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                                  COMPANY  C  OFFICERS  at  CRIPPLE  CREEK


???Hunt, Ralph Van Cleve   30   (1831 - 1883)  Born in OH;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as Capt of Co C, he would remain in this post throughout the 1st KY's three-year enlistment period, being mustered out with his Unit on 18 Jun 64;  That being said, he was absent for part of those three years:  3 Sep 61, he was taken prisoner near Cotton Hill, VA and taken to Richmond, VA  (He was paroled on 3 Jan 62 in exchange for Capt Cahoon of the NC Volunteers);  Then, beginning 16 Dec 62, he was placed on Detached Duty by order of Gen Rosecrans to command the Convalescent Camp and Barracks in Nashville--this special assignment would last until 15 Mar 64, when he was placed in command of the Contraband Camp in Nashville;  He was mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  So, it is unlikely that he ever was present at Camp Cripple Creek, even though his Company was stationed there;  After the War, he married Susan Gillette and lived most of his life in Clark Co, OH;  He died in Dayton and was buried in the Ferncliff Cemetery;  I can find no relation between Capt Hunt and Pvt George Hunt, who served as the Division Teamster (see bio below) 


Snediker, John Alexander   22   (<1839> - 1872)  The son of William (occupation Gold Digger) and Jane Snediker who lived in South Charleston, Clark Co, OH in 1850  (He is listed variously as John A., Alexander J. Alex, JA, AJ, etc);  Enrolled in Oberlin College 1857 - 1859, but he apparently never graduated;  His residence while at Oberlin is given as S. Charleston, but as Drytown, CA for the final year (James M. Cox, Jr apparently lived with him during this time);  In 1860, A.J. Snediker and his brother Homer E. are farm hands in Amador Co, CA;   Alexander Snediker is listed as being in the 2nd KY Vol Inf on a Draft Register for 3 Mar 1863--he is Single, occupation Teacher, Age 24, Born in OH;  His mother's bio on Find-A-Grave says the parents were married in Greene Co, OH in 1838; There were sisters, Arabella and Kate; Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as 2 Lt of Co C, he was promoted to 1 Lt on 22 Jan 62, the rank he would hold until he was mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  He was placed in Command of Co C from 28 Feb 63 (although on another Muster card, it says he became Acting Commander on 1 Jan 63) and he was again listed as "Commanding Company" on 3 Sep 63--part of the period when Capt Hunt was on Detached Duty, including the months at Cripple Creek;  Was he related to Jackson Snedeker who was listed as a Deserter from Co C?;  Sgt. Busbey was probably a tent mate of his, since he mentions Snediker many times in his diary (he refers to him as "Lou", which I presume was short for "Lieutenant")--one of the most memorable entries is for 13 Feb 63 when Snediker and Guthrie give a "burlesque serenade" to (Andrew J.) Hogan, Capt of Co I; John A Snediker of 1st KY Inf is listed as having joined the Regular Army post commanded by JH Hammond in Louisville, KY in May 64 [JD Hammond of 1 KY Co B was enrolled on the same day, causing me to suspect a bond between Snediker and Hammond, who was thrust into a leadership role as Acting Company Commander, the same as Snediker--Perhaps military life agreed with Snediker and he decided to continue serving his country after his three-year enlistment was over];  He is listed in a Tax List for Mariposa Co, CA in 1864;  In 1870 Census, he is still in Mariposa Co (along with his father, William--both of whom are Miners);  On 4 Sept1872 in Mariposa Co, CA,  Alex and his brother, Homer, quarrelled and Homer shot and killed Alex with a rifle!--The Mariposa Gazette of 6 Sept 1872 said Alex was "an excellent young man, highly respected in Mariposa where he resided for many years"; Homer would do time in San Quentin Prison


Guthrie, John Brandon   17  (1844 - 1900)  Born in CIncinnati, OH to William Woodard (born 1814) and Maria Vanderwater;  William Woodard Guthrie, was the thrid son of James Verner Guthrie (1778 - 1827) and Martha Brandon;  (Stay with me, here!)  James and Martha's second son was James Verner Guthrie Jr. (1809 - 1896), who was the original Commander of the 1st KY;  This made our John Brandon the nephew of Col Guthrie on the main page  for the 1 KY;  (Suffice it to say that the Guthries were a military family, with virtually all sons and sons-in-law having served for several generations);  Our John Brandon Guthrie mustered in as a Cpl on 8 Jun 61;  He was promoted to Sgt on 1 Feb 62;  He was promoted to 1st Sgt on 1 Apr 62 and to 2 Lt on 6 Dec 62;  In a ceremony held on 4 Feb 63, Guthrie received a sword from "The Old Col", whom I presume to mean his Uncle (James V. Guthrie, Jr);  He was apparently one of Sgt Busbey's tent mates, since Guthrie is often mentioned by Busbey, such as the "burlesque serenade" he and Snediker performed for Hogan on 13 Feb 63;  After the War, he enlisted in the Regular US Army as a 2 Lt in the 13th Infantry, working his way up to Capt on 7 May 82;  He served as Capt in the Spanish American War, participating in the charge up San Juan Hill;  After that War, he was promoted to Maj of the 15th US Infantry, which was the rank he held when he died suddenly in Buffalo, NY on 12 Jan 1900; He was buried in Princeton, NJ





Abbott, Francis C.  25   (1836 - 1891?)  Mustered in as a Pvt on 8 Jun 61;  Promoted to Sgt (skipping the rank of Cpl) on 1 Apr 62; In Apr 63, when the men were beautifying Camp Cripple Creek with landscaping, summer houses, and arbors, Abbot's arbor was judged to be the finest in the whole Camp--Commanders from other camps were brought to see it, and even they agreed it was the best they had ever seen; He was sick from 4 Aug 63 until Jan / Feb 64 and in a hospital in Louisville, although he was back with his Company when they mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  In 1879, he filed for an Invalid's Pension--no location; Likewise a Widow's Pension and Pension for a Minor was also filed--no date or location; I believe he is the man listed as Frank C. Abbott who lived in Louisville in 1870 - 1890--if so, then he was born in Germany or Prussia, married to a woman named Eliza, worked as a Carpenter, died on 1 May 1891 in Louisville and is buried there in the Cave Hill Cemetery



