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John Wartham   21  --  See 5 TN Cav Main Page


Hartwell Nutty Tarver Shipp   29   (1834 - 1887)  Born in Knoxville, he was enlisted on 8 Aug 62, but was apparently never mustered;  He was promoted to 1 Lt on 4 Nov 63, so I am guessing that he was a 2 Lt while he was at Cripple Creek;  He lived in Fayetteville, Lincoln Co, TN after the War and died there in 1887 




James H. Galbraith  26   --  See 5 TN Cav Main Page



James Wilson Mallard  38   (<1824> - About 1870)  He was mustered in from Shelbyville, Bedford Co on 2 Sep 61 as a Sgt of Co C;  He was described as standing 6' 2" with Black hair and gray eyes and a dark complexion;  His occupation was Farmer; He was promoted to 2 Lt on 4 Nov 63;  Promoted to 1 Lt on 23 Aug 64, although there was some reluctance on the part of the military to pay him because they claimed he was commissioned but never mustered as a Lt (he went several months without pay because of this!);  After the War, he returned to his wife and children;  A family source on shows him dying in Williamson Co, TN around 1870









Cannon, Samuel Moody  16   (1844 - 1907)  Born in Bedford Co, TN, in Dec 44, he mustered in on 5 Sep 62 when he was still 17 years old;  He died in Kaufman Co, TX


Davis, James A.   22   (1840 - 1918)  Born in Meigs Co, TN;  Mustered in as on 2 Sep 62;  Was described as 6' tall, fair complected, blue eyes, dark hair;  Occupation Farmer;  Promoted to Sgt on 1 Jan 63 by Col Stokes;  Was absent with leave from Jan - Apr 64; Mustered out 14 Aug 1865 in Nashville;  Married Mary A. Albright in 1864 or '65, 7 children; Lived in Campbell Co., TN after the war;  His birthday was 3 May--a few days before he arrived at Cripple Creek

Dixon, William Riggs   19  (1843 - 1924)  Born in Bedford Co and mustered in on 2 Sep 62;  He was the QM Sgt for Co C;  Married Sallie Castleman in 1866, 7 children;  Died in Shelbyville, TN where he was a Farmer; His birthday was in February--before he arrived at Cripple Creek

Earnheart, William A.  26    (1836 - <1897>)  Mustered in on 2 Sep 62 from Bedford Co as Comm Sgt.;  Mustered out 14 Aug 1865 in Nashville; There are two marriages for a William Earnheart in Bedford Co in 1866--William A. Earnheart married Mary A. Nichols on 14 Feb 1866 and William Earnheart (no middle initial) who married Luddy Littman on 24 June; In 1880, a W. A. and Mary A. Earnhart and their young family lived in Gibson Co, TN--is this our William?;  He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1896 from Missouri; His widow, Eliza, filed for a widow's pension in May 1897 from TN;  Did William remarry?  There is a record for a W. A. Ernhart who married Eliza Whiteside in Gibson Co. in 1884; I find no death or burial record for him

Glascock, Peter Murry   24  (1838 - 1928)  Born in Marshall Co, TN; Mustered in on 2 Sep 62;  Promoted to Cpl;  Married Rebecca Ann Shipp in 1866; He apparently went by his middle name, which was spelled "Murray" on his tombstone;  Living in Marshall Co., TN as a Farmer in 1870, but by 1880, he and his family have moved to Missouri;  Related to Pvt Samuel M. who died in 1863--see belowDied in Boone Co, MO





Grissom, William W.  30   (1832 - )  Mustered in on 2 Sep 62 as a Cpl;  Is he the William W. Grissum, s/o Nathan and Sarah in Bedford Co. 1850?; Mustered out 14 Aug 1865 in Nashville;   He may be the Wm. W. Grissom who worked as a Blacksmith in Bedford Co 1870--if so, he was possibly married to Mary A. (Hudson?)




Harrison, William F.  28   (1834 - )  Mustered in on 2 Sep 62 as a 1 Sgt;  The enlistment documents list him as 28 in one place and as 34 in another;  He is described as being 5' 9" with dark complexion, blue eyes, and black hair;  He was born in Bedford Co and still living there as a Farmer when enlisted;  He was commissioned as a 2 Lt on 23 Aug 64 and mustered out on 25 Jun 65;  Filed for an Invalid's Pension 1879



Hix, James Lewis  31  (1832 - 1906)  Born in Bedford Co, TN;  Married Huldah Ann Holt in Bedford Co in 1854, 8 children;  Mustered in on 2 Sep 62 as a Sgt; Disch for promotion 25 Nov 63 as 1 Lt of Co. M;  Resigned 12 May 1865 in Nashville;  Worked as a Constable/ Policeman in Bedford Co. after the War;  Died in Nashville, but buried in Bedford Co



