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1st OH Light Volunteer Artillery

    Standardt's Battery - Co. B

90th OH Infantry

Companies A - I and K

Three of the 90th OVI colorbearers at the close of the war: Andrew Irvin, David Goodwin, and Jacob Cockerill. 

    The  90th  OH  lost

          252 men

      during the War:




     82  were killed in action or    

             mortally wounded


           170   died of disease


The 90th OH Volunteer Infantry was organized in July 1862, at Camp Circleville, OH, in Pickaway County. Most of the men were drawn from Fairfield, Fayette, Hocking, Perry, Pickaway, and Vinton Counties located in the south-central part of the state.  The regiment was musterd in on 29 Aug 62, as a three-year enlistment.  Its first Colonel was Isaac N. Ross.













The 90th were positioned within two milles of Perryville, KY on 8 Oct 62, but were not permitted to engage in the battle, due perhaps to their being so newly organized.  A few months later, the men would be part of the Battle of Stones River, this being their "baptism by fire".  


The men of the original regiment were mustered out on 13 Jul 65, at Camp Harker, TN.  Recruits who had joined up with the 90th in 1863, were mustered out on 3 Oct 65 in Victoria, TX.







  The  Men of  the  90th  OH   fought in these battles:


Stones River, TN.....31 Dec 62-2 Jan 63

Chickamauga, GA.....19-20 Sep 63

Resaca, GA.........13-16 May 64

Kennesaw Mtn., GA...9-27 Jun 64

Jonesboro, GA...31 Aug-1 Sep 64

Franklin, TN.......................30 Nov 64

Nashville, TN.................15-16 Dec 64

                    1920 Reunion


Small Heading



20th Reunion


DATE     COL    LT COL       MAJ            ADJ            SGT MAJ       RQM         QMS       COM SGT    SURG           ASST SURGS                 STEW     CHAP


27 Jan      "             "                "                  "                 "                   "                "                 X        "                       "                     "            "            "

15 Feb      "             "                "                  "                 "                   "               X                 X        "                       "                     "            "            "

14 Apr  RIPPEY YEOMAN   PERRY           "                 "                   "               X                 X        "                       "                     "            "            "

7 May        "             "               "                  "                 X                  "               X                 X         "                       "                     "             "           "

12 May      "             "               "                  "                 X                  "               X                 X         "                       "                     "             "           X

26 May      "             "               "                  "                 X                  "               X                 X         "                O'HANLON /        X             "           X

17 Jun       "             "               "                  "          STUCKEY          "               X              LEIB       "                        "                    X            "           X

20 Jun       "             "               "                  "                  "                   "              X                  "         "                        "               COATES     "           X




                    Carpenter, Henry W.  28  (1834 - 1914)  He was born in Lancaster, Fairfield Co, OH;  His father was a

                    Physician and Henry followed in his father's profession, graduating from the Cincinnati Medical College in

                    1859;  He married Kate Clark(e) in 1860;  Mustered in as Assistant Surgeon when the regiment formed;  

                    Family tradition has him being in charge of a hospital and repeatedly captured;  He resigned from the 90th OH

                    on 26 May 63;  Family records also show him re-enlisting with the 13th OH Cav and the 187th OH as

                    Surgeon;  He reportedly helped Clara Barton identify soldiers who died and were buried at Andersonville

                    Prison in GA;  He remained in the service until 1866 and returned to Lancaster;  He owned a mercantile

                    business (pharmacy?) and lived a long life until he died in 1914  




                    Coates, John Gilbert  <56>  (<1807> - 1891)   Army records show him as 45 at enlistment in 1863, making

                    him born in 1817, but family records show him as being born in 1807 in Coatesville, Chester Co, PA;  Married

                    about 1840 to Nancy D. Sanor in Starkk Co, OH;  His occupation was Physician;  Mustered in as Assistant

                    Surgeon on 20 Jun 63;  Resigned 18 Dec 63;  He died and is buried in Cleveland, OH




                    [Felton, William  28  (1836 - 1911)  Bio appears on page for Company A]