Busbey, William Harrison   22  (1839 - 1906)  Born in Vienna, Clark Co, OH (Busbey often spells it as Clarke Co;  There was a small town named Vienna in Trumbull Co, far to the north--our Busbey family lived in Clark Co.);  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Promoted to Sgt on 20 Apr 61;  Promoted to 1 Sgt on 6 Dec 62;  His letters, published in his hometown newspapers, as well as his diaries, speak eloquently of his time in the military, including his time at Camp Cripple Creek, although the diary entries from 10 May to 31 May are missing!;  William's younger brother, Hamilton, enlisted with him and they served together until Hamilton was taken sick, sent to a hospital, and eventually discharged for medical disability in June 63; An avid reader, and a gifted writer, William would often regale his tentmates with stories he had read or written (He was especially fond of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables);  While some of his work was published during the War, it was after the War that his career as a newspaper writer and later as an editor took off;  The pieces he wrote on his recollections from the military appeared in a syndicated column called Curbstone Crayons, originating in the pages of the Chicago Inter Ocean;  My favorite piece is a particularly moving account of John Shockman's execution and Louis Hoeke's gift as a musician;  In addition to William's career as a newspaper man, he served as the personal secretary for two Ohio governors, one of whom was Rutherford B. Hayes who would become the 19th President of the United States in 1877;  William married Mary "Mollie" Harvey in 1868 and had two daughters, Grace and Mabel;  He died and is buried in Chicago  


Crouse, James W.  30   (1831 - 1904)  Born in OH;  Married Mary Shermer in Clark Co, OH in 1854, he was living in Clark Co, OH in 1860;  Mustered in as a Cpl on 8 Jun 61;  He was wounded at Stones River when a bullet tore through the inner portion of his right thigh and came out near the knee joint--according to Asst Surgeon Dickson, "the tendon has contracted and shortened the limb about one inch, preventing the heel from reaching the ground";  He joined his unit at Cripple Creek on 18 Apr 63, but he was discharged on 3 Jun 63 with a Surgeon's Certificate of Disability,   He did not file for an Invalid's Pension until 1883--no location; He also served in the 16 OH Light Artillery; In civilian life he was a Shoemaker;  In 1900, he was a widower, living in the Ohio State Soldiers and Sailors home in Erie Co, OH, however, the line on his Pension file for a Widow's Pension is filled out--no date or name;  He died in 1904 at the Home and is buried there


Duff, Samuel C.  31   (1840 - 1916)  Born in Ireland, he came to America in 1852 with his parents and siblings;  Mustered in as a Pvt on 8 Jun 61;  Promoted to Cpl on 20 Aug 61;  He was captured at Cotton Hill, VA on 3 Sep 61 and held as a POW in Richmond, VA from 19 Sep 61 until 5 Jan 62 when he was exchanged at Camp Parole, MD;  He returned to his Regiment on or about 25 Jan 62;  He was a tentmate of William Busbey;  Promoted to Sgt on 1 Feb 62;  He was one of the three men sent by Sgt Busbey to bury Cpl Cyrus Black after the Battle of Stones River;  In Aril 63, Duff and Busbey built an arbor together as part of a camp beuatification roject; He was mustered out with his Company of 18 Jun 64;  He lived the rest of his life as a Farmer in Mercer and Van Wert Counties, OH where he was active in his church and the GAR;  He applied for an Invalid's Pension in 1879; He died in 1916



Gregg, James M.   35  (1826 - 1906?)  Mustered in as a Cpl on 8 Jun 61;  Promoted to Sgt on 19 Oct 62;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1883--no location;  A Widow's Pension was filed, but no date or Widow's name; There is a notation that he also served in the 184th OH, Co E; (The following information is speculation:  James McCampbell Gregg, born 9 Mar 1822 in KY and died 25 Jan 1906 in Jessamine Co, KY, lived 1860 - 1900 in Jessamine Co, KY)



Hodgkins,  Franklin "Frank"  19    (1845 - 1911)  Born in KY; Mustered in as a Pvt on 8 Jun 61;  He was wounded at Shiloh on 7 Apr 62;  Promoted to Cpl on 19 Oct 62;  He was wounded again at LaVergne, TN on 20 Dec 62 and taken prisoner for a few days;  Lived in Alabama after the War;  He filed for his pension as an Invalid in 1877; IIn 1880, he was a Confedtioner in Lincoln Co, TN; n 1910, he was a Hotel Keeper (The Albertville Hotel) in Marshall, AL;  He died in Albertville, Marshall Co, AL, on 31 Jul 1911;   His widow, Sue, filed for her pension in 1911 in AL

Miller, Jacob   22  (<1840> - )  Mustered in as a Pvt on 8 Jun 61;  Promoted to Cpl on 1 Feb 62;  It is possible that our Jacob was the man born in Germany (or Prussia or Wurttemberg) who lived in Louisville as late as 1920 and worked in 1880 as a Harness Maker; Pension File lists him as Muller and he filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1890

Perrine, John V.  23   (1838 - 1905)   Incorrectly listed as John V Berrine in the AG's Roll;  Born in OH, he was mustered in as a Cpl on 8 Jun 61  He was the son of Garrett and Margrett Perrine;  He enlisted along with Henry Clay Hay, both of whom were members of the Honey Creek Presbyterian Church in New Carlisle, OH;  He was wounded slightly at Shiloh (Pittsburg Landing) on 7 Apr 62;  Was at Cripple Creek for a few weeks, but placed on detached duty in the QM Dept from 18 Mar 63;  On 11 Mar 64, he was ordered by Maj Gen Thomas to report for duty to Capt Hunt, in charge of the contrabands in Nashville;   He married Sophia Sutherland in 1867;  Lived in Bethel, Troy Co, OH in 1870;  Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1879; In 1900, they were living in Troy, Miami Co, OH;  He died in 1905, and was buried in the New Carlisle Cemetery in Clark Co


