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Lamech Duvall  <23>   (<1840> - 1892)  Born in Ohio to Otho and Mary Duvall;  Worked in CIncinnati as a Coppersmith in 1860;  Mustered in as a Sgt on 27 Sep 61;  Promoted to 2 Lt on 22 Jan 62;  Promoted to

1 Lt on 1 Jul 62;  Would become Capt on 7 Nov 63;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  Went to work for the Freedman's Bureau before the War was over and spent the rest of his life as a Clerk in the Freedman's Bureau (which was a part of the War Dept) in Washington, D.C.;  He never married and he died of Alcoholism in Washington on 7 Dec 92; Buried in Glenwood Cemetery; His signature shows he spelled his name Lamech Duvall


John Milton Blair  20  (1842 - 1923)  Born in OH to John M and Eliza Blair; Mustered in on 1 Jul 62 as a Sgt;  Apointed 1 Sgt on 22 Jan 62;  Promoted to 2 Lt on 1 Jul 62;  Would transfer to Co F (of the 2nd KY) as a 1 Lt on 13 Jun 63;  He worked as a Building Contractor, assuming the direction of his family's brick making business;  He was President of the National Brick Manufacturers' Association in 1905 and active in the Loyal Legion veterans organization; he died in CIncinnati of influenza and is buried in Spring Grove Cemetery


[There apparently was no Capt for Co D between 25 Nov 62 and 7 Nov 63.]




Adkins, John  21  (1842 - )  Mustered in on 11 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 5 Sep 62; He was detailed as a Clerk for Lt Col R Loder on 11 Feb 63;  He was again detailed as a Clerk Nov 63 for the Mustering Office for Colored Troops; There is a Pension File card for a Hohn W. Adkins in 2 KY Co B, but there WAS not John Adkins in Co. B, so is this a mistake on the card and THIS is our John Adkins? If so, then it is John W. Adkins who filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1920 from KY


Allen, Henry  22  (1841 - )  Mustered in on 28 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 24 Dec 62;  Would be wounded at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64


[Archdeacon, John H. apears on the 2 KY F&S Page--even though he was appointed Sgt on 25 Jan 63, he served as Acting Sgt Major beginning 13 Jan 63 and was finally promoted to Sgt Major (F&S) on 1 May 63]


Brown, Calvin Washburn  25  (1838 - 1883)  Born in OH to Augustus Cyrus and Sarah (Washburn) Brown;  Lived in CIncinnati 1850;  Mustered in as a Cpl on  61;  Appointed Sgt on 1 Nov 61;  Was reported as Sick in Columbia, TN for a short time in Apr 62; Appointed 1 Sgt on 5 Sep 62;  Would be promoted to 2 Lt on 25 Jul 63 and 1 Lt on 9 Jan 64;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, DC on 21 Aug 1883 (died 19 Aug); Family sources show his birth year as 1836


Clement, John E.*  27  (1836 - 1863)  Born in Poughkeepsie, NY to Asa and Rosetta (Coleman) Clement;  He was described as being 5' 4 1/2" with a dark complexion, brown hair and hazel eyes;  He was a Molder by profession;  Mustered in on 13 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Would be killed at Chickamauga, GA on 19 Sep 63; I cannot find where he is buried



Dewey, Newton W.  22  (1841 - 1894)  Born in OH, but lived most of his life in Wayne Co, Mich; Mustered in on 18 Jun 61 as Pvt;  Was sick in hospital, first at Bowling Green, then at Nashville from 28 Feb 62 until 30 Apr 62;  Made Cpl on 9 Sep 62;  Was again sick in hospital in Nashville from 26 Dec 62 until 1 May 63;  Would be appointed 1 Sgt on 1 Sep 63;  Was sent on a Recruiting Detail from 17 Dec 63 until 20 Apr 64; Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Worked as an Insurance Agent, a Railroad Employee, and a Clerk;  When he entered the Veterans' Home in Dayton, OH on 22 Sep 1894, he was described as being 5' 9" with a Dark Complexion, Green eyes, Brown Hair, Able to Read and Write, Protestant; He died 6 Oct 1894 of Chronic Nephritis and was buried in the Veterans' Cemetery there in grave I-27-5 


Hays, James   20  (1843 - 1905?)  Mustered in on 11 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 24 Dec 62;  Slightly wounded at Stones River;  Would be wounded in both thighs at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63--sent to hospital in CIncinnati for a few weeks, but back with company by Nov/Dec 63;  Appointed Sgt on 2 Mar 64;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  Middle initial given variously as S, T, C, and F; As James C. Hays, he filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1868; His wife, Mary, filed for her Widow's Pension 3 Jul 1905 from OH; Here ends what I know for certain about our James; CONJECTURE: OH US Soldier Grave Registration has a James T. Hays, born circa 1842 in OH, enlisted 11 May 61 and discharged on 19 Jun 64 as a Sgt [no regiment given] that might be OUR James who died 20 Jun 1905 and is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Picua [sic--should be Piqua], OH--this man was married to Mary Elizabeth Branen in Hamilton Co, OH in 1866 and lived as a Moulder (variously given as a Moulder of Staves, Stoves, or Stone) in OH, KY, and IN 


