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2nd KY Infantry

Companies A - I  and  K

 THE 2nd KY fought gallantly at


SHILOH-------------6 - 7 APR 61

SIEGE of CORINTH--29 APR - 30 MAY 61

PERRYVILLE---------------8 OCT 62

STONES RIVER----30 DEC 62 - 3 JAN 63


CHICKAMAUGA--------19 - 20 SEP 63


27 OCT 63


 The 2nd KY suffered 

the loss of 165 men

during the War:


       77 were killed in action or    

                mortally wounded


88 died of disease


The 2nd KY Volunteer Infantry was organized at Camp Pendleton in Cincinnati, OH, between May and June 1861.  (Camp Pendleton was chosen because Kentucky was still trying to remain neutral at that time.)  According to the Soldiers and Sailors Database, the 2nd KY grew to a force of 1,772 men.  It was mustered out on 19 Jun 64 in Covington, KY.


Col. William E. Woodruff  (1827 - 1915) was in command of the 2 KY from its inception until Jan 63; however from July 61 until April 62, he was a POW.  Upon his release from the Confederate prison, he was placed in charge of the 25th IL, even though he was still officially the Colonel of the 2 KY.  During The Battle of Stones River, he was wounded from his right knee down to his ankle, due to a fall from a horse.  Knowing he would be hospitalized for several months (and frustrated that he had been passed over for the post of Brigadier General), he resigned in Jan 63, with Thomas D. Sedgewick being promoted to Col of the 2 KY.  


Some internet sources list 13 Companies for the 2 KY (Companies A - M, including a Company J--something that ordinarily was not done, given the confusion caused by the similarities in the letters "I" and "J".)  However, the roster given in the Report of the Adjutant General's Office shows the 2 KY was comprised of only 10 companies:  A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and K.  These 10 companies are the only ones represented in the Soldiers and Sailors Database; consequently these are the only ones with pages on my website. 


The men of the 2 KY came from several counties across the Commonwealth of KY, including Greenup, Hart, Jefferson, Rockcastle, and Warren.









DATE           COL                  LT  COL                 MAJ                ADJ                SGT  MAJ                RGT  QM              SURG              ASST  SURG

1 Jan 63     Sedgewick          Spencer                 Hurd            Weinedell                Poe                            --                    Griffiths*              Cox,    Reed

13 Jan 63          "                      Hurd                  ---------                 "                           "                               --                          "                       "           "

10 Feb 63         "                          "                     Baldwin               "                           "                               --                          "                       "           "

1 Mar 63           "                          "                          "                     "                           "                               --                           "                       "          --   13 Apr 63         "                          "                          "                      "                          --                             Poe                        "                       "          --

1 May 63          "                          "                          "                      "                 Archdeacon                        "                          "                       "          --    


* Surgeon David J. Griffiths was on Special Detachment to Gen Sheridan's staff (Hd Qrs 3rd Div, 20 Army Corps) beginning on 5 Oct 62,--meanwhile, the 2 KY had been obliged to make due with only 2 Asst Surgeons since before Stones River and after Asst Surgeon Reed was forced to resign in Mar 63, they had only 1 Asst Surg;  Apparently, Griffiths was supposed to return to the 2 KY after Reed resigned, but instead Griffiths went home to Louisville on Leave of Absence to attend to personal business "to prevent considerable pecuniary losses" (The officers of Gen Sheridan's Div contributed $1,500 toward "a splendid military present" for him in Mar 63, "as a token of regard and appreciation of [his] Soldierly bearing and efficiency");  Apparently, Griffiths continued on Detached Duty to Sheridan's Division until 8 Apr 64, when Griffiths at last returned to his assigned duty with the 2 KY--this happening only after a sternly-worded letter to General Whipple from Col Hurd, pleading with him to "order our Surgeon to return"

