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                       COMPANY  I  OFFICERS  at  CRIPPLE  CREEK

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[Co. I was lacking for leadership during its stay at Camp Cripple Creek.  Its most recent Captain had resigned in Nov 62, leaving the 1 Lt as Acting Commander until he resigned in Feb 63.  The 2 Lt was promoted to 1 Lt and served as Acting Commander until he was captured on 26 May 63.  FinallyJesse C. Hurd, the 1 Lt of Co. F, was brought in as Capt of Co. I in mid-Jun 63.  To say that Co. I was run by a skeleton crew during the months at Cripple Creek would be an understatement.  I do not know why there was such a lag in appointing commanding officers for this company.]


>>>Capt Jesse C. Hurd, 1 Lt of Co. F until he was appointed Capt of Co. I on 11 Jun 63;  His bio appears on the page for Co. F<<<



1 Lt  Atherton Thayer  24  (1838 - 1907)  Born in Hamilton Co, OH to Atherton and Emma (Fosgate) Thayer;  Atherton, Sr. was a merchant;  Family lived in Cleveland, OH in 1860;  Mustered in 1 Sgt on 9 May 61; Appointed 2 Lt on 18  Apr 62 and appointed 1 Lt on 1 May 62 "for bravery at Pittsburgh Landing" according to a family source (but was never mustered as 1 Lt); Was reported as "Absent Sick" for Sept/Oct 62 muster roll and on 1 Nov 62, he is appointed Acting QM;  Resigned 26 Feb 63 due to hemorrhoids (internal and external);  He appears to have been left-handed, from his handwriting in his letter of resignation;  He is referred to as "Abbot Thayer" in the surgeon's letter supporting his resignation;  Married Emma Warden and had son, Louis, born 1877 in Cincinnati;  Worked as a Railroad Agent in Cincinnati 1880;  He died in Butte, Montana and is buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery;  Was he related to Pvt Atherton Goldbaugh, also in Co I?



2 Lt  George A. Potter  23   (1840 - )  Mustered in on 9 May 61 as Sgt; Appointed 1 Sgt on 19 Ar 62 and  2 Lt on 2 May 62; He was Acting Commander of Co I from 31 Oct - 31 Dec 62; Appointed 1 Lt on 27 Feb 63 after 1 Lt Thayer (bio above) resigned;  1 Lt Potter was captured while stationed at Cripple Creek on 26 May 63 and was a POW--the following appears on his official record:  "On the 26 May, Lt Potter of Co I, having secured a pass to go to a short distance beyond the line to purchase victuals, went too far and was captured in a house of ill fame 3 miles beyond the line.";  He escaped from POW camp at Columbia, SC, on 29 Nov 64 and was behind Union lines in Sevierville, TN by 29 Dec 64;  He went to Louisville, KY on 4 Jun 65, but was apparently never mustered out


Conger, Daniel  <35>   (<1828> - )  Mustered in 8 Jun 61 as Sgt;  Reduced from Sgt to Pvt on 10 Jun 62;  By April/August 62 he was Cpl; Again appointed Sgt on 9 May 63, but was once again reduced to Pvt on 17 Mar 64 (at his own request);  Mustered out 19 Jun 64; There is a Daniel Conger, age 32, Born in OH circa 1828) living in Cincinnati with wife, Emma, and three children in 1860 Census--is this our Daniel? 

Cusick, Patrick  <32>  (<1831> - )  Mustered in 8 Jun 61 as a Pvt and appointed Cpl on 12 Jan 62; Was reported Sick  in Murfreesboro since 14 Aug 63, but was back with his company by Nov/Dec 63;  Would be appointed Sgt on 10 Dec 63;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64


Donahoo, John  <28>   (<1835> - )  Name is also given as Donohu; Mustered in 8 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 3 Feb 62;   Was reduced back to Pvt on 16 Mar 64;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64

Dunham, Aaron  <26>  (<1837> - )  Mustered in 8 Jun 61 as a Cpl and began special detail in Commissary on 24 Aug 61;  He was reduced to Pvt by his own request on 12 Jan 62, but he apparently continued as a clerk in the Commissary;   Was Acting Commissary Sgt (making him F&S) from Dec 63 until Mar 64

