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The  PARKE  INVINCIBLES  also  known  as


Capt James Reed Hallowell   19  (1841 - 1898)  Born in Montgomery Co, PA;   By 1860, he was a miller in his father's sawmill in IN;  Mustered in as 2 LT on 5 Sep 61;  Promoted to 1 Lt on 7 Feb 62;  Promoted to Capt of Co I on 10 Apr 62;  Promoted to Maj of 31st IN on 27 Jun 64;  Promoted to Lt Col on 24 Sep 64;  Promoted to Col of 31st IN after the previous Capt (John T. Smith) resigned on 12 Mar 65;  Mustered out on 8 Dec 65;  Married in 1871;  Moved with his wife and young family to KS in the 1880s, then back to Montgomery Co, IN (Crawfordsville), where he died



1 Lt Charles Edward Adamson   26   (1835 - 1870)  Born in OH, his family moved to Parke Co, IN when he was young;  He worked as a typesetter for the Rockville Republican;  Mustered in as 1 Sgt on 20 Sep 61 from Rockville (he was apparently the first man to enlist from Rockville, although not the first to enlist from Parke Co);  Promoted to 2 Lt on 7 Feb 62;  Promoted to 1 Lt on 10 Apr 62;  Promoted to Capt of Co I on 1 Sep 64;  Mustered out with the unit 8 Dec 65;  After the War, he served as the County Recorder



2 Lt  John N. Pike***   21  (1840 - 1863)  Born in Indiana;  Mustered in as Sgt from Rockville on 20 Sep 61;  Promoted to 2 Lt on 10 Apr 62;  Died at Cripple Creek in the Regimental Hospital on 16 Apr 63 from an Inflammation of the Larynx;  Buried at home in Parke Co, IN  



2 Lt Jesse B. Connelly   23  (1838 - 1920)   Born in Parke Co, IN;  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Annapolis, IN as Sgt;  Promoted to 2 Lt on 17 Apr 63;  Wounded in his left ear at Chickamauga, which resulted in deafness and a skull fracture;  He was reluctant to leave his regiment, so he was given light duty, but he eventually resigned on  9 Apr 64;  Back home in Parke Co, he was a Merchant and the Owner of a Planing Mill;  He served as the Trustee of Penn Township, the Postmaster, and as the Parke County Auditor;  Clearly, his injuries only made him more determined to succeed when other men might have given up






???Britton, Thomas A.  25   (1835 - 1913)  A first-generation American--both parents were born in Holland, he was born in IN;  Mustered in from Rockville on 20 Sep 61 as a Cpl;  The AG's Roster states that he Deserted [in] 61;  Returned  (when?) ;  And mustered out in 64;  Was he demoted for his desertion?  Were there extenuating circumstances for his leaving without permission?  Did he return in time to have been at Cripple Creek?;  After the War, he was a Farmer in Parke Co 



Cummings, Norval W.   25  (1836 - 1917)  Born in VA;  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Rockville as Sgt;  Wounded at Chickamauga when a shell burst, striking him in the hip;  Mustered out 15 Sep 64;  In 1870, he was the Sheriff of Parke Co;  Was elected Sheriff for two terms and also served as the County Treasurer for tow terms;  In 1880, he was a Livery Man;  He died and was buried in Parke Co




Ensey, William Newton   18  (1843 - 1905)   Born in IN;  His father was a Merchant in Parke Co in 1860;  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Annapolis as a Cpl;  Mustered out 15 Sep 64 as a Sgt;  After the War, he lists his occupation as Merchant--did he inherit his father's business?  Lived nearly all of his life in Parke Co, although he died in Russellville, Putnam Co, IN;  Some records list him as Newton Ensley, which makes me think he went by his middle name



???Hays, James A.   <29>  (<1832?> - 1912)  There is confusion when it comes to finding information about this man;  Part of the problem comes from variations in spelling (Hays or Hayes?), part comes in the middle initial (A or E?);  Mustered in from Bethany on 20 Sep 61 as a Cpl;  Discharged 11 Mar 63  (Reason?  There is no mention made of disabilities in the AG's Roster, so he might not have needed a surgeon's statement--in which case, he was probably at Cripple Creek and not at a hospital when he was discharged);  His pension application reflects the fact that he served as a Cpl in I 31 Ind "and Old War"--if this means the War with Mexico, then he would have been awfully young for that;  His Invalid pension petition was filed 1866, and his widow, Maggie J., filed her petition in 1913;  There are a couple of men named James Hays who died in this area in 1912;  His application for a military headstone has a word ("Sep"?) written over the initial word ("April"?) 


