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Brig Genl J D Cox

   (1828 - 1900)

      Maj Genl  Gordon Granger
  (1822 - 1876)

Lt Col Joseph

  S. Fullerton

 (1835 - 1897)

1 KY F Mullen.jpg

Cox, Jr., Thomas J.   33   (1828 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as Capt of Co I;  By 23 Jul 61, Capt Cox was requesting of Brig Gen Jacob Dolson Cox (a cousin?) to be transferred to a different regiment, stating, "I have no confidence in the ability of Col Guthrie to command a Regt.  He has no system of government, the men do as they please and it is all most [sic] impossible to controll [sic] them or hold them in subjection.  After a march the men are permitted to go where they please before the guard is posted.  Consequently, they have pillaged and destroyed private property until we are and should be disgraced.  I have denounced most emphatically such a course and have been reprimanded for it.  Again, when prisoners are brought in they are left to the tender mercies of the crowd to be abused, insulted, and questioned.  I feel confident that under Col Guthrie I shall ever be dissatisfied--and have no desire to conceal my sentiments."  Capt Cox's request was not answered and it may have been a blessing for all concerned (including Capt Cox) when he was captured near Camp Gauley (Peytona), VA on 12 Sept 61, and taken to Libby Prison in Richmond and later to Tuscaloosa, AL;  His exploits while in prison were described in a book entitled Richmond Prisons, 1861 - 1862 (;  Indeed, they were still memorable enough that in 1912, a fellow inmate of Libby writes to the GAR column in the Philadelphia Inquirer asking if anyone knows the address of Capt Thomas J. Cox;  Exchanged after almost 11 months and sent to Camp Wallace, OH where he was put in Temporary Command of Paroled Forces;  Upon his return to the 1st KY, he was appointed Capt of Co F on 21 Oct 62;  Apparently, he had been granted a leave of absence for the purpose of getting married which was to take place in Aug 62, but due to his imprisonment, he was not able to take his leave;  In Apr 63, he applied for leave to replace the leave he had missed out on, but his request was denied, with the notation " this time officers can only be spared in cases of absolute necessity, by command of Maj Gen Rosecrans";  On 23 Jul 63, he again applied for leave in order to be married and to take care of "business of pecuniary importance", but his request was again denied;  He was sent to Nashville Hospital (sick) from 16 Aug - 7 Sep 63;  On 29 Nov 63, he wrote directly to Gen George Thomas (ignoring the chain of command) concerning his need for a leave of absence, stating, "I cannot send through regular channels an application worded as this is, without giving room for comment and gossip..." and explaining that his bride-to-be's "...old father, now in his dotage, has been endeavoring to get possession of the property left his children by their deceased mother.  Failing in his efforts, he has resorted to the most cruel and unnatural means of revenge, surreptitiously obtaining what he could and driving his children from home..."  He asks the Genl to speak to Capt W. E. Merrill and Capt Hunter Brooke of his staff who would vouch for his character.  It must have worked, since Cox is at last granted his Leave of Absence for 20 days beginning 13 Dec 63;  Lt. Col Alva Hadlock and Col David Enyart of the 1 KY were livid, writing on the Order from Gen Thomas, "Desire to know through what process Capt Thos Cox Jr...obtained leave of absence..." since it "...did not pass through this office, nor was it approved by the Brigade Commander...";  Apparently, permission ultimately came from "G[ordon] Granger, Maj Gen Comdg," and "J[oseph] S[cott] Fullerton, Lieut Col CAAU" who were "Acting in the General's absence";   There is a marriage return for a Thomas Cox who married a Miss F. M. Nichols in Cincinnati on 17 Dec 63, which I believe to be our Capt Cox, but I can find no other information on him;  He is listed on Sick Leave from 4 - 24 Jan 64;  He mustered out 18 Jun 64




Sockwell, Joseph B.  26   (1832 - 1866)  Born in New Jersey, he lived in Switzerland Co, IN for many years prior to the War;  In 1860, he worked as Stewart [sic] on a Steamship  (I wonder if he considered joining the Navy, rather than the Army--perhaps he would one day wish that he had);  Mustered in on 22 Jun 61 as Sgt;  Appointed Sgt Maj for the Regiment on 1 Feb 62;  Promoted from Sgt Maj to 2 Lt of Co F on 7 Apr 62;  Promoted to 1 Lt on 29 Jan 63;  Was Detached to Gen Cruft's Staff as an Acting ACS  (Assistant Commissary of Subsistence) Officer beginning 21 Apr 63;  Requested (and was granted?) a 20-day Leave to visit his aged parents in Jan 64;  Would be dishonorably dismissed from the Service on 18 Apr 64 by Special Field Order #109, due to "gross neglect of his official duties" with regard to the ACS position [Were Commissary items stolen or misappropriated during his tenure in the Office?];  Surname also appears as Lockwell, Soewell;  After his dismissal, he apparently embarked on a cruise [or a seafaring career, perhaps?] which led to his death at sea near Sulawesi, Tengah, Indonesia in 1866