Erk, Andrew  <25>   (<1838> - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Appointed Sgt on 10 Jun 62;  Was wounded at Stones River;  Was still in hospital in New Albany, IN on 10 Apr 63, but was present at Cripple Creek by 30 April 63;  He may possibly be the Andrew Erk who was living in CIncinnati with wife, Clara in 1870 and 1880--if so, he was born in Bavaria and worked as a Journeyman Trunk maker in 1870 and a Policeman in 1880 (This couple apparently had no children)

Flynn, John  <27>  (<1836> - )  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 10 Dec 61;  Wounded at Stones River;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Name also given as Flinn;  There are two John Flynns who lived around Cincinnati who might be our John Flynn, but it is hard to tell if either is the right one


Housman, Harvey  <22>  (<1841> - )  Name given variously as Harry Hauseman, etc. and one record refers to him as "Frank";  Mustered in 8 Jun 61 as a Pvt, but made a Cpl 22 Apr 62 (after Shiloh); Was reduced back to Pvt on 14 Jun 62, but was once again made a Cpl 1 May 63; Would be made Sgt on 15 Mar 64;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64


McKim, Frank  <28>   (<1835> - )  Mustered in 25 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Was reported as "Absent--Sick" on 21 Sept 61;  Appointed a Cpl on 12 Feb 62 (another record says 19 Apr 62);  Captured at Stones River;  Taken to Richmond, VA by 16 Jan 63 and paroled at City Point, VA on 3 Feb 63;  Returned to company while at Cripple Creek on 5 Jun 63;  Mustered out by telegram on 19 Jun 64;  Was he kin to Pvt Charles McKim?  Cincinnati Orphan Assylum in 1850 has a Frank McKim (b 1845), a Charles McKim (b 1844) and an Edmund McKim  (b 1843)--the dates for Frank and Charles are off by about 10 years from the McKims in 2 KY I


Schwab, Justus   18   (1843 - 1869)  Born in Natchez, Mississippi, the son of Justus and Emeline Schwab;  Moved to Cincinnati before the War, where his occupation was Sadler;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Appointed Sgt on 5 Oct 61;  Appointed 1 Sgt on 2 Oct 63;  Given leave to be part of a recruiting service to Covington, KY from Dec 63 until Mar/Apr 64;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Remained in Cincinnati after the War;  Married Hannah Tempest;  Died at his home of consumption when he was just 26 years old;  Originally buried in the Wesleyan Cemetery, he was re-interred at Spring Grove Cemetery in 1883;  His widow, Hannah, remarried in 1871 to William Donaldson and filed for a Widow's Pension in 1879;  Justus' son was adopted by William Donaldson and filed for a Minor's Pension in 1881


Wise, Lawrence   <26>  (<1837> - )  Mustered in as a Sgt on 8 Jun 61;  Appointed 1 Sgt on 1 May 62;  Wounded at Stones River when a bullet tore through his left arm, lodging in his left side and fracturing two ribs;  He was sent "home" to recover (including time in hospitals in Cincinnati and Cleveland, OH);  Returned to company 14 Jun 63;  Discharged by order of Gen Rosecrans on  1 Oct 63;  He was described as being 5' 7" tall, dark complected, with blue eyes and black hair;  He was reportedly born in Germany and worked as a Bar Keeper before the War;  His return address was given as Cleveland, OH; His surname was given as Wiel in the AG's report    


Wisener, Mark  22  (1840 - 1899)  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Reduced to Pvt on 12 Jan 62;  Appointed Cpl on 14 Jun 62;  Appointed Sgt on 26 Nov 62;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Some of his Muster Roll Cards list him as Marcus;  There is a record for a Mark Wisener, Sr. who is buried in Grove Cemetery in Brighton, Beaver Co, PA--although it says he was with Co K of the 2 KY

      OTHER  PERSONNEL   from  Co.  I  at   CRIPPLE   CREEK

                    ENLISTED  MEN  of  COMPANY  I  at  CRIPPLE  CREEK

2 KY I Anschutz.jpg
1 KY F Mullen.jpg
1 KY B Murray_edited.jpg
2 KY I Rullis.jpg
2 KY G Knecht.jpg

Anshultz, Andrew   20  (1841 - 1932)  Born in France; Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Appointed Cpl on 31 Dec 61, but was returned to Pvt on 14 Jun 62;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Married Fredericka Walker;  Lived in Cincinnati before and after the War, working as a Teamster or a Dray man;  Rika died in 1917 and Andrew died in 1932 and they are bith buried in the Walnut Hills Cemetery