Heidrick, Thomas J.   22  (1839 - 1905)  He worked as a Cooper in Parke Co before the War;  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Annapolis as a Cpl;  Vet;  Mustered out 8 Dec 65;  His pension records says he applied as an Invalid in 1869 and his widow, Lydia, filed in 1905;  According to the 1900 Census, he was born in April 1839; his tombstone in Parke Co's Poplar Grove Cemetery says it was 3 April; He was married three times: Salina J. Alexander 1866, Guley/Julia E. Carter 1878, and Liddia/Lydia C. Butler 1891;  He died in Edgar Co, IL


Kelly, Moses T.   21  (1840 - 1913)  Military records show him with the middle initial "T" although a family source on gives his middle initial as "M";  There was also another Moses Kelly who lived in the general area at the general time as our Moses;  Our Moses was mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Annapolis as a Cpl;  He was wounded at Chickamauga;  Mustered out 15 Sep 64;  He applied for his pension as an Invalid in 1866;  In 1870, he lived next door to Pvt. Mark McCool (see bio below);  His widow, Maggie, applied for her pension in 1913;  A website listing Civil War veterans from Parke Co shows Co I's Moses as the one who lived from 1840 - 1913;  (The other Moses lived from 1840 - 1894, and served in the 85th IN, Co A, as well as the 116th USCT Infantry);  In 1900, our Moses Kelly sold buggies for a living!



Maris, Charles Franklin  23   (1838 - 1887)   Born in Parke Co, IN;  Mustered in as a Cpl on 20 Sep 61 from Annapolis;  Deserted in Nov 61, but he returned in May 62;  I have tried to find out why he left (a loved one who was sick or dying at home?) and also his reason for returning; There was no disciplinary action that followed this incident; although he is listed as a Pvt on his tombstone--if he were demoted, the AG's Roster does not reflect this;  He mustered out 10 May 65;  He moved to KS after the War, where he was a Farmer;  Although he died in OK, he was buried in KS;  I have not (yet) found a connection

between Charles F. Maris and Pvt Thomas D. Maris of Co I, whose bio is below 

          OTHER  PERSONNEL   from  Co.  I  at   CRIPPLE   CREEK

???Donaldson, William B.   17  (1844 - 1880)  Born either in KY or IN;  Mustered in from Rockville on 20 Sep 61 as a Musician;  Discharged 14 Jan 63;  Re-enlisted 17 May 64 in CoG 133rd IN, again as a Musician;  Mustered out 5 Sep 64;  Filed petition as Invalid in Jul 1863;  Died in Montezuma, IN;  Widow (Rebecca J.) filed her petition 1880 from IN


Seymour, Charles E.   21  (1840 - Before 1891)  Born in OH;  Mustered in from Annapolis on 20 Sep 61 as a Musician;  Mustered out 15 Sep 64;  Minors' petition filed 1891 (Sidney Seymour, et al)

???Stuart, John Martin   22  (1839 - 1916)  Born in IN;  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Rockville as a Wagoner;  Discharged 27 Feb 63 for disability;  Spent many years as a Farmer in Parke Co before moving to Fountain Co and eventually to Clay Co



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Abbott, Granville   27  (1834 - 1916)  Born in Maine and in 1860 was still living in Oxford Co, ME;  Mustered in from Newport, Parke Co, IN on 20 Sep 61 (I do not know what caused him to enllist in IN);  Mustered out 15 Sep 64 as a Cpl;  By 1870, he had relocated to Minnesota;  Married his wife, Harriet, in 1878;  He was a Farmer; Died and was buried in Kandiyohi Co, Minnesota;  In reearching him, I found there was a famous Baptist preacher named Granville Sharpe Abbott, born in 1837, who held pastorates in Massachusetts and California--I do not know if there was any sort of familial connection between the two Granville Abbott

Adams, William Casper  21  (1840 - 1911)  Born in Mercer Co, KY;  From Bethany, he mustered in on 20 Sep 61;  Vet:  Appointed Musician;  Mustered out 8 Dec 64; Married his wife, Melissa, in 1867;  By 1870, he and his young family had relocated in Allen Co, KS;  He was a Farmer for most of his life;  He died in Iola, Allen Co, KS and is buried there

Beard, Otterbine G.* 19  (1842 - 1865)  Born in Rockbridge Co, VA;  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Bethany;  Taken prisoner at Chickamauga and sent to Andersonville Prison;  Exchanged in Vicksburg 12 April 1865 to go home; Vet;  Lost on the steamer Sultana explosion on 27 Apr 65;  Body never recovered

Bell, Reuben S.  26  (<1835> - 1925)  Born in OH, but living in Parke Co, IN by 1858 when he married arah Jane Lee;  Worked most of his life as a Blacksmith and a Day Laborer; Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Annapolis;  Vet:  Mustered out 8 Dec 65 as a Cpl;  Died and was buried in Montgomery Co, IN--the cause was given as Cardio Dilatation compounded with Arterio-sclerosis

