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31st IN Infantry
Companies A - I and K


    National Flag #99


 Regimental Flag #98

Indianapolis, IN

Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument Dedication Ceremony - 15 May 1902


10 Members of the 31st IN carried their regimental flag in the parade: John W. Brown, Robert Campbell, James F. Fee, Silas D. Foulke, Lorenzo D. Gard, Jeremiah Hatfield, Jr., Robert K. Houpt, Thomas J. Ratcliffe, William H. Samuels, and George W. Walker

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   The 31st IN lost 378 brave             men during the War:       



         120 were killed in action or    

       mortally wounded (including

       5 officers)


        258 died of disease (5 of these  

       were officers)


The 31st Indiana Volunteer Infantry was organized and mustered in by Col. Charles Cruft, 15 September 1861, in Terre Haute, IN.


Col. Charles Cruft  (1826 - 1883) was promoted to Brigadier General 16 July 1862.  Cruft's Brigade came to include the 1st and 2nd KY and the 90th OH, in addition to the 31st IN.



The 31st IN consisted of 10 individual companies:  A - I and K .  (Like many regiments, there was no Company J.) Each company was made up mostly of men from one or two counties from the southwestern part of the state.  Likewise, each company adopted its own nickname, some reflecting where the majority of its men were from.


   A   Wabash Rifles           Parke Co

   B   Santa Fe Guards       Owen Co.

   C   Noble Guards            Vigo Co.

   D   Sullivan Co. Lyons    Sullivan Co.

   E   Vigo Tigers                Vigo Co.

   F   Greene Co. Union

               Guards                Greene Co.

   G   Dunning Guards        Monroe Co.

   H   Jackson Guards        Greene Co.

   I     Parke Invincibles        Parke Co.

         (also known as The

        Jamesborough Guards)

   K   Vigo Rangers             Vigo Co.



The 31st IN was mustered out on 8 Dec. 1865, in San Antonio, TX.  


  The 31st IN Fought in the Following





   FT. DONELSON, KY. . . . .13 - 15 FEB 62

     SHILOH, TN. . . . . . . . . . . . 6 - 8 APR 62

   PERRYVILLE, KY. . . . .  . . . . . .8 OCT 62

  STONES RIVER. . . . 31 DEC 62 - 2 JAN 63

   CHICKAMAUGA, GA . . . . .19 - 20 SEP 63


                                                        23 NOV 63


   FRANKLIN, TN (SECOND). . . .30 NOV 64

   NASHVILLE, TN. . . . . . . .15 - 16 DEC 64





    As well as Garrison Duty in

                                       Bridgeport, AL

                                       Ooltewah, TN

                                       Nashville, TN

                                      Green Lake, TX

                                  and San Antonio, TX



 DATE                   COL.           LT. COL.            MAJ.            ADJ.           CHAPLAIN             QM           SURGEON              ASST. SURGEONS       

   1 Jan. 1863        Osborne     C. M. Smith      J. T. Smith      Rose            Gilmore                 Beeler        Armstrong               Hendricks, Morgan      

  24 Jan. 1863            "                    "                        "              Noble                "                            "                   "                             "                "

 11 Feb. 1863             "             J. T. Smith           Neff               "                       "                            "                   "                             "                "

  15 Mar. 1863            "                    "                        "                "                       "                           "            Hendricks                Morgan,   McKinney




                                Armstrong, James B.    (  -  <1894>)   Commissioned as Regimental Surgeon on 22 Oct 61 and Mustered in on 1 Nov 61;

                                Discharged 13 Mar 63  (from Cripple Creek?) ;  Pension file shows his widow (Mary S.) filed in 1894 from IL;  There are                                             records for a William B. Armstrong, born PA 20 Feb 1833, died 13 Jan 1893 in Knoxville, Knox Co, IL, whose wife was named

                                Maria S. Campbell--the only problem I have with saying this is our William B. Campbell is that Maria's husband always lists

                                his occupation as Farmer, there is no mention whatsoever of his being a Physician;  Is this our Dr. William B. Campbell?