Kearns, Thomas  21  (1843 - 1904)  Born in Ireland in Mar 1843; Came to America around 1851; Mustered in 23 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 1 May 63 according to the Muster Roll Cards (the Muster Out Card says simply Feb 63);  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  Married Mary Gaucey or Guiney in 1868; In 1870, he and Mary live in Newport, KY where he is a Laborer; In 1880, he is a Laborer in Newport, KY [wife reported as Annie--was she Mary Ann?]; Filed pension petition as an Invalid on 4 Jul 1889 in KY; In 1900, he and Mary and their children lived in Newport, KY--no occupation given; Died 21 Aug 1904 of Stomach Cancer and buried in the St. Stephen's Cemetery in Campbell Co, KY; Mary filed for her Widow's Pension on 12 Sep 1904 from KY; Name spelled variously as Kearins, Keairns, Krurins, etc.


Kirman, Edward Barker  20  (1843 - 1865)  Born in Cincinnati to Edward and Sarah Kirman;  He graduated from Woodward High School in CIncy in 1859;  Mustered in on 11 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Appointed Sgt on 1 Jul 62;  Appointed Acting QM Sgt on 7 Nov 62;  Promoted to 1 Lt of Col E (2nd KY) on 27 Mar 64;  Appointed Acting Regimental QM on 25 Apr 64; Re-enlisted as a Veteran Volunteer on 23 Jun 64;  Discharged for promotion on 20 Nov 64;  Mustered out after the War ended (date?) and moved to Washington, D.C. to work as a Naval Paymaster;  Unfortunately, he died of bronchial pneumonia in Dec 1865 and was buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, OH



Seigfried, Charles C.  26  (1837 - )  Mustered in on 11 Jun 61 as Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 1 Nov 61;  Made Sgt on 24 Dec 62;  Placed on Detailed Service with Topographical Engineers from 22 Mar 63 until Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  Name spelled variously as Seigsfried, Seigfred, Siegfried, etc.;  There was a Charles Carrol Siegfried born 27 Mar 37 to Daniel and Maria Siegfried in A and baptised on 21 Oct 37 in Philadelphia--Is this our Charles?


Southard, Nathaniel  27  (1836 - 1909)  Born in NY [according to his death record, in Jan 1830]; Is he the Nathaniel who lived in Cincinnati in 1860 as a Wood Carver [born circa 1835 in OH]?; Mustered in on 11 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 1 Jul 62;  Sick in Nashville hospital from 13 Dec 62 until Mar/Apr 63;  Made Sgt on 1 May 63; Charged 43 cents in Jul/Aug 63 for a lost wiper [?] and screw driver;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64; Admitted to Milwaukee Veterans' Home 13 May 1892, where he was described as 62. 5' 10", Light complexion; Lawyer from Grand Rapids,  Mich; Protestant, Single, Brother (Walter) in Detroit, Mich, Suffered from a Hernia while in War; Died 14 Nov 1909 of General Paresis and Chronic Interstitial Nephritis; Buried in the Home Cemetery 17 - 202; There is a Pension card for a Nathaniel Southard who was in Co B of the 4 KY Mounted Inf [the card also has the notation "I 10 & A 4 & B 2 KY" with the word "Mtd" over the final ampersand]--I don't think this is our Nathaniel, especially since the card also shows that his wife, Eliza, filed for a Widow's Pension on 10 Dec 1902 from KY--before OUR Nathaniel died in the Veterans' Home in 1909  


Thomas, David Beldon* 20   (1843 - 1863)  Born in Mason County, KY;  Mustered in on 11 Jul 61;  Appointed Cpl on 9 Sep 62;  Was charged in Jul/Aug 63 to replace waist belt (32 cents) and waist belt plate (7 cents);  Wounded seriously at Chickamauga by a bullet that fractured his left thigh;  He died of his wounds in Chattanooga, TN hospital on 22 Oct 63;  He was described as being 5' 8" tall with dark eyes, dark complexion, and brown hair;  He worked as a Laborer before the War; I cannot locate his burial site



           OTHER  PERSONNEL   from  Co.  D  at   CRIPPLE   CREEK


Black, David  31  (1832 - 1911)  Born in Jun 1832 to John and Hannah (Colter) Black in OH; Mustered in on 11 Jun 61 as Wagoner;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Married Mary Eliza J. "Lida" Seaman in 1865; Worked as a Stove Moulder in Peoria in 1870 and a Foundary Worker there in 1880; In 1900, he works as a Cashier in Peoria;  In 1910, he is a Mechanic in Peoria; Died 6 Sep 1911 in Peoria, IL and is buried there in the Springdale Cemetery