Burnett, William H.* 24   (<1837> - <1863>)  AG's Report erroneously listed him as William H. Bennett;  William H. Burnett wa the firstborn child of James S. and Rosana (Kaufman) Burnett of Helt Twp, Vermillion Co, IN; William was mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Montezuma, Parke Co, IN; He was captured at Chickamauga and presumed dead; How sad for his family to lose their eldest child in a terrible war and to not know where and how he died nor what became of his body

???Bond, Nathan  27  (1843 - 1879)  One of several Quakers who fought in the Regiment--I wonder if he was conflicted at all about being a soldier and a Quaker;  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Sylvania, Parke Co;  Discharged 14 Apr 63 for being "Disabled"--by wounds incurred at Stones River?  Was he actually at Camp Cripple Creek?;  Married Nancy A. Patterson in 1869 and worked as a Farmer until his death in Tippecanoe Co, IN  (Nancy had died in 1876)

Brittain, Eli C.  20  (1841 - 1923)  Mustered in with his brother, Andrew, from New Castle on 20 Sep 61;  (Andrew was discharged in Aug 62);  Wounded twice at Chickamauga;   Vet; Discharged 25 May;  Died at his home in Jackson Twp, but buried in Putnam Co, IN

Chercherner, Thomas  44  (<1817> - 1888)  Born in Hessen Darmstadt--I do not know when he came to America;  Surname variously spelled as Chercherner, Cherchner, Churchener, etc.;  Mustered in from Bellmore in Parke Co  on 20 Sep 61;  Mustered out 15 Sep 64; Apparently Thomas never married, as he is listed as "Single" and living in Covington, INwhen he entered the National Soldiers' Home in Dayton, OH; When he died there in July 1888, his siblings were listed as his next of kin;  Cause of death wa Phthisis Pulmonalis;  He had only 25 cents as his personal effects; He is buried in the Military Cemetery on the grounds there, G - 11 - 21

Clark, Jesse J.  21 (1840 - 1922)  Born in Guilford Co, NC;  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Annapolis;  Vet;  Discharged 9 Jun 65 due to wounds incurred at Kennesaw Mtn;  Buried Bloomingdale, IN

Connerly, William Martin  33  (1828 - 1877)  Born in Lawrence Co, IN and moved to Parke Co at an early age;  Married Emily H. Barnes in Parke Co in 1852;  They had at leat 9 children;  William was a Blacksmith and occasionally a Coal Miner;   Mustered in from Bruin's Crossroads in Parke Co on 20 Sep 61;  Mustered out 15 Sep 64;  Died a couple of weeks before his 49th birthday

Cord, Henry B.  20  (1841 - 1924)  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Bethany, Parke Co;  Vet;  Promoted to 2 Lt on 1 Jun 65;  Promoted to 1 Lt on 1 Jul 65;  Mustered out with the unit on 8 Dec 65; Married Mary Jane Lough in 1866 (I suspect she wa a distant cousiin of his comrade-in-arms, Budd Lough (whose bio appears below); Mary Jane preceded him in death;  He is buried in Shelby Co, IN



Dark, Silas   <24>   (<1837> -1879?)  Born in KY; Living in the household of James and Lucinda Dark (who I believe to be his parents)  in Vermilion Co, IL as a Farmhand in 1860;  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Ridge Farm, IL;  Vet;  Mustered out 8 Dec 65 as a Cpl;  Married Martha Henderson in Vermilion Co, IL in 1866;  Buried in Ridge Farm, IL, but there is no date of death on the record for his military headstone;  His mother, Lucinda (not his wife) filed for his pension in 1879;  At the time of the 1889 Kansas Enrollment of Ex-Soldiers, he reported suffering from "yellow jaundice" and the mumps during his time in the Army;  He worked as a Farm Laborer and is buried in Kingman Co, KS 

Elsey, Thomas  <20>  (<1841> - 1879)  AG's Report lists him as Thomas Elzy, but family records show him as Thomas Elsey;  Born in IN, his family lived in Parke Co by 1850 and remained there into the 1860s; Mustered in on 20 Sep from Highland, Parke Co;  Newspaper reports him wounded at Chickamauga; Vet; Mustered out 8 Dec 65 as a Cpl;  Married Mary F. Yancey in 1866 in Martin Co, IN; Thomas is a Farmer and their family grows to include two daughters--Alice A.(b. in May 1867) and Sarah F. (born in Feb 1870),but Mary is not listed in the 1870 Census, making me suspect she died in childbirth; (One family tree on Ancestry shows her as living until 1900, but this seems unlikely, since there is no Widow's Pension filed, only a pension for the "minor child", Alice Crane, in June 1890;  This same family source shows Alice marrying Levi Crane in 1880--when she would have been 13 and he roughly twice her age; It would seem that Baby Sarah did not survive infancy and that Alice, married for 10 years in 1890 (and the mother of 6 children!), is attempting to claim pension money, retro-actively, for the years between her father's death and her marriage--or perhaps her reaching the age of majority? She would bear Levi 8 more children before his death in 1906!  Alice would live until 1947.   




