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                         COMPANY  I  OFFICERS  at  CRIPPLE  CREEK

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Hogan, Andrew J.  25   (1836 - 1886? )  Elected 2 Lt as the Company was being organized on 22 Apr 61 and by the time the officers were being mustered in on 5 Jun 61, he had been elected 1 Lt;  Detailed to serve on fortifications at Camp Gauley in Aug 61;  Served as Acting Capt from 12 Sep 61  Promoted to Capt on 22 Jan 62;  Injured severely at Shiloh on 7 Apr 62,  by a gun shot wound in the left hand in which "...the ball entered the metacarpal bones and came out behind the joint of the little finger--the bones of the hand were shattered and the lower end of the radius splintered" causing him to be confined to hospital for four months;  On 25 Aug 62, he was sent to Cincinnati to arrest John Schockmann, a man wanted as a Deserter and a Bounty Jumper from Co I, but Schockmann assaulted Capt Hogan and the charge was added to the rest [Schockman would be executed on 23 Jun 63--the last full day at Cripple Creek]; Hogan was present with his Unit in Sep/Oct 62--the wound had healed, but with "...a good deal of swelling and great tenderness when the hand is hanging down";  He received at least one Leave of Absence during this time (one of them was the journey to arrest Schockmann in Aug 62) and eventually Hogan returned to his Command; Sgt William Busbey of Co H wrote in his diary on 14 Feb 63, "...Lou Snediker and Guthrie give Hogan a burlesque serenade last night...", but I don't know if it was in honor of Frday the 13th, Valentine's Day, or for no reason in particular;  By 19 Aug (or the 9th or the 16th, depending on which notation you rely on), Hogan is in hospital in Nashville--an undated letter from Surgeon John Dickson asserts that Hogan's wound " now superating and shows evidence of necrosis of the bone";  By Sept/Oct 63, he was Commander of the Convalescent Camp, which was followed by a Order by J. C. Peterson on 26 Jan 64 that assigned Hogan as Commander of the 47th Invalid Corps (which would be renamed the 179th Co of the 1st Battalion of the Veterans' Reserve Corps);  Unfortunately, when Hogan was examined for a post as a Commissioned Officer of the VRC on 28 May 64, he was turned down;  So, on 1 Jun 64, Hogan was discharged from the Service upon a Surgeon's certificate of Disability;  He filed for an Invalid's pension in 1867;  When his widow, Josephine, filed for her pension on 24 Apr1886, the notation on his file shows him as a Maj in the 114th USC Inf, as well as the Capt of Co I of the 1 KY


McChesney, William R.  29   (1832 - )  Mustered in from civilian life on 9 Sep 62 as 1 Lt;  Lt McChesney was the first to admit that his appointment was done solely as a favor to Brig Genl Woodruff (a family friend?), and not based on any military experience or skills on McChesney's part;  McChesney was immediately placed on Detached Duty on Genl Woodruff's staff, which meant he was not present in the camp during his tenure as 1 Lt;  When Gen Woodruff resigned and McChesney was obliged to join his Regiment on a daily basis, it became obvious that he did not have the respect of the men, nor did McChesney care for the rigors of camp life--made all the more untenable by a medical condition variously referred to as Urethritis, Gleet, and an Enlarged Prostate;  Consequently, Lt McChesney resigned 17 Feb 63 and his resignation was accepted forthwith


[McKee, William James   19   (1843 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Promoted to Sgt Maj of Regiment on 16 Sep 62;  Promoted to 1 Lt of Co I on 18 Feb 63;  Was put in command of the Company 15 Aug 63;  On 8 Dec 63, he applied for a Leave of Absence to see his ailing father and, as Col Enyart gave the request his approval, he wrote this comment, "McKee has been a most faithful and active officer.  None better in the Regiment";  He was mustered out with the Regiment on 18 Jun 64--See his Bio on the 1 KY Field & Staff age] 


Note:  James Farran was the 2 Lt of Co I, but had been severely wounded at Stones River, requiring his hospitalization for many months and his eventual transfer to the VRC--a note to this effect appears on the "In Hospital" Section of the Page for Co D of the 1 KY, so I will not repeat the information here  (This way, I won't accidentally count him twice in my statistics) 






Breith, Albert Carl  20   (1842 - 1903)  Born in Bavaria, his family came to America in 1848;  Peter Breith (his father? or maybe his uncle?) was a Grocer in Newport, KY and Albert worked as a Clerk (in his family's grocery?);  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 19 Apr 62 and promoted to Sgt on 10 Dec 62;  Promoted to 1 Sgt on 30 Jan 63;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64 and apparently enlisted with Co E of the 53rd KY on 29 Sep 64 as a 2Lt;  He rose to the rank of 1 Lt on 1 Apr 65 and to the rank of Capt on 12 Jul 65;  He mustered out on 15 Sep 65;  Name appears in Army records as Bright as well as Breith;  Apparently his full name at his Christening was Carl Albert Edouard Breith, but he went by Albert C.;  He continued to live in Newport, KY after the War where he married and raised a family and worked as a Clerk, including a job as a Clerk for the Railroad;  He is buried in Newport   