Martin, Charles Thomas  20  (1842 - 1898)  Mustered in as a Sgt on 2 Sep 62;  John Wortham was listed as his Guardian and signed his "Consent in Case of Minor" form;  Thomas (as he signed himself on his enlistment form) was described as being 5' 11" with fair complexion, blue eyes, and brown or black hair;  He worked as a Tailor and was born in Bedford Co;  He received a promotion to Brevet 2 Lt on 1 Dec 62, but was never officially mustered into the rank (and this was duly noted on each Muster Return form, in spite of his requesting to be properly mustered);  He was on a special courier detail for Gen Stanley in Feb 63; He was apparently at Cripple Creek in May and part of June 63, but was assigned to a special detachment with Co A later in Jun 63; In Aug 63, he went on a special detachment as a Recruiting Officer;  He resigned on 25 Mar 64, I suspect due to "politics"--W. B. Stokes stated Martin had "done but little duty in the Company and both he and the Company are dissatisfied";  In his official resignation, Martin states that he never asked to be promoted to 2 Lt in the first place, but that by doing so, he hoped it would enable him to be transferred to another company, (which suggests to me that he was unhappy in Co C from the outset);  However, by his never being properly mustered in after his promotion, the transfer was not possible and he felt this made him "an imposition upon the company", preventing the promotion of other men more deserving of the promotion than he felt he was;  Modesty?  Low self-esteem?  Guilt over being connected to Maj Wortham?  An unconcealed dislike for the others in Co C?  It is hard to know what was really going on;  Were the various detachment assignments at Martin's request so that he could get away from a situation where he didn't feel wanted?  Were the special assignments made at the behest of his superiors in Co C in order to get him out of their midst?;  A sad situation, whatever the reason;  He died 26 Oct 1898 and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Grave # 721


Overcast, William Burton  22  (1839 - 1922)  Born in Shelbyville, Bedford Co in Dec 39;  Mustered in on 2 Sep 62;  Sgt  Disch for prom 6 Apr 65; Married first Martha Jane Hodge in 1874 in AL;  Married second Amanda Brown in Bedford Co, TN;  Living Bedford Co. 1890;  Later moved to Williamson Co, TN;  He was a Farmer all his life;  Died in Giles Co, TN and buried in Bedford Co

Russ, William H. *  21  (1842 - 1864)  A native of Shelbyville and a Printer by trade;  He was 5' 7", with blue eyes, light hair, and a light complexion;  Mustered in on 2 Sept; Made Cpl on date of muster;  Made Sgt on 10 Dec 62;  Killed by the enemy in an accident near Mulberry Village in Lincoln Co, TN on 28 Dec 64--the Confederates got his horse, his arms, and his accoutrements; Buried in Shelbyville, TN

Shipp, Willis Bartley Brownlow   21  (1844 - 1906)  Younger brother of Hartwell Shipp, born in Knox Co, TN (some records say Maury Co, TN);  Mustered in on 2 Sep 62 as a Cpl--dark complexion, dark eyes, black hair, stood 5'11";  Occupation Farmer; Married Miranda L. Ingraham in 1875 (when he was 31 and she was 13!) in Union Co, GA;  Lived in Union Co, GA in 1900 and died there in 1906

Troop, Jackson M.  29   (1833 - 1907)  Born in Pulaski, TN, according to some records, although family records say AL;  Married Martha Ann Statum in 1857 in Bedford Co. 6 children; Mustered in from Shelbyville, TN on 2 Sep 62 as a Cpl;  Described as 6' tall, with dark complexion, blue eyes, and auburn hair;  Worked as a Carpenter;  Was assigned to a special detachment with Maj Wortham in Nov and Dec 64;    "In confinement" from 1 (or 20) Jan 65 until 15 Jun 65--for "extenuating circumstances"--guerillas abused his wife and destroyed his household furniture during his absence, giving the reason that Troop was a Yankee soldier;  For some reason, he met with a Mr. Ransom, a "rich, Rebel [illegible] sympathizer" and demanded that Ransom pay for the damages sustained;  Troop was arrested in Jan 65 for "obtaining money as by threats" from Mr. Ransom;  Maj Wortham wrote in his defense and Troop was released from confinement on 15 Jun 65 in Fayetteville, and returned to duty (charges dropped?); Ten days later, he was discharged by expiration of terms of service and mustered out as of  8 May 65; After the War, he worked as a Carpenter and a Farm Laborer; Living Bedford Co. 1890; Died either in Shelbyville or Nashville

Yell, James Curry  19   (1842 - 1909)  Born on New Year's Eve 1842 in Coffee County, TN;  Mustered in on 2 Sep 62; Lived as a Farmer in Bedford Co, TN

          OTHER  PERSONNEL   from  Co.  C  at   CRIPPLE   CREEK

Singleton, William G.  31  (1831 - 1889?)  Born in TN; Mustered in and out as a Blacksmith;  Born in Hamilton Co, TN; Lived in Warren Co, TN after the War as a Farmer;  At enlistment, he was 5' 11" with blue eyes, dark hair, and dark complexion;  His wife, Charlotte, filed a Widow's Pension in May 1889; They had one child, James L, born circa 1862;  The AG's Report erroneously lists him twice--the second time, under the name William G. Strond

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Coughran, Edward  25  (1837 - )  Surname is sometimes given as Coughlin; Born in Ireland;  Fair complexion, black hair, black eyes; 5' 7" tall and a Baker by trade;  Mustered in on 2 Sep 62; From 1 July 64 until April 65 was on detached service as an Orderly to Gen. Gillum; Mustered out with rest of Company 8 Mar 65

Carney, James M.  25   (1837 - <1903>)   Mistakenly appears as "Cainey" "Crayne", "Cranney" and "Crainy" in the AG's Report;  Born in Belfast, Ireland;  Brown hair, fair complexion, grey eyes, and 5' 5" tall;  Occupation: Laborer;  Mustered in on 2 Sep 62;  Lost pistol and charged $15.50 for its replacement;  Mustered out 8 Mar 65; Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1890 from TN; His wife, Elizabeth, filed for a Widow's Pension from TTN in 1903