Engle, Adicus C.   26  (1835 - 1905)  Born in IN on New Year's Day, 1835, so technically he was still 25 when he mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Annapolis;  Married Nancy Gunning in Shelby Co, IN in 1857;  Mustered out 15 Sep 64;  Moved to KS for the remainder of his life  


Ewbank, Lancelot Chapman  24  (1837 - 1910)  Born in Dearborn Co, IN;  Family records have him born in July, but the 1900 Census says June;  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Annapolis;  Mustered out on 15 Sep 64;  Married Mary Ratcliff in Parke Co 1865 (I suspect she was the sister of the Ratcliff brothers whose bios are below); He died and was buried in Fountain Co, IN


Fouts, Thomas Benton  24  (1837 - 1867)  Born in Washington Co, IN;  His occupation was Saddler;  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Rockville;  Vet;  He married Sarah Tatlock in 1864 (perhaps while on leave after re-enlisting as a Veteran);  Mustered out 8 Dec 65;  He died in Washington Co in December 1867


???Gates, Francis "Frank" M.   24  (1839 - 1923)  Born in Fayette Co, IN, but lived most of his life in Parke Co;  His father was in the lumber business, running a sawmill, and Frank learned the trade from himMustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Mansfield;  Discharged 1 Feb 63  (from Cripple Creek?);  His family retellls an incident that happened during the War (perhaps in Murfreesboro?): he was taken to a makeshift hospital in a private home, suffering with pneumonia; It wa determined that he wa dead and taken to a room being used as a morgue; He regained consciousness and saw he was laid out in a room with dead bodies, causing him to jump up and run out into the street, in a state of high emotion (fear? dread? joy? relief?); friends who saw him and believed him to be dead were afraid they had seen a ghost!; married twice (Nancy E. Barnes and Amelia Newett); Like his father before him, he alo ran a sawmill and did some farming, as well

???Guisinger, John Martin van Buren    (1841 - 1924)  Born in Licking Co., OH in Sep 41;  Worked as a Farm Laborer in Wayne Co, OH at the time of the 1860 Census;  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Harverysburg;  Discharged 15 Jan 63 (from Cripple Creek?);  Worked as a Wagon Maker in Vermilion Co, IL in 1880;  By 1900, he had moved to Chicago and it was here he died

???Harper, Andrew   27   (<1834> - 1916)  Mustered in as a Pvt on 20 Sep from Highland;  Vet:  Mustered out 7 Jun 65 as a Wagoner;  The AG's Roster states he was an exchanged prisoner--but when was he captured and for how long was he held?  (In other words, was he ever at Cripple Creek?);  After the War, he went West;  Filed a pension petition as an Invalid  in Texas in 1882;  Married Temperance Ryker in Washington Co, Arkansas in 1901;  Died in Arkansas



Heath,  George F.  23   (1838 - )  This man is a puzzlement: has family data that links George F. Heath to a George Heath who was born 1 Feb 1828 in Louisville, KY to Elisha and Rachel (Coombs) Heath,  However, there is also a link to a George Gorrell who married a Sally Ann Heath in Parke Co in the 1850s;  The military record shows that George F. Heath was 23 when he was mustered in from Annapolis, Parke Co, IN, on 20 Sep 61;  Vet;  Mustered out 8 Dec 65 as a Sgt



Henderson, George Blackford  16  (1845 - 1910)  Born in Vincennes, IN, he was mustered in from Bethany in Parke Co on 20 Sep 61;  He mustered out 15 Sep 64;  He married Cynthia Ellen Adams in 1875 and Mary J. Kelly in 1900.  He was primarily a Farmer, although he worked as an Expres Mesenger in 1880.



???Hobson, David A.  18?   (1843? - 1863?)  The AG's Roster gives minimal information on this man:  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Sylvania;  "Died at home"  (That's all!)  There was a David Hobson, aged 16, working as a Farm Boy for Elwood Hadley in Sylvania, Liberty Twp., Parke Co, IN in the 1860 Census;  There is a tombstone for a David A. Hobson buried in the Rush Creek Cemetery in Parke Co, who died 20 Jun 63;  A quick read of the worn tombstone says this man was aged "49 yrs, 10 ms, 1 d" when he died, which would make him too old to be the David in the Census (and possibly too old to have been a soldier in 1861);  However, a listing of all the Civil War veterans in Parke County and where they are buried shows an entry for David A. Hobson, born 1844, died 20 June 1863, who is buried at Rush Creek Cemetery;  This leads me to believe that the badly worn "49 yrs" in David A.'s age is actually "19 yrs" (look closely at the picture to the left);  This would make David A. Hobson born on 19 Aug 43--which is close to 1844 in the Parke Co Veterans Burial listing;  Even if (if, If, IF) this is the David A. Hobson from Co I, it doesn't answer the question: Was he at Cripple Creek before he was sent home to die?