Lawrence, James G.  32  (1829 - 1888)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as Sgt in Co I;  Taken prisoner with several others from the 1 KY near Camp Gauley, VA on 12 Sep 61;  He managed to escape after only a few days and returned to the 1 KY on 29 Sep 61;  He was appointed Acting Sgt for Co I from 15 Jan 62;  Was promoted to 1 Sgt of Co I on 7 Apr 62 after Shiloh;  Promoted from 1 Sgt of Co I to 2 Lt of Co F on 30 (or 29? or 31?) Jan 63;  Given the politics that existed in Co F (the powerplay between Capt Cox and his superiors and the decision of 1 Lt Sockwell to join the staff of the Brigade's Commissary), 2 Lt Lawrence was appointed to be Company Commander beginning on 21 Apr 63 and again on 13 Dec 63--it is unclear exactly when he relinquished Command in either instance);  He is listed as Present Sick in Mar / Apr 64;  He mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  He then enlisted as a Captain in Co I of the 191st OH from 8 Mar 65 until 27 Aug 65;  He never filed for a pension as an Invalid, but his widow, Annie, filed for her pension in 1888 from OH

>>>It would appear that Co F was without a 1 Lt from 1 Dec 62 (the date Albert H. Smith was dishonorably dismissed from that position) until 29 Jan 63, when Joseph B. Sockwell was promoted to fill the position<<<





Baker, Elisha Milton  24   (1837 - 1923)   Born in Columbiana, OH;  Mustered in on 30 Jun 61 as a Pvt at Camp Clay, OH according to the AG's Roll (although the Bi-Monthly Muster Roll cards say he was mustered in 13 Jul 61 at Leon (Kanawha), VA);  Appointed Cpl on 8 Jun 62;  Included with his Fold3 records are two Casualty Sheets for an Edward Baker of 1 KY Co I (?) who was severely wounded in the handat Stones River--there is no Edward Baker in any company of the 1st KY and Elisha Baker was not hurt at Stones River;  Mustered out by telegram on 18 Jun 64; Moved West after the War:  from about 1865 - 1885, he lived in Nebraska as a Farmer and a Laborer; By 1900, he lived in Custer Co, OK, which is where he died in 1923

Billings, William R.  21  (1840 - <After 1890>)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 1 Dec 62;  Slightly wounded on 7 Apr 62 at Shiloh;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Invalid Pension filed 1890; Living in Kenton Co, KY in 1890

Covert, Charles W.  27   (1834 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Promoted to Sgt on 27 Feb 62;  Spent a few months sick in hospitals in Nashville and Louisville (back with his unit by April 62);  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64

English, John W.  20  (1841 - 1905)  Born in Gallatin, KY;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Severely wounded at Shiloh on 7 Apr 62--hospitalized until Sept / Oct 62;  Promoted to Sgt on 1 Dec 62;  Captured at Stones River, but quickly exchanged and returned to his men by 7 Jun 63--so he was at Cripple Creek;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Lived in Switzerland Co, IN before and after the War;  Worked as a Blacksmith and later as a Butcher;  Lived in Cincinnati in 1870, in Clark Co, IN in 1880, and the remainder of his life in Dayton, OH

Mullen, George A.   24  (1837 - 1873)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Was in hospital for part of the period for Mar / Apr 62;  Note on Nov / Dec 62 Muster Roll says he was "Absent without leave, said to be in Nashville"; Note on the Muster Roll for 31 Oct 62 - 28 Feb 63, "At Convalescent Camp Nashville--a worthless soldier"; This same note appears on the next Muster Roll, dated 10 Apr 63;  Was in Convalescent Camp from 26 Dec 62 until 3 May 63 (so he WAS at Cripple Creek for a few weeks);  Reduced from Cpl at his own request and made a Hospital teward by order of Lt Col Hadlock on 1 Oct 63;  Next Muster Roll said it was by order of Col Enyart on 11 Oct 63;   Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  I am not certain that our George is the man living in Ward 17 of Cincinnati in 1860--if so, he was born in Ohio and worked as an Engineer;  Buried in the St. John's Irish Cem in Cincinnati

Noe, Alexander "Aleck"   24   (1837 - 1874)  Born in KY, but lived most of his life across the Ohio River in Clark Co, IN;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 8 Jul 62;  Captured at Stones River, but quickly exchanged and returned to his Command at Cripple Creek on 8 Jun 63  (Thus, he would not have spent his 26th birthday--2 or 21 May--at Cripple Creek);  Became ill and sent to hospital in Bridgeport, AL from 25 Jan 64 - 21 Apr 64;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Differing dates on Ancestry (Born 2 or 21 May 37, died 17 Apr 75 or 19 Apr 74);  He was the younger brother of the man in the next bio