Bailey, John  <22>   (<1841> - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Was "Absent--Sick" in Sept/Oct 62, but was back with his company by Nov/Dec 62;  Wounded "severely" at Chickamauga;  Was sent to hospital in Nashville from Sept 63 until Mar/Apr 64;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64

Bradley, Charles  <27>  (<1836> - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Appointed Cpl on 12 Jan 62;  Was listed as "Absent--Sick" for Sept/Oct 62;  On 17 Nov 62, he was reduced to Pvt;  Sent to Nashville hospital on 24 Dec 62 and had returned to his company by 28 Feb 63;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64

Brisbo, Matthew   <1838>  (<25> - )   Erroneously listed in AG's report as Mathew Bushe; Mustered in 8 Jun 61; Listed (erroneously?) as a deserter at Camp Clay on 11 Jun 61;  Deserted 24 Dec 62, but returned to his company at Cripple Creek on 3 Apr 63;   Wounded at Chickamauga (right inferior and left arm);  Listed (erroneously?) as deserter on 31 Jan 64 from a medical furlough, but was actually present at Nashville Gen Hosp #3 during Jan - Apr 64;   ; P Perhaps there was a language problem?  He was listed as 5' 7" with a dark complexion, black eyes and black hair; He worked as a chair maker before the War;   Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Name spelled many different ways in the records


Carnagay, William H.  <21>   (<1842> - )   Born in PA, he was a Farmer before the War;  He was described as being 5' 5" tall with a dark complexion, black eyes, and black hair;  Name spelled variously as Camagay, Carnagey, Carnaway, etc.; Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Was wounded slightly and taken prisoner at Stones River (was originally marked as Killed in Action);  Was taken to Richmond, VA and arrived there 16 Jan 63, but was paroled at City Point, VA on 3 Feb 63;  Left to return to his company on 2 Jun 63 and was there a few days before they left Cripple Creek;  Was wounded slightly at Chickamauga--absent Set/Oct 63, but back by Nov/Dec 63;  Discharged by Surgeon's Certificate from Bridgeport, AL on  26 Jan 64 due to deafness--a slight problem when he enlisted that became worse due to exposure and imprisonment as a POW that grew worse in the last months of 63--almost totally deaf when he was discharged;  Lived in Cincinnati

Coleman, Christian "Cris"  <23>   (<1840> - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Was made to forfeit $13 of his pay as per Regtl Provost Judge in Mar/Apr 64 (I don't know why);  Mustered out 19 Jun 64

Cooper, Benjamin  24   (1838 - 1906)   Born in England, according to Census records (Vet Hosp in Marion, IN says Ireland);  Came to America in 1849;  Lived in Evansville, IN much of his life;  Mustered in 8 Jun 61 in CIncinnati;  Was reported "Absent-Sick" at Murfreesboro on 14 Aug 63 and eventually sent to Hosp in Nashville, but was back to his company by Nov/Dec 63;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Suffered a spine infection that led to the amputation of both legs in Des Moines, IA on 3 Jan 67;  Had worked as a Laborer before the War, was a Teamster  (in spite of his disability) in 1880 and 1890s (no employment listed in 1900);  Had a son born in 1884, but his first marriage record was to Catherine Smith in 1886--was son born out of wedlock?  Was there an earlier marriage?  Was his son adopted?;  Admitted to Veterans' Home in Marion (Grant Co) IN in 1897, but left at his own request in 1900;  He is buried in Marion (Grant Co), IN   


Corson, Francis  <23>   (<1840> - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Kin to William Corson?  (There is a Francis Corson living in Colerain Twp, Hamilton Co, OH in 1850 and 1860--Francis was born <1835> in NJ and is living in a household with a William Cors--both possibly the sons of James and Tabitha/Talitha Corson;  the age is a little off, but it could be our Francis) 

Corson, William   <21>  (<1842> - )   Mustered in 15 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Kin to Francis Corson?;  (See note above on bio for Francis Corson--the William listed in the 1850 and 1860 Censuses was born in OH circa 1844-45;  This might be our William)

Dignum, Patrick   19   (1842 - 1892)   Mustered in 15 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64; buried in the St. Joseph's New Cemetery;  Surname varies from Dignum, Dignan, Dignam, etc.

