart's Battery were mustered

in on 8 Oct 61.  

Bardstown and

Perryville, KY

Bardstown, KY was the site of a Union encampment during much of the War.  The 1st KY and 2nd KY regiments stopped here on their way from the Kanawha Valley to Nashville in early 1862.  The 1st KY were here from 24 Jan until 13 Feb 62; the 2nd KY from 5 Feb until 13 Feb.  A skirmish occurred here on 4 Oct 62--shortly before our boys were fighting in Perryville. Today, there are museums and a Civil War era village recreated in Bardstown.



Perryville, KY was the scene of a battle that took place on 8 Oct 62.  It was considered a tactical victory for the Confederates, although the Union considered it a victory as well, since the area would remain in Federal control for the rest of the War.  The Battle of Perryville saw the men of the 1st KY, 2nd KY, 31st IN, 90th OH, and Standart's Battery fighting side-by-side for the first time.  These 5 units would face the enemy together a few more times before their encampment at Cripple Creek.  It was also the first battle in which the men of the 90th OH would participate. 

Ft. Donelson, TN



The Battle of Ft Donelson, TN occurred on 11 - 16 Feb 62, resulting in a Union victory.  It was the first battle in which the 31st IN fought and they were the only Cripple Creek regiment to fight there. 

Covington, KY

Located just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Covington, KY was also the home of several military camps and hospitals.  The 1st KY was mustered out from Covington

on 18 Jun 64, and the 2nd KY was mustered out from there the following day.

Kanawha/Gauley Bridge, WV

The men of the 1st and 2nd KY spent the period

from 19 Oct until 16 Nov 61 in an area that would

soon become part of the new state of West

                                                        Virginia.  The Kanawha Valley was                                                               beautiful, but the fighting they                                                                       experienced there was their first real                                                           taste of War, in particular, the                                                                       Skirmish on Gauley Bridge on 28 Oct                                                           61 and the series of "operations"                                                                 culminating in the Attack on Gauley                                                             Bridge on 10 Nov 61.

Terre Haute, IN

Camp Vigo, near Terre

Haute, IN, was the place where the men of the

31st IN were mustered in on 15 Sep 61.

Shiloh / Pittsburgh Landing, TN

The Battle of Shiloh (also known as The Battle of Pittsburgh Landing) was fought on 6 - 7 Apr 62.  It was a Union victory.  The 1st KY, 2nd KY, and 31st IN were here.


Corinth, MS

The Siege of Corinth, MS lasted from 29 Apr until 30 May 62.  The men of the 31st IN, 1st KY, and 2nd KY fought here.  It was during the figthing on 21 May 62, that 15 year-old Drummer William Horsfall of the 1st KY risked his life to save a fallen officer--an act that would earn him the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1895.


Prisoners of War

Camp Parole, MD

Andersonville, GA

Title. Double click me.

Belle Isle, VA

Libby Prison

Richmond, VA

Title. Double click me.

Chickamauga, GA

and Chattanooga, TN

The Chickamauga Campaign followed the Tullahoma Campaign in the fall of 1863, culminating in the Battle of Chickamauga on 19 - 20 Sept 63.  It was a resounding victory for the Confederates.  While ALL the units from Camp Cripple Creek participated in the Tullahoma Campaign (1st KY, 2nd KY, 31st IN, 90th OH, Standart's Battery, and the 5th TN Cavalry), the 5th TN did not take part in the Chickamauga Campaign.  


The Battle of Chickamauga was immediately followed by the Siege of Chattanooga, which lasted from 24 Sept until 27 Nov 63.  It included many famous battles, such as Orchard Knob, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Rossville Gap, and Ringgold/Graysville.  The men of Cruft's and Hazen's Brigades saw action in nearly all of these battles.  However, the Chattanooga Campaign was a Union victory and marked the end of Confederate control in any part of Tennessee, clearing the way for the Atlanta Campaign and Sherman's March to the Sea in 1864.  All of the regiments from Cripple Creek (except for the 5th TN Cavalry) were present for the fighting around Chattanooga.  

Gen. Thomas and his staff at Ringgold, GA

Bridgeport, AL

Bridgeport, AL was a place of rest after the rigors of the last half of 1863.  Like other regiments, our Cripple Creek boys remained here from the end of Oct 63 through the end of Jan 64.  (The 5th TN were no longer a part of their happy group by this time, and were elsewhere.)  Standart's Battery would be stationed here after the rest and would be here for the longest length of time--from 26 Mar 64 through July 65. 

Ooltewah, GA

Like Bridgeport, Ooltewah was a place of rest for the weary men of Cruft's Brigade.  They would be stationed here from the end of Jan 64 until mid-May 64.  During their stay here, most of the men of the 31st IN re-enlisted (becoming "veteranized") and were given a month's furlough in Feb and Mar 64. 