Furman, Thomas B.  36   (1825 - )  Mustered in on 4 Nov 62 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 10 Dec 62; Wounded slightly in the left breast at Stones River and sent to hospital in Nashville;  Back with Co I in time for the Mar/Apr 63 Muster Roll Card;  In Sep/Oct 63, he had $1.50 deducted by the Provost Marshall for some sort of infraction;   Did not muster out with the rest of the Company, since his three years were not over;  He filed for an Invalid's pension in 1890 from TN, however the Thomas B. Furman living in Grundy Co, TN at the time of the 1890 Veterans' Census was a Private in a NY regiment, so I don't know where he was living


Gill, George F.   23  (1838 - 1903)  Born in Albany, NY;  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Had to forfeit a month's pay in Jan/Feb 62 after an undisclosed discilinary infraction;  Appointed Cpl on 10 Dec 62;  Wounded slightly in the left hand (an earlier report said the left breast, although he told the admitting officer at the Veterans' Home in Dayton, OH that he suffered a gunshot wound to his left breast) at Stones River--he was also captured (and taken to Richmond?) but was exchanged fairly quickly and was back with his Command at Cripple Creek by 8 Jun 63;  Promoted to Sgt on 10 Jan 63;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  He then enlisted in Co D of the 181st OH on 14 Sep 64 and was mustered out on 14 Jul 65;  Lived in Cincinnati after the War;  He was a widower with three grown children when he entered the Veterans' Home in Dayton, OH in 81;  His occupation was Cane Maker (?);  He checked himself out of the Home in 85, but he returned in 92;  He died there of Uremia in 1903 and is buried in the National Cemetery on the grounds in Grave M-24-53  


Hardesty, William H.   20  (1840 - 1886)  Born in KY, his family moved to Kansas City, MO when he was a boy;  In his youth, he did a lot of traveling and held a number of diverse jobs--mining in Denver CO, clerking in his father's store in St. Louis, working in a pharmacy, traveling through the South, and eventually ending up in Cincinnati in 1861, where he was mustered into the 1 KY on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 14 Sep 61 and  promoted to Sgt on 10 Dec 62;   He was wounded slightly twice (once in the skirmish near Corinth, Mississippi on 21 May 62;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  He married Mollie V. Rush in 1869 and they had three sons;  He continued his diverse occupations after the War:  Farmer, Dry Goods Store, Editor and Proprietor of The Indiana Pocket, and Operator of a Railroad Sleeping Car (the "Rip Van Winkle Line") between Louisville and New Orleans;  He filed for his pension as an Invalid in 1881 from MD, but lived mostly in IN and KY in the post-War years;  He died in Mannsville, Taylor Co, KY

Kummer, Michael   21  (1842 - 1907)  Born in Bavaria; Came to America in 1843; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Appointed Cpl on 11 May 62;  Promoted to Sgt on 1 Mar 63;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Lived in Cincinnati before and after the War;  Married Magdalena Auschnitz in 1865;  He worked as a Moulder, a Saloon Keeper, and as a Janitor;  He told the interviewer for the 1890 Veterans' Census that he suffered a gun shot wound in the left leg--no record of where it happened;  Name also listed in Army records as Kimmer;  Buried in Walnut Hills Cem


[Lawrence, James G.  32   (1829 - 1888)  Mustered in 5 Jun 61 as Sgt in Co I;  Taken prisoner near Camp Gauley, (W)VA on 12 Sep 61, but managed to escape and returned to Co I on 29 Sep 61;  Served as Acting 1 Sgt beginning on 15 Jan 62;  Transferred to Co F in order to become 2 Lt on 30 Jan 63--See the page for Co F for more information on him]



Murch, Greenleaf   31  (1830 - )  Born in Maine;  In 1851, he was a Machinist in Bangor, ME; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Promoted to Sgt on 11 May 62;  On 6 Apr 63, he was granted a furlough that lasted for several months to assist his former employer, Miles Greenwood of Cincinnati, who had received a Government contract to build the gunboat, Tippecanoe, as well as the engine of Ericson's Battery--Murch had worked for six years as a Machinist in Greenwood's foundery and he needed a man with Murch's skill to complete the jobs, so Secy of War Stanton gave his permission for Murch to be detached to help Greenwood, although it was stipulated that Murch would not receive his military pay while on this assignment;  Eventually, Murch returned to his Command and was mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  His skills took him all over the country (New York, Ohio, Colorado), before and after the War, usually working as a Machinist;  He apparently never married;  You would think, with a name like Greenleaf Murch, it would be easy to find information on him, but I have yet to find his death date and burial place


Parry, John  20   (1841 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Promoted from Pvt to Cpl 10 Apr 63; $1.00 deducted Senence Provost Marshall; Reduced to ranks 5 Dec 63;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Name also given as Perry

Tittle, Christopher Columbus Hamlin   22   (1839 - 1897)  Born in OH, probably the younger brother of Leonidas L. Tittle who resigned on 18 Oct 62;  Enlisted as a Pvt, but was appointed Cpl on 10 May 61 (before the Company was officially mustered);  Taken prisoner near Camp Gauley, (W)VA on 12 Sep 61 and taken to Libby Prison in Richmond and later to Tuscaloosa, AL;  Paroled 2 Jun 62 from Washington, NC, reported at Camp Chase, OH 18 Jul 62 and sent to Camp Wallace on 31 Oct 62;  Given a 7-day Furlough in Mar 63 and arrived at Camp Cripple Creek in mid-Mar;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Enlisted in Co C of the US Veteran Volunteers on 4 Apr 65 and served until 10 Apr 66;  Lived in Cincinnati for most of his life, working as a Bricklayer and raising a family;  He died on New Year's Day 1897 of Pneumonia and was buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati   