Cem Spring Grove.jpg
redd wm l.jpg

Archdeacon, John Harrison  21   (1840 - 1892)  Born on 9 Feb in OH to Nicholas (born in Ireland) and Jane (born in England) Archdeacon;  Lived in Steubenville, OH in 1850, lived the rest of his life in Maysville, Mason Co, KY;   Mustered in on 11 Jun 61 as Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 22 Jan 62;  Promoted to Sgt in Co D on 25 Jan 63;  Promoted to Sgt Maj on 1 May 63 (although he had been acting Sgt Maj since 13 Jan 63);  Promoted to 1 Lt of Co H on 9 Jan 64 and was promoted to Capt of Co H on 1 Apr 64;  On 9 Jun 64, his family in Maysville was robbed of $440 in greenbacks and $30 in gold ("being the entire amount of my savings during my term of service") by a Confederate guerrilla band led by Pete Everett; On 29 Jul 64, he writes to Capt J. Bates Dickson in the AAG's office in Lexington, explaining the situation and asking "...whether I can be indemnified against the loss under General Order No. 59...or any other order..." He goes on to suggest it would be "...but simple justice that those sympathizers, aiders, and abettors (and their name is Legion in this city) should be assessed and made to pay for every cent of damage inflicted upon Union citizens by their friends, the guerrillas who commit them."--I would love to know if he ever recouped any of the stolen money!;   He apparently never married;  He operated a US (Internal-Revenue) Store in Maysville for which he was paid $4 a day in 1877;  He is buried in Maysville Cemetery 



Baldwin, Oliver L.  26   (1835 - 1865)  Baldwin had already served in the Army, having enlisted in 1857;  Mustered in from Civil[ian] life on 13 Feb 62 as Capt of Co B, by order of the Governor of KY;  Promoted to Maj on 10 Feb 63;  His name was apparently put forward for a promotion later in the month of Feb 63 (or, perhaps, the promotion mentioned in a letter from Col Sedgewick to Lt Col Goddard on 25 Feb 63 was the one to Maj and it was made retroactive to 10 Feb?)--in either case, Sedgewick writes to Goddard that he (Sedgewick) had recommended Capt Brown (Alfred J. M. Browne?) for promotion, due to the fact that Brown[e?] had more seniority as Capt than Capt Baldwin--Sedgewick (who, by the backward slant of his handwriting, looks to have been left-handed) explains to Goddard "...I had no objection to his [Baldwin's] appointment as he is a brave and competent officer, yet I considered it but justice to Capt Brown[e?], to use my efforts to secure the promotion for him."  Before Sedgewick can send this missive to Goddard, he notes in a P.S. that Adj Gen Finnell's confirmation of Maj Baldwin has just been received--case closed;  If the Capt Brown who was not approved for promotion is indeed Capt Alfred J. M. Browne, it is noted in the AG's Report that Browne resigned on 1 Mar 63;   Baldwin would be wounded severely in the jaw at Chickamauga on 20 Sep 63--he applied for a leave of absence to recuperate at home; however, on 22 Dec 63, he is requesting a leave in order to recruit men for the soon-to-be-formed 5th KY Cavalry, which Baldwin will be commanding, which leads me to believe that the two leaves were combined or that the medical leave was denied and he countered with a proposed leave for recruiting purposes;  In his letter to Gen Whipple on this matter, he states [with all due modesty!] "...My acquaintance in the State is very extensive and I am vain enough to think that I could start on the spring campaign with ten or twelve hundred men..."  Lt Col Hurd concurred with Baldwin's bravado, stating, "He bears a high reputation in Kentucky both as a soldier and as a gentleman and can get as many if not more recruits than any other officer in Kentucky..." to which Col Enyart and Maj Gen Stacey agreed;  The approval was slow in coming, but by 1 Feb 64, Maj Genl Thomas had given his consent;  Baldwin would be named Col of the 5th KY Cav (backdating again?) on 1 Jan 64; Unfortunately, Baldwin and his 5th KY Cavalry were initially prevented from being mustered in by a Col Fulmer, because Baldwin had less than the 600 men required to form a company (So much for his boast that he could enlist ten to twelve hundred men!);  It would take a flurry of telegrams and letters from KY Governor Bromlette and even Secretary of War Stanton to convince Fulmer to muster in Baldwin and his 5th KY Cav;  Baldwin received a Leave of Absence from 4 Aug - 26 Aug 64 in order to marry Laura V. Garr on 8 Aug in Louisville;  On 9 Jan 65, Col Baldwin was arrested for "behaving in a boisterous manner" while being intoxicated on a public street in Savannah, GA, which culminated in a fistfight with a citizen;  Baldwin made several attemts to explain the incident away and had statements from several officers written on his behalf;  On 21 Jan 65, he submitted his letter of resignation to Gen Webster, then tried several times in Feb 65 to rescind the resignation, giving a series of reasons why his letter should be disregarded: his chronic bronchitis, the incorrect way in which he was arrested, the fact that he was due to be mustered out in a short time, the fact that the 5th KY Cavalry was set to be merged with the 2nd KY Cavalry and he was (according to the Governor and the War Dept) supposed to command this new regiment--all to no avail;  His resignation was officially accepted on 24 Mar 65, thus endng his military career;  He died on 30 Sep 65 (I cannot learn his cause of death--Bronchitis?  Suicide?  A Broken Spirit?) and was buried in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville    