[Reed, William Lynn    ( - )  Mustered in on 11 Jun 61 as a Sgt;  Made Hosp Steward on Nov 61--See F&S Page for 2 KY]




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Anderson, Alonzo William, Jr. 18  (1844 - 1912)  Born in OH, the son of Alonzo (Sr) and Catherine Anderson; Lived most of his life in Cincinnati; Mustered in on 26 Jun 61;  Slightly wounded at Stone River;  Detailed as Division Teamster 8 Jan 63 (but present in Camp for Mar/Apr and May/Jun Muster Rolls);  Charged 45 cents in Jul/Aug 63 for a replacement Bayonet Scabbard;  Slightly wounded at Chickamauga 19 Sep 63;  Also charged for a wiper in Mar/Apr 64;  Mustered out by telegram 14 Jun 64;  Married Isadora Crail around 1869; Worked as a General Carpenter in 1870 and as a Merchant in 1880;  Died of Heart Disease and is buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati



Arstingstall, George W.  21  (1842 - 1904)  Born either in OH or WV;  Mustered in on 11 Jun 61;  Detailed as Orderly to Commanding Officer of Barracks No 1 Bowling Green, KY from 5 Nov 62--returned to Co D on 18 Feb 63; May/Jun 63 had to forfeit $5 pay for disciplinary infraction and $6 in Jan/Feb 64;  Was also charged for a replacement wiper and gun sling;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Name spelled many different ways!; Was a Master Elephant Trainer and an Animal Dealer who lived in NYC at the time he was admitted to the Veterans' Home in Dayton, OH;  He was described as being 5' 6" with a dark comlexion, gray hair and eyes;  He was a Protestant, was able to read and write, and was Single when he was admitted on 31 May 1901;  He had suffered a shell blast to his right arm on 14 May 1901 in NYC that was "not disabling";  He also suffered from an irregular heartbeat, frequent urination, and chronic heumation [?];  He died at the Veterans' Home on 31 Jan 1904



Bleaks, Hanson "Hans" W.  23  (1839 - 1865)  Born  in VA, living in Cincinnati in 1860 [with siblings?]; Mustered in on 11 Jun 61;  Worked as a Carpenter;  Mar/Apr 64 he was charged for a gun sling, wiper, and a waist belt plate;  He mustered out on 19 Jun 64 and enlisted with the 9th US Veterans Volunteer Reserve Corps where he apparently attained the rank of Capt; He is listed in the 1865 Cincinnati City Directory as a Carpenter who is a boarder at the Railroad Hotel;  He died 29 Jun 65 in Cincinnati and is buried in the Wesleyan Cemetery there (as Capt Hanson W. Bleaks) in Section P, Lot 33, Grave 3



Bloom, John  23  (1840 - )  Mustered in on 21 Jun 61;  Reported Sick in Hospital in Nashville on 20 Mar 62, but back with his Company by Apr 62;  Pay stopped to cover a replacement wiper in Apr 64; Mustered out by telegram from the AG's Office on 14 Jun 64;  Is this the John Bloom who was born in Germany and who worked as a Cook in Cincinnati in 1860?


Campbell, Thomas*  20  (1843 - 1863)  Born in Dearborn Co, IN;  Mustered in on 5 Jul 61;  "Slightly wounded" in "left fore arm" at Chickamauga, GA on 19 Sep 63;  Died of his wounds in hospital in Louisville, KY on 11 Oct 63;  He was described as 5' 71/2" with a dark complexion, brown hair, and hazel eyes; He was a Farmer; Buried Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, KY in Grave B-2234

Cameron, Benjamin  27  (1836 - <1914>)  Mustered in on 11 Jun 61;  Had to forfeit $5 pay in May/Jun 63 and was charged $2.10 for the replacement of a bayonet;  Would be wounded (compound fracture of ulna) at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63 and sent to Hospital in Cincinnati for a few months;  Returned to Company on 23 Apr 64;  The Casualty Reports mistakenly say he was in Co B;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Name sometimes spelled Camron; Enlisted in 7 OH Cav, Co A; Married Mary A. ; Filed for an Invalid's Pension 1868 from OH; In 1870, Drives a Team in Cincinnati; Mary filed for a Widow's Pension on 14 Jul 1914 in OH   