Van, Tafael "Taffey"  18   (1842 - 1914)  Born 14 Jan in New York to French Canadian parents;  In 1860, his family lived in Cincinnati where his father, John Van, was a Shoemaker and Taffey worked as a Painter;  His father started a family business making stoves and ranges:  "The John Van Range Co (Formerly John Van and Sons) Manufacturer of Van's Patented Wrought-Iron Portable Hotel and Family Ranges and all kinds of Hotel Implements for Culinary purposes"; Enrolled as a Pvt on 5 Jun 61 but mustered in as a Cpl on 5 Jun 61;  Taken prisoner at Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63;  Returned to his Command on 29 May 64;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  He married Mary Ann McKiernan in 1868 and joined the family business making ranges;  By 1870, he had moved to San Francisco, CA where he sold and mounted Van's Portable Ranges;  He moved back to Cincinnati around 1884 and lived there for the rest of his life; According to family sources on, his birth might be 1841 (1842 - 1914 are the dates on the tombstone)  


               OTHER  PERSONNEL   from  Co.  I  at   CRIPPLE   CREEK


Hoffmaster, John  25   (1838 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as Wagoner;  Detailed duty as Division Wagonmaster under QM Fee beginning Aug (15th? 25?) 62--however, his name appears as "Present" as often as "Absent" on the Muster Roll Cards from Aug 62 - Dec 63, so I would say he was camped at Cripple Creek with his Unit, but did a lot of traveling within the Division;  Beginning in Dec 63, he was Detailled as Wagonmaster of the Ammunition Train, as per Genl Stanley;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  There is a John Hoffmeister, born in OH about 1837, living as a Clerk with the Blinn Family in Cincinnati (and perhaps married to a woman named Sarah) in 1860, but this is such a common name that it is hard to know if this is our John 






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Andres, Edward  20   (1841 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Sep/Oct 63 $2.50 was deducted--sentence of Provost Marshall; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Names also recorded as Andress

Boltz, John  19   (1842 -  1916)  Born 1 Jun 1842 in Bayern, Bavaria, Germany; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61; Taken prisoner on Coal River 12 Sep 61, owing sutler $12.00; Confined in Richmond and in Tuscaloosa, AL; Released 22 May 62; Erroneously reported as a Deserter on 12 Nov 62, however, he WAS AWOL until 23 Mar 63; Confined at Kemper Barracks in Cincinnati and sent to Louisville 27 Mar 63; Rejoined his regiment 7 Apr 63 near Murfreesboro [at Cripple Creek]; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Enlisted in 53 KY Co E on 24 Sep 64 and Mustered out 15 Sep 65; Also listed as Bailey, Bolz; Married Anna Kopp; In 1870 and 1880, he lived in Newport, KY (as a Roller and as a Foundry worker; Filed Invalid's Pension 1890; Entered Veterans' Home in Dayton on 5 Jun 97 age 55, 5' 10", Dark complexion, Grey eyes, Dark hair, Able to read and write, Protestant, Widower, Laborer in Newport, KY, Suffering from Cardiac hypertrophy, Claims rheumatism; Died 18 Sep 1916 at National Military Home in Ohio of General Peritonitis; Body shipped to Cincinnati; Burial in Evergreen Cemetery in Southgate, KY

Baker, Francis A.  29  (1832 -   )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Jan/Feb 62 One month's pay deducted by sentence of Court Martial; 25 Dec 62 Absent, sick in Nashville; Wounded--wrist fracture, severe (Casualty Sheet says at Stones River); Mar/Apr 63 Returned to duty; Sep/Oct 63 $2.00 deducted from Pay as per Provost Martial; Nov/Dec 63 charged for Bayonet;   Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Is he the Francis A Baker who enlisted in the regular Army in Feb 67, Born Cincinnati, age 34; Occupation Soldier, Hazel eyes, Brown hair, Dark complexion, 5' 7 1/2", Discharged 25 Feb 1870 Camp McDowell, IA 

Baker, Robert  21  (1840 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Sgt;  Reduced to Pvt at his own request on 11 May 62;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64



???Boner, Silas  26  (1835 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Deserted 1 Oct 62 from Louisville; Returned under order of President 25 Apr 63; Under arrest until 1 Sep 63--so, was he at Cripple Creek, but in some sort of Guardhouse?; Sep/Oct 63 Six months and 27 days' pay deducted by sentence of Gen Court Martial; Nov/Dec 63 Sick at Louisville since 10 Nov 63 and Absent until Apr 64; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Married Mary Fager 1874 Hamilton Co, OH; Was he related to Theodore Boner in the next bio?; Mary filed for Widow's Pension July 1892 from OH

Boner, Theodore  21  (1839 - 1895)  Born Columbus, OH; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Detailed as Division Teamster from 13 Jun 62, yet is still Present the whole time he is detailed as a Teamster in the next few months; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Was he related to Silas Boner in the previous bio?; Invalid's Pension filed 1890; Entered Dayton veterans' Home in Dec 1883, age 45, Single, a Laborer from Cincinnati, Suffering from Rheumatism; Discharged at his request in Jul 1892; He was readmitted 26 Dec 1894; Died 26 Jan 1895 of Chronic Nephritis; Buried in the Home's Cemetery I - 9 - 53 