???Hoefling, John M.  29  (1832 - 1918)  when did he enlist?;  Filed an Invalid's pension in 1888;  Born in Germany in Sept 1832, his family came to American about 1859;  The AG's Roster is blank on the details of when he was mustered in, so he might have been recruited after Co. I was at Cripple Creek


Hollingsworth, Lewis   28   (1833 - 1915)  Mustered in from Rockville on 20 Sep 61;  Vet;  Mustered out on 8 Dec 65 as a Sgt  (Is there a connection between Lewis and Wilburn Hollingsworth who  died on 28 Jul 62 in the Regimental Hospital of Acute Hepatitis?);  Lewis filed petition for an Invalid's pension in 1882 from IN;  Widow, Maria, filed for her pension in 1915 from IL;  There is a Lewis Hollingsworth (born Dec 1833) and his wife, Maria, living in Parke Co in 1900 and a Find-A-Grave citation for Lewis Hollingsworth, born 1833, died 1915, in the Danville, Vermilion Co, IL Cemetery




Hughes, John   35   (<1826> - 1911)  Born in PA; Mustered in on 20 Sep 61;  Vet;  Mustered out on 8 Dec 65; By 1889, he was living in Talmo Co, KS;  Died in Concordia, Cloud Co, KS in 1911, and is buried there in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery



Jackson, Andrew M.  21  (1839 - 1870)  Born in IN; Mustered in from Bloomingdale, Parke Co, on 20 Sep 61;  Mustered out on 15 Sep 64; Married Julia Osborne in IL in 1865;  Died in Macoupin Co, IL in 1870 of Consumption and buried in the Virden Cemetery



Jackson, John Wesley   (1839 - 1920)  Born in Guilford Co, NC; Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Howard; IN;  Reportedly suffered from a GSW to the left chest, a deformity of the head caused by a skull fracture, and Rheumatism;  Mustered out 15 Sep 64; Admitted to Soldiers' Home in Vermilion Co, IL; in 1918;  At that time, he was 5'10", blue eyes, florid complexion, gray hair;  He was unable to read or write, was a Widower, Protestant; and his occupation was Farmer; he apparently left the Soldiers' Home in 1919, but had returned by 1920; he died there 13 June 1920 of Arterio-Sclerosis and Dementia; buried in Kingman, IN 




Jewell, James S. 17 (1844 - 1891)  Born in IL; Mustered in from Cannelton, Parke Co, on 20 Sep 61;  Vet;   Mustered out 8 Dec 65 as a Cpl;  Was a Farmer for most of his life;  Filed for an Invalid penion in 1890 and entered the Marion Home for Disabled Soldiers in Grant Co, IN in Mar 90; At the time, he was 5'5", with light-colored hair, fair (light) complexion, and blue eyes;  He was Single;  He reported suffering a knife wound to his left leg at Shiloh, a badly-healed fracture (of leg?  arm?) after the Battle of Bald Mtn, GA, and deafness;  He died on 11 Jan 1891 of pneumonia and was buried on the grounds in the Marion National Cemetery in Grave 1 - 1 - 112

???Jones, Francis L.  <35>  (<1826> - 1865)  Mustered in from North Madison, but WHEN?  Discrepancy time:  The AG's Roster shows Francis L. Jones died in Nashville, TN 27 May 65, The Burial Registers of Military Posts and National Cemeteries shows Francis L. Jones's death as 25 May 65; finally, The Registers of Deaths of Volunteers has his death listed (as Frank L. Jones of Co I of the 30th IN) on 26 May 65; Whichever name, date, and company you choose, he is buried in the National Cemetery in Nashville in Grave #J-14632;  Cause of death was Chronic Diarrhea;There are several likely Francis Jones to choose from in the Census records.  Since our Francis L. Jones gave N. Madison (Jefferson Co)  as his residence when he enlisted (WHENEVER that was!) there is a Frances [sic] L. Jones living in Republican Twp of Jefferson Co in 1860,  This man was born about 1826 and born in IN; A Francis L. Jones pays $10 tax on his stallion in 1863;  Is this our Francis L. Jones and was he at home during 1863 (and not enlisted yet?)  Not necessarily, since men were taxed even when they were off fighting;  Our Francis L. Jones will remain a mystery for now; Reasonably sure he married Ann F. McCartney in 1851and they went on to have 3 daughters and a son by the time he mustered into the 31st IN; Francis (or Frank) was a Farmer  