Noe, Nathaniel C.  28   (1832 - 1907)  Born in KY, he and his younger brother, Aleck (see the bio above) were children of John M. and Sarah Ann (Camper/Kemper) Noe;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as a Sgt;  Promoted to 1 Sgt on 1 Mar 62; He was ill in Louisville in Sep 62, but not for very long;  Like his brother, he was captured at Stones River, but was exchanged and back with the 1st KY at Camp Cripple Creek on 8 Jun 63; He was present in camp for Mar / Apr 64, but Sick;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  He spent most of his life as a Farmer in Clark Co, IN

Riedel, Adolph  21  (1839 - 1928)  Born in Austria;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 8 Jul 62 (although they listed him as Edward Riddle on his Muster Roll cards until Sept / Oct 62!);  He was sick in Nashville from Nov / Dec 62 until Apr 63--first in a hospital and then in a convalescent camp;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Married a southern lady and lived in Alabama before dying in Osceola Co, FL;  Name is spelled many different ways in the records

Shade, James Thomas  20   (1841 - 1912)  Born in PA to John and Martha Shade; Worked as a Watchman in Louisville in 1860; Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Wounded at Shiloh on 7 Apr 62 (one source says "badly wounded", but another says "slightly wounded"--he was listed as being in hospital in Louisville, but he does not apear to have been there for very long);  Moved up from Pvt to Cpl on 1 Sep 62; Captured at the Battle of Stones River and taken to Richmond--thankfully, he was exchanged fairly quickly--3 Feb 63--and back with his unit at Cripple Creek on 10 Jun 63;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64,  Married Martha L. Toops in Jefferson Co, KY; In 1870 and 1880, he worked as a Blacksmith in Louisville; Surname spelled variously (Shedd, Shade, etc.); Invalid Pension filed 1875; In 1900, he worked as a Stationary Fireman in Louisville; In 1905, he was a Foreman in Louisville, KY; In 1910, he was a Coal Passer in Louisville; Died 25 Feb 1912 Jefferson Co, KY; Wife, Martha L., filed for her Pension 9 Mar 1912

Smith, Adam  32   (<1829> - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  On 16 Nov 61, Smith was involved in an incident in which several men apparently snuck out of camp during the night, went across the river to Charleston, VA, got drunk, and one of them (Martin Delaney--see last box on this page) was shot and killed (accidentally?  on purpose?)  Smith was subject to a Court Martial, but apparently was not found guilty of murder--he was, however, forced to forfeit one month's pay in Jan 62;  A couple of months later, he was promoted to Sgt on 22 Apr 62 and he never again got into trouble (at least none that was reported in the official records);  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  There were so many men named Adam Smith of this approximate age in this general locality, that I have no way to tell which one is ours

Tuttle, Henry (William Henry Harrison)  22  (1839 - 1915)  Born in OH;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Promoted to Sgt on 1 Dec 62;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  After the War, married Virginia Frances Smock and had several children;  He worked as a Farmer in Indiana and Ohio, although in 1880 he sold farm equipment ("Agricultural Implement Agent") for a living;  Died and was buried in Putnam Co, IN



          OTHER  PERSONNEL   from  Co.  F  at   CRIPPLE   CREEK





1 KY F Fulton.jpg

Bowman, William R.  20  (1841 - 1884)  Born in IN;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  On the April / Aug Muster Roll card is a notation that he was AWOL and that he "Resides near Jeffersonville, IN"--there was no further explanation and he was present for all of his other Muster Roll cards (I suspect some sort of clerical error that was never addressed); Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  He married Melissa A Sylvester in 1868;  In 1880, he lives with his family in Jeffersonville, Clark Co, IN and works as a Laborer;  Filed for his pension as an Invalid in Jul 84 and his wife, Melissa A., filed for her pension in Nov 84, followed by a petition for a Minor's pension (Nancy A.) in Aug 85;  William is buried in Walnut Ridge Cemetery, Jeffersonville, IN





Camper, John H.*  20   (1842 - 1864)  Born in IN to Nathan M. and Nancy Camper;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Spent Jan - Apr 62 in hospital, but served the rest of his enlistment without a problem until 10 Jun 64 (while preparing to be mustered out just over a week later), he died!  (There is no cause of death listed in the Register of Deaths of Volunteers--very strange);  He is buried in Scott Co, IN, but the military headstone was misread by the "Find-a-Grave" transcriber as "Co K 1st NY Inf" and not "KY";  It is possible that he could be a distant cousin of the Noe Brothers listed above, since their mother was Sarah Ann Camper/Kemper, but I have not found a familial tie between Sarah Camper Noe and Nathan M. Camper--yet!






