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                         COMPANY  B  OFFICERS  at  CRIPPLE  CREEK

                                    The  SANTA  FE  GUARDS          

Capt  Francis M. Pickens   19   (1842 - 1913)  Born in IN;  Mustered in from Cuba, Owen Co, on 5 Sep 61 as 2 Lt;  Promoted to 1 Lt on 2 Oct 62 and eventually to Captain (commissioned on 20 Nov 62 when the original Capt of Co B, Isaac N. Winans, resigned;  Pickens was officially mustered in as Capt on 4 Jan 63 and would remain in that post until he resigned on 14 Sep 64;  (James W. Pickens, the 2 Lt of Co B who died 7 Jan 63, was his older brother;  Cpl Wesley Pickins of Santa Fe who was promoted to 2 Lt on 30 Sep 64, was no relation that I can find;)  After the War, Francis graduated from Rush Medical College in Chicago in 1870 as a Physician;  By 1884, he and his family were living in Cowley Co, KS;  He died in 1913, the accidental victim of asphyxiation by gas


1 Lt Stephen S. Haviland    37   (1824 - 1889)  Born in OH, he was mustered in from Spencer (or Santa Fe), Owen Co, on 5 Sep 61 as 1 Sgt;  He was promoted to 2 Lt on 2 Oct 62 and to 1 Lt on 20 Nov 62 (although, according to the AG's Roster, he was not mustered in as 1 Lt until Jan 64!  Is this a misprint?):  In spite of this, he was the 1 Lt during Co B's time at Camp Cripple Creek;  He later resigned 24 Sep 64 (for health reasons?  Or did the fact that he was not promoted to Capt when Francis Pickens resigned on 14 Sep 64 have something to do with it?;  He served as Postmaster in his community both before and after the War;  He was also a Merchant and a "Canvassing Agent" (whatever that means--a salesman of some kind?)  He died and was buried in Owen Co


2 Lt  James K. Wells   24  (1837 -  1912)   Mustered in from Owen Co (Stockton or Cuba--both locations are given on the AG's  Roster) as Sgt on 5 Sep 61;  Hospitalized in Nashville from 26 Dec. 1862 until 15 Mar. 1863, he rejoined his regiment at Camp Cripple Creek about 19 March. He was promoted to 2nd Lt. while in hospital;  His younger brother, David, was a Pvt in Co A;  In 1864, Wells was encouraged to resign for "the good of the regiment" due to a misunderstanding with Col. James R. Hallowell. By 1889, Hallowell regretted his action and wrote in support of Wells' pension application.






Buzzard, John B.   22   (1839 - 1916)   Born in Owen Co;  Mustered in from Spencer on 20 Sep 61 as a Cpl; Hired by Mess #2 to cook for 50 cents a month beginning 9 Mar 63 Vet;  Mustered out 8 Dec 65 as a Sgt; Died in Brown Co, but buried in Monroe Co;  Was a Farmer

Corns, James B.  27  (1833 - 1902)  An alternate birth year is quoted in some sources, saying he was 18 when he entered the Army, meaning he was born around 1843--I believe the 1833 date to be correct; Vet;  Rose from a mere Pvt to a Cpl on 17 Dec 61 and a Sgt 20 Nov 62; He was named 1 Sgt on 6 Sept 64;  Married Catherine House in Allen Co, OH in 1852; Worked as a Farmer in OH and IN for most of his life; Filed for his Invalid Pension in 1883; Catherine filed for a Widow's pension in 1902


Fowler, Joel  22  (1838 - 1911)  Worked as a Farmer for most of his life, beginning in Owen Co;  Mutered in and out with the rest of the Company;  Promoted to Cpl 12 June 62;  After his time was up with the 31 IN, he re-enlisted with the 81st IN, Co F;  Married Armilda Vallandingham in 1868; Living in Putnam Co, IN by 1870;  Filed for his Invalid's pension in 1887 from Misouri; By 1900, he is a widower and living in Jefferson Co, IL; Marries Rebecca Elizabeth Stewart in 1903;  he files for her Widow's pension after Joel's death in 1911