Cox, James Edward  38  (1824 - 1888)  Born in Franklin Co, PA on 24 Mar 1824, the son of Hiram and Margaret Cox; Married Martha A. McGrew in Hamilton Co, OH in 1844; Lived in Sharonville, OH (near Cincinnati) in 1860 with wife, Martha A., and children;  Mustered in on 10 May 62 as Asst Surgeon;  Was sent to Iuka, Mississippi in Jun 62 (sick) and given a Leave of Absence on 15 May 63;  After Stones River, he suffered from a "Valvular Derangement" of the heart and a weakened left lung, which evenually led to his resignation from the Service on 6 Dec 63; He is still living in Cincinnati in 1870 as a Physician; Died in Marion Co, KS in 1875, but his Widow did not file for her Pension until 1888; Buried Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati





Griffiths, David J.  32  (1829 - 1885?)  Appointed Surgeon on 6 Feb 62;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  He was not at Cripple Creek--see note beside the asterisk in the table above; (He is pictured here with Gen Sheridan)





Hurd, John Ricker  23   (1838 - 1917)  Born in Jackson Furnace, Jackson Co, OH;  Mustered in on 5 Jun (?) 61;  Captured 23 Sep 61, but escaped from Libby Prison and returned to 2 KY on 23 Sep 61;  Promoted to Maj on 25 (or 27) Jan 62;  Promoted to Lt Col on 13 Jan 63 (or 2 Feb 63)  On 23 Nov 63 given leave by Maj Genl Thomas to go to Nashville to bring overcoats and blankets for the First Brigade, First Division, Fourth Army Corps;  Applied for another leave on 19 Mar 64 "...To go to Indianapolis to visit a Young Lady to whom I am under certain obligations which I ought to fulfill";  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  Enlisted in 173 OH as Col and would rise to the rank of Breveted Brig-Genl for "...gallantry at the battles of Shiloh, Stone River, and Chickamauga and for meritorious service during the War...";  Lived in Portsmouth, OH during the War, but had moved to Albia, Monroe Co, IA by 1870;  He worked as a Grocer in Albia in 1870 and as a Merchant in Albia in 1880;  He died in Long Beach, CA and was buried there



Poe, James W. (or M.)   22  (<1839> - )  Born in KY;  Mustered in as a Sgt on 5 Jun (?) 61;  Promoted to Sgt Maj on 1 Sep 62;  Wounded at Stones River (and erroneously listed as captured?) when a cannister shell fractured his right forearm--granted Leave to recuperate at home--he returned to 2nd KY on 29 Mar 63;  Promoted to Regtl QM on 13 Apr 63;  Detailed as Brigade QM and AACS on 24 Apr 64;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1892; He was admitted to the Sawtelle, CA Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers on 26 May 97, at which time he was 59, 5' 5 1/2" tall, with dark complexion; able to read and write, a Protestant, who worked as a Salesman in Albuquerque, NM (although his wife, Belle, lived in Memphis, TN);  He was discharged at his own request on 21 Jan 99;  I can find no more information on him 