                                Beeler, James C.  24  (1838 - 1897)  Mustered in on 4 Jan 62 from Terre Haute to Co F as a 2 Lt;   Promoted to Quarter  

                                Master Sgt for the regiment on 26 Apr 62; Resigned 17 Jun 65





                                Gilmore, Hiram   51  (1809  - 1877)    Born in NY on Christmas Day;  Licensed to preach in 1831;  Married Eliza Ruter in 1834                                  and had 4 children;  Preached in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia before moving to Indiana in 1850;  living in Greencastle,                                        Putnam Co, IN for 1860 Census;  Commissioned and mustered in from Greencastle in Sep 61 as Chaplain for the regiment;                                      Mustered out 29 Sep 64;  Was a Minister in the Methodist-Episcopal Church and retured in 1874; Died in IL 





                                 Hendricks, William C.  39 (1822 - 1888)  Mustered in 1 Nov 61 as Asst Surgeon (there were two assigned to the 31st IN);

                                 When Dr. James Armstrong was discharged on 14 Mar 63, Hendricks became the Regimental Surgeon the next day;  He

                                 would resign from the 31st IN on 10 May 64 in order to re-enlist as the Regimental Surgeon for the 149th IN;  Born in IN,

                                 Dr. Hendricks and his family called Ladoga home, in later years they lived in Franklin (Johnson Co), IN






                                  McKinney, Asa W  30  (1831 - 1893)  He was mustered in as a 1 Sgt of Co H, in spite of having recently graduated from

                                  medical school; He became a Hospital Steward in May 62; Was a 2 Lt from Jan 63 until May 63 (roughly his whole time at

                                  Camp Cripple Creek); At last, he was promoted to Asst Surgeon in May 63 and finally served as Surgeon from Sept 64

                                  until his discharge in Dec 65;  Before the War, he lived in Owensburg;  He moved to Kansas in 1872, where he was a doctor,

                                  pharmacist, and the county coroner




                                  Morgan, James H.    (  -  )   He was commissioned as one of the Asst Surgeons in the regiment on 22 Sep 62 (However,

                                  he was not mustered);  He resigned on 9 Dec 63


                                  Neff, Francis L.  31 (1830 - 1864)  Born in KY, he made Sullivan Co, IN his home; He was mustered in as the 1st Lt of Co. D

                                  on 5 Sep 61;  He and his brother, Willis, were partners in a thriving law practice when Ft. Sumter was surrendered;  Francis

                                  and Willis were instrumental in recruiting their neighbors, friends, and fellow-lawyers for the cause of the Union  He was

                                  promoted to Adjutant for the regiment on 19 May 62, followed by a promotion to Capt of Co D on 31 Jul 62;  On 11 Feb 63,

                                  he was commissioned as a Maj, the rank he would hold until July 63, when he was promoted to Lt Col;  Sadly, he was killed

                                  24 Jun 64 by a sharpshooter at Kennesaw Mtn, near Atlanta, GA (according to the bio on his Find-A-Grave page, he was

                                  sitting at the base of a tree, reading a newspaper when he was killed!);  He was buried at home in Sullivan Co




                                   Noble, George Milton  20  (1842 - 1915)  His bio in Who's Who in Topeka, 1905, asserts he began as a Private in Co D and

                                   moved up through the ranks to a Brevet Major, however this is not reflected in the military records available to me;  No

                                   matter, he was mustered and commissioned as Adj for the regiment on 24 Jan 63 after Allen Rose resigned;  He would

                                   remain in this post until Sept 64 when he was promoted to Capt of Co C;  He resigned on 12 Jun 65;  He was from Ohio

                                   originally, but was living in Greencastle when he enlisted;  He and his wife moved to Kansas after the War;  He was a

                                   lawyer and businessman  He filed his pension request as an Invalid in 1904 and his widow (Eva R.) filed for her pension in

                                   1915--both from Kansas;  He died and was buried in Topeka, KS





                                   Osborne, John  53  (1809 - 1887) From Bowling Green, he became Lt Col when the regiment was formed in Sept 61;

                                   When Col. Cruft was promoted to Brig Gen in Jul 62, Osborne assumed command of the 31st;  He continued as Col until he

