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Blanchard, Merwin  33  (1827 - 1902)   Born in NY;  Mustered in as a Cpl on 5 Sept 61;  Badly injured in battle (Stones River?): his horse was leaping a fence while fleeing from the enemy, he was captured and paroled;  Discharged 18 Apr 63 in Columbus, OH by surgeon's certificate of disability;  I don't think he was actually at Cripple Creek, nor were his brothers Addison J. or John (both injured and/or discharged before Stones River);  Merwin re-enlisted 12 Feb 64;  Mustered out on 22 Jul 65 as a Pvt;  Moved to Michigan in the 1870s;  Died in Montcalm Co., Mich



Brun, William  18  (<1844> - 1916 )   mustered in on 12 Aug 62;   Wounded 31 Dec 62 at Stones River Battlefield;  Did he spend time in a hospital?  Did he join his unit at Cripple Creek?;  If so, when?; mustered out on  16 Jun 65 in Chattanooga, TN;  Listed in the Pension File as William Broa



Crittenden, Newton  21  (1840 - 1878) He mustered in with the initial group of recruits on 5 Sept 61, but was  discharged on 6 April 63 by a surgeon's certificate of disability; the question is: Was he discharged from Camp Cripple Creek or from a hospital?




French, Alfred  18  (1843 - 1935)   Mustered in on 12 Aug 1862;  seriously wounded 31 Dec 1862 at Stones River Battlefield; arm amputated (date?); discharged 11 Feb 63, presumably from a hospital, so never actually at Cripple Creek?  filed for pension as an Invalid in Mar 63 from OH;  no record of a mother's or widow's pension application ever being filed; After the War, Alfred worked in Washington DC as an accountant at the US Treasury Dept.; He was buried in Washington DC at the Oak Hill Cemetery; Alfred had a twin brother, Albert, who also served in the War (15th OH Independent Light Artillery);  For about a year before Alfred's death in 1935, they were the oldest living twins who fought in the War;  Alfred was buried in Washington DC at the Oak Hill Cemetery; (Albert died the following year, in January 1936 in Cleveland, OH.)




Gage, Milo S.  24  (<1837> -  )    Born in NY;  Mustered in on 5 Sept 61 to Battery K of the 1st OH LA; Transferred from K to B in 1 Dec 61;  Vet;  Mustered out on 22 Jul 65;   However, he shows up on a Provost Marshal's draft list of available men in June 1863 with the note "17 months 1st Ohio Artillery";  What does this mean?  Was he home on leave?  Was he ever at Cripple Creek?;  He relocated to Ypsilanti, Mich after the War, along with other members of the family (unfortunately, this included a nephew or cousin named Milo E. Gage and the two Milos are hard to tell apart in newspaper articles;  There is a military headstone for him in Ypsilanti, but there is no death date on it, nor on the cemetery records, nor on the pension application



Hart, Rodman  24  (1837 - 1908)  Regimental Roster shows he mustered in on 5 Sept 1861;  Only other note is "Veteran"; This is where the certainty ends!  His Service Record shows he enlisted 8 Oct 1861;   There were apparently two men named Rodman Hart, distant cousins.  I believe this is the one from 1 OH Battery B:    1850 Census New London, Huron Co., OH lists "Rodmond" (13) NY in the household of Henry Hart (42);  1860 Census Huron Co., OH lists Rodman Hart (23) b. NY living with Henry (52) and Juliana (49), Hiram (18), and Laura Emory (20);   1870 Census Eaton, Eaton Co., Mich lists Rodman Hart (33) b NY and Laura Hart (30) and Mary Hale (19);   1880 Charlotte, Eaton Co., Mich lists Rodman Hart (43) b. NY with Laura A. (39) IL wife and Olla M. (3) IL daughter;   [The other man, Thomas Rodman Hart, was b. in Jan 1843 also in NY and served in 98th NY Inf Co F;  his widow, Minnie, filed for his pension in Sept 1903];  The first Rodman Hart was listed as Civil War veteran living in Cascade Twp., Kent Co., Mich in 1894; the 1900 Census lists Rodman (63) NY Farm Hand, with (second?) wife Elvina (54) Mich (married 8 years), and daughter Mary McAlister (17) Ark;  Other sources include the Grand Rapids Herald 20 Dec 1908 obit p. 3; Find-A-Grave Sep 1837 - Dec 1908 Charlotte, Eaton Co., Mich;  My guess is that "our" Rodman Hart was the one who lived 1837 - 1908 and the Thomas Rodman Hart 1843 - 1902 was a cousin;  However, this does not explain the absence of a pension record or any further info than "Veteran" in the 1 OH Batt. B records;  It is a puzzlement;  It would seem that, given his status as a Veteran, he would have served at least 3 years--in which case, he would have been with the unit during their stay at Cripple Creek 