Burkes, Edward A.   29  (1832 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Hospitalized in Cincinnati from 2 Jan - 27 Apr 62 (no reason given);  Returned to his Company, only to be sent to Hospital in Louisville 31 Dec 62 (due to wounds from Stones River?  A relapse of whatever was wrong before?  Both?)  Back to his Unit for the Mar/Apr 63 Muster Roll [so he WAS at Cripple Creek, at least fow a few weeks];  Sick in Murfreesboro on 4 May 63 and remained hospitalized (in Murfreesboro?  Nashville?  Louisville? Cincinnati?  Any and all?) through the Mar/Apr 64 Muster Roll--there is no indication of his ever mustering out or being discharged or dying--what became of him?;  Name appears usually as Burks; Invalid's Pension filed 1880


Coggins, Anthony   22  (1839 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Wounded in the right cheek at Stones River and captured;  Arrived in Richmond 16 Jan 63, but paroled fairly quickly (27 Jan 63) and with his Company at Cripple Creek on 28 May 63;  Charged $1 as some sort of fine (for an infraction?) in Oct  63;  Appointed Cpl along with Thomas Lanigan on 5 Dec 63;  Placed on Special Detachment to go to Newport, KY and sign up new recruits from 23 Dec 63 until Jan or Feb 64;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  There were two men named Anthony Coggins/Coggens who lived in Cincinnati in 1870--both of them about 30 years old, so it is hard to know which one our Anthony is--if either of them


Dennis, James  25   (1836 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  May/Jun 63 $10.00 deducted from pay by Gen Court Martial; Sept/ Oct 63 $1.50 deducted from pay by Gen Court Martial; Jan/Feb 62 One half month's pay deducted by sentence of General Court Martial; Absent sick at New Albany, IN since 20 Oct 62; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64


Fleetwood, Arthur  19   (1842 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Jan/Feb 62 Two months' pay deducted by sentence of Court Martial; Slightly wounded at Stones River; Sep/Oct 63 $2.00 deducted from pay by Provost Martial; Charged for Bayonet Nov/Dec 63; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64

Freelinger, John  27  (1834 - 1902)  Born in Jan 1843 Campbell Co, KY to Pierre and Sophie (Lux) Froehlinger; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Jan/Feb 62 One-half month's pay deducted by sentence of Court Mrtial; Detailed as Division Teamster from 15 Jan 63, yet he is still marked as Present on most of the Muster Roll cards; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Enlisted in the 193 OH Co F on 16 Jan 65 and mustered out 4 Aug 65; Name also given as Freilinger, Frielinger, Frelinger; Invalid Pension filed 1889; Admitted into Dayton Veterans' Home Oct 1890, when he was 56, 6' 1"; Dark complexion, Grey eyes, Sandy hair; Single, Joiner from Columbus, OH, Suffering from Varicose Veins and a Fractured right knee caused by an artillery shell;  He was discharge at his request 8 Apr 1892; He was readmitted 28 Sep 1892 and he died 28 Jan 1902 of Lobar Pneumonia; Body sent to Columbus, OH, Mt. Calvary Cemetery  

Gill, Mathias  22   (1839 - 1932)  Born in May 1838 in Ireland; Married Mary Dixon in 1857 in Ireland; Arrived in American 1859; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Wounded slightly in left hand at Stones River; Absent sick at Murfreesboro since 22 Jun 63; Returned to duty by Jul/Aug 63;  Mar 64 was absent sick; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Lived much of his life in Clark Co, IN as a Laborer, a Waterman in a [Railroad?] Car, Day Laborer; Married Bridget Noon in 1881; Filed Invalid's Pension 1890 [?]; ; Died 9 Apr 1932 in Jeffersonville, Clark Co, IN and buried there in St. Anthony's Cemetery

Hagan, George  26  (1835 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Left in hospital at Corinth, KY on 12 Jun 62; Taken prisoner Stoens River 31 Dec 62; Returned 14 Jun 63; 25 Oct 63 Sick Nashville, also $1.00 deducted from pay; 19 Mar - 3 May 64 Sick (Chronic Diarrhea) at Madison Hospital in IN--gradual improvement; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Any relation to Capt. Hagan?; Invalid's Pension filed 1890

Harper, John   20  (1841 - )  Born in Wales, he was a Coal Miner in civilian life;  Mustered in 5 Jun 61;  Wounded (severely?) in shoulder in skirmish near Camp Gauley, (W)VA on 12 Sep 61;  Hospitalized for the Sep/Oct 61 Muster Roll, the card for Nov/Dec does not state whether he is Absent or Present, he is Present for Jan/Feb 62 (and $5 is deducted as a fine for some unnamed infraction), but he is Absent in Hospital again for Mar/Apr 62;  He is Present with his Company until 3 (or 5) Apr 63, when he is given detached duty as an Ambulance Driver;  [So, he would have been at Cripple Creek for a few weeks];  On 1 Sep 63, he is recommended for the Veterans' Relief Corps and supplied with a second Descriptive Roll to replace one that was apparently mislaid by someone--on this one, the note appears "...he has invariable been a good soldier and an upright man.";  He is described as being 5' 9" with light hair, gray eyes, and a light complexion;  His transfer to the VRC is dated 1 Sep 63, but another form is dated 30 Sep 63; 

Iss, Jean  26  (1835 -  1907)  Born 1 Jan 1835 in Germany/France; Came to America around 1861; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  1 May 62 Detailed as Nurse in Regt Hospital, and Jean is Absent for several Muster Roll cards--on the card for May/Jun 63m he is still marked as Nurse, but Present; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Married Mrs. Latona (Evans) Jones in Gallatin, TN around 1870; Spent the rest of his life as a Baker and Grocer in Gallatin, TN; Invalid's Pension filed 1888 in TN; Died in Gallatin in 1907 and is buried there in the Gallatin City Cemetery; Surname sometimes written as Isse 