                   ???Flickardt, Frederick W.  20  (1843 - )  Mustered in as Sgt Maj;  Discharged on a Surgeon's Certif on 7

                    May 63



                    ???Garaghty, Edward P.  33  (1830 - 1888)   Born in Lancaster, Fairfield Co, OH to an Irish father and                                mother;  Lived most of his adult in Lancaster or in Circleville (Pickaway Co) OH;  In 1850 he worked as a

                    Clerk in Circleville;  Mustered in as QM Sgt;  Discharged 15 Feb 63 on a Surgeon's Certificate of Disability;  

                    In Jun 63, he was living again in Lancaster, Fairfield Co, OH, where he was listed as an unmarried Clerk;  In

                    1880, he was an unmarried Banker living in Circleville, Pickaway Co, OH;  He died in 1888 in Circleville and

                     is buried there;  He apparently never married 





                    Kalb, George Lewis  33  (1829 - 1912)  Born born in OH;  Married Mary Elizabeth Bigham in 1853;  Was a

                    Presbyterian minister;  Appointed Chaplain on 5 Sep 62;  Resigned 12 May 63;  Was pastor of the

                    Presbyterian Church in Bellefontaine (Logan Co) OH for over 35 years;  At some point, he earned a Doctor of

                    Divinity degree, as well as an MD as an Allopath;  He is buried in Bellefontaine, OH






                    Kingery, Daniel Newton*  25  (1838 - 1863)  Lived in Ross Co, OH in 1850 (aged 12);  Mustered in as Adj

                    on 16 Jul 62;  Will be killed in action at Chickamauga, GA 20 Sep 63;  There is no record of him being buried                     at the Chattanooga National Cemetery or in Ross Co, OH with the rest of his family





                   Kinnear, Albert C.  22  (1841 - 1898)  Born in OH;  Army records show him as Albert L. Kinnear;  Mustered in

                   as a Hospital Steward;  Discharged 19 Mar 64 on a Surgeon's Certificate of Disability;  He graduated from

                   the Starling Medical College in Columbus, OH in 1867; In 1870 and 1880, he and his wife, Isabell, and

                   children were living in Pickaway Co, OH where he was a Physician;  Family records show his year of death as




                   [Leib, Henry F.  24  (1839 - )  Bio appears on page for Company D]


                   O'Hanlon, Charles P.  31  (<1832> - 1875)  According to the 1850 Census for Lancaster, A, he was born in                       SC;  By 1853 he lived in Columbiana Co, OH where he married Rebecca A. Farr;  Mustered in as Second

                    Assistant Surgeon on 5 Nov 62;  Became the First Assistant Surgeon on 26 May 63 when Henry W.

                    Carpenter resigned;  He mustered out with the company on 13 Jun 65;  He died in 1875 and is buried in

                    Fairfield, Columbiana Co, OH



                    Orman, Jacob B.  29  (1834 - 1906)  Born in OH;  Lived nearly all of his life in Fairfield Co, OH;  Mustered in

                    as the Regimental QM;  Would become the Capt of Co I on 18 Mar 65;  He worked with his father and

                    brothers as a Carpenter and Builder (in 1870, he included Architect in his occupation);  By 1900, he and his

                    brother were in the Lumber Business;  Family sources list his birthday as 1 Jan 1834;  He died 24 Feb 1906

                    and is buried in Lancaster, Fairfield Co, OH;  He never married




                    Perry, Alvah  40  (1823 - 1886)  Born in VA, but living in Lancaster, Fairfield Co, OH by 1850;  Mustered in

                    as Capt of Co D;  Promoted to Maj on 14 Apr 63;  He would resign 23 Oct 63 (this was 3 days after Yeoman

                    was promoted to Col--was there a connection?); He continued  to live in Fairfield Co after the War;  In 1860,

                    his occupation is listed as Stock Broker, but that line is left blank in the other years (was he independently

                    wealthy?);  Died and is buried in Columbus, OH




                    Rippey, Charles H.   23  (1839 - 1919)  Born in OH; Entered college before War, but graduated Cincinnati