Hawkins, Albert    32  (1832 -  )   Mustered in on 4 August 62;  He was probably not at Cripple Creek, since he was discharged due to disability on 29 Jan 63 from hospital in Cincinnati and filed his petition as an Invalid in Feb 63;  He then enlisted with the 177th OH Infantry, Co. B on 23 Sept 64 and was mustered out of their unit on 4 April 65



Hoyt, Samuel T.  20  (1842 - 1896)   Mustered in on 9 Aug 62;  Received a medical discharge on 29 Jan 63 from Nashville, TN, so (in all likelihood) he was never at Cripple Creek; Invalid's pension filed 1892 in OH;  Widow (Nellie J.) filed pension petition in 1896 also from OH; Newspaper obituary from Cleveland newspaper mentions he had been a Railroad Conductor for over 25 years and was a member of the GAR



Ives, Andrew H.*  20   (1840 - <1863>)   Mustered in on 1 Oct 61;  Died on 23 Jun 1863 in Nashville, TN;   His father, Henry D. Ives, filed for his son's pension in 1894 from KY; Andrew was born in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY and there is a burial record for an Andrew H. Ives in the Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, b. unknown, died 1865;  I find no death record in the official Army sources and no record of his being buried in Nashville;  Was he wounded in the Battle of Stones River and lingered until June 63 or did he die in 1865?  Was he at Cripple Creek? 



McLaughlin, Andrew J.  21  (1840 - 1911)    Mustered in 5 Sept 61;  Wounded and captured on 31 Dec 62 at the Stones River Battlefield;  Exchanged (when?) and returned to the unit;  Mustered out on 7 Nov 64;  Was he at Cripple Creek?;  Born in OH, he didn't marry until he was in his 30s; By 1880, he and his wife had moved to Poweshiek Co., IA, where they would remain for the rest of their lives;  He and his wife, Permelia had no biological children, but the 1880 Census indicates they had adopted a son named Frankie



Marx, Moses   18  (1844 - <1882>)    Mustered in on 5 Aug 62;  Discharged on 25 Mar 63 on surgeon's statement of disability;  Was he at Cripple Creek?;  He married Caroline (Carrie) Strauss in Cleveland in 1872;  His widow filed a pension petition in 1882 from OH



Mills, Charles H.  22  (1839 - 1901)    Mustered in on 5 Sept 61;  Discharged on 9 Jan 63 on surgeon's statement of disabilty;  Was he ever at Cripple Creek?;  An Invalid pension petition was filed in 1899 for Charles Mills of the 1st OH Independent Battery LA, this coincides with him entering the Home for Disabled Veterans in Dayton, OH;  At the time of his admission, he was single, 64 years old, 5' 5", light complected, gray hair and eyes, Protestant, able to read and write, and unable to support himself in his occupation as a Painter because of hemorrhoids, cardiac hypertrophy/dilatation, and asthma;  His admission record also states he was part of the 1st OH Battery from 12 Sept 64 until 26 Jun 65--did he rejoin the 1st OH after being discharged on 9 Jan 63?  In any event, it appears he would not have been at Cripple Creek;  he died at the Dayton Veterans' Home on 2 Dec 1901, due to his asthma and heart disease



