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   1st OH Light Artillery

    Standart's Battery - Co. B

The 1st Ohio Artillery Militia was organized before the Civil War began, under Colonel James Barnett.


Col. James Barnett (1821 - 1922) continued to serve as Chief of Artillery for the Army of the Cumberland from Nov. 1862 until Oct. 1864.



The 1st OVLA consisted of 10 individual companies (batteries), each one serving independently of the others.



Battery B was mustered in 8 Oct. 1861 at Camp Dennison, OH.  It was mustered out on 22 Jul. 1865 in Bridgeport, AL.  Many of the men in Co. B were from Cuyahoga County, OH. 





     BATTERY B fought with distinction       throughout the Civil War, including the                           following

PERRYVILLE, KY..............................8 Oct. 1862

STONES RIVER........31 Dec. 1862 - 2 Jan 1863

CHICKAMAUGA, GA..............19 - 20 Sept. 1863


        ..............................24 Sept. - 23 Nov. 1863


   Plus Garrison Duty in Nashville, TN and in

                         Bridgeport, AL


  Standart's Battery lost only       40 men during the War:



         11 were killed in action or    

                 mortally wounded


                  29 died of disease





the "Standart" in "Standart's Battery" came from its first commanding officer,

  Captain William E. Standart?



Sunday, May 10, 1863, will long live in the remembrance of those who composed Standart's Battery.  The flag we received was made of the most costly material.  On its folds, in letters of silver, was inscribed: Presented by the officers of First Brigade, Second Division, Twenty-First Army Corps, to Standart's Ohio Battery.  Underneath this were the words: Wild Cat, Mill Springs, Chaplin Hills, Stone River. [Chickamauga and Chattanooga would be added later.]  The Captain's sword is heavily mounted with gold, and is a beautiful piece of workmanship.  It cost two hundred dollars.  

From the above it will be seen that the services

which our Battery had rendered in the Union

cause are duly appreciated by those who know

our history best.  


DATE              CAPTAIN                         1LT                                 2LT                                                           1SGT                                        QMS        

1 Jan. 63            Standart          Baldwin , Sypher                Hill ,  Kelley                                    (Thompson was killed 31 Dec.)                  Eldridge

7 Jan. 63                  "                      "              "                       "           "                                                      Throup                                                  "

21 Jan. 63                "                      "              "                       "           "     Eldridge                                        "                                                     -----

1 Mar. 63                 "                       "             "                        "           "           "                                              "                                                Lankester

12 Mar. 63               "                       "             "            Throup "           "           "                                            -----                                                    "

14 Mar. 63               "                       "             "                   "    "         ----          "                                            -----                                                    "

21 Mar. 63               "                       "             "                   "    "       -----     ----- (Eldridge died)                     -----                                                    "



Adams, Lorenzo B.  23  (1832 - 1884)  Born in Lorain Co., OH;  Mustered in on 5 Sept 61 as a Cpl; Promoted from Cpl to Sgt on 8 Jan 63; He mustered out on 7 Nov 1864;  He went home to OH reportedly suffering from severe dysentery;  By Mar 65 he felt well enough to enlist again, this time in the 88th PA Inf, Co. K, serving until the War's end; Back home in OH, he worked as a Tinsmith and was elected mayor of Olmstead Falls, OH serving two terms (1876 - 79); The name and age on his original enlistment forms differ from what the family shows for him:  the Army has him as Alonzo B. Adams, aged 23; his family maintains he was Lorenzo B. (or LB) Adams, born in 1832; family records also say he was maimed in the War, but do not elaborate on his injury

Baldwin, Norman A.  26  (1835 - 1911)  Began as 2 Lt in Aug 61; Promoted to 1 Lt on 16 Sept 62;  During Battle of Stones River, he served as Acting Capt because Capt Standart had been temporarily assigned as Regimental Commander; When Capt Standart resigned on 31 Oct 63, Baldwin was promoted to Captain and remained in that post until the unit was mustered out in July 1865; Vet

Blair, John H.  31   (<1829> -  1872?)  Mustered in  on 10 Aug 61 as a Sgt; Vet; Mustered out 22 Jul 65; There is a John Halm Blair buried in the Erie St Cem in Cleveland, OH, b 1829, d. 26 Jan 72--no mention of Civil War; John Halm Blair, b in Cleveland, OH in 1829 and  d 26 Jan 72 in Peoria, IL, buried in Erie St Cemetery in Cleveland on 31 Jan 72--Is this our Sgt John H. Blair?