Casey, Michael   26  (1835 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Spent a couple of months in the Spring of 62 in hospital in Columbia, TN, but was back with his Regiment by August 62;  He was hospitalized again beginning 20 Apr 63 and remained hospitalized in Murfreesboro and then in Louisville until he was mustered out on 18 Jun 64--no explanation given on the nature of his illness(es); Pension file incorrectly transcribed "Carey"; Invalid Pension filed 1886; Ancestry linked this man's military record to a Michael Casey, born in KY, age 94, living in Los Angeles, CA in 1930 with George and Helen Tritz (his granddaughter)

Cook, James W.  20   (1842 - 1917)  Born in PA; Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Invalid Pension filed 1890; Married Mollie Harris 1896 in KY (First wife may have been Sarah Prophet 1873); Entered Dayton Veterans' Home in 1911; At that time, he was 69, 5' 8" tall, Dark complexion, Blue eyes, Gray hair, Protestant, Occupation given as Farmer in Muldraugh, KY (although his death cerificate says Stationary Engineer), suffering from Cataract in right eye, Inguinal hernia on the left side, Chronic constipation, Cardiac hypertrophy, Arteriosclerosis, General condition fail; However, he was AWOL by 1917; Died 13 Dec 1917, Louisville, KY; Widow filed 14 Jan 1918; There is a note on the Pension Index card that says "See J.S. 88,689, William Nunn, F 42 Ind Inf; Death certificate says he was buried in Cave Hill Cemetery, but he does not appear in their list

???Cooper, William   23  (1844 - 1926)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  applied for a Discharge on 1 Jun 62, but was not granted it--why? His Muster Roll card indicates he was absent, sick, but was apparently back with his company; Sept/Oct 62 He is Servant to Maj Cahill; Card for Nov/Dec the note says "Servant to Lt. Col. Cahill at Nashville", yet he is marked "Present"; On a Muster Roll card for 31 Oct 62 - 28 Feb 63 he is Absent, still sering Cahill; The Muster Roll card for Mar/Apr 63 said "Post Teamster at Nashville since Mar 15 63 without consent of his com[man]d."; SO, WAS HE AT CRIPPLE CREEK from 1 Mar - 15 Mar?; He remained in Nashville until 28 Feb 64; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Married Caroline Robinson IN 1867; Blacksmith in Switzerland Co, IN 1870;  Invalid Pension filed 1879; Blacksmith in Breckenridge Co, KY in 1880; By 1900, living as a Stock Smith in Miami Co, KS; In 1910, he is a Retail Merchant in Miani Co, with no occupation given in 1820; Died 23 Jun 19 1926 in Osawatomia, Kansas; Widow's pension filed 9 Jul 1926

Crossmick, Henry  28  (1831 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  30 Apr - 31 Aug 62 Sick at Louisville; Sept/Oct 62 He is Present; Nov/ Dec 62 Absent with Leave--Sick at Louisville, KY; On Muster Roll card for Oct 31  62 - 28 Feb 63 he is Present, but there is a note that says "Perfectly worthless as a soldier"; This is repeated on a Special Muster Roll card dated 11 Apr 63; Mar Apr 63 he is Absent with a  notation "Brigade Ambulance Driver since 16 Apr 1863 by order of Dr Menzies"; This is repeated on card for May/Jun 63; He is present Jul/Aug 63, but he is back to Being the Brig Ambulance Driver again on each Muster Roll card--sometimes with the word "Present" and sometimes "Absent"; So, I guess he WAS at Cripple Creek, st least for a couple of weeks?;Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Pension Index filed under Grasmick; Invalid Pension filed 1890; Widow's Pension filed--no date, name, or location; Name filed variously as Grasmuck. Grasmick, Crasmich, etc.

Cullen, Joseph  28   (1833 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Company Teamster since 1 Jul 62 by Order of Col Enyart; Brigade Teamster since 6 Jan 64;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64

Davis, William A.  23   (1839 - 1893)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Also served 2 IN Cav Co H, although I am not certain how he did this since the dates overlap--12 Sep 62 to 20 Apr 62; There are too many men named William Davis in the Kentucky/Ohio/Indiana area to know which one is mine; Died of Dysentery in Cincinnati, OH and buried in the St. Joseph's New Cemetery.

Eisenberg, Christian  33   (1828 - 1864)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Wounded slightly at Shiloh 7 Apr 61; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Is this the Christian Eisenberg, born in 1827, who died 23 Sep 64?  If so, he was born in Germany and is buried in the Florence Cemetery in Switzerland Co, IN "He served 3 years in US Army"; name also given as Eisenbeck, Eisenberry, Eisenburg, Jusenback, Eisenbiech

Fulton, Isaac   23   (1838 - 1883)  Born in IN;  In 1850, living in Switzerland Co, IN with mother, step-father, half-siblings, and older brother, William; Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Regimental Teamster since 3 Sep 63;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Buried in the Wiley Cem in Switzerland Co, IN; Apparently, he never married 