Davis, Charles W.  21  (1842 - 1916)  Born in IN, the son of Samuel and Ann Davis; Mustered in on 29 Jun 61;  Was made to forfeit $6 in pay during Nov/Dec 62;  Detailed as a Mounted Provost Guard from 23 Jul 63 until he was mustered out by the AGO on 14 Jun 64;  On 1 Nov 63, he wrote a letter to his superiors asking how to re-enlist as a Veteran Volunteer and, if he did this, could he transfer to the 1st OH Heavy Artillery (no answer in file);  He married Ada Cullum in Louisville, KY in 1869 (she died in 1875);  He worked as a Photographer, although in 1860, he was a Wire Maker;  He died 21 Nov 1916, alone, in his room;  His obituary in the Cincinnati Post mentions he was in Co D of the 2nd KY and a member of the Woodward Guards;  He was buried in Spring Grove Cemetery

DeBeck, Jesse Parker Judkins  18  (1844 - 1897)  Born in OH;  Mustered in on 11 Jul 61 as a Pvt;  Granted a furlough dec 61 - Jan 62;  Detached Service as Division Teamster from 3 May 62 - 10 Apr 63;  Granted another furlough on 16 Aug 63;  Would be wounded at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63--in the left foot, right arm, and the face;  Again granted a furlough on 17 Oct 63 for medical purposes;  Charged $6.60 for transportation from Nashville to Cincinnati;  Appointed Cpl on 21 Mar 64;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  In 1870, Cincinnati, worked as a School Teacher;  Married Sarah Rockafeller in 1873 in Franklin Co, IN;  In 1880, living Morgan Co, IL where he works as a Book Agent;  By 1890, he is back in Cincinnati; He died in Cincy and was buried in the Wesleyan Cemetery (although he apparently has a cenotaph in the New Trenton Cemetery in Franklin Co, IN)

Drum, Edward  22  (1841 - 1887?)  Mustered in on 19 Jun 61;  Deserted at Camp Gauley on 17 Sep 61, but returned on 4 Nov 61;  Detailed Duty as Brigade Teamster beginning 28 Feb 62;  Was listed as Absent Sick in Cincinnati as of 20 Jun 62, but he must have gone AWOL from hospital, because he was again listed as a Deserter who returned on 7 Dec 62;  In Jul/Aug 63, he had to forfeit $6 pay and pay $2.10 for a lost Bayonet;  Captured at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63;  Was a POW in Danville, VA;  Reported as suffering from Diarrhea on 22 Apr 64 and Lumbago on 24 Apr 64 (at POW Camp Hospital?);   Exchanged and returned to Louisville on 1 Jul 64 where he was mustered out;  He was listed as a Machinist on his POW form;  There is an Edward Drum who was born in England who is working as a Laborer and living in a boarding house in Cincinnati in 1860--is this our Edward?  Likewise, there is an Edward Francis Drum and an Edward Farrington Drum living in San Francisco after the War.  Is this our Edward?; Edward married Emma Clemens in Licking Co, OH on 18 Jun 1882; A man named Edward Drum married Cecelia English in Hamilton Co on 5 Oct 1882; Two different men, right?  However, Emma Drum, widow of Edward, answered the 1890 Census for Cincinnati, THEN the Cincinnati City Directory for 1890 lists Catherine, Widow of Edward Drum and a woman named Emily Drum both lving in the same house at 221 Broadway; A Widow's Pension is filed by a Cecelia Drum on 15 Dec 1890 from OH; Edward H. Drumm, died in 1887, is buried in Spring Grove Cemetery--is THIS our Edward>



Dufew, Edwin  <20>  (<1843> - )  Mustered in on 11 Jun 61;  His name is variously given as Dufen but changed to Dufew and his first name is given first as Edward then changed to Edwin;  Was made to forfeit $10 pay on the Muster Cards for Jul/Aug 63 and Sep/Oct 63;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64


Elstner, William C.  23  (1839 - 1909)  Born in Sept 1839 in Cincinnati to John and Mary Elstner;  John was a Miller who was born in Germany (or Holland);  By 1860, Mary is a widow, rather well-to-do, and most of her sons (including William) are listed as Grocery Clerks (did the family own a Grocery Store?);  Mustered in on 11 Jun 61;  Given a furlough from 31 Dec 61 until 7 Jan 62;  Absent Sick in Bowling Green from 1 Oct 62;  On Detached Duty as a Clerk for the Provost Marshall in Bowling Green beginning 5 Nov 62, although the 2nd KY lists him as AWOL from 1 Oct 62;  Letters are sent requiring him to be sent to his Company at Cripple Creek and apparently he was by the end of May 63;  He begins Daily Duty as a Clerk on 26 Dec 63 and continues until May 64 without being absent from his Company;  He is faulted for not having a wiper in March/Apr 64;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  He is again working as a Grocery Clerk in Cincinnati in 1870; the City Directory shows him as a Clerk in 1878; the Cincinnati 1880 Census shows him as an Attorney-At-Law;  On 19 May 1897, he is admitted to the Veterans' Home in Dayton, OH;  He is described as being 5' 61/2" tall, light complected with gray hair and eyes; Able to Read and Write, and A Protestant;  He was Single and worked as a Book Keeper in Cincinnati and was suffering from Cardiac hypertrophy and Rheumatism; He died at the Home on 30 Dec 1909 of an Aortic Regurgitation and a Cerebral Hemorrhage;  He was buried at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati



Fist, Philip  28  (1835 - 1907)  Born in Baden, Germany and came to America when he was a small child;  Mustered in on 12 Jun 61;  Slightly wounded on 21 May 62--no other details given;  Made to forfeit $7 pay for Nov/Dec 62;  Began Extra Detail as Division Teamster on 7 Jan 63, but he was still Present with his Company;  From 28 Dec 63 until Mar/Apr 64, he was on daily Duty as a Regimental Ambulance Driver;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Married Katherine Calhoun in 1870 in Mason Co, KY; In 1890 Census, he reported suffering from a Rupture (Hernia); In 1900 (an for decades earlier, given his obituary), he was a Cigar Maker and a member of the Neptune Fire Company in Maysville, KY; Died 4 Nov 1907 of dropsy, just hours after filing for his Invalid Pension, in Mason Co, KY; Buried Maysville, KY; Name given variously as Phillip, Philip, Fish, Fist



Fletcher, John F.*  <24>  (<1839> - 1863)  Born in New York City;  Mustered in on 11 Jun 61;  Served as Brigade Teamster in Feb - Mar 62;  Had to forfeit $5 in ay May/Jun 63;  Killed in action at Chickamauga, GA on 19 Sep 63;  Was described as 5' 61/2" tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair; He was a Moulder by trade;  Could this be the John F. Fletcher, born NY ca. 1838 who lived in Cincinnati 1860 as a Molder with Catherine (mother?) and Margaret (wife?);  Could also be the John Fletcher born ca. 1839 in NY who lived in Cincinnati 1850 with Catherine (mother?);  AG's records show him as John A. Fletcher;  His mother filed for his Pension on 2 Dec 63 (transcriber says 68), but no mention of a widow 


Hawes, Frederick J.  <40>  (<1823> - )  Mustered in on 27 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Assigned Detached detail as a Nurse at Camp Gauley in Dec 61;  Began Daily Duty as Regimental Post Master on 15 Aug 62 (and was entitled to extra pay);  Appointed Hosp Steward on 10 Jan 64;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64; I believe he was the same Frederick Hawes who enlisted in Co H of the 182nd OH on 15 Oct 64 and was mustered out on 7 Jul 65; Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1888 from OH; There were two men named Frederick Haas/Hasse who died in Louisville, KY--one who was buried in Cave Hill Cemetery on 12 Apr 1894, the other who died 27 Jan 1903 and was buried in the Eastern Cemetery, but I have no way to know if either of them was OUR Frederick 



Higgins, Patrick  <30>  (<1833> - 1882)  Born in Ireland;  Mustered in on 11 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  Enlisted with Co D of the 18th US Infantry;  Lost left arm in a Railroad accident in 1869; In 1870, he and his wife, Mary, and children are living in Cleveland, Hancock Co, IN where he works as a Ditcher [Ditch Digger?];  He entered the South Branch Veterans' Home on 4 Jul 72 but was "Dishonorably discharged" from there on 11 May 74;  He was admitted to the Veterans' Home in Dayton, OH on 18 Sep 78 with the note he was accepted "Unconditionally" with reference to minutes of a meeting found on p. 482 of some sort of hospital record book; There is scant information on him on the admissions page other than his Railroad accident and his General Debility;  He died 20 May 1882 of Chronic Gastritis and is buried in the Cemetery there in Grave C-10-19 


Howe, Charles E.  22  (1841 - )  Mustered in on 12 Jun 61;  Deserted 26 Jul 61 at Gallipolis, OH, but returned on 4 Aug 62;  Was designated as the Company Cook in Jul/Aug 63;  In Mar/Apr 64 he was charged for the replacement cost of a wiper;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  AG's Roll lists him Houser