Juber, Joseph  <30>   (<1831> -1906)  There is much contradictory information on Joseph to be found on the internet;  Born in NC or OH or Canada in 1827 or 1834 or 1838 or 1831, etc.  Here is my best guess, based upon an interesting article that appeared in the Defiance Express on 17 Dec 1906:  He was born in Montreal, Canada on 6 Oct 1831; In his youth, he took up residence in Defiance, OH where he worked as a Farm Laborer, and later a a dealer in Lumber used in Shipbuilding; He married Mary Pyle in Defiance, OH in 1856;  Somehow, he found himself in Parke Co, IN where he mustered into the 31st IN from Rockville on 20 Sep 61;  Vet;  He mustered out 8 Dec 65 as a Cpl; After the War, he returned to Defiance; He listed himself as a widower and lived a quiet, almost miserly life with a long-term housekeeper and a grocery business that did not seem to prosper; On 16 December 1906, a neighbor saw him walking outside his modest house on Perry Street;  Suddenly, the 75 year-old Mr. Juber clutched his chest and fell down;  The neighbor got him inside, but Joseph had died of a heart attack; The authorities tried to ascertain if the grocer had any kin;  The housekeeper told them of an older sister in Maumee, OH and a half-sister in Detroit; Then the housekeeper dropped an informational bombshell when she took an old boot out of an ice chest to reveal $1,300 in gold and silver coins!  The pauper had actually been a rich man!  He was buried in Riverside Cemetery in Defiance.    

???King, William T.  <21>   (1840 - 1870)  Mustered in from Harveysburg on 20 Sep 61;  Discharged 14 Apr 63;  Filed for his Invalid Pension on 8 June 1863;  Worked as a Farm Laborer; Married Emily Bethana Hibbs in 1868 and had one child, Minnie Lou (born 1869);  William died of consmption in 1870 and is buried in Fountain Co, IN

Lambert, Morris Lee   20  (1841 - 1879)  Born in IN;  Name also spelled "Maurice";  Mustered in from Mansfield, Parke Co, IN, on 20 Sep 61;  Vet;  Mustered out 8 Dec 65 as 1 Sgt;  Married Eunice J. Harmless in 1866 (also in Parke Co);  By 1870, he and his family were living in Clay Co, IN; Died in Dec 1879 in MO and is buried in Vernon Co,  IN and buried in the Flat Rock Cemetery

Longsworth, Jesse Thomas  26   (1835 - 1920)  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Harveysburg in Parke Co;  Mustered out 15 Sep 64;  Married Rebecca Bethel in 1867;  Worked as a Farmer all his life;  Died on Leap Day in 1920 in Wood, West Virginia

Lough, Henry Harrison "Tip" ("Budd")   18  (1843 - 1931)  Born in Parke Co, IN;  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Bethany--just a couple of weeks shy of his 18th birthday;  Mustered out on 15 Sep 64;  Lived nearly all of his life as a Farmer in or near Waveland, Montgomery Co, IN;  Belonged to the Waveland, IN post of the GAR

Maris, Thomas D,   <20>  (1841? - 1912?)  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Annapolis;  Vet;  Mustered out 8 Dec 65 as a Cpl.;  He filed for an Invalid's pension in 1882 from IN, but there was no Widow's pension petition filed;  There is a Thomas D. Maris who lived in and around Parke Co from 1850 - 1900--his tombstone in Grandview Cemetery, Vigo Co, does not mention any military service;  He lived from 1 Aug 41 until 14 Jun 12;  His wife was named Alice and he worked as a Blacksmith in 1870 and as a Minister of the Gospel in 1880;  I haven't found any connection between anyone named Thomas Maris and Co I's Cpl Charles F. Maris 

Maun, Thomas/Mann, Thomas C.  29  (1833 - 1907)  Military records refer to him as Thomas Maun, however, it is more likely he was Thomas C. Mann;  If so, he was born in Apr 1833 in KY and married Mary E. Allen in 1867; This Thomas Mann worked as a Carpenter in Parke Co for most of his life; Maun was mustered in on 15 Aug 62 from Bethany, Parke Co;  Mustered out 21 Jun 65 as a Cpl; Maun/Mann filed for an Invalid's pension in 1887 from IN;  His widow filed for his death benefits in 1907 from IL, which agrees with the information on Thomas C. Mann who died in Chicago on 30 Sept 1907