Gaver, James W.  23   (1835 - 1914)  Born in MD; Living in Frederick Co, MD in 1850; Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Slightly wounded at Shiloh on 7 Apr 61; Named Division Teamster on Muster Roll card for 30 Apr to 31 Aug 62; AWOL on Muster Roll card for Sept/Oct 62; On Muster Roll card for 31 Oct 62 to 28 Feb 63, he is still AWOL with the note "Last heard from in Hosptial at Nashville, TN"; Mar/Apr 63 Muster Roll card he is Present; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Married Miranda McCully; Lived Summit Co, OH in 1870 (Farmer); Lived La Grange Co, IN in 1880 (Cooper);  Invalid Pension filed 1890; At intake into Indians Soldiers' Home in 1892, he was 56, 5' 8", Light complexion, Able to read and write, Widower, Working as a Cooper in Chicago, IL; He suffered from Rheumatism, GSW of head and chest, Senility, Prostatic hypertrophy, Deafness, Arteriosclerosis, Hypertrophied heart; He would be in and out of the home at his own request 8 times over the next few years, the final time being 17 Nov 1912; In 1900, he lived in the Milwaukee Veterans' Home; In 1910, he lived in Danville, IL (but not in the Veterans' Home there); He died 15 Feb 1914 in the Home in Grant Co, IN of Cerebral thrombosis [the notation "2 weeks" leads me to believe he lingered that long after suffering a stroke before dying]; He was buried in the Home Cemetery in Sec 3, Row 9, Grave 2139; Name sometimes appears as Garver in records

Haysinger, Bertrole  20   (1841 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  First name might be Bertram, Bechtold, Boudreaux, Bartrole, or Barcarole for all I know! The last name could be Heisinger, Hayssinger, etc.

Howe, John  22   (1839 - 1873)  Mustered in on 16 Jun 61;  Sept/Oct 62 Orderly to Col Enyart since 13 Jul 61 through end of War; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Died 1873 in Louisville, KY; Widow's Pension filed 1 Feb 1917; Note on Pension Index card says "See John C. Sch__der, B 12 NY Inf"





Keller, Andrew  20   (1841 - <1911>)  Born in Germany; Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Sent to Convalescent Camp in Nashville, on 15 Aug 63; Back with his company by Mar/Apr 64; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Invalid Pension filed 1879; When he was admitted to Veterans' Home in Grant Co, IN in Feb 1907, he was 66, 5' 6", Dark complexion, Dark eyes, Black hair, Able to read and write, Catholic, Widower, Occupation Painter in Louisville, Harrison Co, INDIANA; Suffering from Chronic rheumatism, Irritable heart, Chronic diarrhea, Poorly nourished; Dicharged at his request on 12 Jun 1908, but Readmitted on 20 Oct 1908; Discharged again at his request on 25 May 1911; I can't find a date of death, but he is buired in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery in Lanesville, Harrison Co., IN 

Kelso, James P.  18   (1843 - <After 1892>)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Invalid Pension filed 1874; Living in Campbell Co, KY in 1890; From 1882 - 1892, there is a James P. Kelso in Campbell Co., KY who works as a Steamboat Pilot

Larkin, John  24   (1837 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  In Hospital in Murfreesboro since 23 Jun 63; Returned from Convalescent Camp 15 Aug 63; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Invalid Pension filed 1890

McAndrew, John  25   (1836 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Invalid Pension filed 1892; There are very few men with this name that I can find on Ancestry.Com.; Is my John McAndrew the man who was born in Ireland and lived in Covington, KY in 1850 who worked as a Laborer?  What about the John McAndrew from Lawrence Co, IL who was attending St. Joseph's College in 1858?  I may never know...

McDonald, John  20  (1843 - <1908>)  Born in Ireland; Mustered in on 16 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Pension Index filed under McDonnald; Invalid Pension filed 1890; When he entered Ohio Veterans' Home in Dayton 14 Jul1898 he was 55, 5' 8" tall, Dark complexion, Gray eyes, Gray hair, Able to read and write; Catholic, Married, Laborer from Louisville, KY, Suffering from Heart disease etc.; He was discharged 20 Dec 1998;  Widow (Mary) Pension filed 19 Mar 1908--no name, date, or location; Is this the John McDonald 1844 - 1908 buried in St. Louis Cemetery in Louisville, KY? (His wife Mary 1853- 1908 is buried beside him--she died in Oct 1908)

McHale, William   34  (1827  - 1882)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Sent to Convalescent Camp in Tullahoma, TN on 15 Aug 63; Did not return to his company until Nov/Dec 63; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Also served in the 12 KY Co C and the 11 KY Cav  Co I; Two Pension Index cards! One lists an Alias of William McKfla, Widow's Pension filed 20 Feb 1883; Minor's Pension filed 2 Sep 1890; Muster Roll cards are filed under the surname McCail; No matter how the surname is spelled, there is very little info on it available through!