Curtis, John Hugh  25   (1836 - 1916)  Born in Marion Co, TN;  Mustered in on 2 Sep 62; He stood 5' 8" tall, with brown eyes, black hair, and a fair complexion; He was a shoemaker by trade; Army records are unclear about his being detached from Co C and assigned to Co F, (at one point he was mistakenly thought to be a Deserter!); However, since Co C and Co F were both assigned to Cripple Creek, I feel certain he was there during the winter encampment; He married Sarah Elizabeth Kelly in 1855 in Lauderdale Co TN; He died in Hamilton Co, TN and is buried beside his wife in Marion Co


Darnell, Joel  36  (1826 - )  Also referred to in the Army records as Joseph Darnold;  Born in Bedford County; ; Described as being 5' 9" tall, with blue eyes, black hair, and a fair complexion;  His occupation was Farmer; A real puzzlement: Joel's pension application contains info on an Elijah Pinckney Harrison (Both Elijah and Joe were listed in records as being in the 10 Inf, Co. E, but Joel also lists 5th TN Cav) HOWEVER, there is a note on the Pension card that says hte men are not identical; There is a record for Pvt. Joel Darnell who died in 1863 and is bur in Shelbynille and there are death certificates for his children who died in Texas; BUT, the pension card shows an Invalid Pension was applied for in TN in 1889 and the widow (Eliza I. Harrison) applied for her pension in 1926 from TX (and Elijah P. Harrison died in 1926 and was buried in Bedford Co., TN)/  WHO WAS JOEL DARNELL?? 

Davis, James W.  49  (1813 - )  Born in Walker Co, TN, James was something of an "old-timer", being 49 years old;  he was a Farmer who was 5' 10", with blue eyes, black hair, and a fair complexion; spent several months absent, due to illness--roughly from 28 Oct 64 though his Discharge on 8 Mar 65--with very little time when he was not sick. 


Edde, Hiram Joshua  26  (1836 - 1870?)  Born in Bedford Co, TN, Hiram (sometimes referred to as Joshua) stood 6' 1" tall;  He had a fair complexion, blue eyes, and dark hair;  He was a Farmer;  In 1855, in his native Bedford County, Hiram Edde was charged with "lewd and notorious behavior" including Adultery with Louisa Davis or Daws; I do not know how the State Supreme Court ruled in this case;  In 1858, he was again before the State Supreme Court in a case concerning the debts owed to the estate of Andrew Pratt--again, I have no idea how this was decided;  NOTE:  I have a feeling that both of these cases were brought against the FATHER of our Hiram Joshua (the father's name was Hiram Edde, where our Hiram Joshua usually went by Joshua or H. J.), but I do not know this for certain;  Our Hiram Joshua was married to Carey Muse, and family tradition suggests that he died in or before 1870 

>>>???Fagan, John *  19  (1843 - 1864)  This man appears on the AG's roster, but he does not have a file in the National Archives; the official notation in the AG's Report says of him that he was "killed in personal difficulty near Rover, Feb 18 64;  I am not sure what "personal difficulty" is a euphemism for--was he shot because he was caught cheating in a card game?  was he killed by a jealous husband?  Whatever the situation, it is hard to know whether John Fagan was actually at Cripple Creek

???Farrow, Joseph H.  40  (1822 - 1906)  Joseph came from Granville Co, NC; He had a fair complexion, grey hair, and blue eyes and was 5' 8" tall;  He was a Farmer; He enlisted in April 63, but was captured by the enemy in Sept 63 before he was mustered in (the note in the AG's report says he was "doing his duty" when he was captured--does this mean he was using the latrine?  Otherwise, what sort of duty would he be given to perform when he was not yet mustered in?  was he stationed at Cripple Creek between his enlistment and Mustering?  The Army records show he was captured at Shelbyville, TN on 31 July 63, so I rather doubt he was ever at Cripple Creek;  whatever, the situation was made even more difficult by the Confederate captors getting his name wrong: James Farrar, instead of Joseph Farrow!);he was recaptured and sent home on a furlough on 15 Dec 64;  It is not clear whether he ever joined his Company, due to the War's coming to an end;  He returned to North Carolina and was a Ship Builder

Forrester, Jesse Lafayette  19  (1842 - 1928)  Another man with his name wrong in the official records: Jasper instead of Jesse;  Born in Union Co, GA;  Height 5' 3"; Light hair, light complexion, hazel eyes;  Farmer, spending most of his life in Fannin Co, GA

Foster, Isaac "Ike"  32  (1830 - )  Born in Marion Co, TN;  Described as 6' tall with blue eyes, dark hair and brown complexion (I suspect it should be dark complexion and brown hair!); By occupation, a Farmer;  Enlisted 1 Sep 62 and was mustered into Co C, but was often detached to Co F

Fox, John  22  (1840 - )  John was born in Haywood, NC;  His occupation was Farmer;  He was 5' 5" tall, with black hair, black eyes, and a light complexion;  Mustered in 1 Sep 62; Mustered out with his Company

Frisby, Albert Royston  17  (1845 - 1917)  Originally from Cincinnati and Unemployed;  ​He was 5' 2", with a fair complexion, light hair, and blue eyes;  His age was fudged a little bit on his enlistment papers--claiming he was eighteen, even though he was still 17 for over a month;  Was absent and in Hospital due to injury on the May / June Payroll Card and the next one, too--back with his Company in Nov / Dec 63;  The Hospital Muster Roll for General Hospital 4 in Louisville reflects he did not arrive there until 11 Jun 63; so it is probable he was at Cripple Creek for a few weeks between the Company's arrival at Cripple Creek in May and his being sent to Louisville; Married Nancy R. Baldwin in Bradley Co, TN in 1867; Moved with his wife and children to Dallas Co TX by 1900;  He died here in 1917

