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Browne, Alfred J. M.   34  (<1827> - 1873)  Born in OH;  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as Capt of Co A;  Resigned 1 Mar 63 after Capt Baldwin was promoted to Maj over Capt Browne;  Browne returned to his life in CIncinnati, where he was a Merchant from a well-to-do family;  Apparently, Browne tried to exact some sort of satisfaction (in print?  through the courts?  both?) and he was arrested at the behest of a Capt Stanhope on a charge of "presenting false claims against the US for money";  It is unclear what the disposition was in the case of US vs. Browne;  At the time of his death of Consumption in Cincinnati in 1873, Browne was involved in another lawsuit in which he and his siblings were the plaintiffs in a case concerning their late father, Samuel Browne, and his estate;  The former Captain Browne died before the inheritance case was decided (again, I do not know the disposition of this case) 


Martin, Henry B.  27   (1833 - 1913)  Born in IN and lived most of his life in Putnam Co, IN, where he was an Attorney; Mustered in on 6 Jun 61 as 2 Lt (he had originally been enrolled as Sgt and already promoted by the time the Company was mustered in);  Slightly wounded on 13 Jul 61, which sent him to a hospital in Gallipolis for a weeks;  Promoted to 1 Lt on 25 Feb 62;  Given a Detached Duty as Commander of the 3rd Battery, Co G, of the Pioneer Corps from 26 Nov 62 until Mar 63;  During this time with the Pioneer Corps, he was suffering from an Inguinal Hernia which caused him to seek medical help, but when the Army Surgeon couldn't help him, he was given a Leave of Absence for 10 days to see a doctor in Louisville--this doctor advised that he take a longer leave in which to procure a mechanical device (a truss?) to aid in his recovery, and Lt Martin completed all the necessary paperwork to extend his leave (or so he thought);  A Disciplinary Board was convened for the infraction of overstaying his leave, but by then all the proper paperwork was found to have been submitted properly and the charges were dropped;  Promoted to Capt on 12 Apr 63 (after Capt Alfred Browne resigned);  He would be wounded at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63 when a minieball entered his left arm above the wrist and exited below th elbow, fracturing the ulna and damaging the radial nerve--nevertheless, he was back on duty by Dec 63;  He was put in command of a Convalescent Barracks in Louisville for a couple of months in early 64;  He took a short Leave of Absence in April 64 in order to apply for a position in the Veterans' Relief Corps--consequently, when he mustered out of the 2 KY on 19 Jun 64, he was mustered in as Captain of a company of VRC troops; After the War, he lived for a short time in San Benadino, CA, but he died and was buried in Putnam Co, IN 


Davis, Thomas N.  20  (1841 - 1902)  Born in IN to John and Elizabeth Davis in Jan 1841; Mustered in on 6 Jun 61 as Sgt;  Age is given as 22 or 25 and his middle initial is given as "M" as well as "N";  Promoted to 2 Lt on 6 Jul 62;  Reported as sick in Bowling Green during Sep/Oct 62;  Wounded slightly at Stones River;  Acting Commander of the Company from 1 Mar until 12 Apr 63 (Capt Browne's departure until Capt Martin's promotion);  Promoted to 1 Lt on 27 Jul 63;  Acted as Company Commander again while Capt Martin was recovering from his wound at Chickamauga; Was listed in an 1863 Draft Registration Book where he was described as 21, unmmarried, a Clerk in Orange Co, IN serving in the 2 KY; He would be promoted to Regimental Adjutant on 1 Jan 64;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; He went on to the 115 USC where he was Adj and discharged on 1 May 66 in Louisville; In 1870, he married Eliza J. McKnight in Clay Co, IN; He and Eliza are living in Clay Co, IN for the 1870 Census whwere he is a Dry Goods Clerk; Here began an amazing twist: THOMAS LED A DOUBLE LIFE! According to his obituary, after about five years, he left Eliza and their two yound sons and went to Texas and then to West Virginia where he married again and fathered a son and a daughter--deserting them after 5 years and eventually returning to Eliza and their sons, now grown; He entered the Veterans' Home in Marion, IN on 14 Aug 96, suffering from an "Inguinal Hernia, etc." since the War, he is described as 55, 5' 6", Light complexion, Blue eyes, Light hair, Able to read and Write, Protestant, and a Clerk in Cloverdale, IN; He also lists himself as Single, although in the 1900 Census, he lists himself as Married;  The obituary tells that his second wife and their children learned of his hospitalization and journeyed to Marion where he was now paralyzed; the two wives and the four children met at his funeral and apparently consoled one another in the loss of this man!  [This might explain a discrepancy in dates on his Pension File, since he filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1896 but his Widow (Eliza) filed for her Pension on 25 Sep 1890--had she heard he had died before his actual demise?]; He died in the Hospital at the Marion Branch on 11 Nov 1902 of General Paraesis and is buried there





Annan, Michael   24  (1837 - 1910)  Born in Prussia--family records say July, the 1900 Census says June; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 1 Mar 63;  Wounded in right thigh (flesh wound) at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63 (1890 Cebsus indicates he was taken prisoner, also, but there is no record of this in his file);  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  In some family records, he is John Annan, surname also Annon, Annen (Annen in his Pension file); Married Mary Phillipine Kirsch around 1868; Lived in Lorain Co, OH in 1870 where he was a Moulder; Filed for Invalid's Pension in 1874; In 1880, he and Mary and their children are still living in Lorain Co, where he is a Stove Moulder; By 1890, he is living in Massillon, Stark Co, OH; Entered Veterans' Home in Dayton on 28 Jun 1892, suffering from GSW in Lt Thigh [not Right Thigh?] and Hernia, etc.; At that time, he was 55, 5' 5", Dark complexion, Gray eyes, Gray hair, Able to read and write, Catholic, A Moulder from Massillon, OH, Married to Mary A. [K?] Annan; Died 26 Nov 1910 of Hypertropic Cardiac Dilatation; Buried at the Home in Grave Q - 12 - 3; Mary filed for her Widow's Pension on 5 Dec 1910