                                   resigned in Jul 63






                                    Rose, Allen T.  50  (1812 - 1892)  From Bowling Green, Clay Co., IN (although some records say he was from Spencer);  

                                    Served in the Mexican War;  He was commissioned and mustered into the 31st IN as Adj on 2 Oct 62;  After he resigned

                                    on 23 Jan 63, he returned home to IN;  He lived in Missouri 1880,  and died in Arkansas






                                    Smith, John T.  30  (1831 - 1908)  Hailing from Bloomfield, he was commissioned and mustered on 5 Sep 61 as the 1 Lt

                                    of Co F;  He was promoted to Capt of Co F on 4 Jan 62;  Promoted to Maj in Dec 62, Promoted to Lt Col in Feb 63;  He

                                    would eventually become Col in Jul 63 when Col Osborne resigned;  He would remain with the 31st until a few weeks

                                    before the War's end, turning in his resignation on 12 Mar 65;  In 1900, he was the author of the book commemorating

                                    the history of the 31st (A History of the Thirty-First Regiment of Indiana Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion)





                                   Smith, Charles M.   33  (1828  -  1909)   Born in OH, he called Terre Haute home for most of his life; (Note:  His military

                                   records show him serving in Co. F of 14th IN from 7 Jun 61 until 5 Jul 62, but I believe this second date should be 5 Jul 61,

                                   as this unit eventually became the 31st IN in Sep 61);  His newspaper obituary states he had a long military career,

                                   serving in the Mexican War and the "Lopez exedition to Cuba" in the 1850s;  He was commissioned and mustered in as the

                                   first Capt of Co K of the 31st IN on 5 Sept 61;  He was promoted to Maj on 7 May 62 and finally to Lt Col on 17 Jul 62;  He

                                   was serving in this capacity at Cripple Creek when he resigned on 10 Feb 63;  His final military service was as Lt Col of 

                                   the 156th IN from April until Aug 65;  In 1900, as a widower living in Terre Haute, he listed his occuation as Postal Clerk;

                                   His birthday was in May 1828, but I don't know the actual date                    





Spear, James B.  Hospital Steward  (No residence given)  Mustered in 25 Oct 61;  Died at Savannah, TN on 1 Mar 62


Meacham, John F.  Adj  (No residence given)  Mustered in 11 Nov 64 


Wood, Levi     QM   From Indianapolis   Mustered in 20 Sep 61;  Resigned 7 Apr 62


Carter, Charles M.  QM   From Bowling Green   Mustered in 18 Jun 65:  No "out" date


Fisher, Samuel  Asst Surg (Pro tem)   Greencastle  Commissioned on 23 Apr 62;  No "out" date


Wright, S. M.    Asst Surg  (Pro tem)  Terre Haute  Commissioned on 24 Apr 62;  No "out" date


Merritt, N. P.    Asst Surg    (No residence given)  Mustered in 31 Oct 64;  No "out" date


Hamilton, James B.  41  (1820 - 1899)    No residence given;  He served as Chaplain from 24 Oct 64 until the regiment was mustered out


Cox, James T.  Leader of Band  (No residence given)   Mustered out [8?] Sep 62


Barnard, George      Band                              "               Mustered out 8 Sep 62

Brown, George A        "                                   "                                 "

Bachtold, Jacob          "                                   "                                 " 

Brown, Charles A.      "                                   "                                 "

Gordon, George           "                                  "                                 "

Hoelzel, Benjamin       "                                  "                                 "

Harris, Daniel W.          "                                  "                                "

Majors, William            "                                  "                                "

Robinson, Charles M.    "                                 "                                "

Shane, James A.           "                                 "                                "

Weber, Lewis                "                                  "                               "

White, James W.           "                                  "                               "

White, Charles T.          "                                  "                               "

Wheeler, William H.     "                                   "                                "




Corban, James

Clark, Henry

Delaney, Squire

Harris, David W.

Hulley, Benjamin

Haskins, Isaac N.

Kinser, Wesley

Lane, Frederick

Markn, William

Mark, Milton H.

Payton, Raymond O.

Peter, Simon

Reynolds, Ames

Raybourne, William T.

Stunkle, John H.

Weist, John





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