Maxwell, Joseph   37  (1824 - 1886)  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Newport;  Vet;  Mustered out on 8 Dec 65;  He was reportedly wounded three times, but was able to serve with Co I from its initial muster date until the men were mustered out;  Known as "Uncle Joe" to his friends, neighbors, and comrades,  he died of Typhoid Fever

McCool, Mark   38   (<1823> - 1873?)  Born in OH; Mustered in from Annapolis on 20 Sep 61;  Transferred to Veterans' Relief Corp on 30 Sep 63;  In 1870, he lived on the farm next door to Cpl. Moses T. Kelly;  A family source on lists his death year as 1870, although his Widow, Lydia (Bishop) does not file her pension petition until 1885; Buried in the Friends Cemetery



McKey, Phineas W.  21  (1841 - 1876)  Mustered in from Annapolis on 20 Sep 61;  Vet;  Promoted to 2 Lt on 28 Nov 64;  Resigned 29 May 65;  Married Catherine Litsey in 1866; Died and buried in Howard, Elk Co, KS 

Meacham, John Fred  <18> (<1843> - 1905)  1860 Census shows him as 17, the son of John J. and Ann Meacham;  An older brother, James K. Meacham, served as a 3-month soldier in 1861;  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Rockville;  Vet;  Promoted to Adjutant of the Regiment on 15 Oct 64;  Married Rosamond Burnett in 1868;  Filed as an Invalid in 1879;  Worked as a Shoe Dealer in Washington, DC by 1880; Died and was buried in DC 

Miller, George W.  20  (1841 - 1911)  Born in OH--lived in Preble Co, OH in 1850 and 1860 (living with his maternal grandparents in 1860--don't know how he came to be in Parke Co, IN in 1861;  Mustered in from Bethany on 20 Sep 61;  Vet;  Mustered out 8 Dec 65 as a Sgt; Married Mary J. Kiefner in 1877 in Vigo Co, IN; Lived in Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN for the rest of his life as a Postal Clerk; Buried in Woodlawn Cem in Vigo Co

Mitchell, Henry H. 20 (<1840> - )  Mustered in from Annapolis on 20 Sep 61;  Vet;  Mustered out on 8 Dec 65;  I cannot determine which Henry Mitchell is ours from the civilian records--consequently, I cannot say what (if any) connection there is between Company I's Henry H. Mitchell and William Mitchell

Mitchell, William  20   (1840 - 1895)  Born 9 Dec 1840; Mustered in from Montezuma on 20 Sep 61;  Transferred to Veterans' Relief Corps on 30 Sep 63;  Died 19 Mar 1895; Buried in the Friends' Cemetery in New London, Howard Co, IN

Ott, David Baxter 19  (1842 - 1912)  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Rockville;  Mustered out 15 Sep 64 as a Cpl;Wa primarily a Farmer, although he was a Hardware Merchant in 1880;  He married Louisa Tenbrook in 1869; He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1905 and died in 1912 

???Pearsall, George W.  23?   (1838? - 1920?)  This is what I know for sure:  He is listed as Pearsall and Pearsoll and possibly Piersoll;  Mustered in from Indianapolis on 20 Sep;  Deserted and returned (dates?); Vet;  Deserted again 2 Jul 65;  Was he actually at Camp Cripple Creek?;  Now, for the speculation: Is he the man who was born around 1838 in KY and lived in Helt Twp, Vermillion Co, IN as a Farm Laborer in 1860?  Is he the man who married Sarah Ann Simpson in Morgan Co, IN in 1857?  Is he the man who died in Brooklyn, NY on 3 Mar 1920?  Is he the man in Wagoner, OK who is listed in the 1860 and 1870 Census?  If so, he is buried in the Elmwood Cemetery, with the dates 4 July 1837 through 9 September 1905?

Powell, Nathaniel E.  19  (<1842> - 1916)  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Parkville, Parke Co, IN;  Discharged 28 Oct 63 for disability;  He is buried in Barnes Cemetery in Parke Co

Ratcliff, David J.   18   (1843 - 1922)  Mustered in from Harverysburg on 12 Aug 62;  Mustered out on 21 Jun 65 as a Cpl;  (His branch of the family decided to drop the "e" from the end of their surname, but he is still the younger brother of the next man listed here)

Ratcliffe, Thomas J.  19   (1842 - 1920)  Mustered in from Harveysburg on 12 Aug 62 with his brother (whose branch of the family decided to keep the final "e" on their surname);  Mustered out on 21 Jun 65 as a Cpl;  He was one of the ten men chosen to serves as Flag Bearers for the 31st IN at the dedication ceremony for the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Indianapolis on 15 May 1902  