Jones, Edward A.  17   (1844 - 1912)  Born in Louisvie, KY;  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Married Elizabeth Kirschner in 1869;  He spent most of his life in Cincinnati, working as a Varnisher, a Policeman, and a Laborer at different times; Buried in the Wesleyan Cem

Kinsley, Terrence  38  (1823 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Taken prisoner along Coal River, near Peytona, VA on 12 Sep 62--due $8.00 to sutler;  Returned, exchanged prisoner by 10 Apr 62; Left sick at Manchester, TN on 16 Aug 63; Charged for replacement of Bayonet Nov/Dec 63; Sick at Chattanooga on 25 Mar 64;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Name appears as Terry Kinsly, as well; Is this the Terrence Kinsley listed as a Laborer in Cincinnsti in 1873?

Kohl, Charles   22  (1839 -  1920)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Nov/Dec 63 Charged for Lost Bayonet; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Invalid's Pension filed 1883; Died 16 [or 17] Mar 1920 in Harrison, Hamilton Co, OH, buried in St. John the Baptist Cemetery in Harrison [Note: The Charles Kuhl buried in Vine St. Hill Cemetery is NOT our Charles]

Kovi, John  25  (1836 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Name also filed under Kovy; Invalid's Pension filed 1891


Lackman, John  26  (1833 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Sep/Oct 63 $1.50 deducted by sentence from Provost Marshall; Absent sick in Louisville from 5 Nov 63  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Also served in 75 PA Co G; Invalid's Pension filed 1891;  Also listed as Lockman; Lackamon; Lockamann; Pension filed under Laukemann

Lanigan, Thomas  26   (1835 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Detached as Regimental Band Sep/Oct 61; Reduced to ranks 26 Jan 62 (regimental band was dissolved); 4 May 62 Detailed to Field Band; 12 Jun 62 Sick in hospital Corinth, Miss; Deserted from camp near Nashville, 5 Dec 62; Returned under order of the President on 25 Apr 63; [A note from the War Dept in his file dated 2 Jul 1887, states that he did return, but the fact that he deserted  "cannot, however, be expunged";   Appointed Cpl along with Anthony Coggins on 5 Dec 63;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Name also Lanagan, Lannagan, Lanagin, etc.; Invalid's Pension filed 1884; I find two Thomas Lanigans buried in the St. Joseph New Cemetery--one who died 23 May 1902 and another who died 2 Jul 1889

Logan, Thomas   18  (1843-  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Discharged 3 Oct 61 based on a Surgeon's certificate that he had a "rupture" (hernia?), but he apparently did not wait for all the paperwork to be made out, so his discharge was not valid;  Then during his absence, he enlisted in not one, but TWO other regiments (the 124th OH and the 23rd KY)--I don't know that he was trying to collect a bounty from both regiments as a bonus for enlisting, (a crime called bounty jumping), but he was arrested in Jun 63 and brought back to the 1 KY;  He would have been at Cripple Creek when John Schockmann was executed for the crimes of Desertion and Bounty Jumping (and he had only tried to join TWO regiments at the same time, not THREE the way Logan did);  Apparently, Schockman's execution did not serve to keep men (kids!) like Logan from deserting, since on 6 Sept 63, Thomas Logan once again deserted (from a place called Squirrel Town, TN) and, apparently, was not caught afterward

McCauley, Alexander  22   (1842 - 1910)  Born in 1 Apr 1842 KY; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64 by telegram; Name listed as McCauly, McCanby, etc.; Married Margaret [possibly Margaret McEnemy in Cass Co, IN] in 1870; In 1888, his California Voter Registration found him as a Cook in Santa Clara, CA; Invalid's Pension filed 1890 from California; His 1892 Voter Registration in San Francisco described him as 5' 7 3/4" tall, Green eyes, Brown hair, Scar under left eye, Occupation Cook; In 1900, he was a Hotel Keeper in San Francisco, CA and in 1910, he was a Farmer in Los Sngeles County, CA; Died 30 Nov 1910 (or 1 Dec 1910) in Los Angeles Co, CA of Valular Disease of Heart; He is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA; Margaret filed for her Widow's Pension in Mar 1911 from California 

Meyer, Martin   27  (1834 - 1902)  Born in France; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Detached service in the Pioneer Corps beginning on 20 Nov 62; Sick in Hospital in Murfreesboro in Mar / Apr 63;  Returned to his company (at Cripple Creek?) on 16 May 63;  Sick in Hospital in Nashville between July and Oct 63;  Some confusion arises between Nov / Dec 63 and May / Jun 64 when he is mistakenly thought to be Absent Without Leave but is on some sort of Special Daily Duty (for the Pioneer Corps?);  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 98; Buried in the Vine Hill Cem;  His widow, Maria, filed for her Pension in 1903