Reed, William Lynn   24   (1837 - 1911)  Mustered in on 17 Jun 61 as a Pvt and appointed a Hospital Steward on 1 Nov 61;  Appointed Asst Surgeon on 12 Dec 62;  Resigned 1 Mar 63 while under arrest for the following charges: Conduct Unbecoming an Officer  (this for beating Hospital Attendant James Hallett on the head, repeatedly, with a stick, all the while shouting obscenities at him, while in the Camp Cripple Creek Hospital Tent on 3 Mar 63), Insubordination (this for Cursing and using abusive language toward his superior, James Cox, while in the Camp Cripple Creek Hospital Tent on 5 Mar 63), Embezzlement of Public Property (this for appropriating a box of hospital property--muslin bandages, 2 blankets, several sheets, a roll of adhesive plaster, and a 10 pound bag of coffee--which he did pack into a box in a secretive and clandestine manner from 2nd KY camp near Nashville on 23 Dec 62), Embezzlement of Public Porperty (again, this time for stealing a feather bed [mattress] from Hospital Stores which he sold for 8 or 9 dollars in Nashville on 27 Jul 62),  Embezzlement (again, after taking a bay mare seized as contraband by the US Government and using the horse to take stolen Hospital blankets and coffee from the 2nd Ky camp near Danville, KY to Louisville, which he sold for $25 on 14 - 15 Oct 62), and Appropriating the Property of a Wounded Man (this for stealing a gold watch and chain from A. S. Pass, a wounded Confederate officer being cared for by the 2 KY medical staff after the Battle of Pittsburgh Landing on 7 Apr 62, and sending this watch to his (Reed's) sister after bragging about how he had taken it)--Reed was given the choice of being mustered out or tendering his immediate and unconditional resignation, the latter of which he chose to do on 10 Mar 63--however, it is unclear whether Reed was given a dishonorable discharge or made to restore any of the stolen goods or ill-gotten gain; The 1900 Census shows he was born in April 1837 in PA and he married his wife, Mary, around 1872--so, since he was not at Cripple Creek for his birthday, I will NOT list him in the Calendar; Amazingly, he filed for (AND RECEIVED?) an Invalid's Pension in 1906 and his widow filed for her Pension on 9 Dec 1911--a few days after his death on 4 Dec 1911; The Directory of Deceased American Physicians show he was born in 1834 and earned his degree as an Allopathic Physician from the  Detroit Medical College in 1872 and licensed in 1888 and he died on 4 Dec 1911 in St. Louis, MO (his tombstone shows him as being born in 1837); buried in Zion Cemetery in Bel-Nor, St. Louis Co, MO  beside his wife, Mary--did she know of her husband's dishonest dealings in the Army?   


Reese, John  32   (1829 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt in Co F;  Appointed Principal Musician (Fifer) on 1 May 63;   In Nov/Dec 63, he was made to forfeit $10 in pay (for some sort of disciplinary infraction), altho the following Muster Roll Card says he was fined $6, so I hope the initial amount was lowered by $4, rather than having to lose a total of $16; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; I can find no clue as to which John Reese is ours


Sedgewick, Thomas Duncan   25  (1836 - 1879)  Born in KY;  Mustered in on 1 Jun 61 as Capt of Co B, then elected Maj of regiment on 10 Jun 61;  Became Acting Commander of 2nd KY on 17 Jul 61, when Col Woodruff and Lt Col Neff were both captured;  Officially promoted to Col of 2 KY on 26 Jan 62;  Wounded at Shiloh (Pittsburgh Landing) on 7 Apr 62, when stricken down by a spent cannister shot;  Named Acting Commander of the 22nd Brigade on 13 Apr 62;  Sent on Detached Duty on a Recruiting Service 13 Dec 63;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64 and was apointed Col of the 114th USCT on 3 Jul 64;  He and the men of the 114th were present at the surrender at Appomatox;  Worked as a Clerk in Louisville after the War;  He was married twice and had several children (His wife, Priscilla, was the sister of Lt. Seth W. Tuley, a member of the 2nd KY and later the Brigade Inspector for Cruft);  Buried in Louisville; Sedgewick was good friends with David Enyart of the 1 KY and Camp Commander


[An excellent article on Thomas Sedgewick and the 2nd KY by Bryan S. Bush will be found by following this link:]




Weinedel, (John) Henry  23   (1839 - 1876)  Born in New York City, but lived in Louisville before and after the War;  Mustered in on 10 Jun 61 and appointed 2 Lt of Co B and Regimental Adj on the same day, 12 Jun 61;  Wounded "severely" at Shiloh, but I have no details of his injury not of any time he spent in Hospital;  Requested (and received?) a Leave of Absence for 15 days on 10 Apr 63, to see his seriously ill wife, handle the business affairs of his in-laws (the father-in-law recently deceased) and to see his own mother and brother;  Promoted to 1 Lt of Co A on 1 Jan 64, as well as detailed duty as Brigade Inspector, as per S.Order No. 56;  Once again asked for a Leave of Absence, this time in April 64 after receiving two telegrams saying his wife was very ill;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64, and went home to Louisville where he worked as a Clerk in a Pension Agency;  His wife, Mollie, died in 1870, leaving Henry to rear their two small children;  Henry died in Oct 1876 (of grief?)