Pfister,  Arnold   22  (1840? - 1911)  Born in Switzerland in 1839 (according to a newspaper account of his surprise birthday party in 1900) or 1840 (the date on his tombstone);  He and his parents came to America in 1858, settling in Clark Co, OH;  Mustered in as a Pvt on 8 Jun 61;  Promoted to Sgt on 1 Feb 62 (like Francis C. Abbott above, he skipped the rank of Cpl);  He was wounded slightly in the temple at Stones River on 31 Dec 62 and taken prisoner;  He was held briefly (in Richmond, VA?) and paroled on 3 Feb 63;  He spent a couple of months at Camp Chase, OH, but was back with Co C at Cripple Creek on 8 Jun 63 (according to Busbey's diary) ;  He was mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  After the War, he moved to Missouri, where he was a Farmer and in later years a Minister of the Gospel;  He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1892; He is buried in Caldwell Co, MO

Wiett,  Asa  32   (1829 - )  Mustered in as a Pvt on 8 Jun 61;  Promoted to Cpl on 1 Feb 62;  He is one of the men Sgt Busbey detailed to bury Cpl Cyrus Black after the Battle of Stones River;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Last name variously spelled as Wiet, Wiatt, Wyatt, etc.; He also served in the 8 OH Cav, Co F; He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1885; He might be the unmarried man listed as Asa or Asy Wyatt in Catawba, Clark Co, OH in 1850, 1860 and 1870 who worked as a Laborer/Journeyman Blacksmith--if so, he was born in VA around 1828



Williams, John M.   21  (1841 - 1903)  Born in England, his family came to America when he was nine, settling in Oswego, Pulaski Co, NY;  He mustered in as a Pvt on 8 Jun 61;  Promoted to Cpl on 19 Oct 62;  He served as Color Guard for the company;  He went on a Special Duty as a Recruiting Officer in Mar 64;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64 only to enlist again, this time with the 184th NY, the unit he would serve in until the end of the War;  Afterwards, he returned to Oswego, and lived the rest of his life as a Farmer;  He served his community as "Poor Master" (director of services to the indigent) and as Highway Commissioner; He was instrumental in the Grange, the Masons, and the GAR;  He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1890; He died in 1903 at his home, Meadow Brooks Farm [Note: This is not the same John M. Williams in Co F]





       OTHER  PERSONNEL   from  Co.  C  at   CRIPPLE   CREEK


[Unlike other Companies, there was no other (official) personnel assigned to Co C.;  T. Gomer Williams was referred to as a Regimental Musician, but this is not reflected on the list of Field and Staff in the AG's Report]


                                            ENLISTED MEN of COMPANY C at CRIPPLE CREEK

1 ky c fuller.jpg
1 KY C Smith.jpg
1KY D Johns.jpg

Adkins,  William R.  20   (1842? - 1923? 1901?)  Mustered in 8 Jun 61; Severely wounded at Shiloh on 7 Apr 62, however, he had returned to his company by July 62;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  He might possibly be the William Riley Adkins who was born 1 Jan 1842 in Morgan Co, KY and died in Magoffin Co, KY on 16 Aug 1923 OR, he might be the William R. Atkins 1841 - 1901 in Louisville, KY, husband of Catherine; His Invalid's Pension was filed in 1877--no location given; A Widow's Pension was filed, but no date, location, or name was given 



Botkin, George W.  29   (<1831> - 1892? 1908?)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 ;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  He apears on a Draft Registry of "Persons who were in the United States Military Service on Mar 3rd 1863" as being a Teacher, 31 and Single, born in Ohio and living in Pleasant Twp, Clark Co, OH;   Now, for some speculation:  He was probably a distant cousin of Sgt William Busbey, although Busbey makes no mention of Botkin's return to Co C from a Detached Duty with the QM in Bowling Green on 6 Apr 63;  He might be the George Walter Botkin who was the son of Abraham and Sarah (Wilkinson) Botkin, although the military records attached to this Botkin do not include the 1st KY, so this part of my assumption may be wrong;  However, there is also a George Botkin who was born 11 Mar 32 and who died 27 May 1908 and is buried in Columbus, OH; Th George W. Botkin in Co C filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1889--no location given; A Widow's Pension was filed, but no name, date, or location were given   


Brunell, John Milton  21   (1840 - )  He was born in Clark Co, OH (some sources say PA); A note on his Find-A-Grave page says his parents, John and Elizabeth, originally spelled their surname "Brandle"--some of his siblings kept this spelling, but the Army entered his name as "Brunell" and he retained that spelling (although, on his tombstone, it is spelled "Brennell"),Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Name also listed as Brenell;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; He also served in the Navy from 64 - 65 on the Fitch, Forest Rose, Tenser, Great Western, and Grampus; When he enlists in the Navy in Aug 64, he is described as being a Machinist, 5' 8" with Hazel eyes, Light hair, Fair complexion, and a mole on his right cheek; 1 Dec 64 he is admitted to a Naval Hsopital with Acute Dysenteria; He is listed in Beers' History of Clark County, OH as being from Clark County; He married Louisa Furry in 1871 in IL; In 1880, he is a Mechanical Engineer in Macoupin, IL; He filed an Invalid's Pension in 1886 in IL; In 1900, he and his family live in Lake Co, IN where he is a Carpenter; In 1910, they still live in Lake Co (East Chicago), where he is an Engineer; He died in Lake Co, IN and is buried there in Oak Hill Cemetery; His widow, Louise, filed an application for a Widow's Pension in 1912 from IN 