Hanson, John D.  19  (1844 - 1829)  A native of Denmark, Hanson was 5' 8" with light hair, blue eyes, and fair complexion;  His pre-War occupation was Blacksmith;  I don't know when he first came to America, but family records show he immigrated around 1867; However, on the 1900 Census, he says he immigrated in 1858;  During the War, he was supposedly absent, due to sickness, in June 64, however this turned out to be a miscommunication--he was working as a clerk at Regimental Head Quarters for Maj Wortham;  Hanson spent most of the time between Sept 64 and April 65 on detached duty at Regmtl HdQtrs, serving as a Clerk for Maj Wortham and Gen Milroy;  Unfortunately, a Lt. Col Hix out in the field thought Hanson should report to his regiment with some other "stragglers".  Hix had even gotten Brig Gen Craft to issue an order for Hanson to return (under arrest, if necessary); Wortham sent missives to Craft and Hix, acknowledging the misunderstanding, but insisting that Hanson would be staying at HQ.  It would seem that Wortham was successful in his quest to keep Hanson as a Clerk through the end of the War;  Hanson settled in Bedford Co Tennessee after the War, marrying Maggie Carpenter in 1863;  He worked in various administrative jobs through the years--Bookkeeper, Postmaster, Internal Revenue Clerk; Family records say he married Mary Christensen in 1883, but Find-A-Grave shows him marrying his second wife, Mollie Reaves Hill, in 1890, He filed an Invalid pension petition in 1891; He died of an intestinal obstruction and was buried in Bedford Co, TN in 1929

Harmon, Peter  36  (1826 - 1905?)  Born in Hawkins Co, TN;  Married around 1845 to Mary A. ___; Living in Hawkins Co, 1850 and 1860;  Mustered in on 2 Sept 62 in Nashville;  He was 6' tall, with black eyes, dark hair, and a fair complexion;  Occupation Farmer; He spent many pay periods on detached service, particularly with Company F (although, some periods said he was attached to Co G;  It appears he was only at Cripple Creek during Jan and Feb 1863;  After the War, he moved with his wife and children to Hopkins Co, KY, and eventually to Texas;  Do not confuse our Peter Harmon with another Peter Harmon who lived in Hardin Co, TN;  Our Peter died and was buried in Jones Co, TX in 1905, according to family sources on Ancestry    

???Hatfield, John H.  25  (1840? - 1905)  Lived most of his life as a Farmer in Sequatchie Co, TN;  He was 5' 9" tall, with blue eyes, light hair, and light complexion;  His tombstone shows him born in 1840, but other records say 1837;  There is some confusion reflected in the Muster Roll cards--was he in Company C?  Company F?  Was he detached to one company or the other?;  He was apparently captured just before the Battle of Stones River and sent to Richmond, VA;  He was paroled 21 Mar 63 and did not rejoin his company (whichever one it was!) until 26 Jun 63--so, was he even at Cripple Creek?  I think not  

Hays, John  36  (1826 - )  Born in Fayette (written as "Fait" on enlistment card) Co, PA;  He was 5' 9" with grey eyes, black hair, and fair complexion; He was a Farmer by occupation; Mustered in 19 Aug 62;  Detached as an ambulance driver from Oct 64;  Mustered out 25 Jun 65;

Hidy, William J.  35  (1827 - )  Born in Pendleton Co, VA; Height was 5' 9", blue eyes,dark hair, fair complexion; Name also given as Hiddy, but he signed his name "Hidy";  His occupation was given as Farmer, but he listed himself as a Carpenter;  Mustered in 19 Aug 62;  Mustered out 25 Jun 65; Unable to find him after the War

Hopper, James B.*  29  (1833 - 1864)  Born in Marshall Co, TN;  Married Emily White in 1854;  Blue eyes, black hair, fair complexion, 5' 10";  Occupation Farmer;  Listed as a Sadler on one of his Muster Roll cards;  Absent "sick" in Jan / Feb 64; Died in Hospital in Nashville on 9 Mar 64--reason given as "Inflamation of the Kidneys" ;  His effects were claimed by his widow, Emily, to wit: 1 hat, 1 great coat, 1 blouse, 1 pr. flannel drawers, 2 flannel shirts, 1 pr. boots, 2 pr. socks, 2 blankets, 1 haversack, 1 canteen;  Buried in Hopper Cem in Marshall Co