McKee,  Robert T. (R.T.)   27  (1834 - 1913)  Born in KY;  Mustered in from Freedom, Owen Co, as a Cpl on 20 Sep 61;  Mustered out 15 Sep 64 as a 1 Sgt;  Lived the last 40 years of his life as a Farmer near Lyons, Greene Co, IN; Served as a County Commissioner;  Was married three times and the father of many children;  His diary is one of the sources used on the Calendar pages;  Was Albert McKee who deserted one of his relatives?



Neese, John Harrison   25   (1836 - 1919)    Born in Owen Co;  Ancestry's Soldier Records and Profiles show his birthdate as 10 Sep 36;  Mustered in from Poland, a small town in Owen Co, on 20 Sep 61 as a Cpl;  He would be discharged due to wounds received at Marietta, GA--no date is given, but The History of Clay County gives his discharge date as 21 Sep 64;  Lived and worked as a Farmer all his life, first in Owen Co, then in Clay Co;  Married twice with many children;  Filed petition (name spelled Nees) as Invalid in 1871 (or 70);  Apparently no widow's pension application filed



Osborn, Samuel Lowry  23  (<1839> -  1885)  Osborn mustered in with his Company on 20 Sep 61, He made Cpl on 15 Jan 63;

He made 2 Lt on 1 Mar 64 (Did he skip being Sgt?) and Mustered out of the 31 IN; On 15 Mar 65, he transferred to Co A of the 40 USCT as 1 Lt;  He Mustered out of the 40 USCT on 25 Apr 65; He married Lavenia Leah McClelland and became a Farmer;  In 1870, he moved his family to Mankato, Minn; He continued to be a Farmer as well as a Real Estate Agent;  He died in 1885  

Palmer, Asa S.*  18  (<1843> - 1864)  Born in Vigo Co, IN, he spent his early years on his family's farm; They had moved to Clay Co, IN by 1860;  He mustered in with his Company and made Cpl on 10 Nov 62;  Vet; Cpl Asa Palmer was Killed-In-Action on 11 May 64 in the battle on Rocky Face Mtn, GA


Pickins, Wesley   14?    (1847? - 1919)   Born in Henry Co, IN to Elias and Jemima Pickens (spelled Pickins on the AG's Roster)--apparently no relation to Capt Francis M Pickens and his brother, Lt James W Pickens, who were the children of Samuel B. and Eliza Pickens;  Mustered in from Santa Fe in Owen Co on 20 Sep 61 as a Cpl;  He was promoted from 1 Lt to 2 Lt (probably after Lt Wells resigned on 30 Sep 64);  By 1880, he and his family were living in Jefferson Co, NB, which is where he died and was buried;  Most of the records (Census, Cemetery, etc) give his birth year as 1847, but this would make him awfully young when he enlists, especially to be a Cpl



Woodburn, James M.   24  (1837 - 1876)  Born in OH (or in Owen Co, IN); Mustered in (and out) with the Company;  Named Cpl on 10 Dec 62;  He would earn the rank of Sgt on 6 Sept 64, 1 Sgt on 11 Nov 64 and 2 Lt on 1 Jun 65;  Vet;  Married Leah Fairleigh in Shelby Co, IL 1866; Wa a Farmer in Shelby Co in 1870, but by 1875 was in Montgomery, KS;  He died here in 1876

           OTHER  PERSONNEL   from  Co.  B  at   CRIPPLE   CREEK

McGuire, William Hansberry   28   (1833 - 1904)   Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Spencer as a Musician;  He would be discharged 18 Aug 63 due to a disability (Given that this is 8 months after Stones River, it is possible that his disability was related to the Battle, but I am guessing he was not hospitalized the whole time, in which case, he would have been at Cripple Creek);  Lived in Owen Co much of his life as a Farmer or a Teamster;   Buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, in Grave 9-953  (In the burial records, he is listed as the Drummer for Co B)