Bryant, Andrew J.  27?  (1834? - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Wagoner;  Appointed Cpl on 1 Feb 62;  Promoted to Sgt on 14 Jan 64;  Would re-enlist as a Veteran Volunteer on 22 Jan 64;  He was left at Bridgeport, AL in order to report Maj Genl O. O. Howard;  At the time of his re-enlistment, he was described as 5' 10" with light brown hair, hazel eyes, and a fair complexion, aged 31 (which would mean he was born around 1833--conflicting ages for him while he was in the 2 KY, showed him being 31 in 1861); Enlisted in 21 KY Inf Co E; Filed for Invalid's Pension in 1888

Fitts, William C.  23   (1836 - 1908)  Born in NC, his family had moved to IN by the time he was 12;  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Wounded slightly on 13 Jul 61 in Barboursville, VA;  Appointed Cpl on 1 Nov 61;  By the end of Jun 63, he had been placed on Daily Duty as Color Bearer;  Slightly wounded at Chickamauga, GA on 19 Sep 63;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  Worked as a Wagon and Carriage Maker in IN after the War;  Died in Daviess Co, IN and was buried there in Oak Grove Cemetery;  Middle initial given as "E" on the AG's Roll and the surname spelled various ways on the Muster Roll Cards (Fritz, Fitz, etc.);  The informant on Find-A-Grave apparently read his Company as "H" instead of "A"  

Harvey, John  24   (<1837> - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Appointed Sgt on 1 Mar 63;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  Not to be confused with John C. Harvey, also 24, who deserted in 1862 in Louisville, KY

Holland, Simon  22   (<1839> - 1900)  Born in OH to Francis and Sarah Holland; Lived in Meigs Co, OH in 1850 - 1870; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 1 Sep 62;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Enlisted in the 181 OH Co C; Married Mary Jane McDaniel in Meigs Co in 1867; Worked as a Pudler in a Factory in 1870 in Meigs Co; Worked as a Boiler in Wheeling, WV in 1880; Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1890 from PA; Died 29 Jan 1900 in PA; Buried in South Side Cemetery, Pittsburgh; Mary J. filed for her Widow's Pension 12 Feb 1900 from PA

Jones, William  25   (1836 - 1865)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Sgt;  Promoted to 1 Sgt on 6 Jun 62;  Reduced back to Sgt on 1 Mar 63;  Would re-enlist as a Veteran Volunteer on 24 Dec 63;  Left at Bridgeport, AL; Nancy filed for a Widow's Pension on 11 Nov 65

Moore, William H.  30   (<1832> - 1906)  Born in Cincinnati, OH--military records suggest 1831, family records say 1835, 1900 Cesnsus says Fe 1832; Mustered in on 1 Jul 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 1 Mar 63;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64; On 1 Aug 64, he was in Washington, but was arrested for Suspicion of Desertion and he could not prove he had been mustered out because he had lost his discharge paperwork!  He wrote to Col Wolley, the Provost Marshall General, on 12 Aug from Millersburg Prison in Baltimore, wondering WHY he had had no trial or any action taken on the charge; He asked to be given a hearing, to be released, or to be allowed to rejoin the Army; There is no indication of what transpired; Married Fanny Titus around 1867; Filed for Invalid's Pension 1886; Entered Verterans' Home in Dayton on 5 Nov 87, at the time he was 55, 5' 4", Light complexion, Brown eyes, Brown hair; Able to read and write, a Widower, working as a Teamster in Newport, KY, claimed to suffer from GSW to left knee [when did this happen?] and Rheumatism; Died of an Intestinal Obstructon in Cincinnati Hospital on 13 Oct 1906 while on a pass from Barrack #20; Buried in National Cemetery on the grounds P - 22 - 53 or 55

Quigley,  Sylvester  37   (1824 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Promoted to Sgt on 1 Nov 61;  Wounded "slightly" at Stones River 31 Dec 62 and sent to Hospital in Nashville--Absent on Muster Roll cards for Jan/Feb 63 and Mar/Apr 63; He is Present for the card dated 28 Feb - 30 Jun 63, with the notation he was Reduced to Pvt on 1 Mar 63--what happened?;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64; Name also given as Quigly; Is he the same Sylvester Quigley, age 33, who enlisted in the 1 OH Cav Co G on 10 Mar 65 and mustered out 13 Sep 65?; There is a Silvester Quigley, born about 1825, who married Hannah Welch in Campbell Co, KY 1854--is THIS our Sylvester?  

Stephens, Joseph G.  35   (1826 - )  Name given as Stephins, Stevens, Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Promoted to Sgt on 6 Jun 61;  Promoted to 1 Sgt on 1 Mar 63;  Would be reduced to Pvt on 13 Jan 64;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64

Talbott, Edward H. 20  (1841 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Mar/Apr 62 he was Sick in Qtrs; Appointed Cpl on 1 Mar 63 along with Michael Annon and William H. Moore;  Sick in Murfreesboro--later sent to Hospital in New Albany, IN--from 23 Jun 63; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64, but did he ever rejoin his Company?