Mullen, John  <27>  (<1836> - 1903)  Born in Ireland;  Mustered in on 11 Jun 61;  Sick at Savannah [TN?] or Quincy, IL from 15 Apr 62 and detailed as a Nurse for 76 days (ending 15 Sep 62), entitling him to extra pay;  Granted furlough from 31 Jul - 16 Aug 63; Married Sarah Catherine Spicer in 1863 in TN; Suffered a mild contusion to his leg at Chickamauga;  Granted another furlough from 3 Feb - 12 Feb 64;  Had to pay for lost wiper in Mar/Apr 64;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  In 1870, he was a Farmer in Robertson Co, TN; He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1878 from TN; In 1880, he was a Retired Policeman in Davidson Co, TN; Admitted to Veterans' Home in Dayton, OH on 11 Apr 93;  At that time, he was 5' 7" with a dark complexion, gray hair and gray eyes; Could Read and Write, Protestant, a Laborer, Living in Cincinnati with his wife, Sarah; Complained of knife wound to left arm from the War, Rheumatism caused by Heart Disease; He apparently went AWOL and the final note says he was reported to have died in Nashville, TN on 15 (or 13) Oct 1903--Nashville death records say 11 Oct 1903 with burial in the Mt Olivet Cemetery in Nashville; Sarah filed for her Widow's Pension on 27 Nov 1903   


Osmond, Samuel I.  19  (1843 - 1912)  Born in KY in Jun 43 to John and Sarah Osmond;  Lived 1850 in Newport, KY and 1860 in Covington, KY;  Mustered in on 11 Jun 61;  In confinement from 4 (or 9) Aug 61 for sleeping on Outpost;  Deserted from Murfreesboro on 15 Aug 62;  Returned on 1 Apr 63, but had to forfeit pay and benefits during the time he was AWOL (and I guess the sleeping charges were finally dealt with at that time, also);  Sick in Murfreesboro Hosp since 24 Jun 63;  His father, John, obtained a pass to visit him for 1 week in July 63;  Detailed as Clerk in HQ since 28 Dec 63; Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Married Emma C. Eagle in 1899 in Hamilton (Warren Co), OH;  In 1900, he worked as an Insurance Agent in Hamilton;  In 1910, he worked as a Farmer in Hamilton;  Died in Hamilton 1912 and was buried there in the Lebanon Cemetery



Parker, James  <25>  (<1838> - 1907)  Mrried Sarah B. Mustered in on 23 Jul 61;  Would be wounded in the left side of head at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63;  Some of the Muster Roll Cards indicate he was treated at Nashville and/or Louisville until June of 1863, with the final notation that he was mustered out by telegram from the AG's Office on 14 Jun 64;  However, there are Casualty Sheets indicating that he died at Chickamauga from his head injury but this is apparently incorrect; His Pension File Card indicates he went on to serve in the 54 KY Co H--mustered in as a Sgt on 15 Sep 64 and mustering out on 1 Sep 65; Registration Descriptive List for the 54 KY shows him as Born in Lewis Co, KY, a Cigar Maker, Blue eyes, Light hair, Fair complexion, 5' 8";  He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1881 from OH; Sarah filed for a Widow's Pension 30 Apr 1907 from OH 



Sampson, Henry Coolidge  20  (1843 - 1914)  Born in OH;  Mustered in on 8 Jul 61;  Made to forfeit $5 in Mar/Apr 64 for a disciplinary infraction;  Mustered out by AGO telegram on 14 Jun 64;  Went to the Chicago area after the War, where he married Jennie Forrest in 1876;  He was a Real Estate Broker for the next couple of decades; He and his wife moved to San Diego after 1900, where he listed his Occupation as Landlord;  He died in San Diego, but was buried in Cincinnati's Spring Grove Cemetery 


???Tarvin, Joseph W.  21  (1842 - 1904)  Born in Cincinnati, OH;  Mustered in on 11 Jun 61;  Sick in hospital in Cincinnati from 25 Sep 62 suffering from hemorrhaging in his left lung, thought to have been caused by pneumonia;  He was described as being 5' 10" with a light complexion, blue eyes, and light brown hair;  He was a Carpenter;  Discharged by Surgeon's Certificate "by order of Gen Rosecrans at Cripple Creek" on 23 Feb 63--the certificate is filled out by the surgeon in Cincinnati, but back in TN, Dr Menzies the Brigade Medical Director, attests to examining him personally and finding he has phthisis pulmonalis (tuberculosis), so did they make Pvt Tarvin return to Tennessee in order to be discharged or did Dr. Menzies refer to an examination he made of the patient prior to his going to Cincinnati in Sep 62?;  Married Missouri A.Linebaugh in 1874;  Was this man actually at Cripple Creek?  I tend to doubt it, although his admission to the Veterans' Home in Dayton, OH in 1894 says he was discharged from Cripple Creek (but due to Rheumatism, etc.); For what it's worth, in 1894 he is described as 5' 10" with a dark complexion, green eyes, and dark hair--still a Carpenter, a Widower, Protestant, Able to Read and Write;  He died in 1904 of Carcinoma of the Face and was buried in Cincinnati   