Bowen, John   16?   (1845? - 1933?)   Mustered in 20 Sep 61 from Spencer as a Musician;  Vet;  Mustered out 8 Dec 65 as a Cpl;  The military headstone for John Bowen, Corp of the 31st IN, is in Worthington, Greene Co, IN, along with the headstones of his wife, Eliza, and daughter, Clara;  The dates of birth and death attached to the cemetery shows he was born on 20 May 1845 and died 14 Feb 1933;  The problem comes in trying to reconcile the military pension record for John Bowen, Musician, B 31 Ind Inf, which shows he applied for an Invalid pension in 1885 and his widow, Eliza A, filed for her pension in 1917;  How could she file for a widow's pension in 1917 when he didn't die until 1933?;  A further bit of conflicting information is on the 1900 Census, where John' birthdate is given as Mar 1843; Finally, there are records (and even a nifty photo!) on Ancestry for John Bowen of the 149th IN and another from the 43rd IN, one who died of heart failure in 1889 (the family member who posted the information acknowledged they weren't sure if any of this info was connected to their John Bowen);  This one is a real puzzlement!   

Walden, Lemuel Adolphus  23  (<1838> -  Before 1880)  Born in Belmont, OH;  By 1850, Lemuel's family is living in Owen Co, IN; He is mustered in and out with his Company; Vet; Was designated as the Wagoner for Co B; Married Eliza A. Paris;  Continued living as a Farmer in Owen Co;  He apparently died before the 1880 Census was taken





Antibus, William  Returned to the Rgt on 23 Feb 63; He and AJ Poole were cooks for Co B beginning on 19 May 63


Boes, John

Beman, James Wesley  21  (1842 - 1888)  Mustered in on 5 Sept 61 as a Pvt; Vet; Made Cpl on 1 Aug 65; Made 18 Oct 65;  Married Eliza Jane Hicks in 1865 in Owen Co; Worked as a Laborer and a Farmer for most of his life; Filed for an Invalid pension in 1866; Died in 1888 in Owen Co

Bolden, James M.

Bowen, Elliott   21 (1842 - 1920)  Mustered in on 5 Sept 61 a Pvt; Married Francis Keller in 1879;  Worked as a Sawyer and a Farmer; Entered the Leavenworth National Home for Disabled Soldiers where he was described as being 5'6" with  a fair complexion (no description of hair or eyes);  Unable to read or write; Protestant;  Suffered with Piles while in the service; Suffered with Renal failure (Parenchymal Disease), Nephritis, and Arteriosclerois at the time of his death in 1920; Buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery in Carroll Co MO


Brewer, John J.  21  (1842 - 1911)  Mustered in and out with the rest of the Company; Worked most of his life as a Farmer in Owen and Clay Cos;  Married Fanny K. Davis in 1868, and (after her death) married Mary McCann in 1874;  Buried in the Gosport Cemetery in Owen Co

Carpenter, David  18  (1843 - )  Born in IN (or VA?)

Daniels, William H.  20  (<1841> - 1902)   Wounded in left forearm--date?; Filed Invalid Pension 1879;  By 1889, he and his family were living in Artell, Marshall Co, Kansas;  He entered the National Military Home in Grant Co, IN, where he died in 1922;  His widow, Nancy A, filed for her pension in 1922 

Denny, David  19  (1842 - 1880)  Moved from Pvt to Cpl on 6 Sept 64; Vet;  Married Martha Mason in 1864 (during his furlough after re-enlisting?);  Married second wife, Ida B., in 1880--a few months before he died in Oct 1880;  Buried in Owen Co