Teagarden, Samuel Robert  24  (1837 - 1910)  Born in Orange Co, IN to John and Lucinda (Irvine) Teagarden; In 1860 on the family's Orange Co farm, he is listed as Roberts, but all other records refer to him as Samuel; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Cpl; Promoted to Sgt on 1 Feb 62;  Sent on Re-enlistment Service on 17 Dec 63; Returned 15 Apr 64; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; He married Lydia Warren around 1867;  In 1870 and 1880, he is a Farmer in Orange Co, but sometime in the 1880s, they relocated to Columbia, TN where he operated the Cottage Hotel; Filed for Invalid's Pension 1890; Died 27 Feb 1910 in Nashville, where he had been taken for an operation; He was buried in the Nashville National Cemetery;  Lydia filed for her Widow Pension on 21 Mar 1910

Wolf, David S. 28  (1833 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Promoted to Sgt on 6 Jun 62;  On Muster Roll card for 28 Feb to 30 Jun 63, it is noted he is on Daily Duty to Care for Ordnance Stores; As Ordnance Sgt he requested a Fulough for 20 days on 11 Mar 63 from Cripple Creek to settle affairs for his family in Cincinnati--his father had recently died, his mother apparently already dead, and all the sons in the family in the Army--it is not known whether he received his Furlough; Would be promoted to 1 Sgt on 15 Jan 64;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Any relation to Josiah Wolf in the next bio?; Jane filed her Widow's Pension on 15 May 1880

Wolf, Josiah   20   (1841 - 1924)  Born either in OH or WV;  Mustered in on 8 Jul 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 1 Aug 62;  Would be reduced to Pvt on 17 May 64;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  Any relation to Sgt Wolf in the bio above?;  Married Nancy

Ella Lusk in 1867;  Worked as a Bricklayer; Filed for Invalid's Pension 1889; Died 21 Oct 1924 and Buried in Spring Grove Cem

Widow's Pension 6 Nov 1924

       OTHER  PERSONNEL   from  Co.  A  at   CRIPPLE   CREEK

Barry, John  22  (1839 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Drummer;  Muster Roll card for 1 May - 31 Aug 62 lists him as "in confinement"--no explanation given; Would be reduced to Pvt on 20 Jan 64;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1890  

Reese, John   --  See his bio on the 2nd KY Field & Staff Page




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Anderson, Josiah  25  (1836 - )   Originally listed as Isaiah Anderson; Mustered in as a Pvt on 20 Jun 61;  Wounded at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63 (listed bariously as GSWs in left side or right thigh) and taken prisoner--held in Richmond and later Paroled--the Josiah/Isaiah confusion was a problem with his prison and casualty records;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Filed for an Invalid's Pension 1879

Brown, Thomas G. 40  (1818 - 1904)  This man's name does not appear on the AG's Roster, but there are Muster Roll cards indicating he was a part of Co A; Born in Surry Co, NC on 1 Feb 1818 (famly birth year differs from military); Married three times:  Eliza Gullett in 1842, Therza Ann Claxton in 1844, and Mary Jane Radcliff in 1896; Mustered in on 13 Jan 62 as a Pvt;  Sep/Oct 62 Sick in Nashville, but Present Nov/Dec 62; Sick in Nashville again since 8 May 63; Present Jul/Aug 63; Absent sick in Gen Hosp No 7 in Lousiville from 27 Sep 63; Present Nov/Dec 63; Would re-enlist as a Veteran Volunteer on 2 Jan 64 at Bridgeport, AL; Enlisted in 21 KY Co I; Was a Farmer in Orange Co, IN in 1870 and 1880; Filed for an Invalid's Pension 1880; Died in Paoli, Orange Co, IN on 17 Dec 1904; Buried Old Town Cemetery; Mary filed a Widow's Pension in Mar 1905

Clayton, Christian J.  25  (1841 - 1899)  Born 26 Mar 1841--year in family records differs from military; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  28 Feb 62 Absent, sick in Hospital in Louisville--his status is "not stated" on the next few cards, but his is Present on the card for 31 Oct 62 to 28 Feb 63; Absent sick in Hospital in Chattanooga 5 Oct 63; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Enlisted in 48 IN Co I; Married Betsy J. Keeth around 1868; Worked as a Wagon Maker in Orange Co, IN  for the rest of his life; Filed for an Invalid's Pension 1879; Married Sarah R. Lynd 1886 in Lawrence Co, IN; Died in 1899  in Orange Co, IN; Buried Green Hill Cemetery; Widow, Sarah, filed for her Pension a few days after he died in May 1899


Couch, Henry  26  (1835 - )  Name transcribed as Conch; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  On 30 Mar 63, pursuant to Special Order 31, ten dollars per month were to be stopped from his pay for the next six months, following a General Court Martial--WHAT did he do to cause this?; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64

Curry, Henry  31  (1830 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Would be appointed Cpl on 30 May 64;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64

Degeman, Patrick  38  (1823 - )  Name given variously as Degnan, Deganan, etc.;  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Mar/Apr 62 notation states he is a Brigade Blacksmith, but he is still Present; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64


Gorrell, John F.  24  (1836 - 1898)  Name also given as Garret, Garrol; Born in Indiana, the son of William and Almiran Gorrell; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Absent sick in Chattanooga since 25 Oct 63; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Married Mary J. Montgomery in 1864; Worked as a Farmer in Jefferson Co., IN in 1870 and 1880; Married Nancy A. Voorhees in 1885; Died 20 Oct 1898 and buried in the Gorrell Cemetery in Jefferson Co, IN


Hendricks, John   25  (1836 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64

Hooper, Thomas G.  23 (1838 - 1881)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Would be wounded "severely" at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63--Absent in all remaining Muster Roll cards;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Enlisted in 5 OH Co D 26 Aug 64 and mustered out 19 Jun 65; Filed for an Invalid's Pension 1865; In 1880 Census, he lives in Veterans' Home in Dayton--he is single; Died Buried National Cemetery in Dayton, OH in grave C - 4 - 4; 

Howard, Henry H.  21  (1840 - 1918)  Mustered in on 22 Jun 61 as a Pvt, but Appointed as Drummer;  Would be transferred to Regimental Staff as the Principal Musician on 1 Jan 64 (or on 3 Nov 63);  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Middle initial given as N. on Pension file; Filed for Invalid's Pension 1889; Died 11 May 1918 in Monte Vista, Colorado at the Col State Veterans' Center