Carr,  Patrick   33   (1828 - 1899)  Born in Ireland;  Mustered in on  8 Jun 61;  Was in the Convalescent Camp in Nashville and returned to Co C while they were at Cripple Creek on 28 Jan 63;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  When he entered the Soldiers' Home in Dayton, Montgomery Co, OH on 1 Sep 94, he was 5' 8", dark complexion with gray hair and gray eyes; Had worked as a Laborer, Was a Catholic;  Was married, but his sister, Bridget Kelly of Ashland, KY, was listed as his next of kin;  It was noted that he suffered from "Genreal Debility", with specific mention of a hernia and being almost totally deaf in both ears;  He died in the Home of a Cerebral Hemorrhage on 26 Feb 1899 and was buried in Ashland, Boyd Co, KY 

Cobaugh, William T.*   23   (1838 - 1864)  Born in Springfield, OH;  He was 5' 7" tall with a fair complexion, blue eyes, and light-colored hair;  He was a Farmer in civilian life;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Was reduced to a Pvt on 19 Oct 62;  William Busbey grumbles that Cobaugh's loud voice (outside his tent?) woke him up while on Picket 8 Feb 63;   Reported sick on 1 Nov 63 and eventually sent to Nashville;  By Jan / Feb 64, he was in the Taylor Hospital in Louisville;  Cobaugh was granted a medical furlough and would die of Chronic Diarrhea on 6 Apr 64 in Springfield, OH at his father's house;  He is buried in the Wilson Chapel Cemetery in Clark Co, OH under the name "Cpl W. T. Cobaugh"--even though he had been demoted, I like to think that whatever led to his demotion, he learned from his mistake and matured as time went on


Coyle, Patrick   21   (1838 - 1895)  Born in Ireland; Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Married Anna Gaven or Tavin in Cincinnati in 1865; Worked as a Drayman in Cincinnati in 1870 and 1880; Filed an Invalid's Pension in 1886; Died on 28 May 1895, and is buried in Cincinnati


Doran, Cornelius  26   (1835 - 1898?)  Name spelled Deron in the AG's roll, and as Doren, Dorin, Doran on the Muster Roll Cards;  Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Sick in Nashville from Nov / Dec 62 until  29 April 63 (returning on the same day as another man on the roll, Horatio Farrar), so he was at Cripple Creek;  Sick again in Jan 64--left in Bridgeport, AL for a couple of months;  Mustered out with the Company on 18 Jun 64;  Possibly the Cornelius Doran who was born in 1832 and buried in Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO in 1898

Farrar, Horatio Nelson   20   (1841 - 1913)  Born in Dec 41 to Henry and Melinda (Chenoweth) Farrar in Madison Co, OH;  Mustered in on 9 Sep 62 at Camp Lytle, KY;  His younger brother, Thomas John Farrar had already enlisted in Co C in Sep 61 (See later bio);  Was sick in Nashville (Hospital and/or Convalescent Camp) beginning in Nov 62 (?) but arriving at Cripple Creek on 29 April with Cornelius Doran, in a bio above;  He was sent to the Provost Marshal in Covington in Jun 64, since his 3 years were not over--he went to the 11th Mich Cav on 31 Aug 64 to finish his enlistment?  Mustered out 9 Feb 65 in Lexington, KY;  Name also spelled Farrer, Farron, Farren, etc.;  In Nov 69, he married Martha Laura (Mattie) Minter in Madison Co;  In 1880, the Farrars and their extended famiy moved to Marshall Co, KS where he was a Farmer;  Kin to the others with his surname (including James who transferred to Co D)?

Farrar, Patrick  32   (1829 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Was sick in Iuka, Mississippi in 1862 and left there--he rejoined the unit  soon after;  Was present from Jan - April 63, but was listed as sick from the May/June 63 Muster Roll through Nov / Dec 63 (one note says he was "sick in Murfreesboro");  Returned to his Company for Jan / Feb 64 and mustered out with them on 18 Jun 64;  Name appears as Farrer, Farron, Farren, etc.

Farrar, Thomas John  18  (1843 - 1936)  Born in Madison Co, OH, he was a younger brother of Horatio Nelson Farrar;  Mustered in on 21 Sep 61 at Camp Gauley, VA;  Was in the Convalescent Camp at some time, because Busbey makes mention of his return to Co C on 28 Jan 63;  Was present until 23 Jun 63 when sent to Hospital (in Nashville?) sick;  Eventually transferred to the 1st Battalion of the Invalid Corps (19th Co--later called the 75th Co) which would even later still be called the Veterans' Relief Corps (of which he was in Co C of the 15th Regiment);  In 1865, he married Anne Holloway--they would be married for over 70 years!;  They had 10 children;  In 1880, they (and several others in the Farrar family) moved to Marshall Co, KS, where they were Farmers;  In 1882, Thomas joined the Methodist-Episcopal Church;  He is buried in the Frankfort Cemetery;  Name also spelled Farrer, Farron, Farren, etc.