Dipper, Henry*  <25>   (<1835> - 1863)   Name also given as Dippy, Diffin, Dopper, etc.; Mustered in 8 Jun 61; Wounded in the face at Pittsburgh Landing/Shiloh and erroneously reported dead--was resent for Muster Roll on 31 Aug 62;  Listed as MIA after Stones River, later found to be POW in Richmond, VA and was paroled at City Point, VA on 3 Feb 63and sent back to his company 2 Jun 63, so he would have been at Cripple Creek for a few days;  Would be mortally wounded at Chickamauga 19 Sep 63 (another face wound?  "inferior maxillary") and died at Chattanooga, TN on 25 Sep 63; 

Dunegan, Patrick "Pat"  <28>   (<1835> - )   Name given many ways (Donegan, Donigen, Donigan, etc.);  Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 1 Jul 64 by telegram

(Dunham, Aaron--See bio above as Acting Commissary Sgt)


Garrett, Nathan     ( - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64

Gilbert, Benjamin     ( - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64


Goldenbaugh, Atherton  <22>  (<1841> - )   Name also appears as Golddenburgh);  Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Was he related to 1 Lt Atherton Thayer?

Gravell, John  <27>   (<1836> - )  Name given variously as Gravelle, Gravil, etc.;  Born in SC;  Mustered in 30 Jun 61;  On 6 Jun 62 at Corinth, Miss, he was driving a mule team, thrown from the wagon when the mules became unruly, and his right leg was fractured by the wagon passing over his leg just below the knee;  HYe returned to duty, but was apparently in constant pain;   Discharged by Surgeon's Certificate from Cripple Creek on 6 Jun 63, suffering from necrosis of the tibia;  He was described as being 5' 9" tall with a light complexion, gray eyes, and brown hair


Haines, Lewis  <24>  (<1839> - )   Name given various ways (Louis Haynes, Hames, Hines, etc.);  Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64

Houck, Henry*  <33>   (<1830> - 1863)  Name given so many different ways:  Hoek, Hoack, Hock, Hoch, etc.);  Mustered in 20 Jun 61;  Wounded in his right thigh at Chickamauga and captured;  Paroled at Chattanooga, TN on 29 Sep 63 and sent to hospital in Nashville;    Sent to General Field Hsop #1 in Stevenson, AL where he died due to Chronic Diarrhea on 6 Oct or Nov 63; Buried in Grave 183 at Stevenson, AL;  He was described as being 5' 10" tall, possibly born in Germany, with a light complexion, blue eyes, and brown hair;  He was a Painter in civilian life


Kelly, Martin     ( - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64


Kelly, Michael     ( - )   Mustered in 19 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64 

Kirkpatrick, Benjamin     ( - )  Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Deserted 22 Mar 64


Lillis, John   28   (1832 - 1882)   Born in Ireland; Lived in Jersey City, Hudson Co, NJ;  Wife's name was Annie; Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Worked as a Blacksmith; Buried in St. Joseph's New Celetery


Long, William     ( - )  Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Transferred to VRC 16 Jan 64

Lorrell, Peter     ( - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64


McCann, Joseph   <26>  (<1837> - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  On the Muster Roll for Mar/Apr 62, he is listed as John McCann, the rest of the time, he is either Joseph or "J" McCann;  Made to forfeit $5 pay by reason of Court Martial during Nov/Dec 62;  Made to forfeit again in Jul/Aug 63--$4 this time;  Wounded slightly in right forearm at Chickamauga and sent to hospital;  Returned to company on 30 Oct 63;  Once more had to forfeit pay ($10 this time) for some sort of infraction during Mar/Apr 64;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64

McKim, Charles  34  (1827 - 1908)  Born in OH; Married Mary E. Savage in 1852 in Cincinnati; Mustered in 8 Jun 61; Hospitalized in Feb 62 in Mumfordsville, KY, but back with his company by the March / Apr 62 Muster Roll;  Wounded (GSW to the chest) at Chickamauga in Sep 63;  Hosp in Nashville;  Returned to his company 5 Jun 64;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Lived most of his life in Cincinnati, working for over 30 years in a Paper Box Factory;  Buried in Spring Grove Cem;  Kin to Cpl Frank McKim?  (See the discussion above under Frank McKim)