Camp, William Marsh   23  (1838 - 1925)  Mustered in on 10 Oct 61 as Sgt; Promoted to 1 Sgt on 13 July 63; Would become 2 Lt of Battery D on 26 Sept 64; Vet 

Eldridge, George D.*  28  (<1833> - 1863)  Mustered in on 1 Oct 61 as QM Sgt;  Promoted to 2 Lt on 21 Jan 63;  At some point (while he was at Cripple Creek?), Eldridge became ill and was sent to a hospital in Nashville;  Before Eldridge's illness, there had only been two 2 Lts (Hill and Kelley);  Kelley resigned on 14 Mar 63, but two days before this (12 Mar 63) Throup was promoted to 2 Lt (giving the battery four 2 Lts!);  Was Throup put in because Kelley had announced his plans to resign and/or because Eldridge was not expected to pull through?;  On 24 Mar 63, Eldridge died of Typhoid Fever in Gen Hospital 17 in Nashville, TN, taking the total of 2 Lts in the battery back down to two;  Eldridge's final resting place is in the Soldiers' Lot of the Woodland Cemetery in Cleveland, OH (Lot 32)

Hill, James M.  25  (1836 - 1897?)  Mustered in 26 Sept 61 as Regimental QM Sgt;  Promoted to 2 Lt of Battery B on 30 Nov 62; promoted to 1 Lt on 31 Oct 63, but was not mustered;  Resigned on 8 Jan 64; There is a headstone record for a Lt James Hill RQM for 1 OH Inf who d 6 May 1897 and is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, CA;  An article in the May 15, 1897 Cleveland Plain Dealer would seem to confirm this is our James Hill--if so, then he was chief of the Cleveland Fire Dept prior to the War, resigned his commission on the Fire Dept when the War broke out, but returned to Cleveland and the Fire Dept in 1864, removing to Oakland, CA in 1875 where he also served on the Fire Dept, eventually as chief;  This James Hill died while walking into the Oakland City Hall; however, there is no record of his burial in the Mountain View Cemetery, in spite of the military headstone record;  curiously, there IS a record for a James Hill, birth year unknown, who died in June 1897 who is buried in Cleveland's Woodland Cemetery

Judson, Silas H.   25   (1836 - 1907)  Born in PA, he worked as a School Teacher in Huron, Co., OH in 1860;  Mustered in 5 Sept 61 as a Cpl;  Promoted to Sgt on 20 Oct 61;  Eventually promoted to 2 Lt of Battery F in May 1865;  After the War he moved to Grundy Co., TN; His occupation in 1900 was as a Telephone Operator

Kelley, John J.  22  (1839 - )  Mustered in on 10 Aug 61 as a 1st Sgt;  Promoted to 2 Lt  on 16 Sept 62;  He resigned 14 Mar 63

Lankester, Joseph(us) George   23  (1838 - 1923)  Mustered in on 5 Sep 61; He moved through the ranks from Cpl to 1st Lt before the War's end; from March 63 until Nov 63, he was a Quarter Master Sgt; Mustered out 22 Jul 65;  Vet;  After the War, he moved to Jasper, TN.

Moats, Henry    22  (1838 - 1911)  Born in England, he came to America in 1849;  Mustered in 10 Aug 61 as a Sgt;  He was promoted to 1 Sgt on 11 Mar 65; Vet; Mustered out 22 Jul 65;  Died 5 Apr 1911 in Erie Co., OH

Payson, George W.   29  (1832 - 1907)  He was born in NY and lived, during his youth, in PA;  He was living in Chagrin Falls, OH when he was mustered into Battery B on 5 Sept 61;  Was promoted to Cpl in Mar 62 and rose to Sgt in Jan 63;  He mustered out on 7 Nov 64 when his three year enlistment was over;  In the years that followed, he lived in IL, then WI, and finally in CA; One snowy day in Jan 1907, the 74 year-old George refused a neighbor's offer to give him a ride in his wagon--George, who walked with a cane, assured the man he had walked that route many times before in the snow and could do it again;  His body was found a couple of days later, frozen , face down in the snow, with his cane standing upright beside his body; he had apparently fallen (the result of exhaustion?) and frozen to death in the snow;  It was rumored that George's body was buried in one of the mines he had worked in 