Obrock, Henry   22  (1840 - 1910)   Born in Germany about 1839;  He was mustered in on 11 Aug 62;   He was discharged for medical reasons on 4  May 63 in Murfreesboro;  I suspect he was actually at Cripple Creek for part of the time, since his condition was not the result of an injury or an illness that would cause him to be hospitalized--he was judged to be "feeble minded" (I am guessing a form of mental disability, although in order for him to have made it this long in the service, it must have been a mild disability);  He was admitted to the Home for Disabled Veterans in Dayton, OH on 5 May 1888;  At that time, he was 49 years old, 5' 7", gray eyes and brown hair, worked as a Farmhand, and was able to read and write (another reason I suspect he was only mildly disabled, at least at this time);  He left the hospital "at his request" on 31 Aug 1889, but was readmitted on 1 Aug. 1904;  The final notation says that he died on 26 Mar 1910 at "G. H. I." in Washington, DC;  The cause of death was dementia and bronchopneumonia;  He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Lot 17738 (Note:  Some of the records on Ancestry list his Lot number as 17739 and his date of death as 26 June 1910--I believe 17738 and 26 March to be correct); There was another Henry Obrock who was also born in Germany in the same general time frame (born in 1836 and died in 1904) who lived in the Cleveland area;  This man was married to a woman named Eleonore--I don't know if or how the two men were related 



Shankland, Sherwood Whitemore  22  (28?)  (<1833> - 1913)    Mustered in on 5 Sept 61;  He was seriously wounded on 31 Dec 62, at the Battle of Stones River, and was taken to a hospital in Nashville;   He was discharged on 17 May 63, thus, he probably ws never at Cripple Creek;  His military records would indicate he was born around 1839, but family and census records say he was born in Sept. 1833;  After The War, he lived for the rest of his life in Lake Co., OH



Starr, Walter Watson   24  (1837 - 1876)   Born in Penfield, Lorain Co., OH, the son of Lewis and Abigail Starr;  Mustered into Battery B on 5 Sept 62;  Walter's younger brother, Leonard G. (born <1843>) mustered in almost a year later;  Unfortunately, Leonard was killed 27 Nov 62 near Nashville, TN, a few days prior to the Battle of Stones River;  Walter was wounded in the Battle on 31 Dec 62;  (How sad for his parents to have almost lost two sons in less than 30 days!)  Was he  ever away from his unit?  Vet;  Mustered out on 22 Jul 65 ;   Walter's widow filed for his pension in 1878  from Michigan (two years after his death in OH)  (Leonard Gurley Starr, b 26 May 42,  died 27 Nov 62 near Nashville, TN)



Stratton, Alexander  43 (1838 - )  Mustered in on 5 Sept 61;   Discharged on 22 Mar 63 by a surgeon's certificate of disability; I can find no other information on him



Teachort, Royal Bradford  18  (1844 - 1937)   Born in Michigan and lived most of his life in Michigan, I am not sure how he came to enlist in an artillery unit in Cuyahoga Co., OH, except that a distant cousin (James H. Teachout) lived in that county (however, the cousin did not enlist in that unit);  Mustered in on 4 Aug 62;  Discharged 13 Aug 63 from Murfreesboro by surgeon's certificate of disability;  Does this mean he was hospitalized from injuries in the Battle of Stones River and finally sent home from the hospital in August?  If so, then he was never at Cripple Creek;  On the other hand, if it were an illness that came on sometime during the period after Jan 63 that was serious enough to keep him in Murfreesboro after the rest of his unit had gone south on the Tullahoma Campaign, then he might have been at Cripple Creek;  In either case, after recuperating at home in Michigan, he enlisted with Co. G of the 11th Michigan Cavalry on  12 Sept 64 and rose to the rank of Cpl. before being mustered out on 16 Jun 65 in Knoxville, TN;  When he died in 1937, he was the last Civil War veteran still residing in Charlevoix Co., Michigan;  His last name is also given as Teachout