Moran, Michael     ( - )  Mustered in 1 Jul 61;  Mustered out by telegram


Mulcahy, John     ( - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64

Nelson, Benjamin     ( - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64

Peters, Reuben     ( - )   Mustered in 8 Jul 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64 by telegram


Rafer, Ferdinand   <24>  (<1839> - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64

Richards, George     ( - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64


Richey, Colostine  <32>   ( <1831>- )   Mustered in 30 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64 by telegram


Rullis, Nicholas "Nick"  22  (1839 - 1911)   Born in Karrich, Germany; Name also given as Ruleas, Rulius;  Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Fined $2 as a result of a Court Martial in the period of 28 Feb to 30 Jun 63;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64; Married Emily West in 1865; Lived most of his life in Dearborn, IN as a Cooper; Filed for an Invalid Petition in

1890 and his widow, Emily, filed for her Widows' Pension in 1911;  Nick was buried in the Greendale Cemetery  

Ross, Antoine   23  (1838 - 1901)  Born in Germany;   Mustered in 15 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64;  Filed an Invalid's Pension Petition in 1888;  Admitted into the Disabled Veterans' Home in Dayton, OH in 1891 for the first time, suffering from "Hernia, Deafness, etc";  Discharged in 1895 as per Gov Order #38 (What was this about?);  He was described as being 5' 5" tall with a light complexion, grey eyes, and brown hair; He worked as a Moulder; He was married and his wife lived in Cincinnati;  He was re-admitted to the Home in March 1897 and died in Jun 97 from Chronic Dementia with Organic Brain Disease;   He was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in St. Bernard, OH; His name given variously as Anthony, Anton, Antoin, Antoine, with a middle initial of S; I cannot ascertain who Antoine'  wife was, but she had died by 1900 


Smith, Jacob*     ( - 1863)  Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Killed at Chickamauga 19 Sep 63


Smith, James     ( - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64



Smith, John     ( - 1863)  Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Taken POW at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63; Died of Disease at Andersonville Prison on 13 May 64

Sullivan, George     ( - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64

Thompson, William     ( - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64


Walters, Frank     ( - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Would be appointed Cpl on 6 Dec 63;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64 

Wempsing, Herman   <24>  (<1839> - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Reported sick 31 Oct 61;  Absent Sick again beginning 20 Oct 62;  Listed (erroneously?) as a Deserter 1 Dec 62;  Returned before 30 Jun 63, so was probably only at Cripple Creek for a few days;  Detailed for duty as a Teamster hauling ammunition beginning 12 Aug 63;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64

Young, Joseph     ( - )   Mustered in 8 Jun 61;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64




Alms, Herman  (2 Lt)

Fairchild, E. B., (Sgt)

Gross, Henry  (Capt)

Hays, William

Honis, Thomas (Sgt)

Jackson, William

McCarty, Michael

Miller, William (Cpl)

Whittlesey, Joseph  (Capt)

Zalerber, Ferdinand



Allen, Frederick

Belse, August

Corbett, Michael

Corrigan, John

Edniger, John

Sanderson, Allen

White, Joseph

Confined in Military Prison for

     Desertion (Prior to Dishon-

     orable Discharge)

Hargrave, Frank (Hogrieve,

     Hargreive, Hograve, etc.)




Davidson, Daniel (To

     Simmons' Batt)

Johnson, John  (To Simmons'


Madara, Charles (To Pioneer


Slake, John  (To Pioneer



Archey, John

Atwood, John

Bartell, Henry

Becker, John

Benton, George

Bentley, Daniel

Bentley, Michael

Betz, Matthew

Booth, Thomas (Sgt)

Brown, Frank

Cole, James

Comar, Martin

Cooper, Alfred

Daniel, George

Edwards, Benjamin

Edwards, Samuel

Eli, Charles

Farrell, Mathew

Fisher, Joseph

Francis, James

Hanley, Samuel

Harner, August

Jones, William

King, Alexander

McKuen, John

Meyer, Charles E.

O'Brien, Mathew

Peart, Williams (Wagoner)

Ryan, John

Telly, Patrick

Wacklin, Cris

Watson, Thomas

Zimmer, Joseh

Zimmerman, John

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