Isentrager, Thomas Jefferson  22  (1839 - )  Born in Jun 1840, in Cleves, Hamilton Co, OH, parents John Peter and Elizabeth Isabelle (Eckman) Isentrager; Family lived in Dearborn Co, IN in 1850, He worked as a Day Laborer in Cleves, OH in 1860; Surname given many different ways (Isentrader, Isentroder, etc.) and middle initial given as "I" in some records; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Sept 61, Absent sick at Gallipolis; Absent sick in Murfreesboro from 1 Feb 63--would remain there, detached duty as Nurse/Hospital Attendant, eventually at Fortress Rosecrans/Lunette Rousseau); Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; He worked as a Laborer in Hamilton Co, OH in 1870; There is a strange tale that he married his wife, Mary Ellen Toker, under an assumed name (Charles Eckman), in order to get around the bride's father; Invalid's Pension filed 1891; Admitted to Daville, IL Military Home on 3 Aug 1891--Age 57, 5' 7", Dark complexion, Gray eyes, Dark hair, Unable to read or write, Catholic, Laborer in Oakley, OH, Married to Mary who lives in Cincinnati, suffering from Heart Disease since 1889; He was Dishonorably Discharged from the Home on 6 Sep 92; He was Admitted again on 29 Jan 96 and he was once again Dishonorable Discharged on 15 Apr 96; He was Admitted once more to the Home 13 Aug 98 and Discharged at his request on 24 April 99; He was admitted for a final time on 8 Mar 1901 and Died of Apoplexy on 5 Aug 1902 in the Danville IL Veterans' Home; Buried in the Danville National Cemetery, 1 - 9 - 184; Mary filed her Widow's Pension on 14 Nov 1902

Mack, John  26  (1835 - )  Born in Co Cork, Ireland; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Re-enlisted as a Veteran Volunteer on 24 Dec 63; Would be left at Bridgeport, AL

Marcus, Alexander "Alex" 20  (1842 - 1917)  Name also given as McArcus, and family sometimes goes by Marquis and suggests that his first name was Robert; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Absent, Hospital Louisville (Camp Joe Holt) 28 Feb 62 (Jan to Mar); 28 Feb - 30 Jun 63 Sick in Quarters; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Enlisted with 24 IN Co D and Co G; In 1870, he worked on the Rail road in Lawrence Co, IN; Married Mary Catherine Clark in IN in 1872; In 1880, he is a Farmer in Putnam Co, IN; Invalid's Pension filed 1884; By 1900, he is a Day Laborer in Clay Co, IN; In 1910, he is a Day Laborer in Clay Co; He died 11 Jan 1917 in Harmony, Clay Co, IN and is buried in the Harmony Cemetery


McClenden, Jonathan  32  (1829 - )  Surname given alternately as McClendan, McClelland, McLendan, etc. and first name as John, Johnathan; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Wounded slightly at Shiloh on 7 Apr 62 and again at Bridge Creek near Corinth, Miss on 28 May 62; Absent sick in Field Hospital Bridgeport, AL since 26 Jan 64 Mustered out on 19 Jun 64

McGinnis, John  26  (1835 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Absent Sick Nashville 31 Oct 62 - 28 Feb 63 (Wounded slightly in Hip at Stones River), but Present on Mar/Apr 63 Muster Roll card; Wounded Chickamauga (Left Foot) on 19 Sep 63--in Hospital Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Invalid's Pension filed 1864

McKew, John  24  (1837 - )  Name also given as McCue, McQue, etc.; The AG's Roster indicates he was mustered in on 5 Jun 61 and mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Is he rleated to the man in the next bio? 

[???McKew, Thomas  22  (1842 - )  Listed as McKeir on the AG's Roster, but there is no indicatioon of when he was mustered in or out; It states he was Absent at Bridgeport, AL 4 Jun 64--the same notation used for men who re-enlisted and were given furloughs and bounty money, but the Muster Roll cards for this man are unusual and do not commence until 1864; The first  

card in his file indicates he enlisted 4 Jan 64 and is headed "Muster and Descriptive Roll of a Detachment of US Vols forwarded"; Remarks on a subsequent card state "Recruit for 2d Ky Inf Retained on duty by authority War Dept dated Dec 30 63 and Mar 2 64 while awaiting assignment his regiment been mustered out", so (in spite of what the AG's Roster states), it appears he was never at Cripple Creek] Were Thomas McKew and John McKew relatives?  This man's car says he was born in Glasgow, Scotland; Perhaps the surname should be spelled McHugh?

McPherson, John K. 19  (1842 - )  Middle initial also given as "R"; Born in Orange Co, IN; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Wounded at Stones River; Re-enlisted as a Veteran Volunteer on 24 Jan 64;  Would be left at Bridgeport, AL; Invalid's Pension filed 1885

Mays, Daniel  18  (1842 - )  Not on the AG's Roster, but his cards are with the Campany; Mustered in on 11 Jul 61;  Severly wounded at Stones River; Absent sick in Field Hospital in Nashville since 12 Aug 63; $3.80 stopped from pay to cover cost of transportation from Nashville to Louisville; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Lucy filed for her Widow's Pension on 2 Aug 1920 fro OH and a Minor's Pension Petition was filed on 2 Mar 1879 for a Lewis

Neeley, Frank  33  (1838 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Absent in Nashville and then in Quincy, IL from 26 Dec 62; Appears as Present on Muster Roll card for 28 Feb - 30 Jun 63; Sick in Regt Hospital in Bridgeport, AL since 24 Jan 64; Was he still there when he was mustered out on 19 Jun 64

Newton, Thomas J.  28  (1833 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Absent Sick at Cloverdale, Putnam Co, IN; Sent home from Barbourville, VA by Surgeon on 13 Jul 1861, but never regularly discharged; Absent sick in Quincy, IN since 1 Feb 1862;  Would desert from Quincy, IL on 29 Apr 64

Resfield, Henry  24  (1837 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64

Rutherford, John  27  (1834 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Wounded in the hand at Chickamauga 19 Sep 63; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64