Thole, Joseph C.  28  (1835 - 1902)  Born in Germany and came to America in 1846;  Mustered in on 8 Jul 61;  Deserted from Cincinnati on 15 Jan 62;  Returned 24 Mar 63, forfeiting all pay and clothing allowance during his time AWOL; Daily detail as Company Cook for Jul/Aug 63;  Mustered out by telegram from AG's Office on 14 Jun 64;  Lived most of his life in Bellevue (Campbell Co), KY where he was a Mail Carrier;  He lived in the Veterans' Home in Dayton from 1875-6, suffering from Rheumatism--at the time, he and his wife lived in Cincinnati and he worked as a Porter;  He died at his house in Bellevue, KY and was buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati


???Thomas, George L.  20  (1843 - )  Born 7 Jan in Cincinnati, OH; Mustered in on 11 Jun 61;  Sick in Cincinnati, OH beginning on 15 Sep 61;  Discharged by Surgeon's Certificate "from Cripple Creek" on 12 Mar 63 [AG's Roll says 62, but the 2nd KY was not at CCC in 62];  I suspect this is another case like Joseph Tarvin above, in which the Discharge was signed at Cripple Creek, but the man remained in the hospital and was never actually at CCC; Married Julia Sivyer in Milwaukee in 1871; In 1880, he operated a Livery Stable in Milwaukee; In 1900, he was an Undertaker in Milwaukee and would continue in that profession through the next three census years; His obituary states he was the first licensed undertaker in Milwaukee; He filed for an Invalid's Pension from Wisc 1891; Died in Milwaukee, Wisc 1 Nov 1933 and bur in Fairview Mausoleum, later moved to Graceland


Thomas, John F. W.  25  (1837 - 1922)  Born in OH; Mustered in on 11 Jun 61;  Beginning on 4 Jul 63, he was on Detached Service with the Provost Guard at Head Quarters, where he would remain until til he mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  He married his wife, Ida Cozzens, around 1871.  They lived in Wisconsin in 1880 and in North Carolina in 1890; In the 1890 Veterans' Census, he is living in All-Healing [Spa?] in Gaston Co, Crowder Mtn, NC where he suffers from Muscular Rheumatism and deafness in one ear (caused by an insect getting in his ear at Camp Clay, OH in 1861!);   By 1893, he worked as a Customs Inspector in Chicago;  He also listed himself as an Artist; In 1900, he and Ida and their children are living in Chicago where he workds at the Customs House; He died 23 Jan 1922 and was buried in Chicago, IL  (Oakwood Cemetery)


Ward, Frank M.  22  (1841 - 1918)  Born 5 Jan in OH; Mustered in on 11 Jun 61;  Incurred a forfeiture of pay due to a Court Martial Nov/Dec 62 ($6 on one Muster Card, $10 on another);  In Mar/Apr 63, he was cited for losing a wiper (he isn't the only one in Co D to lose one!);  Would be wounded slightly in the head at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63, but he spent no time absent in hospital;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  Enlisted in 193 OH Co K 7 Mar 65 and mustered out 4 Aug 65 as 1 Sgt; He is variously referred to as Francis M, Frank M, Frank R;  Is this the Frank M. Ward who lived in Cincinnati [with his mother, Emily, and siblings?] in 1860 and 1870, if so our Frank was a Moulder in 1860 and a Brick Layer in 1870; Married Laura Alice Shaeffer by 1880 [1900 Census for Butler Co, OH says he was married 23 years and she 13, yet they appear in the 1880 census with their daughter]; He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1887; He died 13 Feb 1918 in Hamilton, Butler Co, OH and is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery


Williams, Gilbert Mason  20  (1842 - 1919)  Born in KY;  Mustered in on 11 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Granted a Furlough from 16 Nov - 1 Dec 61;  Mar 62 on Detached Duty as Artillerist in Gen Nelson's Division;  Mar - Aug 63 he had to forfeit $10 from each month's pay as punishment for disciplinary infraction/Court Martial;  Jul/Aug 63 had to pay for waist belt (32 cents), waist belt plate (7 cents) and a bayonet scabbard (45 cents);  Would be appointed Cpl on 9 Sep 63;  Appointed to Regimental Commissary (temporary duty) in Jan 64;  Appointed to Company Commissary from Feb - May 64;  Had to pay for a wicker[?] and screw driver on Mar/Apr 64;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  He lived most of life in Mason Co, KY, where he was a Dentist;  He and his wife, Jennie, had one child, Mary;  He is buried in the Maysville Cemetery


         DIED                 GONE HOME           TRANSFERRED       UNACCOUNTED FOR        IN  HOSPITAL       

Finch, Daniel W.  (2 Lt)

Girson, Samuel D.

Hare, Joseh F.

Wyand, Henry

Dart, Charles A.

Folger, William B. (1 Lt)

Gibner, William H.

Grinnett, George

Hunter, James F.

Humphries, Alexander

King, Harman

King, John

Love, Charles W.  (On account of minority)

Marcey, James W.

Meyer, William

Miller, Joseh W.  (Capt)

Runkler, Chesterfield

Spencer, Samuel A.