Frock, Michael H.*  18  (1843 - 1864)   Born in Clay Co, IN to Jacob and Catherine Frock;  Worked as a Farm Hand before the War;  A curious ad was placed in the Hoosier Patriot weekly newspaper from Bowling Green, IN on 24 May 1860 by someone named Michael G Frock:  "Michael Frock, a boy seventeen years old, who was bound to the undersigned, ran away on the 22nd day of April 1860.  I will give five cents reward to any person returning him to me at my residence in Harrison twp, Clay County, Indiana";  This either sounds like a joke or perhaps the Michael G Frock who placed the ad felt that the boy (and his value as a worker) were practically worthless;  Later in 1860, young Michael is working as a Farm Boy for Labon Stephens in nearby Patricksburg;  Michael musters into the 31st IN in Sept 1862; According to The Weekly Sentinel of 26 Jan 63, he was wounded "slightly" at the Battle of Stones River; Vet; He died of an unspecified disease at the military hospital in Bowling Green

Goff, William A.   24  (1837 - 1900) Born in Owen Co, IN to Josephus and Anna Goff; Mustered in with the rest of his company;  Vet; Made Cpl 10 Oct 65; Married first to Sarah "Sallie" Meadows in 1866--three children; Married second to Nancy E. Sluder--5 children; He moved around quite a bit: from IN to IL to MO and back to IL;  He was always a Farmer; Filed and Invalid pension in 83; Nancy filed for a Widow's pension in 1903.  


Gard, Lorenzo Dow    (1842 - 1906)      According to The Weekly Sentinel of 26 Jan 63, he was wounded at the Battle of Stones River, the "character of the wound not known"; He was one of the 10 men chosen to carry the Regimental Flag at the dedication ceremony on 15 May 1902 for the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Indianapolis


Green, John E. H.  17  (1844 - )   Mustered in with the rest of his Company from Owen Co;  He was originally chosen to be a Fifer, and may have continued in that position unofficially; According to The Weekly Sentinel of 26 Jan 63, he was wounded "slightly" at the Battle of Stones River; Vet

Highnote, James

Johnson, Disberry  22  (1839 - 1887)   Grew up in OH with his parents, Isaac and Nancy, and his siblings;  Mustered in with his Company and mutered out to join the VRC in Sept of 63, o I am guessing he was at Cripple Creek; Married Florence Seahultz in 1867 and lived the life of a Farmer for most of his life; After 1880, the family moved to St. Louis and he took a job at the Jupiter Iron Works and he died of asphyxia, due to an accident at work

Lybarger, Lewis  27  (<1834> - 1916)  AG's Report gives his middle initial as "G", but family records on reflect that his middle name was "Addison";  Before the War, he lived on the family farm in OH; Mustered in with the rest of his Company; Vet;   Married Nancy M. Steward in 1863 (maybe on the furlough give to men who re-enlisted a Veterans?); Promoted to CPL on 6 Sept 64; Mustered out with the Company; By 1870, he was a Farmer in McDonough Co, IL;  Nancy died before 1880 and he remarried in 1886 to Sarah C. Stoops in Fulton Co, IL; He died in 1916

Leonard, Oliver H.   18  (<1843> - 1919)  Spent most of his life before and after the War in Owen Co, IN; Mustered in and out of service with his Company; Wounded in the fighting near Marietta, GA in 64; McKee sold him a watch for $28 on 23 Feb 63;  Married Mary A. Barrow in 1870;  In addition to being a Farmer, he appears to be in the textile business in 1870 and 1900, since he is also listed as a Carder and Spinner/Wool Spinner in those years;  Widower by 1900; Died in 1919 and buried in Owen Co, IN 

McClarren, William   27  (1833 - 1922)   AG's Report lists him as McClairen;  Born in PA; Mustered in and out with his Company; Vet;  Married Elizabeth J. Dyer in 1857; Died in 1922 and was buried in Greene Co, IN--in fact, he spent most of his life as a Farmer in Greene Co, IN

Misler, Daniel   23  (<1838> - )  This is a puzzlement.  The Indiana Civil War Soldiers Database Index shows a Daniel Misler in the 31st IN Co B and gives me the year of birth and the age of the soldier at enlistment, but I find nothing more;  The AG's Report also lists a Daniel Misler (perhaps because the database is drawn from the AG's Reeport);  His last name is probably Mishler or Mishlar;

There is a Daniel Mishler, 8 Oct 1838 - 1914, buried in the Danville National Cemetery, but he was with the 42 IN, not the 31 IN; The search continues

Morris, John B.