               MEMBERS  of  the  2  KY  FIELD  &  STAFF  WHO  WERE  NOT  at  CRIPPLE  CREEK


"Gone, But Not Forgotten"-- Men Who Were Not at Cripple Creek Because They Had Already Been Discharged, Resigned, Transferred, or Were In Prison or Hospital

Blundell, Joseph M. -- Had been 1 Lt of Co A and  Reg QM, but resigned 17 Dec 62

Bonner, Stephen P. -- Had been Asst Surg, but resigned 12 Feb 62

Clemens, Gilbert H. -- Had been Reg QM and part of Co I, but he resigned 1 Jan 62

Deisworth, Charles -- Musician, Discharged 1 Aug 62

Deisworth, Herman -- Musician, Discharged 1 Aug 62

Gathner, Louis -- Musician, Discharged 1 Aug 62

Gereck, Robb -- Leader of the Band, discharged 1 Aug 62

Glass, Augustus -- Musician, Discharged 1 Aug 62

Glass, Frank -- Musician, Discharged 1 Aug 62

Glass, John -- Musician, Discharged 1 Aug 62

Griffiths, David J. -- Asst Surgeon whose sad tale is told in the box above this one

McGrooley, William -- Hospital Steward who transferred to 52nd OH on 1 Nov 61

Naucke, William -- Musician, Discharged 1 Aug 62

Naw, Lorenzo -- Musician, Discharged 1 Aug 62

Neff, George W.  (Lt Col) -- Taken prisoner 17 Jul 61, released and transferred to a "skeleton regiment" and resigned 30 Jul 63

Reisory, Louis -- Musician, Discharged 1 Aug 62

Russell, Lawrence -- Asst Surg, resigned 7 May 62

Schuerelker, Michael -- Musician, Discharged 1 Aug 62

Spencer, Warner (Capt) -- Resigned 13 Jan 63 due to health problems  (Secondary syphillis)

Thomas, George -- Principal Musician, discharged 1 Aug 62

Unkleback, Auten -- Musician, Discharged 1 Aug 62

Webber, Henry -- Musician, Discharged 1 Aug 62

Woodruff, William E.  (Col) -- Taken prisoner 17 Jul 61, released and transferred to a "skeleton regiment"; Wounded at Stones River and would be out of action for several months--knowing this, his superiors replaced him as Brig Genl with Thomas Crittenden and Woodruff resigned 28 Feb 63

White, John F. -- Surgeon who resigned 20 Jan 62


"Waiting in the Wings" -- Men Who Were at Cripple Creek in Some Other Capacity Who Would One Day Be Part of the 2nd KY F & S:

Cook, Fernando -- Capt of Co E, he would be promoted to Maj on 9 Mar 64

Dunham, Aaron -- Pvt in Co I who would be appointed Acting Com Sgt on 9 Jan 64

Howard, Henry -- Pvt in Co A, he would be appointed Prin Musician on 3 Nov 63

Langdon, Thomas -- Sgt in Co B, he would be appointed Sgt Maj on 9 Jan 64

Mitchell, Oscar -- Sgt Maj from 14 Jun 61 until 1 Sep 62, he started as a Sgt in Co B and went on to be 2 Lt in Co K during the time at Cripple Creek

Preston, Herbert A. -- Appointed QM Sgt from being a Sgt in Co D in Jun 61, he was on Detached Duty in Nashville beginning in Dec 62, so he was not at Cripple Creek



"Yet To Come" -- Men Who Were Not At Cripple Creek and Who Were Not Even In the 2nd KY (Yet) 

Davis, Thomas N. -- Would be appointed Adj on 1 Jan 64

Hawes, Frederick J. -- Would be appointed Hosp Steward on 9 Jan 64

Rectanus, Frederick -- Would be Asst Surg on 2 Mar 64

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