Stevenson, William O.          (On account of minority)

Stewart, James E.

Taylor, Thomas S.

Tonnley, George E.


Blum, Jarvis -- To Hd Qtrs in    Nashville on Special Duty    from 25 Dec 62 until              mustered out in Jun 64

Brown, Henry L. -- To HQ        as QM Clerk from 31 Oct      61 until Mustered out

Conklin, Norman H. -- To        promotion in Louisville as    per Gen Buell, 11 Oct 62

Crane, William H. -- To 4th

   Reg Arty 14 Dec 62

Darnell, Reuben S. -- To

     4th Reg Arty 14 Dec 62

Davis, Fulton B. -- To Div.        QM as Clerk from 17 Dec    62 until 7 Jun when              Discharged for Promotion

Hutchins, Morris C. -- To

    16th KY Inf, Co I

Jolly, Prestley -- To Pioneer    Corps as Wagon Maker,      Mechanic, and Brigade        Carpenter from 17 Nov 62    until muster out in Jun 64

Lybrand, Charles -- To           46th OH, Co I

McCord, Frank -- To ??

Monroe, Charles F. -- To        Clerk at HQ 15 Dec 62,        taken prisoner Feb 63,          Once again detached as      Clerk  after being returned    from POW Camp in May      63

Morgan, James G. -- To Hd    Qtrs as a Clerk from 18        Dec 62

O'Donnell, William -- To          Co. B on 1 Jul 61

Poe, James M. -- To Sgt          Maj on 1 Sep 62

Preston, Herbert A. -- To

    QM Sgt

Price, Jacob W.  (Sgt) -- To

   3rd Battalion Pioneer            Brigade from 17 Nov            62 to 30 Jun 64

Runyan, Clay C. -- To              Detached Duty as Division    Post Master from 13 Dec      62 until Jun 64

Schultz, George W. -- To        Detached Duty as Clerk        for Lt Col Burbank in            Cincy from 15 May 62          until his medical discharge    for Epilepsy on 20 Jul 63

Schultz, Robert E. -- To ?

Thornton, Columbus -- To

   4th Reg Arty on 10 Dec        62


Adams, John

Adams, Charles F.

Belse, Augustus

Byron, Patrick

Clayter, John

Crow, Thomas

Erastus, Joseph

Ewing, Alexander

Frank, John

Finck, William

Gregory, Frederick

Gault, Samuel O.

Harrison, John

Heyer, Garrett

Hedge, Arthur

King, Samuel

Louder, George

Leonard, C.

McCullough, James W.

McDonald, Mathew

Meisner, Frederick

Merriman, George

Neely, Frank

Payne, John R.

Squires, William H.

Schmidt, Charles

Smith, Edward

Terner, James

Thomas, James

Weller, Ephraim

Wesly, John

West, Isaac

Williams, Benjamin

Zugman, John


Donovan, Edward (Sgt) -- Disch

   Bowling Green 24 Jan 63

Flint, George* -- Died of Wounds

   in Richmond, VA 1 Dec 63

   (I can find no record for anyone

   on Fold3 in the 2nd KY with

   this name.  Who is he?)

Fox, Daniel -- Wounded in both          legs at Stones River, hospi-          talized in Cincinnati and trans-      ferred to Inv Corps 31 Oct 63

Gerwe, Frank D.* -- Died of  Con-      sumption Cincinnati 30 Jun 63

     (Had been on Light Duty as a        Clerk in Nashville since 27 Dec      62 and sent to Camp                      Dennison Hosp on 3 Jun 63)

Kane, Philip -- Deserted from            Murfreesboro Hosp 16 Mar 63

O'Malia, Martin -- Hospitalized in

    Nashville from 25 Dec 62 until

    he re-enlisted as a Vet Vol on

    16 Dec 63 (Eventually disch

    on 27 Jul 64 after accidental

    Gun Shot Wound to hand                while on picket duty.)

Rafferty, Michael -- Not at Cripple     Creek, but where and why--           some records say he was sick       in hospital in Cincy or Louisville     or Nashville; some records say     he was captured and paroled at     LaVergne in Feb 63 and sent to    Camp Chase, OH until Oct 63;      Some records indicate he was      AWOL!  Bother!  He was not          with his COmpany until the end    of Oct 63, so he was not at            CCC!

Smith, William O. -- Captured 

   at Stones River and apparently      paroled the same day, due to        injuries in both hips; Hositalized    in Cincinnati and transferred to      Inv Corps 25 Sep 63

Wengberg, Nicholas -- Sick in          Nashville beginning 21 Nov 62,      then detailed as a Nurse in            Nashville from 31 Dec 62 until      end of enlistment--was                  supposed to transfer to Invalid      Corps, (but never did?)

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