Morton, Joseph B., Jr.  27  (1834? - 1864?)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  He forfeited one month's pay in the Jan / Feb 62 Muster Roll  (I don't know why);  Left in hospital in Corinth, Miss on 12 Jun;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  This is where the definitive info on Joseph B Morton, Jr. ends;  Ancestry and Find-A-Grave link him with a Joseph Morton who was born in Jan 1834 and died 30 Sep 64 and was buried in the Westwood Baptist Church Cem in Cincinnati;  Here is the problem:  the Joseph B Morton who died 30 Sep 64 was listed in the Andersonville Prison Death Register as J B Morton of the Ring Cav, Co A who died of Febrile Typhus; There are about 4 more Morton men who could be our Joseph, especially since the US Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles contains the notation that the Joseph B Morton of the 1 KY survived the War, so, once again, the Joseph who died in 1864 is not the right man

Parcell, Edward W.   29   (1832 -  1871)  Either born in Ireland or OH;  Mustered in on 5 Ju 61;  Was brought up on charges by Lt. Frank Fee on 25 Nov 61 at Camp Gauley, (W)V, for violating Article 6 of the Articles of War, specifically by getting drunk and "gravely insulting" Lt. Col Enyart, calling Enyart a "longhaired, red headed son of a b___h" and by saying to him, "you are a damned coward and you know it";  Wounded in both legs (severely in the right thigh) and taken prisoner in the Battle of Stone River; Confined in a prison in Richmond, VA, paroled and sent to Camp Chase, OH, from 10 - 30 Apr 63;  He returned to his regiment 5 Jun 63;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1869;  Buried in the Wesleyan Cem in Cincinnati in an unmarked grave in the Parcell lot

Quigley, Patrick A.   26  (1835 - 1884)  Born in Ireland; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Left in Louisville Hospital 1 Oct 62; Present again by Nov.Dec 62; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Married Sarah Louise Cline in 1868 in Boone Co, IA; In 1870, he was a Coal Miner in Boone Co, IIA; Invalid Pension filed 1878; In 1880, he was a Farmer in Boone Co, IA;  Died 9 Jan 1884 in Yell Twp, Boone Co, IA; Sarah L. Mann married second to James Mann in 1885 and filed her Widow's Pension 7 Oct 1916 (James Mann died in 1888); Minor Pension filed in 1890 on behalf of Sarah Mann of Iowa

???Railing, William   41  (1820 -  1896)  Born in PA; He might be the William Railing living in Allen Co, IN as a Shoemaker; In 1860, he was a Shoemaker in Kenton Co, KY with wife Augusta [Stanhope]; Enrolled on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt, but mustered in as a Cpl on 5 Jun 61;  Promoted to Sgt on 18 Sep 61; Wounded (slightly) at Shiloh 7 Apr 62; Reduced to Pvt on 25 Jun 62;  Sept/Oct 62 Detached as Wardmaster at Hospital 9 Danville, KY; Listed as a Nurse in the Regimental Hospital 25 Apr 63--some Muster Roll cards had him as Present, some as Absent--was he at Cripple Creek?; Captured at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63; Prisoner at Danville, VA until 20 Oct 64; Mustered out of service by Order from Washington DC on 22 Nov 64; Name also listed as Railing; In 1870, he and his family are living in Cumberland Co, PA as a Clothier; In 1880, he is a Widower, still a Shoemaker, in Harrisburg, PA; Invalid's Pension filed 1883; Admitted to Veterans' Home in Dayton in 1890; 6' tall, Protestant, Dark complexion, Gray eyes, Gray hair, Widower, Shoemaker in Harrisburg, PA; Suffering from General debility; Was discharged at his own request in 1892, but must have returned at some time; He died in the Home 12 Feb 1896 or Nephritis, buried there in Sec K, Row 1, Grave 4   

Ray, James   24  (1837 - 1899)  Born in Ireland; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Jan/Feb 62 one month pay deducted by sentence of Provost Marshall May/Jun 63 Thirty dollars to be deducted by Sentence of General Court Martial; Sept/Oct 63 $1.50 deducted by Sentence of Prov Marshall;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Admitted to Central Branch 10 Oct 74, when he was 38, Dark Complexion, Hazel eyes, Gray hair; Able to read and write, Catholic, Boilermaker in Cincinnati, a Widower, He suffered from a Fractured Left Knee at Shiloh 1862; Also listed as James Roy; Invalid Pension filed 1884; On 21 Jul 91, he was Dishonorably discharged from the Central Branch (!? No details given); Readmitted on 10 Oct 92, but he was transferred to Marion Branch on 9 May 93, then transferred to the NW Branch on 21 Nov 93; Finally, he is readmitted to Central Branch on 2 Aug 94 and on 1 Oct 95 to the Western Branch, Trans back to Marion Branch 18 Jun 96; He died at the Marion Branch Hospital 19 Jan 1899 from Senility and Gangrene; He had at least two minor children after his wife died, one named James Henry, but I don't know his wife's name or when she died

Reese, James H.  22   (1839 -   )  Mustered in on 6 Jul 61; Sep/Oct 63 $1.00 deducted by Sentence of Provost Marshall; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64 by telegram; Yet, there is a Casualty Sheet that says he was Mortally Wounded at Shiloh on 7 Apr 62!