Ryan, Peter  26  (1835 - 1896)  Born in Ireland; Name also given as Ryne; mustered in on 5 Jul 61; On Muster Roll card for 28 Feb - 30 Jun 63, it states that $6 pay to be stopped for one month by Gen Order 91; Sick in Hospital since 12 Aug 63; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; A Hospital Record for Taylor Gen Hospital Louisville dated 24 Sep 64 (?), it states that Peter Ryan, Age 22, Single, Born in Ireland, was admitted for Acute Rheumatism; Invalid's Pension filed 1890 from OH (However, there are two Pension File cards for a man named Peter Ryan in Co A of the 2 KY--one of them filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1890, the other's Widow filed for a Pension on  25 Sep 1890 "not identical"); Peter Ryan was admitted to the Veterans' Home in Dayton, OH (Central Branch) on 5 Aug 89--he was 53, 5' 7", Fair complexion, Hazel eyes, Gray hair, He was a Laborer from Louisville with no relatives, a Protestant, and Single, suffering from Lumbago; [Was our Peter the Irish Stone Mason listed in the Censuses and City Directories for Louisville?  This is tempting, but the Stone Mason Peter continues to be listed in the City Directories for Louisville well into the 1890s, long after OUR Peter was living in Veterans' Homes, so the Stone Mason is probably NOT our Peter]; Discharged at his own request on 18 Aug 91; He was admitted to the Marion Branch on 23 Jan 92, was discharged to the Western Branch in Leavenworth, KS on 24 Sep 92; He died there on 9 Jun 1896 of Gastro-enteritis; SO, the Pension file for the man who applied for the Invalid Pension is OUR Peter, since it was filed in 1890 from OH (the other man was married and his wife filed in 1890--before OUR Peter died--for what it's worth, THIS Peter might be the one referenced in the 1890 Veterans' Census for Cincinnati whose widow, Bridget, did not have his paperwork so could not supply his regiment); Buried in Leavenworth National Cemetery in Sec. 11, Row 8, Grave 1137   

Saddlefeldt, John  27 (1834 - 1917)  So many variations on the surname in the records! Soderfeldt, Sodelfelt, Sadelfield Sadelfeld, etc; Born in Oldenberg to Frederick and Charlotte; Arrived in America in 1853; Worked as a Teamster in Cincinnati in 1860; Mustered in on 27 Jun 61; Wounded at Stones River ("slight") [was this what would be described as a GSW to right inguinal region/], but Present on the Mar/Apr 63 Muster Roll card; On 10 May 63, he is Absent in Convalescent Camp in Murfreesboro and/or Nashville, but is back ("Present") in Nov/Dec 63; He must have been sent from Nashville to Cincinnati, since his name appears on a Descripetive List as a Deserter for 17 Sep 63 at Camp Chase, OH, but is arrested on 5 Oct 63 in Cincinnati as a "Straggler";  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; In 1870, he is still in Cincinnati and works as a Driver or Brick Hauler and he is married to a woman named Maria [Thiear?]; Filed for and Invalid's Pension in 1876; By 1880, he is a Farmer in Cullman, AL, still listed as "married", but living by himself (Maria will claim to be a widow in the City Directories, but she eventually will list herself as divorced); In 1882, he married Sarah Smith in AL [Did he officially divorce Maria or just leave her and their children and begin a new family, like his lieutenant, Thomas N Davis would do?]; Died 12 Feb 1917 in Florence, AL, but I don't know where he is buried

Schmering, Andrew  J.  30  (1831 - 1894)  Born in Germany (Prussia), possibly in Feb; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Mar/Apr 62 he was detached to Harris' Battery, but is Present on the Muster Roll card for 31 Oct 62 - 28 Feb 63; On the Company Muster Roll for 28 Feb to 30 Jun 63, he is Present, but listed as a Bugler at Brigade Head Quarters--he continues to be Present, but is eventually Absent as Bugler Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Enlisted in Navy as 2nd Class Fireman on 6 Sep 64 anf served on The Grampus, The Great Western, and The Mamora, discharged on 10 Jun 65 as a 1st Class Fireman; Married Maria Schaefer in Kenton Co KY in 1866 and she died in 1870; Andrew was a Brick Mason in Covington, Kenton Co, KY in 1870; Andrew married Mrs. Catherine (Puening) Determann in Kenton Co in 1872; In 1878, Andrew is a Bricklayer in Covington; Moved to Chicago around 1882; Filed Invalid's Pension 1890; His medical exam in 1891 found him to be 5' 10", 167 pounds, suffering primarily from Rheumatism and General Debility; On 2 Feb 1894, an iron plate struck his right hand while he was patching an iron boilerAndrew died on 8 Dec 1894 of Cancer of the Stomach in Chicago and is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Chicago

Smith, Alfred  21  (1840 - 1920)  Born in IN to Isaac and Catherine (Cranda) Smith; His family lived in Franklin, Johnson Co, IN in 1850; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Would be wounded at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63;  Remained in Hospital for several months; Took Furlough on 18 Apr 64 and 38 cents were stopped from his pay for transportation; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Filed for Invalid's Pension 1864; Married Catherine C. Smiley in 1867 in Franklin, IN; In 1870, he is working as an Engineer in Franklin, IN; In 1880, he is a Cooper in Franklin; In 1900, he and Catherine are living in Marion Co, IN [to live close to their married daughter?] and gives his birth year as 1839; In 1910, they are living in Tippecanoe Co, IN; After Catherine's death in 1914, he is admitted to Danville Branch Soldiers' Home 22 May 1915, at which time he was 74, 5' 5", Fair complexion, Blue eyes, Gray hair, Able to read and write, Carpenter from Indianapolis, Widower, Suffering from an old GSW to right knee [his wound from Chickamauga?], Hemorrhoids, Cardiac hypertrophy, Chronic constipation; He was discharged at his request on 24 Jun 1915; He was admitted to the Marion Branch on 21 Apr 1916 and he died in the hospital there on 3 Nov 1920 at 6:30 AM of Broncho-pneumonia; Buried Greenlawn Cemetery in Franklin, IN  