Seymour, Sidney Albert  <19>  (1842? - 1920)  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Annapolis;  Mustered out 15 Sep 64;  Filed an Invalid's pension petition in 1877;  There is reference to a "Sidney A. Seymour et al" on the pension petition for Charles E. Seymour, Musician, listed above, but I don't know if this Sidney is perhaps Charles' child or a nephew who was named for this Sidney A. Seymour of Co I;  The birth year varies from 1839 - Dec 1842, but he seems to have been born in OH; Sometime after 1880, he leaves his job as a Farmer in Vigo Co, IN and heads out to California, where he will remain for the rest of his life, living in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and dying in Santa Clara in 1920

Snellenbarger, Frederick*   25  (1836 - 1864)  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Annapolis;  Captured at Chickamauga--"supposed dead" on the AG's Roster;  He did, indeed, die as a POW at Andersonville, GA of Scorbutus on 13 Sep 64;  Buried in the Andersonville National Cemetery, Grave 8623

Snyder, Henry  25  (1836 - 1924)  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Bloomingdale;  Vet;  Transferred to 1st US Engineers on 20 Jul 64;  Served as Postmaster of Annapolis;  Buried in the Friends Cemetery

???Turner, George R.  45   (1816 - 1868)  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Annapolis;  Discharged 13 Mar 63, so he might not have been at Cripple Creek;  Died 8 Sept 1868 and is buried at Hawleysburg, Parke Co

Welch, John H.  <19>   (<1842> - 1916?)  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Rockville;  Vet:  Promoted to 1 Lt (skipping several ranks!) on 1 Sep 64;  Resigned 18 Jun 65;  It is possible he is the man listed as James Welch in the 1860 and 1870 Census records--however, John is the name on the tombstone  in the Armieburg Catholic Cemetery



???Williams, Harrison  < 21>   (<1840> - 1880)  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Green Castle;  Discharged due to disability on 6 Apr 63 (from Cripple Creek?); Married Miranda Walder; worked as a Laborer, lived in Greencastle, Putnam Co, IN









        DIED                  GONE HOME        UNACCOUNTED  FOR      IN HOSPITAL      NOT YET  RECRUITED

Bayne, Philip

Bishop, Jefferson

Bryant, John

Davis, William T. (Cpl)

English, William L.

Harvey, George (Capt)











Hedges, Isaac N.

Hollingsworth, Wilburn

Kirkpatrick, Tilghman H.

McCampbell, James W.

McClure, Mazarine

McClure, William A.

Martin, Henry

Mandenhall, William H.

Price, Jacob

Stuart, George W.

Vessels, John

Williams, Jesse

Bilboe, Archibald

Brattain, Andrew

Bryant, Alexander

Bushong, Frederick M.

Davis, Lorenzo L.

English, Edward

Geiger, William M. (1 Lt)

Piner, Alexander

Rhoten, James H.

Ruble, Charles S.

Slater, James

Smith, Moses (Cpl)

Stafford, Jabin

Vickers, Columbus N






Campbell, John M. -- Deserted

Dicks, Henry C. -- Deserted 11 

     Jan 1863; He married Rhoda 

     Ann Rubottom later that year 

English, John A. W. M. -- Deserted

Smith, William -- Deserted Aug

        62, Returned Aug 64;

        Deserted again 25 Jun 65

Thompson, David -- Deserted

Cpl Edward D Litsey was severly injured at Stones River and remained in hospital until he was discharged on 9 Mar 63 (So, he was never at Cripple Creek)

Adams, James R.*

Alfiers, Henry*

Arnett, John.

Bowdy, Herman*

Bowdy, Eberhard H.

Burn, Francis

Cox, James *

Chamberlain, Joel

Cummings, Stewart

Crist, Jacob

Canan, John W.

Decker, John H.

Eichenhour, Philip

Fox, George

Foley, John M.

Geir, Lewis

Graper, Henry

Gould, Theodore

Garrett, Eleby

Gephart, George W.

Hallowell, Jacob 

Hanschild, Fred H. W.

Harper, Thomas

Haveling, John

Hess, Joseph

Holderby, James

Hooker, John W.

Hutton, William

King, Victor

Kisler, Fritz

Lahew, Frederick*

Little, Joseph.

McCampbell, William T.

Madlon, Andrew

Madlon, Joseph

Magle, John

Martin, Simeon

Meal, Peter

Mier, Jacob*

Mohr, Adam

Nearman, Henry

O'Brien, William

O'Connor, Lawrence

Owens, Joseph*

Padgett, Richard

Price, Frederick

Reddick, William

Rehm, Jacob

Roster, Darius

Saltzman, John 

Seabs, Christian F.

Soondy, William*

Stockamp, Peter

Stuckman, Henry

Stunkel, John F.

Tegtmyer, Frederick

Wald, Matthias

White, Horace H.*

Williams, Theodore

Wilson, John

Wormstead, William H.




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