Penfield, Harlan Page  19  (1842 - 1874)  Born in OH, the son of Samuel S. Penfield, who was the son of Truman Penfield (Truman was the brother of Lathrop and Gideon Penfield; therefore, Samuel was the first cousin of three other Penfields in the 1st OH: Lewis, Fletcher, and Philo--listed elsewhere;  This means that Samuel's son, Harlan was the 2nd cousin once removed of Lewis, Fletcher, and Philo);  Mustered in as a Cpl on 5 Sept 61;  Appointed Sgt on 2 Oct. 62; Vet:  Mustered out with his unit on 22 Jul 65

Penfield, Lewis W.   24  (1836 - 1925)  Born in Ohio in either 1836 (if he were truly 24 in Sept 61 as his Army records indicate) or in Dec 1837 (as the 1900 Census asserts) or in 1839 (the date his family had the stonecarver put on his tombstone);  The son of Gideon Penfield, which makes him the brother of Private Philo Penfield of Battery B, the first cousin of Private Fletcher Penfield, and the second cousin once removed of Private Harlan Penfield;  Lewis was mustered in as a Cpl on 5 Sept 61 and was promoted to Sgt on 2 Oct 62;  Vet;  Mustered out with the unit on 22 Jul 65;  Lewis and his family went west after the War, stopping for a few years in Hillsdale Co., Mich, then in Morgan Co., Ill, and finally in Los Angeles Co., Calif

Quilliams, William Thomas     23   (1838 - 1917)  Mustered in on 5 Sept 61;  He was promoted to Sgt on 5 Nov 62;  He transferred to Battery K on 6 Apr 64;  He lived nearly all if his life in Cuyahoga Co., OH

Standart, William  36  (1825 - 1883)  Born into a military family near Cleveland, OH, he enlisted as a three-month recruit in the Union Cavalry in VA, after which he returned to OH to raise a company of artillery which would become Battery B of the 1st OH Light Artillery; Appointed Captain when the Battery was formed on 10 Aug 61, he served with distinction;  During the Battle of Stones River, he was appointed by Gen. Rosecrans as his Acting Chief of Artillery; He returned to Battery B during the months at Cripple Creek and through the Battle of Chickamauga;  Suffering from diphtheria, he was forced to resign his commission on 31 Oct 63; Returning to Ohio, he became a successful businessman

Sypher, Jacob Hale  24 (1837 - 1905)  Born in PA, he enlisted in Battery A of the 1st Ohio Light Artillery on 21 Apr 61 as a Private; As this was only a three-month enlistment, he was mustered out on 27 Jul 61;  He then enlisted in Battery B of the 1st OH Light Artillery as a 1 Lt on 8 Oct 61;  He mustered out 3 Feb 64;  He was promoted to Col on 5 Jul 65 and then commisioned as Col for the 14th RI Heavy Artillery, Battery S (an all-black unit) on 11 Aug 64; He was made a Brevet-Brig Gen on13  Mar 65 and mustered out 2 Oct 65;  After the War, He earned a law degree, was a plantation owner, and a Congressman from Louisiana from 1867 - 1875;  The records for Battery B list him as John H Sypher, but in all other records he is Jacob Hale Sypher or J. Hale Sypher


Throup, David H.  20  (1841 - 1883)  Born in Ohio, he was mustered in on 10 Aug 61;  Was promoted to 1 Sgt on 7 Jan 63, then to 2 Lt on 12 Mar 63;  He would be promoted to 1 Lt on 30 Jul 64, but was not mustered;  He mustered out on 22 Jul 65;  After the War, he married a woman inJackson, AL and lived with her there for the rest of his life;  He ws buried in Cleveland, OH .

Adams, John Q.  23  (<1837> - )  Born in OH;  Mustered in 5 Sept 61;  Appointed Cpl on 1 May 62;  Would be wounded 20 Sept 63 at Chickamauga, GA;  Transferred to Battery K on 5 Apr 64;  Mustered out with Battery K on 15 Sept 64   

David, John* D.  20  (1841 - 1863)  Born in Geauga Co., OH;  Mustered in as a Pvt on 5 Sept 61;  He was appointed Cpl on 1 Mar 63 while at Cripple Creek;  Received gunshot wound in right thigh on 20 Sept 63 at Chickamauga, GA and died of his wound on 9 Oct 63 at Chattanooga, TN Gen Hosp;  Buried Chattanooga Natl Cem, Plot A-302, although family records show he is buried (cenotaph?) in the Dayburg Cemetery in Butler, Mich


Earl, Samuel (Jr.)   27   (1834 -1886)  Born in NY in either 1834 (if the Army records are correct) or in 1829 (as his family records assert);  Mustered in on 5 Sept 61 as a Pvt;  He was appointed Cpl on 2 Oct 62;  Vet;  Mustered out 22 Jul 65;   His widow, Roxanna, filed his pension application in 1886 from Michigan.