???Smith, John  28  (1833 - )   Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Wounded at Barbourville, VA on 1 Jul 61 and sent to Hospital; Several Muster Roll cards do not state whether he is Absent or Present, but on the card for 31 Oct 62 - 28 Feb 63, he is marked "Present";  This fellow's file on Fold3 contains the Casualty Sheet for the John Smith in Co J who died of Disease at Andersonville AND a Casualty Sheet of a mystery man named John Smith in Co E who died on 1 Sep 61 after being shot at Barbourville, VA  13 Jul 61 [There is a question mark after the death date--did someone confuse this John Smith of Co A who was wounded on 1 Jul 61 in Barbourville with someone else?  There IS no John Smith in Co E];  This John Smith in this bio was mustered out on 19 Jun 64; >>>There is a Pension File for a John E. Smith who fought in the War With Spain (1888-1908), who died 26 Oct 1908 in Covington, KY and whose Widow filed for her Pension in 1911--THIS man (according to his death certificate) was 35 years old, making him born in 1873; Moreover, he is married but there is no wife's name given, but his mother's name is Flora); BUT, WAIT--THERE'S MORE: there is a John E. Smith [NOT in the War With Spain] whose widow, Flora, filed her Pension 11 Mar 1911 in KY; FINALLY (?), the 1890 Veterans' Census shows a John P Smith living in Ft. Pierre, Stanley Co, SD, who was enlisted in the 2 KY Co A for 3 mos in 1861, then reenlisted for 3 years but only served 4 months but was discharged after 4 months, due to Typhoid Fever, so if THIS is the John Smith in this bio, he was NOT at Cripple Creek

Stevenson, Benjamin Franklin  38  (1823 - )  Born in Philadelphia, PA: Married Rebecca Jane Reynolds in Greene Co, OH in 1850; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Reduced to Pvt on 1 Nov 61;  Appointed Wagoner 1 Feb 62; Re-enlisted as a Veteran Volunteer on 22 Jan 64;  Would be left at Bridgeport, AL Enlisted in 21 KY Co H; In 1870, he is a Sash Maker in Bath, Greene Co, OH with Rebecca and their children; In 1880, he is still in Greene Co where he is a Carpenter; Rebecca A. filed her Widow's Pension on 23 Jul 1891 from OH, YET, Benjamin filed his Invalid Pension on 2 Feb 1892 from Ark [!?];  [There MUST be a misprint here somewhere unless this is ANOTHER man who deserted his wife, leaving her to believe he must be dead!]; In 1900, Rebecca is a widow, living in Dayton, OH; 

???Sullivan, Owen  19  (1842 - )  Born in Bedford, Lawrence Co, IN; He might be the Owen Sullivan living in Orange Co as a Laborer in 1860; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Deserted from Camp Joe Holt, IN on 9 Jan 62 [A subsequent Must Roll card says he Deserted from Wheeling, VA on 1 Oct 61, other cards report he Deserted in Louisville--across the river from Camp Joe Holt?--and another card says he was Discharged 1 Oct 62--I think it should be 61; My guess is, he was in the camp hospital at Joe Holt until 1 Oct 61 and wasn't reported missing until 9 Jan 62; In any event, he was reported to be in Orleans [IN] when last heard from]; Returned from Desertion and pay to be stopped to 15 Feb 63--does this mean he showed up at Cripple Creek in Feb?--There is no Muster Roll card for May/Jun 63, so I don't know if he was Present; Re-enlisted as a Veteran Volunteer on 4 Jan 64 and was granted the standard monetary bounty and a Furlough as  incentives for re-enlistment; When he  failed to return from his Furlough, he was once again listed as a Deserter (9 Mar 64) and was returned under arrest on 19 Apr 64--and charged $3.76 to pay for his transportation, I suppose; On 24 May 65, he was in Military Prison in Nashville (Camp Harker) and was being charged $22 for his gun and other lost items;  On his Descriptive List of Deserters dated Mar 64, he was described as having Dark eyes, Sandy hair, a Sandy complexion [?], 5' 5", Laborer; There is a note on this form that says "He has a certificate from a physician at Mitchell that he has been unable to return to his regiment sooner on account of an injury to his head"; A note in his file says he was confined in Nashville (hard labor) and Dishonorably Discharged;

Terrill, James  23  (1838 - 1928)   Born in OH to John and Louise (Watterson)Terrill; Enlisted on 25 Dec 61, Mustered in 8 Jan 62;  His military file contains the staNot on the AAG's Roster, but cards in the Company file; tement "Time not expired when the rest of the Company mustered out", so he was sent to the Provost Marshal for reassignment; However, in a flurry of letters in his file, it seems that James was in a Convalescent Camp in Chattanooga when his Regiment was mustered out and somehow, James' paperwork (his Descriptive List) was lost, making him unable to be paid and mustered out with the rest of his unit; He is most anxious to "hasten home" and "to attend to the needs" of his family'; It sounds as though the brass was supporting his claim to be paid and mustered out in Jan 65, but there is no final resolution in the file; He married Lucretia Waterman in Kenton Co, KY on 19 Mar 65--did young James needed to "hasten home" because Lucretia was waiting for him or did the wedding come about after he finally returned?; The romance may have cooled over the years, since Lucretia and the children are living apart from James in 1880 (she still is listed as "married") but in the 1884 City Directory for Covington, KY she is listed as a "Widow"; Invalid's Pension filed 1888; Where was James during these years?; He died 25 Apr 1928 in Kenton Co and was buried there in Highland Cemetery; Cause of death was Cerebral Arterio-sclerosis and Chronic Interstitial Nephritis