Rosemeyer, Frederick   26  (1835 - 1873)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Name also appears as Rosenmeyer;  Taken prisoner in a skirmish on the Coal River in Western VA  on 12 Sep 61;  Returned to his regiment in April 63;  Sept / Oct 63 saw 50 cents deducted from his pay by order of the sentence imposed by the Provost Marshall;  Nov / Dec 63 he was charged for a new bayonet;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Buried Walnut Hill Cem

Ross, Adam  19   (1843 -  1924)  Born in Rheinbiern, Germany to Henry and Mary (Keller) Ross; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Jan/Feb 62 Taken prisoner 2 Apr 63 at Woodbury, TN; Present on Jan/Feb 64 Muster Roll card; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Also served in 82 OH Co E--mustered in on 27 Mar 65, mustered out 28 Jul 65; Married Katherine Boltz in 1864; In 1870, he and Kate live in Hamilton Co, OH where he is a Roller [in a factory?]; Sometime in the 1870s, he and his family move to Tuscarawas Co., OH and they will remain there for the rest of his life; In 1880, he is listed as a Laborer; Invalid Pension filed 1889; 1890 Census in Tuscarawas Co, OH, suffering from Rheumtism , Kidney and Stomach trouble; Worked as a Watchman in 1900; Retired in 1910 and 1920; Died 9 Mar 1924 in Dover, Tuscarawas Co, OH, buried there in Maple Grove Cemetery

Rupp, Charles  18   (1843 - 1909)  Born in IN; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Taken prisoner in skirmish by Coal River in Western VA on 12 Sep 61;  Taken to Richmond on 24 Sep and eventually on to Tuscaloosa, AL on 25 Nov 61;  Eventually paroled and sent to Camp Chase, OH in Mar 63;  He was mistakenly listed as a Deserter before his return to his regiment at Cripple Creek on 2 Jun 63; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  In 1870, Rupp and his wife Rosalia, operated a Grocery in Cincinnati, OH;  he was bur in Spring Grove Cem

Ryan, Cornelius   34  (1827 - 1902)  Born in Ireland;  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Sent to hospital in Murfreesboro "Sick" on 4 May 63--the illness is not specified, but (while not fatal) it must have been sufficiently debilitating to warrant his being transferred to the Veterans' Relief Corps on 1 Sep 63 (although the final transfer paperwork was dated 12 Jan 64);  He lived in the Greater Cincinnati area (Newport, KY) when he entered the Disabled Veterans' Home in Dayton in 1886;  He was described as being 5' 6" with fair complexion, grey eyes and grey hair;  He worked as a Tailor in civilian life;  He was a widower whose next of kin was his daughter, Bridget Norman in Fairmount (Hamilton Co), OH;  He apparently lost his left ring finger due to a gunshot wound that occurred at Cripple Creek--he says it happened in Jun 63, but it might have happened in May and could even be the reason for his hospitalization on 4 May 63;  He complained of problems with his "resp[iratory] organs and eyes" as well;  He died there on 2 May 1902 from Asthma caused by Chronic Bronchitis;  He is buried in the National Cemetery there in Grave M-20-31

***Schockmann, John  20   (1841 - 1863)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61; Deserted 4 Dec 61 "while on the march from Camp Gauley to Charleston, VA";  Enlisted in the 4 OH Cav Co M ; Col [Andrew J] Hogan went to Cincinnati to arrest him and on 25 Aug 62 Shockman assaulted him; Arrested and brought back under arrest 11 May 1863;  Executed--"shot to death with musketry"--at ten minutes before 3 PM--Camp Cripple Creek on 23 Jun 63 by Special Order No. 82, General Order 153;  Name also given as Shockman, Shotzman, Schatzmann, etc.

Scott, James C.  21   (1840 -   )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Detailed as Head Quarters Teamster 13 Jun 62, yet is Present on the Mar/Apr 63 Company Muster Roll card and also on the one for May/Jun 63; He is again the Hd Qtrs Teamster on 1 May 63, but he is Present on all future cards until the end of his service; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Invalid Pension filed 1900 in Missouri

Sheridan, James  26   (1837 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Taken prisone at Stones River 31 Dec 62; Returned 7 Jun 63; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Also listed as Sheriden, Sherden, etc.: Pension filed under Shadran; Invalid Pension filed 1900; [Died 13 Dec 1926 in Pensacola, FL; Zena Shadoan filed her Widow's Pension 10 Jan 1927 in FL; the record is linked to a James H. Shadoan who was born 29 Feb 1879 in KY and served in the War With Spain in the 1 KY who enlisted 13 May 98 and was discharged 24 Feb 99; His widow was Zena of Somerset Co, KY; James Henry Shadowen who married Zena Tate circa 1905, probably in Pulaski, Co; BOTTOM LINE: James Henry Shadoan did NOT serve in the Civil War and his record has become erroneously linked to James H. Sheridan of the 1 KY Co I!] So, MY James H Sheridan apparently DID file an Invalid's Pension in 1900, but there are several James Sheridans in the right age range and there are none in the 1890 census to give me a hint. 

Smith, William  35   (1826 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Swp/Oct 63 $1.50 deducted from pay, sentence from Provost Marshall; Nov/Dec 63 charged for one Bayonet;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Enlisted in 53 KY Co C; Invalid Pension filed 1890;

Smith, Zedock   22  (1839 - 1914)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Mar 62, Left sick in Bowling Green; 22 Jun 63 sick in Hospital in Murfreesboro, TN;  Jul/Aug 63 Absent sick in Gen Hospital; Sep 63 Absent sick; Returned from Hospital 5 Oct 63; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; First name also listed as Zetig, Zetry, Zadock Smith; Invalid Pension filed 1890; It is possible he was the Zadock Smith who was a Farmer in Edgar Co, IL in 1850 - 1880; In 1900, he was an Inmate at the IL Eastern Hospital for the Insame in Kankakee (born in 1840 and was a Farmer); Died 5 Jan 1914 in Albion, IL; Buried in Graceland Cemetery in Albion, Edwards Co, IL 