McIntosh, Alexander "Alex"  30   (1832 - 1910)  Born in Philadelphia, PA; Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  30 Apr to 31 Aug 62 began Driving Commissary Teams; Sept/Oct 62 (1 Oct 62) he is an official Division Teamster (by Order of Gen Cruft), but is still marked Present on the Company Muster Roll card (He is only marked "Absent" on the Company Roll in May/Jun 63); Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Married Mrs. Mary A. York, who died in 1895;IHe and Mary are living in Jeffersonville in 1870, where he works as a Laborer; Invalid Pension filed 1870; Worked as a Day Laborer in Jeffersonville, IN in 1900; Died in Jeffersonville, Clark Co, IN in 1910 and is buried in Eastern Cemetery 

Mallon, Patrick  28   (1835 - 1883)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Invalid's Pension filed 1880; Buried Louisville, KY in the St. Louis Cemetery; Name also appears as Marlin,; He may be the man referred to as Pat Mullen in Census and other records in Louisville/Jefferson Co, KY--if so, then he was born in Ireland and married Kate Burk in 1863 (did he go home on leave?) and who worked as a Boatman, Farm Laborer, and Canal Man in 1850, 60, and 70; Still, the name on the grave is spelled Mallon


Mitchell, Francis "Frank" Berry  28   (1835 - 1916)  Born in KY to George and Sarah (Berry) Mitchell; Mustered in on 8 Jun 61; Forfeited one month's pay per Order of Court Martial in Jan/Feb 62; Detailed as an Ambulance Driver but was not Absent from Company until 4 Apr 63 and continued to be Present on some cards after that; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Married Martha Ann Gillis in 1867; Frank was a Farmer in Washington Co, KY in 1870 and 1880; Invalid Pension filed 1888; In 1900, he is a Store Keeper in Anderson Co, KY; In 1910, Frank works in a Distillery in Lawrenceburg (Anderson Co), KY; Died 3 Sep 1916 in Lawrenceburg, KY; Widow's Pension filed 28 Sep 1916; Note says "See Josephus Hedan, 19 KY E"; Buried Willisburg Cemetery in Washington Co, KY



Ryan, Michael, No 1  "Big Mike"  36  (1825 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Was "left sick in Nashville" on 20 Dec 62, but he was back with his Comany by the May / Jun 63 Muster Roll card;  He was sick in a hospital in Bridgeport, AL from 25 Jan 64 until 27 Apr 64;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  I do not know if there is a family connection between the two Michael Ryans in Co F;  Interestingly, there were two Michael Ryans (apparently a father and son) in Co F of the 1st OH LA


Ryan, Michael, No 2  "Little Mike"   28   (1833 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Was ordered to forfeit one month's pay for the Jan / Feb 62 pay period, as per the decision of a Court Martial--although he was not penalized further (and did not appear to get into anymore trouble);  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64

Ryan, William  28   (1833 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  William was one of the Regimental Musicians and was considered part of the F & S until the ruling in 1862 that changed that, so he was basically one of the three musicians for Co F (Toney Philips on the "In Hospital" List and Christian Schull being the other ones--see next bio);  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  A widow's pension application was filed, but the date is hard to read: 1881?--and the widow is listed as Catherine Whalahan, causing the soldier to be listed as William Ryan, alias William Whalahan (Did his widow marry a Mr. Whalahan before she applied for her pension?);  There is a William Ryan buried in the St. Joseph New Cemetery in Cincinnati who died 18 Apr 1881--is this our William?;  Surname is also listed as Ryne


Schull, Christian Frederick  17   (1844 - 1913)  Born in Baltimore, MD;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as Musician / Private;  His younger brother, William, was a Musician in Co G;  Was listed as a Deserter from 5 Dec 62 until 1 Apr 63;  Would be marked as Missing in Action at Graysville, GA in Sep 63--thought to have died later in prison (there is even a Casualty Sheet declaring him Dead, a copy of which was undoubtedly sent to his family back in Cincinnati);  In actuality, he was taken prisoner in the skirmish near Graysville, GA in which so many of his comrades were captured;  By Aug 64, his family had apparently heard rumors that he was alive from members of the 1 KY who had been in prison with him but had already been returned--A John Selbert wrote to Col. William G. Hoffman in Washington, DC, asking him to find out Christian's whereabouts because "his poor, anxious mother has never heard any from him";  At last, he was exchanged in Savannah, GA on 20 Nov 64 and sent to Camp Parole, MD a week later;  It is not documented when he finally returned to his family, but he went on to marry, raise a family, and work as a Painter in Cincinnati;  On 29 Jan 91 he entered the Home for Disabled Soldiers in Dayton, OH;  At the time, he was 5' 3" with brown eyes, dark hair, and a fair complexion;  He was a Widower, a Protestant, and able to read and write;  He was suffering from Chronic Diarrhea, Piles, and Rheumatism (a later admission form adds that he suffered from Scurvy when he was released from prison);  He transferred to the Soldiers' Home in Baltimore in 1904, and finally transferred to the Mountain Home for Disabled Soldiers in Johnson City, TN in Jul 1912;  He died here on 16 Jul 13 of Chronic Diarrhea and is buried in the Mountain Home National Cemetery, Sec D (or H?), Row 7, Grave 16; Pension Index card says Schall





Scott, Samuel   21  (1840 - 1913)  Born in Florence, Switzerland Co, IN to William and Polly Scott; Worked his whole life as a Farmer in Switzerland Co; Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Apparently served in the Navy on the USS Reindeer; Invalid Pension filed 1888; Died 13 Jun 1913 in Florence, IN