>>>House, George  15  (1847 - )    George was never at Cripple Creek, but I put his bio here in order to elaborate the details of his military career;  Born in Chickasaw Co, Mississippi, according to his Volunteer Enlistment form, dated 19 Aug 62;  His age is listed as "fifteen" in more than one place, then obviously scratched through and "eighteen" is written in;  Simon House, (See next bio) is listed as his father and gives his "Consent in Case of Minor," but (again) George's age of fifteen is changed to eighteen--still a minor, but not as extreme as being 15, I suppose;  George is listed as being 5' 3" with grey eyes, light hair, and a fair complexion;  he is not able to sign his name (or to read or write?);  Robert Galbriath boldly signs the enlistment forms, even though the deception about George's age is obvious--perhaps the fact that his father, Simon, not only gave his consent, but enlisted right along with him was enough to bend the age requirement rules);  George is listed as being in Hospital in Nashville beginning on 15 Nov 62; The Muster Returns for Jan/Feb 63 show him as "absent, sick in hospital" beginning again in Feb 63;  This is his status from April until Oct 64;  However, subsequent information on Muster Returns show he was arrested on 6 Jan 64 and confined in Nashville until Jan 65, when his confinement is changed to Tullahoma, then back to Nashville either on 8 Jan 64, 10 Jan 64, or 23 Jan 62 (I think they meant 64);  In any event, he was sentenced for Highway Robbery in Feb 65 and originally sentenced to be hanged (!);  That sentence was commuted to 10 years in prison and he was sent to Nashville on 25 Feb 65 to serve his sentence (after first being Court Martialed and Dishonorably Discharged);  I do not know who he robbed or when he was released from prison;  However, in March 1896, he applies for a military pension as an Invalid  (!);  The withering reply written on 6 Apr 96 tells him that he was charged with Murder (the first I have heard of this) and Robbery and sent to Military Prison for 10 years, after being Court Martialed and was, therefore, NOT (my use of capital letters) entitled to a military pension;  His name is also given as George W. House and his prison paperwork implies that he must have attempted to change his identity, since his "name appears also" as Joseph House and M. House

>>>House, Simon  51  (<1814> - )  Born in Sampson Co, NC; He was a Farmer when he enlisted on 19 Aug 62, along with his son, George (see George's bio above, if you haven't already);  Simon's age varies in his paperwork between 31, 45, and 51;  He is described as being 5 ' 6" with blue eyes, dark hair, and a fair complexion;  He had apparently already enlisted in Memphis, TN in July 62, so this was a re-enlistment;  According to his Muster Returns, he was paid for the final time on 31 Oct 62 and was sent to a hospital on 15 Nov 62;  Every 2 months, on the Muster Return Cards, he continues to be listed as "absent, in hospital" for Jan/Feb 63, Mar/Apr 63, May/June 63, July/Aug 63, and Sep/Oct 63;  (This would mean he was not at Cripple Creek, although I enter his information here, since his illness and his absence may have had some effect on his son, George, which perhaps led to George's criminal behavior);  On the Muster Return Card for Nov/Dec 63, it is not stated whether Simon is present or absent;  On the Card for Jan/Feb 64, he is listed as a Deserter, although this classification is later dropped when it is learned he was admitted to USA Hospital No 3 in Bowling Green, KY on 7 Nov 62 and remained there until he was discharged on 10 Jan 64 [--could he really have been in a military hospital for over a year without receiving a medical discharge or a transfer to the VRC?] ;  He receives (finally!) a Medical Discharge on 25 Jun 65 from the General Hospital in Nashville;  The Certificate for Discharge lists him as 45 years old, suffering from "Chronic Diarrhea for 5 months standing with _____ _____ [illegible] caused by a persistent exposure [at least I think that is what those two words are] incident to comp[licate?] this disease disqualifies him for the duties of a soldier, extent of disability two thirds" [I realize that is a run-on sentence, but I have transcribed it as faithfully as I can]

Kennedy, Charles  27  (1835 - )  Born in Paisley, Scotland;  Stood 5' 5" with a dark complexion, blue eyes, brown hair;  A Sailor by trade;  Mustered in 30 Aug 62; Records show him a Deserter in April 64 and  Absent Without Leave in July 64, yet he mustered out with his Company in June 65--no explanation given (except that some of the Muster Roll cards are blurry and illegible);  Unable to locate him after the War

Kennedy, Jacob W.  16  (1846 - 1891?)  Born in Harris Co, GA;  A Farmer by occupation;  Fair complexion, Brown eyes, Light-colored hair;  Mustered in Aug 19 62 in Nashville;  Listed as Absent Sick in Hospital in Murfreesboro in March 63;  Once again listed as Sick from 9 Feb 64 (the date is written--erroneously?--as 9 Feb 63 in the notation following this one);  Mustered out with his Company in Jun 65;  Married Malinda Little in Carroll Co, Mississippi--no date given; Filed an Invalid pension from Miss in 1881; Malinda filed a Widow's pension petition in 1891 from Miss;  In 1905, Malinda was living in Washington, DC

King, John Alexander  18  (1844 - )  Went variously by A. J., J. A. John A., and James A.;  A Cooper by trade, he was often listed as the Company Sadler;  Born in Clay County, KY, he stood 6' 1" tall with dark eyes, black hair, and a fair complexion; A William King signed his consent form, but I don't believe it was the William King who is next on the list;  He was assigned as an Orderly to Gen Milroy at Head Quarters for a couple of months;  I have found nothing more about him since he mustered out in 65 

King, William Cicero  18  (1844 - 1924)  Born in Bedford Co, TN, I have found no kinship between William and John Alexander King listed above;  He had a fair complexion, blue eyes, and dark hair;  He was 6 feet tall and a Farmer when he was a civilian;  Mustered in on 30 Aug 62, on 10 Sept 62 he was charged with Desertion--a charge which was finally dropped and cleared from his record in 1886;   He lost his Colt's Army Pistol and had almost $20 taken out of his pay in small increments to pay for it;  He was assigned as an Orderly in the Telegraph Office in Dechard, TN beginning in Nov 64;  He mustered out 8 Mar 65;  He married Nancy A. Anthony in Coffee Co, TN in 1863 