Nelson, William H.

Nichols, Jasper M.

Pool, Andrew Jackson  28  (<1833> - 1915)  Born in OH; By 1850, he and his family lived in Owen Co, IN;  Married Mary M. Kelso in Owen Co in 1857; Mustered in (and out) with his Company;  He and Wm Antibus were the cooks for Co B beginning 19 May 63;  Vet;  After the War, he moved with his wife and children to Minn;  By 1910, he was a Widower and he died in 1915

Pickard, James  22  (<1839> - 1870)  Mustered in with his Company, but was injured or chronically ill (probably something to do with the Stones River battle);  AG's Report simply says he was discharged on 13 Jan 63;  Ordinarily, if a man is discharged from the service, I would expect he had been sent to a hospital after the battle and discharged from there (meaning he was never at Cripple Creek);  However, McKee mentions that he and his friends came in from picket duty to find that Pickard had already left on his journey home--thus missing out on the chance to say goodbye; So, in some cases, a man receiving a medical discharge is released from camp, rather than a hospital

???Pettit, William H. 21  (<1840> -  1913)  Another fellow who might not have been at Cripple Creek, due to the fact he was discharged on 15 Jan 63;  He was promoted to the rank of Cpl on the same day he left to go home

Rose, William D.

???Rhoderic, John  23  (1838 - 1863)  Another man who might have been discharged from the Army soon after arriving at Cripple Creek--or perhaps he spent the whole time between the Battle of Stones River and his discharge on 20 Feb 63 in one of the many hospitals set up to treat the wounded;  Born in OH, his family came to IN in the 1850s;  John died 20 Apr 63 and is buried in Owen Co, IN, so whatever the "disability" he was suffering from in Feb, it may have contributed to his death two months later


Shaneman, Michael*  24  (<1837> - 1864)  Born in OH and lived most of his life there--I am uncertain why he went to Terre Haute, IN to enlist;  Name spelled variously as Shaneman, Shamenan, Shenemon, etc;  Vet; Died 10 Aug 64 at the Jatten General Hosp in Louisville,KY--the victim of a Gangrenous Gun Shot Wound, possibly incurred at Bald Knob on 20 June as part of the Atlanta Campaign;  Buried in Cave Hill National Cem in Louisville, Grave C-2403 


Sipple, James Madison  21  (1840 - 1920)  Lived nearly all of his life as a Farmer in Owen Co, IN;  Mustered in and out with his Company; Married Sarah Charlotte King in 1872;  Died in a coma from the effects of Diabetes mellitus

Stevens, Isaac Cary   21  (<1840> - 1921?)   Born in OH and grew up on family farm in Morgan Co, OH;  Not sure how he ended up in Terre Haute, IN to enlist in Sept 61;  Mustered in with Company; Official records claim he deserted during the Battle of Chickamauga on 19 Sept 63;  However, he appears in an Army garrison in Cherokee Co, KS in 1870--occupation Soldier;  I suspect he was either caught by Federal troops or turned himself in and this extended military service after the War was part of his punishment (the 1870 Census indicates he had lost his voting rights--again, as part of his punishment?;  By 1880, he is married to Jane and they are living in Benton Co, IN, the parents of three little boys; His wife was Miranda Jane Beckett (who appears to go by her middle name); He works as a Laborer; He also goes by his middle name; By 1900, he works as a Blacksmith in Mason Co, KY;  He and his wife are both listed by their first names and there are several more children in the family;  Is he the Isaac Stevens who died 15 May 21 and is buried in Shelby Co, IN?