White, Alonzo  22  (1839 - )   Mustered into the 1st OH Light Art. on 5 Sept 61;  Discharged on 30 April 63 by surgeon's statement of disability;  Was he at Cripple Creek?  At the time of the 1890 Veterans' Census, he was living in Eaton Co., Mich and suffering from Inflammation of the eyes, but he claims he was in the 1st OH LA;  A pension petition for a minor named Stanley Gavit (?) was filed in Mich in 1909 (the Alonzo White connected with this record claims to have been in the 1st OH LA);  Were Alonzo and the Theodore White who died on 18 Feb 62 brothers?  That is entirely possible.  The 1860 Census for Penfield, Lorain Co., OH lists an Alonza (aged 20, b. in OH) and a Theadore (aged 15, b. in OH) in the household of Samuel and Augusta White:  The 1850 Census for LaGrange, Lorain Co., OH lists an Alonzo (aged 12, b. in OH) and a Theodore (aged 8, b. in OH) in the household of Samuel and Matilda White.  (I believe Matilda to be Samuel's first wife and the mother of Alonzo and Theodore.) 



Willis, James  23  (1843 -  <1892>)  Mustered in 10 Aug 61 as Bugler; Transferred to Regimental Band--no date given  (Does this mean he was not at Cripple Creek?)  His widow, Mary C. Willis, filed her widow's pension petiton in 1892



Wilson, Samuel  28  (1833 - )   Mustered in on 1 Oct 1861;   no further record found


 DIED                             GONE HOME               TRANSFERRED          IN HOSPITAL       NOT YET RECRUITED 


Thompson, Thomas J. (Sgt) Wolf, George (Sgt)    

Starr, Alonzo (Cpl)

Fenn, Harvey P. (Cpl)  

Bailey, David K.

Baker, James     

Carvey, William B.

Chapman, Edward

Elliott, John

Hodge, William C.

Lyons, Chauncey

Pickersgill, John W.

Ruple, Samuel B.

Smith, George

Starr, Leonard G.

Tanney, Francillian L.

White, Theodore

Williams, Richard H.

Wilson, James P.

Aldbert, William                        Alms, Harmon H.                    Amlung, Henry                          Backle, Martin                          Bauer, Frank                            Biddinger, George                    Burton, Albert C.                      Cain, Albert                              Campbell, George                    Campbell, Orville                      Cardie, William                         Carroll, John                              Case, Reason B.                       Cole, Martin B.                           Conkey, Albert B.                       Corey, John F.                            Curry, William                            DeLong, Joseph W.                  Dodd, Thomas                          Fahrion, Albert                           Flick, Frederick                        Flohra, Frederick                       Francis, John                             Freeman, Frank E.                    Gaffey, Thomas                         Gause, John H.                         Gill, Thomas J.                           Green, Fayette                          Hastings, Frank                         Heller, Charles                           Holcomb, Charles                      Holcomb, George O.                Jabott, Joseph                           Johnson, Charles W.                 Johnson, Richard M.                 Kaufman, Nicholas                     Kemp, Lorin                              Kemp, Roney                           Kissel, Philip                             Linham, Samuel                    McDonald, John                         Manary, Alexander                     Marks, Thomas                          Matthews, Ira H.                       Meyers, Henry                           Miller, Richard                           Morse, Oliver P.                         Peet, Charles B.                         Peet, Charles D.*                       Petty, William A.                         Pfaff, Mathias                             Shaw, William                           Shultz, William                           Smith, Charles L.*                     Stahl, Henry                               Troy, Dennis                               Wilson, George*                        Wilson, Peter                      Wright, Eli

Bennett, John A. (Lt)         

Day, Roland G. (Lt)           

Scripture, Clark (Lt)


Sturges, Eben P. (Lt)

Parker, Elisha D. (Sgt)

Blanchard, Addison J. (Cpl)

Courser, John G.

Demilt, Edmond

Dunlap, John

Findley, Martin P. 

Furst, Charles

Hoadley, William R.

Holcomb, Percival

Houghland, Byron

Kretzdon, Lawrence

McDonald, Angus

Mason, George

Tyson, Lewis M.

Van Haun, Austin

West, Arthur H.

Overy, George W.

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