Laffin, Charles G.  17  (1845 - )  This is a mystery man--or a mystery BOY;  He was mustered in on 2 Sep 62 in Nashville, but was discharged in Sep 63 when it was discovered he was underage;  I have no information on where he was from, what he did after his discharge, or anything else;  Still it is likely he WAS at Cripple Creek

Lingher, John  29  (1832 - 1909)  He signs his name using Germanic-style script, which is transcribed by the enlistment officer as "Longhee", but modern indexing services have spelled his name variously a "Lingher", "Longher", "Loughn"--most often, Lingher;  Born in Hanover, Germany;  5' 10" with a dark compexion, gray eyes, and brown hair;  He was a Farmer in civilian life;  He mustered in on 22 Aug in Nashville; He reported having a GSW in the right leg during the Battle of Stones River; He mustered out 25 Jun 65;  He filed for an Invalid Pension in 1879 (no state given); By the 1880s, he is living in Humboldt, CA;  In 1898, he is admitted to the Sawtelle, CA Home for Disabled Soldiers and Sailors;  At his admission, he was 5' 2" (He was 8" shorter in 35 years!), light complexion (no longer dark), able to read and write, Protestant, single, no family, no occupation, recently living in Eureka, CA;  He lived here until his death in 1909, and is buried in the National Cemetery on the grounds 


Long, Peter L B  23  (1839 - 1884)  Born in Burke Co, NC;  5' 8" tall, with a fair complexion, brown eyes, black hair;  Farmer; Mustered in on 1 Sep 62 and out with his Company;  Married Harriet Smart in Fannin Co, GA in 1857; Died in Fannin Co in 1884

McAdams, John N.  19  (1843 - )  Born in Bedford Co, TN, although there was a John W. McAdams in Bedford Co, TN (1843 - 1917) who served in the 10 TN Infantry--so don't get them confused!;  Our John was 5' 5", fair complexion, blue eyes, and dark hair;  He was a Farmer;  He mustered in 2 Sep 62 and was made a Sgt on 20 Sep, but he was reduced to a Pvt 31 Oct 62;  He was charged with Desertion in 64 and being Absent Without Leave on two occasions;  He was arrested 20 Jun 64 in connection with an incident involving an officer from the 2 KY Cav.;  A Lt Col (I can't decipher his name!) wrote to the Asst Provost Marshall in Nashville in McAdams' behalf, saying, in part, that McAdams " into a difficulty with an officer of the 2nd KY  Cav at Shelbyville [TN] and from what I learn the officer was to blame to a great extent.  When officers are caught at houses of ill repute they accept ________ whatever abuse they may receive from enlisted men."  Apparently, McAdams was subjected to a Court Martial, but I do not know the outcome

Marshall, Henry M.  29  (1833 - ) Born in Monroe Co, OH, he was mustered in as a Pvt on 2 Sep 62;  He was 6' 1" tall, with blue eyes, light-colored hair, and a fair complexion; He was a Carpenter in civilian life; He was promoted to 2 Lt of Co M by the Gov of TN on 25 Nov 63; On 9 Jan 65, an incident occurred that would lead to Marshall's arrest.  He took about ten enlisted

men on a scouting party to Fayetteville; When ordered to return to Shelbyville by Maj. John F. Armstrong, Marshall refused;  Armstrong claimed that Marshall and his men were drunk, as well a insubordinate; Marshall was placed under arrest, but still able to retain his command, pending his Court Martial (A modern reader would liken Marshall's situation to house arrest);  On 24 Jan, Marshall boldly went to Head Quarters, demanding to speak to his superiors; He was met by Acting Adjutant Lt. Hough, who informed Marshall that the terms of his arrest required Marshall to remain within a certain radius of his quarters--by traveling to Head Quarters, he was in violation of the rules of his military arrest;  Marshall refused to leave and reportedly conducted himself in an "outrageous manner" using "vulgar and obscene language and actions" toward Lt. Hough;  I found no official transcript of the Court Martial and I am not certain I even found the disposition of the case;  All I found was a "Casualty Sheet" dated 20 Apr 65 that said "Dismissed"; I then found a notice in the Army and Navy Official Gazette of 1865 that said Lt. Marshall had been found guilty and dismissed from the Service.

Marshall, Robert Humphrey  20  (1841 - 1926)  Born in Iredell Co, NC, Robert had blue eyes, dark hair, and a light complexion; He was 5' 9" tall; In civilian life, he was a Farmer;  He mustered in and out with his Company; He married Nancy Elizabeth Forrester in 1866;  He filed his petition as an Invalid in 1879; He died and was buried in Gilmore Co, GA


Mullins, Matthew Samuel  19  (1843 - 1910)  Born and lived most of his life as a Miller in Bedford Co, TN;  He stood 5' 4" tall, with a fair complexion, blue eyes, and dark hair;  He married Louisa "Lulu" C. Germany in 1878;  He died in 1910 in Shelbyville    

Neely, Isaac  31  (1831 - )  Born in Wilson Co, TN;  A Shoemaker by trade, standing 5' 8" tall;  He was fair-complected, with blue eyes and dark hair;  Before enlisting in the 5th Tennessee, he served as a Wagoner for another regiment (a three-month enlistment?) and he got his right hand shot off by a Rebel band; He went by Ike Neely and Jake Neely, as well as by Isaac;  He served as Wagoner for Company C, but went through a period of six months or so in 65 where he was Absent Without Leave or Sick;  There are letters in his file from two surgeons attesting to the fact that he was suffering from Rheumatism and Piles; I don't know that the AWOL was expunged from his record;  He filed a petition as an Invalid in 1865;  I can't tell which Isaac Neely he is in the post-war civil records 

