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              DAY - BY - DAY  AT  CAMP  CRIPPLE  CREEK





     A  Selected  Bibliograhy  of  Camp  Cripple  Creek  and/or  the  Men  Who  Called  It  Home:



Alms, Frederick H.   The Life of Frederick H. Alms

          Cincinnati: Jennings and Graham, 1904.     



                No mention of Cripple Creek.



Anderson, Gen. Nicholas Longworth    Letters and Journals

          New York [?]:  Revel, 1942



                General Anderson rose from private to general in the 6th OH.



Annals of the Army of the Cumberland Comrising Biograhies, Descriptions of Departments, Accounts of Expeditions, Skirmishes, and Battles also its Police Record of Spies, Smugglers, and Prominent Rebel Emissaries Together with Anecdotes, Incidents, Poetry, Reminiscences, and Official Reports of the Battle of Stone River and the Chickamauga Campaign by John Fitch, Attorney-at-Law, Alton, Illinois and Provost Judge

          Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1864







               The title says it all, although there is still much it does not cover, such as what happened to the Camp at Cripple Creek, etc.




Barnett, James  Papers 

          Western Reserve Historical Society



                These papers were used by Browne to write his history (see next citation.)



Barnett, James  Battery H, First Ohio Light Artillery, edited by Edward C. Browne, Jr.

          Little Miami Publishing Co.

               Papers-General-James-Barnett-Captain-James-Huntington-and-Second-Lieutenant-William-             Parmelee-Jr-34p63.htm  


                Battery H was attached to Palmer's (2nd) Division, just as Battery B was                    attached to Cruft's Brigade within Palmer's Division. 





Burton, John   One Union Soldier, War of the Rebellion, 1862-1865  

          by Harry E. Sark. 22 pgs. Columbus. Ohio. 1977. Call# 973.781 Sa73o. Ohio                   Historical Society. Columbus. Ohio


               I have not personally seen this source yet.




Busbey, William H.  Memoranda, Data, and things worth remembering  





               By far, this has been my main source of information about Cripple Creek.



Cutter, Orlando Phelps   Our Battery, Journal of Co. B, 1st OVA

          Cleveland:  Nevins' Book and Job Publishing Establishment, 1864




               Another one of my main sources about Cripple Creek.




Dillman, Henry F.   A Diary Written by Henry F. Dillman During the Civil War  

          Monroe County Historical Society and Monroe County Civil War Centennial            

          Commission (1962)


                Yet another source of information on Cripple Creek.




Galbraith, Robert    Civil War Diaries   

          Contained in the UT Library, Special Collections Department, MS 2179  [Unpublished]


               No entries from 13 Jan - 7 Sept 1863, so NO mention of Cripple Creek.





Hannaford, Ebenezer   The story of a regiment : a history of the campaigns, and associations in the field, of the Sixth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry  (1868)

               history-of-the-campaigns-and-associations-in-the-fi-dro/page-32-the-story-of-a-regiment--a-               history-of-the-campaigns-and-associations-in-the-fi-dro.shtml


              Several mentions of Cripple Creek, including instances of bivouacking      

              there a few nights in August and September 1862.




Harden, Henry O.     History of the 90th Ohio Volunteer Infantry  

         Edited and Compiled by Henry O. Harden for the 90th OVI reunion in 1902


               This wonderful book contains a paraphrase of diaries by Chilcote

             and Mauk and several mentions of "Chilcote's cow".





Homegrown Yankees:  Tennessee's Union Cavalry in the Civil War by James Alex Baggett

          Baton Rouge:  Louisiana State University Press, 2009






                A wealth of information about the 5th Tennessee Cavalry.


Hornbeck, J. H.  Letter to the Perryville Journal   


               This letter cleared up my confusion over which companies of cavalry   

were actually at Camp Cripple Creek.

Horsfall, William

          My Civil War Obsession, Website created and maintianed by Richard McCormick


                This is a wonderful website for many reasons, but especially for his information on William Horsfall.

               Another noteworthy website with information on William Horsfall and countless other Civil War topics is this one, created and maintianed by C.W. Maples a/k/a "Bummer".


Hutchinson, Dennis    31st Indiana Volunteer Infantry   



              An interesting and well-maintained website


Jones, Brev Maj Frank J.   Personal Recollections and Experience of a Soldier...





               Unfortunately, Maj. Jones makes no mention of Camp Cripple Creek.



Kentucky Historical Society




               This site contains a photo and other information on a flag that was presented to the men of the 1st KY (which I believe to be the one presented to them while they were at Cripple Creek).  (The family member who donated the flag mistakenly says it was carried in the Peninsula Campaign and at Vicksburg--both of which, the 1st Kentucky was NOT a participant in.)  