Fee, Edward   19   (1842 - <1890>)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Related to Frank W. Fee who started as 1 Lt of Co C before transferring to Regimental Quarter Master?; His Pension file shows him with an alternate name (an "alias"): Edward Alexander; He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1882--no location; His wife filed for a Widow's Pension in 1890--no name, or location; He also served in the 20th US Infantry (Co F), the 2nd US Inf (Co C), sne the 2 US Art (Co C)

Fuller, Irving   22  (<1837> - <After 1900>)  Born (according to a family source on Ancestry) in 1837 in Pike Twp, Clark Co, OH to Robert and Margaret (Thompson) Fuller;  He was apparently a student at Ohio Wesleyan University in Clark Co in 1859 and 60; Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Sent home sick on a medical furlough in Nov / Dec 61;  Was sick in hospital in Louisville, KY for awhile;  Sgt Busbey makes note on 8 Mar 63 that Pvt Fuller returns to Co C from Louisville "looking well and hearty" adding "--the same old Irv"; He was reported sick again on 24 Jan 64, but was able to be mustered out with his Company on 18 Jun 64; A man named Irving Fuller, 45, born OH, Laborer, is on the Voter List for San Francisco 1882; He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1889, but there is no location; An Irving Fuller 52 b. OH, appears on a list of Voters in Alameda Co, CA 1890 and 92;  There is an Irving Fuller listed in a California Military Register, 8 Nov 1893 born in OH, age 56, who lives in Red Wood City, CA as Single, a Laborer--he is reported with a Broken arm, then there is a notation that he is "Summarily dischared" on 27 Nov 1907--the writing is hard to read, but the words "charge for Drunken in his quarters" can be read;  An Irving Fuller, born in Oct 1837 lives in Santa Clara, CA in1900 as a Boarder, Single, Farm Hand--his California voter registration describes him as 5' 6 1/2" tall with a dark complexion, hazel eyes, and brown hair who worked as a Laborer; An Irving Fuller, age 62, lives in the Veterans' Home in Napa Co, CA 1900; I don't know if there is a connection between Irv and Thomas Fuller in the next bio 

Fuller, Thomas   40   (1821 - 1904)    Born in OH and lived in Clark Co at the time of his enlistment;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Arrested as a Deserter on 11 Jun 63 and brought under guard to Camp Cripple Creek on 14 Jun 63, however, military records show he was in Louisville in hospital after the Battle of Shiloh until sometime in 1863;  I find no record of charges being dropped, but they must have been, since he is back with the Company by Nov / Dec 63 and he mustered out with them on 18 Jun 64;  He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1890; He was admitted to the Home for Disabled Soldiers in Marion, Grant Co, IN on 15 Aug 93 suffering from Rheumatism and Chronic Diarrhea;  He was described as being 5' 10", with fair comlexion, blue eyes, gray hair, Single, Able to read and write, a Protestant, and a Laborer;  He died in the hospital in Marion on 19 May 1904 of Croup and was buried in Grave #971

Hay, Henry Clay (Not John C. as AG roll states)  29  (1831 - <After 1870>)  Born in Clark Co, OH, the probable son of John and Mary (Wallace) Hay; In 1850, John and Mary Hay are both dead and he lives with several people engaged in farm/stable work--he is listed as a Livery Keeper; Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 with dark complexion, hazel eyes, and dark hair;  5' 11" in height;  His civilian occupation was Horse dealer;  He enlisted along with John Perrine, a fellow member of the Honey Creek Presbyterian Church in New Carlisle, OH;  He was placed on light duty beginning in Feb 62 as Regimental Wagon Master;   Asst Surgeon Dickson's statement on Pvt Hay's medical discharge paper reads as follows:  "Great muscular and nervous prostration and excessive emaciation, the result of permanent stricture of the urethra and spheletic [splenetic?] pain of constitution and has frequent attacks of retention of urine"  Lt. Snediker's statement acknowledges his lack of medical knowledge and his faith in his Assistant Surgeon's assessment of Pvt Hay: "Being unfit for active duty in the company in Feb 1862 he was placed on light duty as Wagon Master of the Regiment.  Since that time disease, the exact nature of which the company commander is not acquainted has so reduced him that during the last two months he has been under treatment--unfit for duty."  [I am guessing a modern diagnosis might be connceted to a prostate condition];   Pvt Hay was discharged on a Sugeon's Certificate of Disability on 24 Jun 63 while he was at Cripple Creek; He married Catherine Davis in Clark Co in 1868; He is a Mail Carrieer in Clark Co in 1870, then no more; There are records for a Henry Hay who died by 1879 and his widow Maria F. (Pratt) Hay, who married him in Athens, OH in 1856 and is named in his Probate document in Washington Co, OH, but I this is not our Henry; He is buried in the New Carlisle Cem, but there are no dates for him

Higgins, Patrick  33   (1830 - 1905)   Born in Ireland; Came to America in 1851; Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Entered the Leavenworth Soldiers' Home in 1897, at which time he was 67, 5' 7", Dark complexion, Hazel eyes, Grey hair, Unable to read or write, Catholic, Married, and had most recently worked as a Day Laborer in St. Charles, MO; He claims to have suffered from Asthmas "since the War", Census for 1900 shows him born in Ireland in Mar 1830 and Single, Arrived in 1851; Died 20 May 1905 at the Home of Asthma; Buried in the Leavenworth National Cemetery, Sec 19, Row 6, Site 3

Hines, John Wilson (Jr.)  20  (1841 - 1915)  According to his discharge paperwork, he was born in Richmond, VA, he stood 5' 9", had a fair comlexion, grey eyes, and light-colored hair;  Mustered in on  8 Jun 61;  Name variously listed as Hinds, Hynds, etc.;  At one time, thought to be a Deserter, but was in hospital or at home on a medical furlough almost constantly since Shiloh;  The records say he had been in a Louisville Hospital since Oct 62;  He returned to Co C while they are at Cripple Creek on 8 Apr and Sgt Busbey noted that he looked "terrible";  Thus, he was not at Cripple Creek for his 22 birthday in Feb, so he is not on the Calender); He was medically discharged on 26 Apr 63--he had been diagnosed with Typhoid at Shiloh and subsequently with Chronic Diarrhea and Hyptertrophy of the Heart; He subsequently enlisted in the 59 OH Co B, then the 4 TN where he was Adj. anf the 10 US Infantry where he was 1 Lt; He married Amanda Cecilia (or Cecelia A.) Brown in 1872 in MN; He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1891 in S Dakota; He was a Dry Goods Clerk in Roberts SD in 1900; In 1910, he and Amanda live in in Oteer Tail, MN where he is Retired;  He died in Hennepin Co, MN in 1915 and was buried in Brown Cem in Sibley, MN; His wife, Cecilia, filed for a Widow's Pension in 1915 from MN 