Nicholas, Joseph  18  (1843 - 1923?)  Also known as Joseph Nichols in some records; A native of Bedford County and a Farmer by trade;  He was 5' 5" tall, with a fair complexion, blue eyes, and light-colored hair;  From Sep 62 until Feb 63 he was in hospital in Nashville; In Oct 64, he was detailed as a Detective;  In 1890, he was living in Bedford Co; He is buried in the Hart Chapel Cem in Bedford Co; Possibly the Joseph G. Nichols who died in Shelbyville in 1923

Pratt, Silas R.  34  (1828 - 1899)  Native of Bedford Co;  Occupation Farmer;  5' 10";  Dark complexion, blue eyes, black hair;  charged $15.50 for a lost pistol in Nov / Dec 63;  Living Bedford Co for 1890 Census;  Reported to still be suffering from a Gun Shot Wound (in the left leg?) from Nov 62; Buried in Coffee Co


Puckett, James  26  (1836 - 1918)   Native of Morgan Co, KY;  5' 8" tall; Fair complexion, blue eyes, black hair;  Civilian occupation: Fishman;  Like several other men in Co C, he lost a Colt Pistol and was charged $20;  Buried in New Bethel Cem in Bedford Co, TN



Schneller, Joseph  27  (1835 - 1904)  Born in the Alsace region of France;  He was a Stonemason who stood 5' 7" tall, with a dark complexion, hazel eye, and light-colored hair;  He mustered in on 2 Sep;  He pent the last few months of the War as an orderly for Maj Wortham;  He married Elizabeth Hide in Bedford Co in 1868; He filed for an Invalid's pension in 1890 from KY and died in Branson, Taney Co, MO in 1904





>>>Sheppard, Robert A.  21  (1841 - )  Mustered in as a 2 Lt on 2 Sep 62;  He was a Clerk, born in TN, who apparently grew up in Shelbyville  with Robert Galbraith;  Shepard (as his name is usually spelled) was described as being 5' 9" tall with a fair complexion, blue eyes, and dark hair;  Promoted to 1 Lt on 1 Dec 62;  Unfortunately, this promising young officer shared a canteen of whiskey with some privates on 28 Jan 63 (one of whom was Private Freeman L West of Co C), got into argument with Pvt West (both were drunk by this time), shot West with his pistol (twice);  and was arrested;  Robert Galbraith wrote a statement in Shepard's defense, pointing out that he had known him for many years, that Shepard was the only one of five brothers who "espoused our Cause", that he had served as a guide and scout for the Army before his enlistment, that Galbraith and Shepard had been the first to enlist from their area, and that "his conduct has always been unexceptionable"--Galbraith actually concluded with the statement that Shepard "promises he will not again be guilty of any course that will injure the Cause";  William B. Stokes, likewise wrote on behalf of Lt S, but to no avail--Robert Shepard was Court Martialed; There was a Robert Addison Shapard, who was one of 5 sons born to Robert Paine and Parthenia (Mitchell) Shapard of Fayetteville, Bedford Co, TN (born 24 Jun 1841, died 1871 in Memphis, TN)--is this our unfortunate Robert A Shepard?



Shomaker, Sampson David  37  (1827 - 1874)  Born in Bledsoe Co, TN;  His race is listed as Mulatto;  Farmer;  5' 9" tall; Dark complexion, brown eyes, black hair; Mustered in 2 Sep and mustered out 25 Jun 65;  Married Martha Smith;  He filed an Invalid' petition in 1874;  His widow filed for her pension in 1880; He was sick in hosp during the period of Jun - Oct 63; Last name spelled variously as Shoemake, Shomaker, Shumake, etc.--as he was unable to write his name, it is hard to know how he would have spelled his name

Trollinger, Andrew  33  (1829 - 1904)  Born in Bedford Co, he lived most of his life after the War as a Farmer in Marshall Co, TN;  He was 5' 10" tall and was dark complected with gray eyes and dark hair; He mustered in with his Company in Sep 62 and out with them in June 65;  He married Sarah Ann White in 1856;  He died and was buried in Marshall co;  Note:  there was an Andrew M Trollinger who also lived in Marshall Co--I don't know how they were related, but my guess is they were cousins 

Weaver, James C.  35  (1827 - )  Originally from Henry Co, VA;  He was 5' 11" with gray eyes, a fair complexion, and black hair;  A Farmer in civilian life, he mustered in and mustered out with his Company;  In 1887, he filed a petition from Louisiana as an Invalid

Williams, Tarlton F.  26  (1836 - )  Born in Bedford Co, TN;  The AG's Report erroneously lists him as Lalton F. Williams;

He was 5' 11" tall, with a fair complexion, black eyes, and auburn hair;  He was a Farmer by trade; You would think, with such an unusual name, he would be easy to find in civilian records, but not so

Willis, William D  15  (1847 - 1896) Born in Herkimer Co, NY, he was originally designated a Musician for Company C;  He stood 5' 7" tall, with a fair complexion, blue eyes, and light-colored hair; Mustered in on 2 Sep in Nashville;  Mustered out on 25 Jun 65;  His Occupation was originally listed as Farmer, although in 1880 he was a Machinist;  He married Augusta A. Snell in 1883 in Colorado;   He entered the Soldiers' Home in Leavenworth, KS and died there of Endocarditis on 20 Nov 1896;  He is buried there in Grave 1196;  His widow filed for her pension in 1897 from Minn