Fahrion, Ludwig "Lewis"  20  (<1843> - 1932)  Born in Wurttemberg, came to America in 1855;   Became a naturalized citizen; Mustered in on 5 Sept 61 as a Cpl;   Would be promoted to Sgt. on 8 Nov 64;  Vet;  Mustered out 22 Jul 65;  Continued to live in the Cleveland area until the 1870s when he and his family moved to Delaware Co., OH;  From the 1890s until his death, he and his family lived in Randolph Co., WV 


Holcomb, Richard Egbert "Ebb"   21  (1840 - 1903)   Mustered in as a Pvt. on 5 Sept 61;  He had just been appointed Cpl. in Jan 63 and would remain in that rank until he mustered out on 22 Jul 65;  Vet;  He lived in Lorain Co., OH for most of his life



McNinni, Barney  25  (1836 - )  He was mustered in on 5 Sept 61, but there is NO further information whatsoever about him; Was he transferred immediately to another unit?  Did he die?  Desert?  Was his name actually McEniney or some variation?  Had the officer adding names to the muster list had a little "Oh-Be-Joyful" while on duty that day?  Was Barney an alien from another dimension?  (I'll probably never know, so I might as well have some fun with this one!)


Nichols, Edmond A. (or H.?)  24  (1837 - )  Mustered in on 5 Sept 61;   He was Cpl until he received a discharge in Mar 63 (along with Robert F. Andrews) in order to transfer to the Mississippi Marine Brigade, where he became a 2 Lt.;  By Dec 63 he was 1 Lt; on 14 Oct 64 he was promoted to Captain after Capt. Daniel Walling resigned; At some point, the MMB was supplanted by the 2nd Battery E of the 1st Missouri Light Artillery and Nichols continued as Capt;  The unit was mustered out in Apr 65 in Vicksburg, MS;  After leaving the 1st OH, Edmond's middle initial is always given as "H"--was it "H" all along and it was misread or misheard as "A" by the mustering officer of the 1st OH?



Schmidt, Gerhardt  28  (1832 - 1894)  Born either in Germany or in PA;  Mustered in on 5 Sept 61 as a Cpl;  Would make Sgt on 11 Mar 65;  Vet;  Mustered out on 22 Jul 65;  His widow (Mary J.) applied for his pension in 1897.


Schroh, Nicholas  24  (1837 - <1880>)  Born in Bavaria; Mustered in on 1 Oct 61;  Had just been appointed Cpl in Jan 63;  Vet; Mustered out 22 Jul 65; Remained in Cuyahoga Co., OH after the War; A notice in the Cleveland Plain Dealer in 1875 told he was resigning his post as 1 Lt of the Ohio Lt Artillery (veterans' group?) due to failing health; His widow (Jennie) applied for his pension in 1880 from OH



Wilson, Wesley Hogue  28  (1835? - 1908)  Born in OH (death certificate says Sept 1835, 1900 Census says Oct. 1836); Mustered in on 1 Oct 61;  Became a Cpl on 15 Dec 61 and served in that rank until 8 Nov 63, when he was promoted to Sgt;  He mustered out with the unit as a Veteran on 22 Jul 65;  He married Margaret A. in 1870;  Lived in Cleveland, OH for most of his life as a Railroad Conductor/Baggage Agent, although he died in St. Ignace, Mich in Dec. 1908;  His Pension record (spelled "Wilson") shows he served in the 19th OH Infantry, Co. B and that he filed for an Invalid Pension in 1889 from OH; Under the spelling "Willson", his widow, Margaret A., filed for her pension on 2 Jan 1909 from OH



Yeckley, Frank (Francis Marion)  26  (1835 - 1891)    Born in NY;  Mustered in on 5 Sept 61;  Had just been promoted to Cpl on 5 Nov 62;  He would become QM Sgt on  5 Jan 64; Vet; Mustered out with the rest of the battery on 22 Jul 65;  After the War, he and his family lived in Union, IL 




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