Hunt, George D.   19   (1842 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Could not read or write, so Sgt Busbey wrote letters for Hunt a couple of times;  Hunt is appointed the Division Teamster and begins reporting to QM Shoemaker on 5 Feb 63, but he visits his friends at Cripple Creek a few times; In a letter to his parents, Busbey refers to George Hunt as the company cook and uses the nickname "Old Horse", due to the young man's habit of clumsiness, accidentally kicking things over!  [I had wondered just who Old Horse was, due to Busbey's mention of him--with humor and with fondness--in his diary!]; He mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  A family source on shows him as the son of George W and Constantine (Dawson) Hunt; A George D. Hunt filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1887; On his pension record is a notation that he also served in 20 OH Inf Co E--their records show he enlisted as a Substitute on 1 Jan 65 and Mustered out 15 Jul 65; Plus there the line for Widow's Pension which is partially filled out, but no date or name is given

Jeunesse, Remi Charles   20  (1840 - 1921?)  Born in Alsace-Lorraine, he came to America with his family, arriving at New Orleans on 8 Dec 45;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Beginning in May / Jun 63, he is listed on the Daily Duty Roster as the Regimental Carpenter, and he was a Carpenter in civilian life, as well;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  Married Amelia Roe;  Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1904; Lived most of his life in Louisville, KY, which is where he was buried (Cave Hill Cemetery) in 1921;  First named spelled Remmi, Remy, Rennie, Rewie, Etc. and last name spelled variously as Jennesse, Jenesse, etc.


Johnson, Joseph  22  (1839 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Selected as the General's Orderly on 13 Jun 63;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;

Kinser, Michael  20   (1839 - 1916)  Born in Russell Co, VA (now WV) to Valentine and Virginia Jane (Ferrell) Kinser; Mustered in on 15 Jun 61 at Ripley, VA;  Wounded at Shiloh;  Mustered out by telegram on 18 Jun 64;  Married Mary E. Jeffers in Mason Co, WV 1865; Lived in Mason WV in 1870 and 1880 (Laborer/Farm Laborer) Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1882;  Married Martha J. Proctor in Clay Co, WV 1896; 1900 Census has him as a Farmer in Clay Co but born in Jan 1842 (not Apr 1839 as famiy records say); Census 1910 has him as a Farmer in Osceola, FL); Widow's Pension filed in 1916; A note on the card says he died 10 Nov 1916 in St. Cloud, FL; Name also spelled Kenzer, Kenser; A family record on shows he was born in Russell, VA on 16 Apr 1839, but I will use the 16 April date in the Calendar 

King, John Wesley   19   (1841 - 1910?)  [[ Born (according to Ancestry source) in KY to David and Jane King; ]] Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Sent on a Recruiting Mission on 20 Mar 64;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  [[ Worked as a Teacher;  Married Margaret Catherine Fry around 1872;  Spent many years in Douglas Co, IL, but may have been in Butler Co, OH when he died in 1910]]  The info in brackets is "iffy"--it may not be our John Wesley King

McAvoy, Isaac D.  24  (1837 - 1909)  Born in what is now West Virginia;  Mustered in on 20 Jul 61 at Red House, VA;  Mustered out by telegram (no date);  Worked as a Farmer;  Moved to California in 1873;  His CA Voter Registration described him as 6' 3" tall, with a light complexion, blue eyes, and gray hair;  His 1900 Census birth information had him born in Mar 1837;  He filed for an Invalid's pension in 1904;  His Burial information in Shasta Co, CA has him born in 1834, but his obituary says 22 Mar 1837, so that is what I will go with

McLane, Patrick  23   (1838 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Name also appears as McLean

Manyon, John  21   (1840 - )  Mustered in 9 Jul 61 at Camp Dennison, OH;  Wounded slightly in the left leg at Stones River, apparently spending a couple of weeks either in Hospital or a Convalescent Unit, but was back to Co C by the end of January;  When the rest of his Company mustered out, he was mistakenly told to report to the Provost Marshal in Covington for instuctions on where to go for the remaining time on his enlistment--a telegram from the War Dept rectified the mistake, so he was mustered out by telegram on 18 Jun 64;  Surname also appears as Manyan, Manion, etc

Meredith,  William   28  (1833 - 1897)   Born in Chester Co, PA;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  Enlisted with the 16th Independent Battery OH Light Artillery for the last year or so of the War;  Went home to work as a Farmer on his parents' farm in Clark Co, OH;  He never married;  Filed for a pension as an Invalid in 1890;  When he died in 1897, his mother, Mary, filed for her pension in 1898;  Buried with so many of his comrades from Co C in the New Carlisle Cemetery;  Name also spelled Merrideth

Meyers, Charles   31   (1830 - 1896)  Born in Baden, Germany;  Joined the US Army in 1851 in NY and mustered out at the expiration of his term in 1858, suffering from epilepsy and from a gun shot wound to his left foot;  Mustered in with the 1st KY on 8 Jun 61;  Sick--sent home to Cincinnati on 5 Oct 62 to recuperate;  31 Oct 62, reported at Hospital in Nashville, TN;  Missing (apparently listed as a Deserter) from 10 Dec 62 until 4 Apr 63 when he was back with his unit at Camp Cripple Creek--he lost all pay while he was AWOL;  Sgt Busbey has "Charley" moved into the tent he shared with other officers;  Became the Company Bugler in April, but on 26 Apr he was discharged from Cripple Creek and sent to the Nashville Convalescent Camp;  Transferred to the Veterans' Relief Corps on 27 Aug 63 in Nashville, but Company C never received word of this and marked him again as a Deserter ("Sent to a hospital in Tullahoma, TN on 1 Jul 63--whereabouts unknown");  His Pension file shows Chalres Mayer transferred to the Navy, but no mention of hte VRC; He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1878; His Fold3 file contains a couple of pages for an S. Meyers, a 16 year-old who was a paroled POW in Richmond--I assume our Charles Meyer was mustered out from the VRC in 64 sometime;  He lived in Newport, KY (across the Ohio River from Cincinnati) and worked as a Tailor;  In 1883, he entered the Veterans' Home in Dayton, OH (listed there as Charles Mayer) and died there in 1896 (cause of death listed as epilepsy?);  Buried in the Dayton National Cemetery, K - 12 - 1