???Shane, Charles M.   22  (1839 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  He had to forfeit one month's pay in Jan / Feb 62 (Court Martial);  Appointed Division Teamster on 12 Apr 62;  Beginning in Feb 63 was on Detached Service driving wagon to and from Nashville;  Listed as Deserted from wagon train in Nashville 1 Mar 63, but was listed as a Deserter from Nashville on 30 Jun 63--so, was this two instances of desertion or just conflicting dates for the same situation?;  Was he ever at Cripple Creek?  (Detached Service usually means you are away from the rest of your Company, but was he at Cripple Creek for the month of January?);  Also listed as M. Charles Shaw; Filed for Invalid's Pension 1912; Pension Index also notes he was Discharged 1 Mar 63



Shepherd, William  19   (1842 - 1914)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Was reported sick on the Jan / Feb 62 Muster Roll card, but was not gone for long;  Reportedly "Severely wounded" at Shiloh and left at Corinth Mississippi, but returned to the Company by Sept / Oct 62;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Also served 144 IN Co B (Mustered in 6 Mar 65, mustered out 5 Aug 65); Surname spelled various ways (Sheppard, Sheperd, etc.); Pension Index card filed under Shepard; Invalid Pension filed 1880; Died 23 May 1914 in New Washington, Clark Co, IN




Stam, John  21  (1840 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 originally as a Musician, by 31 Dec 61 he is simply a Private; Present, sick on the Muster Roll card for Nov/Dec 63; Sent to Convalescent Camp Bridgepoet, AL on 25 Jan 64 [should be 63]; Returned from Convalescent Camp Bridgeport, AL on 1 Apr 64; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Also listed as Stearn, Steam

Steigner, Jacob  30   (1831 - 1890)  Born in Bavaria, the son of George Steigner; Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Jan/Feb 62 Forfeits one month pay per Court Martial; Mar/Apr 63 Cook for Captain's Mess (marked Absent); May/Jun 63 Present; Sept/Oct 63 Absent--Left at Chattanooga in charge of Company Property--Captain's Cook; Jan/Feb 64 Present--Captain's Cook since 8 Feb 64; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; In 1870, he was living in Evansville, IN as a Baker with wife, Sarah (last name and marriage date unknown); In 1880, he and Sarah are still in Evansville, where he is a Farm Laborer; Sarah died in Aug.1885 and a month later, he married Mrs. Amanda (Smith) Overbee in Posey Co, IN; Invalid Pension filed 1886; Name also given as Stigner; Stignor; Jacob died 1 Jul 1890 and was buried in Bellfontaine Cemetery, Posey Co, IN; Widow's Pension filed by Amanda Steigner 24 Jul 1894 from IN

Walters, William J.  26  (1835 - <After 1920>)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  24 Dec 63 sent on Recuiting Service to Louisville, KY--returned 17 Apr 64; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Name also given as Waller; There is a Pension record for Frank William Walters of the 1 KY Co, E (There really was no Co E!), showing an Invalid Pension was filed in 1920 KY; There was a Frank William Walters (a Guard) in the Louisville City Directory




Williams, John M.  23   (1838 - <1890?>)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;   Badly wounded at Shiloh on 7 Apr 62--in hospital in Louisville. returned to Co F by 31 Aug 62;  Appointed to be the Brigade Blacksmith by Genl Cruft on 31 Oct 62;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Invalid Pension filed 1878 [Note: This is not the same John M. Williams from Co. C]; A John Williams  of the 1 KY appears on the Casey Co, KY 1890 Census [no middle initial and no Company]; Widow's Pension filed for 14 Jul 1890 from IN by Mary E. Williams [Is this the Mary Weedley who married John M. Williams in Louisville 1880?]

Winn, Michael   28   (1833 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Also listed as Whims; A Michael J. Winn was a Cigar Maker in Louisville, KY from 1892 - 1913 (along with a Michael J. Whim Jr. for some of those years); A Michael Winn married a Maggie May Powell in Louisville in 1891, but was this the father or the son? And is this Michael Winn the same as my Michael?

Woods, William  19   (1862 - )  Mustered in on 14 Jun 61;  He is listed as Division Teamster on the card for 30 Apr to 31 Aug 62--the date 12 Jun 62 is given--but he is marked "Present" on the Company rolls over the next few months--"Absent" on some, but I wonder if he was actually at Cripple Creek; He is also listed as Company Teamster on some of the cards, as well; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; 56 OH Co D;  Pension Index under Woods; Invalid Pension filed 1876







         DIED                  GONE  HOME     TRANSFERRED      UNACCOUNTED        IN PRISON               IN HOSPITAL 

Chamberlain, Rensaleer

Connolly, Michael

Dance, Louis

Delaney, Martin  (See

  the bio of Sgt Adam

  Smith  above)

Flesh, Louis

Harrison, Elihu

Martin, Daniel

Miller, Henry

Schneider, John B.