Waldrip, James M.   21   (1840 - 1917)  Born in French Lick, IN;  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  In Nov 61, he was listed as "Absent --- Sick";  In Sep 62, he was on special duty as the Division Teamster;  In Jan / Feb 63, he was on special detail as Company Clerk;  Would transfer to Signal Corps on 8 Nov 63 (Perhaps all those times that the 2 KY had to guard the Signal Corps on Pilot Knob made him want to do what they were doing?);  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Also listed as Waldrop, Waldriss;  Married Mary Edmiston in Dubois, IN in 1874; Occupation variously described as "Machinist", "Wood Machinist" and "Woodworker";  Lived in Cincinnati after the War but was living in IN when he filed his Invalid Petition in 1887;  When he entered the Disabled Soldiers' Home in Dayton, OH [referred to as The Central Branch] in Mar 1913, he was afflicted by "defective vision, cardiac hypertrophy, arteriosclerosis, double inguinal hernia..."; varicose veins in both legs; loss of left ring finger and little finger and parts of index and middle fingers, "...chronic constipation, occasional attacks of [illegible], general condition good";  At the time of his admission, he was 5' 4", with dark complexion, hazel eyes, and gray hair;  Protestant;  Able to read and write; Occupation: Woodworker;  Wife (Mary) still living in Cincinnati;  Admitted to "C. B." [Central Branch]; He was discharged at his own request on 16 Mar 1916 and "Readmitted to C. B." on 23 Jun 1916;  He died in the Soldiers' Home 7 Jul 1917 and body was sent to Cincinnati for burial in Spring Grove Cem

Ward, William   28  (1833 - )  Born in County Donegal, Ireland; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  1 May - 31 Aug 62, he is listed as Absent - Sick - General Hospital; Re-enlisted as a Veteran Volunteer on 24 Dec 63;  Would be left at Bridgeport, AL

Welty, Ephraim  21  (1840 - 1911)  Born in IN, a family source says he was born in April 1842; Name also given a Welby; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Wounded (severely) at Corinth (Bridge Creek), Miss on 28 May 62; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Enlisted in 97 IN Co B on 5 Aug 64 and Mustered out 9 Jun 65 in Washington, DC; He married Sarah A. Maze in Owen Co, IN in 1866; In 1870 he is a Farmer in Madison Co, IN; Invalid's Pension filed 1876; I believe he is the Ephraim Welty living in Clark Co, IN--Single, as a Farmer; Admitted to the Marion Branch Veterans' Home (name incorrectly transcribed as Wilty) on 22 Spt 1896--at which time, he was 53, 5' 7", Fair complexion, Blue eyes, Gray hair, Able to read and  write, Single, Protestant, A Farmer from Brazil, IN, Suffering from a GSW to the left hand from Stones River [in his admission notes to the Marion Branch Home, it mentions a GSW in his neck, as well]; Discharged 24 Apr 1897 at his request; He was Re-admitted to the Marion Branch on 13 Jul 1898 and was Discharged 16 Jun 1899, again, at his request; In 1900, he was a Widower boarding with Cornelius Watts and his family in Clay Co, IN; He entered the Danville Branch on 20 Jun 1901; He left the Home at some point ["AWL"--does this mean WITH leave or WITHOUT?] died 10 Aug 1911 in Roe, Ark--cause unknown; Married Susan McCarty in Prarie Co, Ark in 1902--she was 40 and he was 60; Susan Welty files for a Widow's Pension on 13 Sep 1916 in Ark [I hope she was not a "gold digger" looking for an old, lonely veteran to marry in anticipation of getting his pension--not that it would be that much money!];In the 1910 Census for Prairie Co, AK, he is a Farmer, living with Susan and Susan's 20 year-old daughter, Jennie;  In his will, dated 4 Aug 1911 [a week before he died!] he leaves to his "beloved wife Saxon" [Susan?] a house and lot and all other property therein, then he awards one dollar [!] to each of his children: William H, Alice, Ione, and Ada [I guess this answers the gold digger question with a resounding YES!]; I cannot find where he is buried

Wilkinson, John J.  29  (1832 - 1886)  Born in Canada; Married Harriet L. around 1865; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Mar/Apr 63 Noted at Company Teamster; Sent to Field Hospital Nashville 12 Aug 63; Returned Nov/Dec 63; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; He married Harriet L Clifton in Detroit in 1864; Living in Detroit, Mich in 1870 where John is a Painter;  Invalid's Pension filed 1873; Living in Brooklyn, NY 1875, as per the 1875 NY State Census; Entered the Eastern Branch Soldiers' Home is Togus, Maine on 9 Nov 1878, complaining of Injury to right knee; Age 44; Wife is Hattie L. Wilkinson, 67 Stag Street, Brooklyn, NY; Furloughed for 2 months (beginning 17 Mar 1879) and Discharged 10 Apr 1879 (at his request); In 1880, he and his family live in Brooklyn, N where he is a Painter and suffering from Consumption; On 10 Apr 1883, he joined GAR Post 35 in Brooklyn; Died 9  Feb 1886 in Brooklyn , NY--at the time, he was a Painter, Aged 53, Living 402 S. Fourth St in Brooklyn; Came to the USA circa 1849, Cause of death Pneumonia; Buried Cypress Hills National Cemetery;  Widow's Pension not filed until 6 Aug 1912

Wisbey, John  25  (1836 - )  Name also given as Wisley, Wisby; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Would be appointed Cpl on 30 May 64;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64