Landrum, George W.   Letters  1861 - 1863

          Western Reserve Historical Society 


               I have not checked this source out (yet!)


McKee, Robert Thomas   The Civil War Diary 1863 of Robert Thomas McKee



               Another one of my main sources of information on Camp Cripple Creek.




Marshall, Joseph K.   Civil War diary of Joseph K. Marshall : Co. E, 90th Regmt., 1st Brigade, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Aug. 29, 1862-July 31st, 1864



               I have not actually seen this diary (yet!)




Mason, Samuel   Samuel Mason's War Journal



               I have yet to actually check out this source.



Nicholson, George B.   Diary and Papers

          Ashland University [OH] Archives

;id=1E9C0FDB-               8118-4564-803F-638339014814;type=301


               Contains a Map/Drawing of Camp Cripple Creek done by Lt. George B.      

             Crow on 20 Feb 63 for Col. Enyart


Palmer, John M.   Personal recollections of John M. Palmer; the story of an earnest life  

               General Palmer is quite amusing in relating his recollections.


Price, Abram   A Southern Odyssey. The Narrative of Abram Price 

          Edited by James K. Richards. pgs 24-35. Timeline. Volume 6. Number 4. August-September.           1989. Ohio Historical Society. Columbus. Ohio


               I have not actually perused this one yet.


Rickett, Ezra    Ezra Rickett Papers

          Ezra Rickett Papers. Ezra E. Rickett. Co. H. 90th O.V.I. 29 items. Call# VFM 423. Ohio          

          Historical Society. Columbus. Ohio


                I have not actually perused these.




Robb, Charles    Poems of Charles Robb

          Chicago:  Conkey, 1910




                 Includes a drawing of Camp Cripple Creek, dated 16 May 1863 and a poem

                 about the death of Cpl Cyrus Black at Stones River



Sedgewick, Thomas  Colonel Thomas Sedgewick, Commander of the 2nd Kentucky Infantry

          Website and article by Bryan S. Bush


               Interesting information on one of my favorite commanders of the Civil War.  Includes photos of two ceremonial swords presented to him, as well as the original foot officer's sword worn by him.



Smith, John Thomas    A history of the Thirty-first regiment of Indiana volunteer infantry in the War of the Rebellion
          Publisher: Cincinnati : Published for the author by the Western Methodist Book Concern,      



          ZgLWpvUS5M8hC7AjIeowA5vhao&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CEgQ6AEwCGoVChMI5qzh1c                     OvyAIVx5yACh0crgLn#v=onepage&q=smith%20a%20history                                      



               Another one of my main sources of information for the Calendar and for                  the Website in general



Sturges, Eban P.    Civil War Diaries

          Eban P. Sturges Civil War Diaries, 1862-1864. Eban P. Sturges, Jr. (on rosters as Sturgis).               Ohio Volunteer Light Artillery 1st Regiment Companies B, M, I and E. 4 volumes. v.1. Diary,             Oct.-Dec. 1862 (VOL 889) - v.2. Diary, Mar.-Nov. 1863 (VOL 890) - v.3. Diary, Jan.-Mar.,                 Nov. 1863-Apr. 1864 (VOL 891) - v.4. Diary, Jul. 1864-Jan. 1865 (VOL 892). Call# VOL 889-             892. Ohio Historical Society. Columbus. Ohio


                 Unfortunately, Maj. Sturges was never at Cripple Creek




Walker, Robert    Letters of Robert Walker, a Soldier in the Civil War of 1861-1865             Biography by Mrs. Hugh Henry West. Edited by Clara A. Glenn. Vernon County Censor.                   Viroqua. Wisconsin. 1917. 


               Pvt. Walker's observations are often wise and witty and his letters reveal    

             many details about everyday life at Camp Cripple Creek.



Walker, Robert  Civil War Voices, Soldier Studies  



               Another source of letters by Pvt. Walker



Wood, William Rogers   Dearest Maggie: The Letters of a Civil War Soldier to His Sweetheart

          New York:  Mowrey, 1988


               I cannot locate a copy of this book, so I have not looked at it.












6th OH

Co D





6th OH

F & S






Army of the Cum-berland















Batt H








Batt H





90th OH

Co C





1st  KY

Co C






1st OH LA

Batt B








31st IN

Co G







5th TN Cav







6th OH











90th OH









5th TN










5th TN Cav




1 KY

Co G










31st IN







6th OH

F & S







1st KY












6th OH

Co. A







31st IN

Co B






90th OH

Co E







31st IN

Co D






6th OH

Co K







1st Brigade






6th OH

Co G




90th OH

Co H






1 KY

F & S









2nd KY

F & S








31st IN













90th OH

Co H









1st OH LA

Batt B







1st OH LA

Batt B






6th OH

Co F











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