The Atlanta Campaign

With virtually all of TN now in Union hands, the action shifted to GA, beginning with The Atlanta Campaign from 1 May - 8 Sept 64.  While the 90th OH and the 31st IN were present during the whole campaign, the 1st and 2nd KY would occupy Resaca after the battle was over and their friends from Cripple Creek had moved on.  The KY boys would muster out in mid-June, leaving the 90th OH and the 31st IN to continue to fight the good fight until after the War's end.  

         Rocky Face Ridge                          Resaca                                     Kennesaw                              Siege of Atlanta

              8 - 13 May                                13 - 15 May                                   27 June                                  22 Jul - 25 Aug  

          90th OH, 31 IN                         90th OH, 31st IN                        90th OH, 31st IN                         90th OH, 31st IN

                                                    (1st & 2nd KY here from

                                                     17 May - 29 May/3 Jun)    

Pleasant Title


                                            Here are just a few of the hospitals the wounded men of

                                            Cripple Creek might have been sent to.

                                                                                                                                                            Jefferson Gen. Hosp.

Good Samaritan Hosp.                                                                                                                        Louisville, KY--the

    Cincinnati, OH                                                                                                                                3rd largest in the US









The 3 Buildings that made up Hospital 3 in Nashville          St. Mary's of the Seven

Cumberland Pres-   Masonic Temple     1st Pres-                  Sorrows Cath. Church

byterian Church                                   byterian Church               in Nashville, TN                     Union University in

                                                                                                                                                          Murfreesboro, TN









Nurse Annie Bell with patients in                Possibly the Hospital for                                      A Field Hospital in

      a Nashville, TN hospital                          Prostitutes that helped                                          Murfreesboro, TN

                                                                     curtail the venereal disease

                                                                     "epidemic" in Nashville, TN 





Here are just a few of the places used as hospitals that the

      men of Cripple Creek might have been familiar with.

Nashville, TN

     At various times, the men who would be stationed at Camp Cripple Creek were posted in Nashville, TN.  In fact, the first time that all the men who would be at Cripple Creek (1st KY, 2nd KY, 31st IN, 90th OH, Standart's Battery, and the 5th TN Cavalry) were in the same location was in Nashville, TN prior to the Battle of Stone River between 8 Nov and 26 Dec 62.

                                                                                                                                                 TN State Capitol Building








       Nashville City Square                    Railroad Depot                         Nashville Skyline      

LaVergne, TN

The men of Cripple Creek would move with the rest of the Army of the Cumberland to the small town of LaVergne, TN just prior to the Battle of Stone River and take part in a skirmish with Confederate troops there on 26 - 27 Dec 62--a foretaste of what was to come. 

           Stewart's Creek near                Escaping from Confederate              Wheeler's Raid on the    

                   LaVergne                             Guerrillas near LaVergne                     Eve of the Battle                

Almost one year later, the Army of the Cumberland would defeat the Confederate forces once again in the Second Battle of Nashville on 15 - 16 Dec 64, just over two weeks after the Battle of Franklin. The 90th OH, the 31st IN, and Standart's Battery would take part in this. 

Franklin, TN

The Battle of Franklin was fought on 30 Nov 64 and was a devastating loss for the Confederate forces under Gen. John Bell Hood.  The 90th OH and the 31st IN took part in the carnage that was one of the deadliest battles of the War.

       The Carter House                             The Battle as depicted in 1891                           Carnton Plantation

Murfreesboro, TN

I have "saved the best for last" by putting the box for Murfreesboro as the last location featured on this page.  I have tried to find scenes that the Cripple Creek boys might recognize if they were to view my website. 

The Battle of


31 Dec -- 2 Jan

1862 / 63

The "Round Forest", where the men of Cruft's Brigade fought on 31 Dec 62.  It was given the name of "Hell's Half-Acre" by those who fought here.

Detailed portion of a map drawn by historian Ed Bearss for the National Park Service, showing the action on 31 Dec 61 near the "Round Forest".

More scenes of the Battle as seen by artists.  The drawing on the right was done by Alfred E. Mathews, a private in the 31st OH (so he was not at Cripple Creek, although he was at the Battle).  Mathews was a free-lance artist, but some of his artwork was commissioned by the Army


The home of E. A. Keeble on the corner of Academy and College was used as Union Head Quarters.  (It is now a parking lot for SunTrust Bank.)

The Spence-Avent-Jones-Robinson home stood at 202 E. Main St. (where First Baptist Church now stands).

Union troops encamped around the Rutherford County Courthouse in 1863.

Oaklands Mansion, the home of the Maney Fam-ily, stood outside the city limits.

Soule Academy, which stood on E. Main St., was one of dozens of buildings used as hospitals after the Battle.

The home of Charles Ready, Jr. was used as the Head Quarters of the Provost Guard.

The Bassett house was used by Asst. Adj. Gen. Goddard

A view of the Square, probably from the late 1800s.

Courthouse square circa 1860s.

Platform on the Courthouse tower used by the Army Signal Corps.

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