                    School of Law 1865;  Served in the 17th OH in 1861-62, rising to rank of Capt;  Mustered in as Lt Col on 9

                    Aug 62;  Married to Virginia DeSteigeur on 23 Mar 63 (while on leave from Cripple Creek); Promoted to Col

                    on 14 Apr 63 after Col Ross resigned;  Rippey would resign 24 Oct 63;  Family (4 sons, 4 daughters) moved

                    to San Diego, CA in 1880s due to wife's health; Practiced his profession as a Lawyer until about 1909;  Was

                    also engaged in the Rail Road Business;  Died and is buried in Santa Barbara, CA





                    Ross, Isaac N.   39  (1824 - 1881) Born in NH to Isaac and Olive Ross;  Lived much of his life before the

                    War in Hanover, Graton Co, NH;  Married Maria Wright there in 1851;  Appointed Col on 16 Jun 62 and

                    mustered in on 22 Aug 62 when the regiment was formed;  He resigned in 14 Apr 63 suffering

                    from Diphtheria; In Jun 63, he is listed as a Merchant in Muhlenberg, Pickaway Co, OH;  By 1870, he and his

                    wife and children are living in Holden, Worcester Co., MA  where he is a Farmer;  He was still living in Holden

                    when he died in 1881



                    [Stuckey, Samuel W.  24  (1839 - )  His bio appears on the page for Company C]



                    Tipton, Richard H.  40  (1822 - 1887)  Born in OH, he lived most of his life in Pickaway Co, OH;  He was

                     appointed Postmaster of Darbyville in Pickaway Co in Feb 62;  Mustered in as Surgeon on 19 Aug 62;  

                     Would remain with the company until he was mustered out with them on 13 Jun 65  He continued as a

                     Physician in Darbyville, died, and was buried there in 1887, along with his wife, Minerva, and their three




                    Yeoman, Samuel N.  34  (1828 - 1890)  Lived before and after the War in Fayette Co, OH;  Originally

                     enlisted as a Capt, but was mustered in as Maj on 10 Aug 62;  Promoted to Lt Col on 14 Apr 63;

                     Promoted to Col on 20 Oct 63, but was never mustered in;  Received a Brevet Col appointment on 13 Mar

                     65;  Mustered out with the company on 13 Jun 65; After the War, he and his wife, Susan, remained in

                     Fayette Co;  He was engaged as a Merchant and Proprietor of a Dry Goods Store;  By 1880, he was

                     involved in the Rail Road business;  He and his wife never had any children;  He died and is buried in

                     Fayette Co, OH  





Angle, George* (Capt of Co E, would become Maj on 23 Nov 63)

Arehart, John N.  (1 Sgt in Co D, will be appt RQM on 8 Apr 65)

Bateman, John C.  (Cpl in Co H, will become Sgt Maj on 3 Feb 64)

Beck, John S.  (A Pvt in Co D who will be appt QMS on 18 Jul 63)

Clark, John A.  (Musician in Co I who will be named Regimental Musician on 1 May 65)

Harper, John W.  (1 Sgt of Co C, would become Sgt Maj on 25 May 65)

Hitchcock, Nicholas F.  (Capt of Co H, would become Maj on 8 Sep 64)

???Holliday, William C.  (Would become Chaplain on 21 Dec 63)

Philbrick, Francis G.  (Musician of Co D, will be named Principal Musician on 1 Jul 63)

Platner, Samuel S.  (Pvt in Co I who would be appt Hosp Stwd on 22 Apr 64)

Price, Robert F.  (Musician for Co H, who would become a Regimental Musician on 5 Jan 65)

Snyder, Daniel  (Pvt in Co H who will be appt Com Sgt on 23 Aug 64)

Viereborne, Abram  (Pvt in Co F who would be named Princial Mus on 4 Jan 64, but retd to ranks in Co F on 28 Oct 64)

Webb, William J.  (1 Lt of Co K, would be appt RQM on 18 Apr 65)



Wylie, Jefferson L. (Assistant Surgeon)


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