Williams, Jacob Brewer *   28  (1833 - 1864)   Born in Belmont Co, OH;  Married Mary Ann Spears in 1854 According to The Weekly Sentinel of 26 Jan 63, he was wounded "slightly" at the Battle of Stones River;  He died 22 Aug 1864 and is buried in the National Cemetery

Whitaker, William W.  18  (1843 - 1923)   Born in Tuscarawas Co, OH and came to Owen Co, IN with his family at an early age; Mustered in and out with his Company;  Vet;  Made Sgt on 6 Sept 64 (but was he a Cpl upon enlistment?) ; Married Eliza J. Stage in 1866;  By 1872, he had moved with his wife and children to KS; He died in KS in 1923


       DIED                            GONE HOME          UNACCOUNTED FOR              NOT YET RECRUITED

Barns, Stephen Noah

Coffman, Jacob

Edgar, James

Evans, Lewis B.

Everett, John H.

Goff, Henry H.

Halton, James G. (Cpl)

Harden, Benjamin F.

Huffman, Emanuel

Hostetter, John E.

Jordan, Henry H. (Cpl)

Larlson, Perry

McMahan, Francis M.

Nihart, Simon P.

Pickens, James W. (2 Lt)        (Died 7 Jan 63 in


Rankins, Samuel C.

Reynolds, James M. 

Seidle, Simon

Spear, John B. (Sgt)

Talley, Oren I.

Tipton, Vincent

Todd, John M.

Williams, Joseph W.

Yant, De Walt

Aug, John

Bartin, Edward J.

Boes, James

Bowen, Young

Carpenter, Joseph

Cooksey, Vincent Henry

Corns, Smith

Crouse, Obadiah

Davis, William W.

Frew, Charles A.

Gonser, Jacob

Hamlin, Eli

Hamelton, Absalom

Hammond, Thomas

Horn, George

Kenoyer, Joseph--sent

   home from a hospital

   after Stones River 

McGuire, William G.

McIndoo, Jefferson--sent

   home/discharged in

   early Jan 63 

Needy, John U.

Parr, Joseph P.

Pool (Jr.), John D.

Pool, John J.  (Wagoner)

Reeves, George

Smith, Augustus

Strong, Robert (Sgt)

Townson, Thomas

Winans, Ira (Sgt)

Wright, Andrew J.

Hulette, Robert A. (Cpl) (Deserted)

Jordan, Jacob B.                   "  

McGuire, John M.                  "

McKee, Albert B.                   "

McBride, Gabriel                   "

Phillips, William M.               "

Adams, Benjamin F.

Barnaby, William O.

Bing, George A.

Bain, Samuel A.

Beck, Alexander D.

Bolden, James M.*

Bolden, Woodard

Cambell, Milton

Caton, Silas W.

Close, John T.*

Cole, George W.*

Carley, Silas

Carley, James M.

Clows, James W.

Dine, Andrew J.

Eason, Jack

Frown, Charles

Fisher, Elijah*

Hodges, William C.*

Hunter, Virgil H.*

Honeycutt, Jesse

Infield, John

Ingraham, Ezekiel

Ingraham, Andrew J.

Johnson, John H.

Jones, William W.

Kirby, Elijah

Larlson, William

Leonard, William

McCarty, Michael

Mann, William

Marley, Andrew J.*

Meloy, William

Morris, John B.

Moore, Samuel W.

Palmer, Nelson W.

Poynter, Jesse A

Reynolds, Amos

Root, Lemuel D.

Russell, George

Stage, Henry A.*

Smith, Andrew J.

Snow, Thomas

Stucker, Samuel A.

Tanksley, George*

Wade, George

Warren, James M.

Wilson, Charles




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