Shenmier, August

Warfell, Adam

Weston, John

Abbott, Joseph

Dryden, David M.


Edrington, Lovell

Horten, John

Jenkins, George W.

Smith, Albert H. (1 Lt)

  -- Dishonorably 


Stapleton, Jesse J.


Statham, Smith 

Dunn, Duncan -   

  Named Div Teamster

  beginning 18 Jan 63

Groves, George W. -   

   Detached Duty as

   Regtl Ambulance

   Driver and Nurse from

   Mar/Apr 62 until end

   of War

Hagen, Patrick - to

   Pioneer Corps as of

   6 Dec 62 

Henephin, John

Henephin, Stephen

Leiper, Joseph M (2 Lt)

   -- to Co G as 1 Lt

Lutz, George D. - 

   Named Div Teamster

   on 27 Jul 62

Maillard. Pierre (Peter

   Mallard) - To Pioneer

   Corps 1 Dec 62

Orange, James

Turny, Francis

Haney, Michael -- MIA  

   (Presumed Dead)



Baxter, Samuel

Biggleman, Jacob

Burton, William D.

Connell, James

Daniel, Millard

Franklin, Martin

Gibson, George W.

Gilford, Nicholas

Paul, James

Pope, George

Rider, John

Stevens, John


Hays, Alonzo -- captured at 

  Stones River; Went home

  to Cincinnati after paroled

  from Prison; Arrested for

  being AWOL; Returned to

  his company 27 Aug 63

  (So, he was NOT at Cripple


Hogg, William R. -- Deserted

  from Louisville on 30 Nov

  62, but he enlisted in the

  Navy and served faithfully,

  telling his CO in May 65

  that he had deserted; his

  punishment was to lose pay

  and benefits and was

  mustered out from the Navy

Miller, John Franklin - had 

  already been transferred

  to Teamster Duty, but was

  captured 12 Feb 63 and

  Paroled before returning to

  his Detached Duty as

  Teamster again 20 Oct 63

  (So, never at Cripple Creek)

Baxter, Luther -- Spent

   most of his enlistment in

   Hospital, was finally

   discharged 5 May 63

Collins, Cornelius -- I

   suspect he suffered from

   PTSD in addition to the

   Phthisis and leg ulcer

   listed on his 3 Apr 63

   discharge (the notation

   about his being sent to

   the insane assylum in

   DC in Apr 65 for

   "Apoplexy" has been

   marked through, but not

   the comment on several

   Muster Roll cards that

   he was "perfectly

   worthless as a soldier"--I

   hope he received the

   help and understanding

   he needed!)

Connor, Daniel --

   Hospitalized constantly

   after Shiloh and finally

   discharged 20 Mar 63

   from Cincinnati

Eversole, Walter -- Would

   be Discharged 15 Jan

   63 for wounds received

   at Stones River

Garvin, Patrick - In Hospital

   in Nashville from 6 Mar

   62 until 21 Nov 63 when

   he was Discharged from

   Serivce due to Disability

Hendry, James -- Wounded

   severely in the left

   shoulder/chest at Stones

   River, hospitalized until

   his transfer to VRC in 64

Herrington, Timothy - In

   Convalescent Camp in

   Nashville from 26 Dec 62

   until 15 Aug 63

Huston, Samuel -- Sent to

   hospital in Jan / Feb 62

   with Chronic Diarrhea,

   remained in hospital until

   medically discharged 23

   Oct 63 (of course, he was

   marked as Deserter for a

   few months when the

   Army couldn't find him!)

Keith, Sylvester M. (Cpl) --

   Sent to hospital in Oct 62

   and remained there until 

   his three years were up

   (hip and back problems

   mostly, with debility, loss

   of appetite, too)

Killfeather, Michael --

   Slightly wounded in finger

   at Shiloh, but returned to

   hospital (why?) from 10

   Nov 62 until 1 Jun 64

Philips, Antonio "Toney" --

   Sent to Convalescent

   Camp in Gallatin (with a

   hernia?) on 10 Nov 62,

   but receives a Discharge

   on 27 Jan 63 that turned

   out to be "spurrious"--

   signed by 1 Lt A H Smith f

   from Co I who had been

   dismissed from the

   service in Dec 62--did

   Antonio know his papers

   were fraudulent?  Did Lt

   Smith really sign the

   papers or was it someone

   who forged his name?  

   Oh well, Toney Phillips

   was not at Cripple Creek

Stanley, Charles A. --

   Repoorted AWOL in Sep /

   Oct 62, but was later

   listed as Sick in Louisville

   Hospital from 1 Oct 62

   until 18 Aug 63--after

   which time he apparently

   did become a Deserter

Stevens, James --

   Wounded in hand at

   Shiloh (one report has

   him as a "cripple"

   awaiting medical

   discharge), then he goes

   to the Convalescent

   Barracks in Nashville on

   10 Nov 62 and finally

   returns to Co F on 24 Sep




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