Newcome, William   19   (1842 - )   Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  On 3 Mar 63, Sgt Busbey makes note of Newcome arriving at Cripple Creek;  On 15 Mar, Busbey notes that Newcome "returned" (to where?), so Pvt Newcome may have only been at Cripple Creek for a few days;  At one point, Newcome was listed as a Deserter when he was actually on Detached Service in Nashville at Division Head Quarters as a Wagon Master, so this may be where he was returning to;  [NOTE:  In June and Jul 63, there was a Draft Registration made for several counties in OH, including Clark, listing "All Persons Who Were in the US Military Service as of Mar 30, 1863"--on the same page, you will find "William Newcome, Age 30, Married, Laborer,"  living in Springfield who is with the 10th Battery AND on the same page, you will find "William Newcomer, Age 22 Single, Farmer" living in Bethel Twp who is with the 1 KY Vol Inf;  This older William Newcome who was born in Springfield in Jan 1833 apparently died in Riverside, Adams Co, IL in May 1920;  There are other William Newcomb / Newcome / Newcombes in the area around the same time frame, so be careful!]  Mustered out 18 Jun 64; Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1884--no location given  

Owens,  Jesse Thomas  22  (1839 - 1912)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Was appointed Commisary Clerk in May / Jun 63 and would remain in that capacity until he was Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  There was also a 16 year-old Jesse Owens who was a Musician in Co D;  Family tradition says he was injured while he was in the 1 KY, but I find no offiicial record of any injury, however, he may have been given Daily Duty in the Commissary because of an injury;  After being mustered out of the 1 KY, he enlisted in Co H of the 19th OH in Oct 64 and would remain with them until after the War's end;  If his injury happened while he was with the 19th OH, I have no way to check, since they only kept an index card on each man, not a complete set of Muster Roll Cards the way KY did;  He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1883; He entered the Soldiers' Home in Leavenworth, KS on 12 Oct 99;  According to the 1900 Census, he was born in Jan 1839;  When he entered the Soldiers' Home, he was described as 5' 5" with a dark complexion, blue eyes, and black hair;  He could read and write,;  He had worked as a Laborer;  He was a Protestant;  His wife, May, lived in McAlester, Indian Territory (which would become the state of Oklahoma);  He suffered from Tuberculosis since 1861 and Chronic Bronchitis since Gauley Bridge in VA in 1861;  He died in the Soldiers Home in Leavenworth on 26 Jan 1912, and was buried in McAlester (which, by then, was in OK) 

Quigley, Wesley  19   (1843 - )   Mustered in on 6 Jun 61;  Wounded at the Battle of Stones River--fractured scapula, but it did not make him unfit for duty [I'll bet it was painful--a broken shoulder!], however, Sgt. Busbey records in his diary that Quigley has returned to Camp by the end of Jan 63, so perhaps he DID spend a couple of weeks either in Hospital or a Convalescent Camp;  Busbey also notes that he loaned Quigley $5 on 24 Mar;  Mustered out with the Company on 18 Jun 64;  This is speculation:  Was this the same Wesley Quigley, aged 22, who volunteered with Co D of the 175th OH on 13 Sep 64 as a Cpl?  If so, then he rose to the rank of Sgt before he died in 1865--the AG's Report says 17 Jan, the records at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati say 17 Jun;  OR there is a record of a Wesley Quigley being elected to an office in the Odd Fellows in Springfield, OH in 1895--maybe this is Co C's Wesley?

Ryan, Patrick  18   (1843 - )   Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64

Schultz, William H.  24   (1836 - )  Mustered in on   8 Jun 61;  Was in Camp (to visit?) on 15 Jun 63  On 30 Jun 63, he transferred to Co G of the 2nd Battalion of the Convalescent Corps in Murfreesboro, but was back with Co C of the 1st KY by Set 63;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Not to be confused with William Schultz (no middle initial), aged 23, who transferred to Co A of the 19th US Inf on 25 Dec 62

Smith, Elnathan C.  19   (1841 - 1902)  Born in OH, there was another Elnathan Smith (Elnathan M. Smith) born in 1838 who served in an OH Infantry unit (I suspect they were related;  Our Elnathan was mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Beginning 31 Oct 62, he is listed on the Daily Duty Rosters as the Company Teamster;  On each of his Muster Roll Cards, he is listed as a Cpl until the one ending 31 Dec 62--after that, he is Pvt Smith  (I suspect he was incorrectly listed as a Cpl to begin with and it took a few months for the Powers-That-Be to discover the error--it was apparently not a demotion);  Sgt. Busbey makes note of a Smith returning to the post on 3 Mar 63, so if this was the Smith he is referring to, I am not sure where he had been that he should be returning;  Beginning on 16 Jan 64, he is on detached service as a Teamster at Division Hdqtrs;  Mustered out with the Company on 18 Jun 64;  He lived most of his life as a Farmer in Clark Co, OH;  He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1878; He is buried in the New Carlisle Cemetery (as is Cpl John Perrine, William Meredith, and others listed above)

Stafford, William T.  19  (1842 - 1926)  Born in OH in Jan 41;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  He worked as a Carriage Maker and a Blacksmith;   Filed for his pension as an Invalid in 1890 from IN;  His widow, Minerva, filed for her pension in 1926;  He is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis

Stoker, Robert N.   19  (1842 - 1931)  Born in York, England, his family came to America in 1850;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  For a few weeks while the Regiment was at Criple Creek, he was on Special Duty as Division Teamster; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  In 1880, he was employed as a Hack Driver;  He filed for an Invalid's pension in 1890;  Died of Pneumonia and buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, OH

Stone, Peter   28   (1833 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Was sent to the Convalescent Camp in Nashville;  Rejoined the Company at Cripple Creek on 28 Jan 63;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1890--no location given

Sullivan, John   29   (1832 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1890

Swanger, Thomas   20  (1840 - 1915)  One of the Clark Co Boys;  He mustered in on 8 Jun 61 and mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  He also served in 1 US Cav (CoL) and in the 2 US Vet Vol (Co C); He married Caroline Elizabeth Pence in Clark Co on 6 Nov 1872;  He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1886; He was buried in the New Carlisle Cemetery; Widow's Pension was filed in 1915

Toy, William   19   (1843 - )     Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Wounded (slightly?) on picket duty while at Camp Gauley, VA on 10 Sep 61;  One of the three men directed by Sgt Busbey to bury Cpl Cyrus Black after the Battle of Stones River;   Mustered out on 18 Jun 64

Welch, Timothy   18   (1843 - 1916)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1890; He died 2 Jan 1916 in Jackson, TN

Williams, Tallison Gomer  19   (<1844> - 1903)  Born in NY;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  Was listed as a Regimental Musician as early as Oct 62 and would remain the Regimental Drummer until he was mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  In civiliian life,  he was a Printer;  He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1895; In the 1900 Census, he says he was born in Oct 44;  He is buried in Lawrence County, OH











    DIED                       GONE HOME               TRANSFERRED     UNACCOUNTED FOR          HOSPITAL 

Black, Cyrus  (Cpl)  Color    

    Bearer who was killed

    outright at Stones River  

    and buried by Duff, Wiatt,

    and Toy

Clemmens, Robert

Dearth, Isaiah (Died in 61,

     not in 64)

Densinger, John (Aug 62?)

Galewood, Richard (Died

     while a Deserter)      

     AWOL as Jennings,


Jones, Ezra B.

Rosenbaum, John

Stebzell, John H.  (Cpl)

Buckham / Burkham, Henry

Bush, John H.

Conklin, James J.

Hamilton, William J. (Sgt)

Hellsheimer, William

Jones, Andrew

Kelphy, Joseph

Overend, Charles  (Sgt)

Sattes, Richard

Shroufe, Perry

Swift, Thomas

Ward, Curtis  (Cpl)


     Charles W. -- on  

     Special Duty from 17

     Jan 63 forward

Damee, Frederick A.  


Farron (Farrow?), James  

     (2Lt) - to Co. D

Fee, Frank F.  (Sgt) -- He

      became the 1 KY's

      Regimental  QM

Heaton, Jonah (not

      Hesten) -- To Batt H

     Artillery inDec 62

Lamme, John F.  (1 Lt) --

      To Co H He lost $500

      when an express train       was robbed by the             Rebels on 11 Apr 63!)

Romer, John

Robb, Charles  (Sgt) -- He      became the 1 KY's

     Commissary Sgt

Robb, Samuel  (Sgt) -- He

      became the 1 KY's

      QM after Sgt Fee

Schultz, William


Boyer, Frederick

Brady, Alfred E.

Brandy, William

Brown, John

Cannon, John

Conmore, John

Cook, Israel

Crow, James

Davis, Jefferson

Ellison, Alonzo

Evins, Francis

Gooden, John

Hause, Philander

Hensley, William

Jones, Leonard

Kesher, Moses

Laurmore, Richard

Leonard, Patrick

McGuire, Michael

Murphy, James

Miller, Joseph

Newman, John H.

Oxley, Robert H.

Quigley, William

Skillings, William

Slick, Samuel

Snedaker, Jackson

Smith, Peter

Smithers, Henry

Terrill, William H.

Weber, William

Williams, James R.

Wilson, Henry


Note:  Frederick Arty / Artz is listed as a Deserter, but he was in Co I;  Henry Buckham / Burkham was also listed, but he was discharged in 61

Bailey, William  Sent to

   Louisville Hospital after


Bishop, Absalom* (Died

   18 Jan 63 from Gun Shot

   wound to the thigh at Stones


Busbey, Hamilton  (Younger

   brother of Sgt William

   Busbey, discharged due to

   disabilities on 21 Jun 63

   from Clarksville, TN)

Croak(e), Joseph  (Severely

   wounded at Stones River  

   and sent to Hospital in

   Nashville; Would transfer to

   the Invalid Corps on 12 Sep


Flanagan, Patrick (Wounded 

   at Stones River, bullet

   wound to body,  Discharged 

   26 Mar 63)

Foreman, Philip  (Died 29 Mar

   63 in from wounds received

   at Stones River)  There was

   apparently some problem

   with Foreman's pay that

   Sgts Snediker and Busbey

   tried to resolve

Gates, Jesse   (Listed as

   "Deserter/AWOL" when he

   was actually sick at home or

   in Hospital until April 64 (the

   "Deserter" status was re-

    moved but he was not

    entitled to any pay or

    benefits while sick!)

Jones, William  (Another  "De-

    serter" who was actually in

    Louisville Hospital since 1

    Jul 62, disch 26 Mar 63 

    from there)

Mahoney, John H. (On

    special duty in Clarksville

    since Jul 62; Discharged

    from Gallatin,TN on 12

    Mar 63 with a Prolapsed     


Rice, Charles (Cpl)   

    (Discharged 20 May 63 

    from a gun shot wound in 

    the thigh he got Stones


Scanlan, John (Discharged

    from Nashville Hospital on

    28 Mar 64

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