Spills, Frederick C.  22   (1839 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;He was sick in hospital at Spring Hill, TN (for a few days?);  Sick again (this time, in Nashville) from 26 Dec 62 until May/Jun 63;  Charged for a bayonet in Nov/Dec 63;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Filed Invalid Pension 1889; At the time of the 1890 Veterans' Census, he was living in Grant Co, NM--Single, Working as a Butcher

Warner, William  20  (1841 -  )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Detailed as Division Teamster 4 Feb 63; A note on the Mar/Apr 63 Muster Roll card says "In arrest" [?!]; As of 1 May 63, he is detailed as Brigade Hd Qtrs Teamster for the rest of his time in service, but still "Present" on the Muster Roll cards; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Widow's Pension filed 1880--no name, date, or location

Young, Israel F.  33  (1828 - 1899)  Grew up in Stark Co, OH; Married Eliza Ules in Stark Co, OH in 1859; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Taken prisoner along the Coal River near Peytona, VA on 12 Sept 61 (and owes sutler $15.00); Confined in Richmond, VA and Tuscaloosa, AL; Paroled and returned 7 Jan 63; Sept/Oct 63 $1.50 deducted from pay sentence of Pro Marshall; Absent on Recruiting Service 23 Dec 63 until 29 Apr 64; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; In 1870, he was a Farmer in Stark Co; In 1880, he is a Laborer in Tuscarawas Co; Invalid Pension filed 1890 in PA; He died in 1899 and is buried in Tuscarawas Co 

                                  MEN OF COMPANY I WHO WERE NOT AT CAMP CRIPPLE CREEK

   DIED                GONE HOME           TRANSFERRED     IN PRISON       UNACCOUNTED FOR      IN HOSPITAL   

Cashin, Nicholas

King, Courtland W.

    (1 Lt)

Potter, Anson R.

Robinson, Jonathan M.


Thomas, Silas

Warner, Albert

Weber, Frederick 

Wolf, Adam

Battle, Barney

Boney, Jacob -- Errone-

   ously reported to have

   died at the hand of a

   Provost Guard--In

   reality, he was

   DISCHARGED due to

   his having Epilepsy!

Derrick, Anthony

Jackson, Wm. W.--Suffered

   "accidental" GSW to left

   hand in rebel attack while

   on picket--no date given

   how can a rebel attack be

   an accident?;  At about the

   same time, dsciplinary

   charges were brought

   against him for an

   altercation with an officer

   Whittlesley in Dec 61; Was

   the wound a way for

   Jackson to leave the army

   without being court


King, Frederick N. C.

Mann, Archibald

Mann, John

Meagher, John

Ryan, Dennis  (Dishonor-

   ably Discharged

   on 25 Jul 61)

Stansifer (Stonecypher?),

   Miles S.

Thomer, Charles H.

Tittle, Leonidas (2 Lt)

Van Fleet, Thomas


Cox, Thomas, Jr. --

   (Captured while

   Capt of Co I, he

   was made Capt

   of Co F upon his

   return 16 Nov 62)

Peters, Freeman --

   To Pioneer Corps

   on 20 Nov 62

Wise George  -- To

   Co E

Myers, William H. --

   Captured at Stones



Anton, John

Allen, William

Curker, Moses

Doherty, William

Gabriel, Joh

Good, Martin -- Taken

    prisoner 12 Sep 61

    and in the process

    of being paroled and

    returned to his unit,

    he deserted from

    Camp Chase, OH

    on 1 Mar 63

McDonald, Mathew

Morgan, Robert, Jr.

Morgan, Robert, Sr.

Raddle, George

Railing, Alonzo G.

Rogers, Joseph

Rouch, Philip

Taylor, Loren

Watkins, William


Fitzmorris, Garrett --

   Apparently deserted

   in Oct or Nov 62 from

   Camp Chase, OH

   (where he had been

   sent for a medical

   problem?); However,

   he appears on the

   Muster Roll for Camp

   Chase from April --

   July 63; Officially, he

   returned (to Co I?) on

   29 May 64--never at

   Cripple Creek, in any



Heins/Haines, Edward

   (Cpl) -- Captured on

   12 Sep 61 near Camp

   Gauley (W)VA, He was 

   exchanged and sent to

   Camp Wallace, OH from

   Dec 62 until May 63   

   (erroneously listed as a     

   Deserter--charge finally 

   removed in 1905!) and

   returned to Co I in

   Aug 63, so never at

   Cripple Creek

Quinlan, Morris -- Arrested

   as a Deserter 31 Aug 62,

   returned to Co H on

   16 Feb 64

Arty, Frederick -- Sent to

   hospital 7 Jun 61; would

   transfer to VRC 12 Dec 63


Duffield, Josiah -- Hospitalized     from Oct 62 to Sep 63

Milligan, Martin -- Hospitalized

   5 Jun 61, discharged on

   Surgeon's certification from

   Columbus, OH on 25 Mar 63


Quigg, William - Sent to

   hospital on 7 Jun 61, finally

   discharged 18 Jun 63 from



Weber, Charles - In hospital

   since 5 Jun 61 and

   discharged for disabilities 30

   Apr 63 from Murfreesboro


Weber, Daniel - Hospitalized

   12 Jun 61 and discharged by

   Surgeon from Camp

   Dennison, OH on 19 Dec 63

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