Wilson, Cashelton Brice D.  23  (1839 - 1901)  Born in Hawkins Co, TN;  In fact, he lived most of his life in Hawkins Co; His name is also listed as Chaselton, but he signs his name as "Cashelton",  He stood 5' 10" tall, with a dark complexion, hazel eyes, and brown hair;  He was a Carpenter by trade;  He was Detached to Co F nearly the whole time he was in uniform, but (since Co F was also assigned to Cripple Creek), I assume he spent some of his time at Cripple Creek; On the Mar / Apr 63 Muster Roll, he is listed as "In the Secret Service for Gen Rosecrans";  He applied for his pension as an Invalid in 1890 and his widow, Judah A (Snodgrass), applied for her pension in 1901

Yancy, William L  15  (1847 - 1910) Sometimes spelled "Yancey";  Born in Shelbyville;  He was originally asigned as a  Musician; He was 5' 7" tall, with blue eyes, dark hair, and a fair complexion;  His occupation was Farmer, although he worked as a Sadler and as a Harness Maker in his life;  He married Sarah Emma Thompson in 1866 in Bedford Co, TN;  Most of his life was spent in Bedford Co, TN, however, he died in Muncie, Delaware Co, IN in 1910;  He apparently went by the name William L. Baney, although I could find none of his official records filed under that name  









      DIED                  GONE  HOME         UNACCOUNTED  FOR        IN HOSPITAL           NOT YET RECRUITED

Fox, Robert

Lane, Jahue

Noblett, Gideon

Noblett, John

Russel, Frank

Shook, Andrew J.

Smith, James

Starr, Peter D.

Walker, Henry W.

Whitesides, D. C.

Winn, George W.


Bowen, Louis M.

Denison, Absalom C.

Fulson, Daniel W.

Hauton, John H.

House, Simon

Lawson, Charles L

Richardson, George W.

Robert A. Shop  (Lt)











            IN PRISON

House, George W.  

Sheppard, Robert A. (2 Lt)


(Both of these men are told of in lengthy bios in the box above this one)





Baxley, William J.

Baya, Joseph H.

Brannon, Michael

Ezell, William

Haskins, J. R.

Kennedy, J. J.

Kinsey, Washington

Lamb, Zachariah

Lasley, Andrew J.

McAdams, William A.

Vellis, Joseph


  (Haskins and Kennedy did not even last 1 week!)











Hopper, James H.--He

  transferred FROM Co F to

  Co C on 1 Nov 62, but for

  nearly all of his time in

  Service, he was on Special

  Detachment (usually as

  Courier) to Head Quarters,

  which means he was

  probably never at Cripple

  Creek, unless he were

  delivering a message

  either to or from there

Martin, John--Detached to

   Co G right after being

   mustered in

Parker, Louis--Detached to

  Co G, right after being

  mustered into Co C

Preston, James C.--

   Detached to Co G instead

   of Co C

Royal, John H.--Detached 

  to Co G for Mar - Jun 63;

  permanently assigned to  

  Co G from Jun 63 onward

Sherwood, James C.* -- 

  Detached to Head Qtrs in

  Carthage; Would die of

  Smallpox in Hospital in

  Shelbyville on 9 Jun 64

Welcher, Thomas *--

  Detached to Co G from

  May - Aug 63; Would be

  killed on picket duty near

  Sparta, TN 23 Feb 64

Adde (Addy, Adda), Jakob--

  Hospitalized on 5 Dec 62;

  present for Jan and Feb 63, 

  but hospitalized from Mar 63

  until his transfer to the Invalid

  Corp in Feb 64

Fowler, Stephen--In hospital

  from Dec 62 until Dec 63

Glasscock, Samuel M.--Died in

  Murfreesboro Field Hospital  

  on 11 Mar 63 of Erisypelas;

  Kin to Sgt. Peter Glasscock?

House, Simon--Hospitalized

  from Nov 62 until Jan 64, 

  when he was medically

  discharged (I describe him in

  the box above in a lengthy bio)

Long, Joseph C.--Hospitalized

  after Stones River, in

  Nashville, from April to August

  (when his Company was at 

  Cripple Creek) 

McGuire, William--Hospitalized

  from Mar / Apr 63 until

  returning to duty on 5 Aug 63

Nelson, Martin--Hospitalized  

  from Dec 62 until his 

  discharge   to the VRC in

  Jan/Feb 64

Parker, John S.--Hospitalized

  from May 63 forward;

  Discharged in July, due to

  advanced Rheumatism and 

  old age, rendering him unfit for

  duty, even in the Invalid Corps

West, Freeman L.--Got into a

  drunken argument with Lt  

  Robert Sheppard in Jan 63

  which led to Sheppard being

  "confined" in a military jail for

  shooting West two times;     

  West was hospitalized from

  Jan until Aug 63; He lived, but

  was discharged in Aug 63 due

   to "wounds received in



Davis, William A.

Devers, Alfred

Edde, James

Evans, John C

Harrison, Lyre

Holton, Charles

Jarrel, William

Jenkins, Doctor W.

Johnson, William

Marshall, John W.

Mitchell, William

Pearson, James H.

Perigan, Matthew

Pope, John

Posey, Frank M.

Sandlin, James

Statom, Thomas

Stewart, George

Taylor, Lewis



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