Wolf, Thomas Brady 18  (1843 - 1930)  Born in OH, probably the son of John K and Margaret Wolf; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Sick -- sent on 15 day Furlough on 3 Jan 62; Sick in Nashville Hospital from 30 Dec 62 (a later note says he was in Nashville from Nov 62 to Mar 63); Present on Muster Roll card for 28 Feb to 30 Jun 63;  Another note says "since 1 Jun 62 [I think this should be 63]  Apr 1863 Absent at Cons [Convalescent] Camp Nashville, Tenn"; Casualty Sheet shows him Wounded at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; So, was he at Cripple Creek from Mar to 1 Jun 63?; Middle initial sometimes given as P;  Cemetery records show him serving in the 63 OH Co F, but the dates 10 Dec 61 - 13 Jun 65) overlap with the 2 KY--still I am sure this is MY Thomas; The Cemetery record also show his as being imprisoned 22 Ju 64 at Decatur, GA--he might have enlisted in the 63 OH, been captured and paroled/exchanged; There is a Thomas Wolf, Bricklayer, living in Cincinnati, possibly with his mother and brother; Married Petrilla Lusk 1878; In 1880, there is a Thomas Wolf with wife Hattie L and infant son, Samuel--is this our Thomas?; Invalid's Pension 1889; Admitted to Central Branch Veterans' Home in Dayton on 26 Feb 1908, at which time he was 63, 5' 4", Fair complexion, Gray eyes, Gray hair, Able to read and write, Protestant, Brick Mason from Cincinnati; Wife Petella Wolf in Cincinnati, Suffering from Chronic rheumatism, Cardiac hypertrophy, General condition Fair; Dicsharged 19 Jun 1908; In 1900, he is a Brick Mason in Cincinnati; In 1910, he still lives on Ludlow Ave in Cincinnati with Petrilla and their children; In 1920, he and Petrilla have moved to Brookside Ave in Cincinnati; Readmitted 12 Oct 1920; Discharged at his request on 16 Sep 1922;  In 1930, they still live on Brookside Ave; Died 22 Dec 1930 in Cincinnati and buried in Spring Grove Cemetery; Cemetery records show him born in Jul 1844 in Cincinnati; Petrilla filed a Widow's Pension 13 Jan 1931 (she died in 1963 at the age of 104 and her father was a Bricklayer Foreman--was Petrilla's father Thomas's boss?

Wright, William Henry Harrison*  20  (1841 - 1864)  Born in Orange Co, IN to Washington and Martha Ann (Griffith) Wright; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Absent sick in Hospital Gallipolis dated 31 Oct 61; Absent sick in Gen Hospital Bridgeport, Al from 26 Jan 64; Would die at Orleans, IN on 28 Mar 64 of Chronic Diarrhea; Lived almost all of his life in Orelns, Orange Co, IN


         DIED                   GONE HOME         TRANSFERRED        UNACCOUNTED FOR        IN HOSPITAL       

Calhoun, Samuel H --

   Executed for murder on

   5 Feb 62 at Bardstown, 


For more information, check out two excellent blogs:

Jim Schmidt's Civil War Medicine (and Writing)

and Robert Wilhelm's

Connolly, Frank -- KIA

   Stones River

Donovan, John -- Wounds

   incurred Barboursville,

   VA Jul 61

Harrison, George W --

   Drowned 1 Oct 62

Henry, George W. --

   Drowned 1 Aug 62

Jones, James R.  (Cpl) --

    KIA Stones River

Malone, Patrick -- "Killed by

   stabbing" in an "affray"

   on 14 Oct 62 in Danville,


Roberts, William --

   Drowned 9 Jul 62

Rollin, Edward --

   Typhoid Fever 12 Oct 62

Winthrop, Martin -- Shot

   accidentally at Camp

  Joe Holt, IN 18 Jan 62

Brooks, Benjamin F

Dillen, Thomas.

Hudson, William H.

Smith, Joseph (his

  Pension File links

  to an alias named

  Conley, John J. who

  also served in the

  6 IL Cav Co M)

Smith, Robert

Taylor, George W.

Blundell, Joseph M. -- To

   Regtl QM

Critten, Jacob R. -- To

   Pioneer Brigade

   (Detachment) from 11 Nov

   62 until 3 Jun 64

Eagle, John -- To 1 KY

   Indep Battery

Foster, John G. -- To

   Mendenhall's Battery

McDonnell, Hugh -- To

   Pioneer Brig (Detachment)

   from 11 Nov 62

Preston, Herbert A  (QMS). --

   To Nashville on Detached


Smith, Charles A. -- To 8 VA


Thomas, Robert -- To Pio-

   neer Brig (Detachment)

   from 11 Nov 62 until

   Medical Discharge 15 Jul

   63--never at Camp Cripple








Beswick, Robert H.

Callahan, Dennis

Davis, John  (after

     only 5 days!)

Gessert, William

Golden, Martin

Hall, John B.

Harvey, John C.

Henedsey, James

McLaughlin, James

Pyle, Morgan  (Cpl)

Rawson, Nessback

Ritton, Thomas

Smith, Peter

Witsman, John W.   

   Deserted 1 Oct 62,     but returned on           3 Sep 63

Boland, Michael -- From 1 Jun 62

   until at least Oct 63, due to

   paralysis on the left side

Dutchle, Stephen -- In Nashville 

   from 1 Oct 62

Eagan, John -- In Nashville

   Convalescent Camp from 26

   Dec 62 until discharge 20 May 63

Hurst, Gilbert -- Severe face wound

   at Stones River, discharged 9    

   Feb 63

Lucas, Frederick -- Absent in Post 

   Barracks (Hospital) Louisville

   from 1 Oct 62

McLaughlin, Frank -- Wounded 

   and in Hospital from 1 Jan 63

Milligan, James -- Severe wound to

   leg at Barboursville, VA on 13 Jul

   61, hospitalized until discharge

   on 9 Feb 63

Murphy, Luke -- Hospitalized from

   5 Jun 61 (in "lunatic assylum,"

   later in Gen Hosp in Cincinnati)

   never discharged, still listed as

   "absent in hospital" in Jun 64 

Newton, Thomas J. -- Was Sick in 

    Hospital Quincy, IN from

    13 Jul 61 and later designated a

    Deserter, a charge which was


Ritter, Joseph -- Sick in Hospital 

    from 1 Jun 62 and eventually

    Discharged, but is THIS the man

    listed as John Ritter in the AG's


Wolf, John K.* -- Medical

    furlough/Hospitalization from

   Feb 62 until his death of

   Consumption in CIncinnati Hosp

   on 3 Mar 63

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