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Capt William Henry Fairbanks    22  (1839  - 1908)   Born in IN; He served a three-month enlistment in the 11th IN Zouaves before he was mustered into Co E of the 31st IN on 20 Sep 61 from Terre Haute as 1 Lt;  Promoted to Cap of Co E on 3 Jan 62 ;  Promoted to Maj on 16 Jul 63; Resigned 23 Sep 64;  He later served as Assistant Adjutant General and the Inspector General of the 4th Army Corps;   After the War, he was a successful businessman, owing a mining and smelting business;  He was one of the founders of the town of Galena City, KS;  He retired in 1877 and relocated to Boston, Mass;  He and his wife were on a train for Terre Haute on 18 Dec 1908, to spend the holidays with family who still resided in Terre Haute when he suffered a stroke and died



1 Lt Samel C. Scott  20  (1841  -  1912)   Mustered in 20 Sep 61 from Terre Haute as 1 Sgt;  Promoted to 2 Lt on 3 Jan 62;  Promoted to 1 Lt on 11 Jul 62;  Promoted to Cap 16 Jul 63 (AG's Report mistakenly says 62;  Also, he was commissioned as Cap on 16 Jul, but mustered in as Capt on 12 Nov 63);  Resigned 21 Sep 64; Lived most of his life in Vigo Co;  In 1880 he was a Government Gauger (whatever that is!)



2 Lt  Timothy Fielding   24  (1837  -  1879)  Born in Vigo Co, IN; Mustered in as Pvt on 20 Sep 61; Promoted to 2 Lt on 11 Jul 62 (he skipped the ranks of Cpl and Sgt?); Promoted to 1 Lt on 16 Jul 63; Promoted to Capt 22 Sep 64;  In 1870, he lived in Oregon Co, MO; Died in Dallas, TX






???Appman, Henry    17?   (1844? - 1912?)  Mustered in 20 Sep 61 from Terre Haute as Cpl;  Discharged for disability on 26 Mar 63 (from Camp Cripple Creek?); The Weekly Sentinel for 26 Jan 63 indicates he was "slightly" wounded, so he might have gotten worse by March or the newspaper was wrong about the seriousness of his injury;  There were two Henry Apmanns in Vigo Co in this time frame: one lived from 1844 - 1912, the other from about 1853 - 1887;  I am inclined to say our Henry is the first one, if so, he was born in Germany


Lyons, Carlton B.*   <21>  (<1840> - 1863)  Born in Indiana;  Mustered in from Vigo Co on 20 Sep 61 as a Cpl;  Killed at Chickamauga, GA on 19 Sep 63 by a "Gun Shot Wound in the Direction of the Heart";  I can find no burial record for him


???O'Haver, James    (  -  )  Mustered in from Sullivan Co on 20 Sep 61 as a Sgt;  Deserted on   ;  Apprehended on  ;  Mustered out 8 Jul 65; I have yet to unravel this mystery:When did Sgt O'Haver desert?  Why?  When was he apprehended?  Was he punished for his desertion?  Was he at Cripple Creek?  Which James O'Haver in Sullivan Co is he?


Ross, Samuel    (  - )  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 as a Cpl from Terre Haute;  Promoted to 1 Lt  on 22 Sep 64 (Like Fielding above, he apparently skipped two ranks--Sgt and 2 Lt);  Invalid pension petition was filed in 1884 from MO 


???Surns, Eliphalet M.   <16>  (<1845> - <1891>)   Mustered in from Terre Haute on 20 Sep 61 as Cpl;  Discharged for disability on 14 Mar 63 (from Cripple Creek?);  The Weekly Sentinel for 26 Jan 63 lists Eliphalet as being "slightly" injured in the Battle of Stones River--since he was discharged in early March, perhaps his "slight" wound failed to heal;  He married Mary J. Christy in Vigo Co in 1866;  Filed Invalid pension petition 1879;  Widow's pension filed 1891 from IN


???Swisher, James G.   21  (1840  - 1927)  Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Terre Haute as Cpl;  Mustered out on  65;  Exchanged prisoner;  Buried in Reno Co, KS





St. Clair, William   17?   (1844? - 1918?)   Mustered in from Vigo Co on 20 Sep 61 as a Musician;  Mustered out 15 Sep 64  








Armstrong, Alexander    (  - )


Bogard, Levi H.   <20>  (<1841>  - 1896)    Born In IN;  Mustered in from Vigo Co on 20 Sep 61;  Mustered out on 15 Sep 64;  (Not the same as Levi Bogard who died at Calhoun, KY on 4 Feb 62);  Worked as a Farm Laborer in Vigo Co, IN for most of his life


Blederman, Stephen    (  - )


Bunker, John A.    (  - )


Burnes, James     (  - )


Black, William H.     (  - )


???Caldwell, Charles     (  - )


Campbell, Robert   19  (1842  - 1912)  Mustered in from Clay Co on 20 Sep 61;  According to The Weekly Sentinel of 26 Jan 63, he was wounded "slightly" at the Battle of Stones River;  Vet;  Mustered out 8 Dec 65 as a Sgt; Robert was one of the ten men from the 31st who carried the flag at the Monument Circle dedication ceremony in Indianapolis 15 May 1902;  Robert and his French-born wife, Antoinette, are both buried in the Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis


Clark, John    (  - )


Coats, Michael M.     (  - )


Clink, Charles     (  - )


Covert, Hezekiah     (  - )


Cochran, William B.     (  - )



France, Samuel    22   (1839 - 1900)  Born in OH; Mustered in on 20 Sep 61 from Vigo Co;  Wounded at Shiloh and slightly at Stones River;  Vet;  Mustered out on 8 Dec 65 as a Cpl;  He was a Coal Miner; He was buried in Darwin, Marshall Co, IL


French, Alexander     (  - )


Garwood, Gilbert     (  - )


Garwood, John T.     (  - )


Gosnell, Joshua      (  - )


Hamilton, George W.     (  - )


Higginbotham, Daniel     (  - )


Jones, Henry C.     (  - )


Lewis, James T.    (  - )  


Lewis, William A.*   <18?>  (<1843?> - 1864)  Mustered in from Greencastle on 20 Sep 61;  Killed at Kennesaw Mtn, GA on 26 Jun 64 from a Gunshot Wound to the Head;  Buried in Grave I-9378 of the Marietta National Cemetery (The Burial Registers, Military Posts and National Cemeteries has his date of death as 24 Jun 64;  There are several men named William Lewis in Putnam Co in 1860, but I believe our William was born about 1843 in IN, the son of Aaron and Amelia Lewis 


Lockman, Oliver B.     (  - )


McCoskey, Joseph L.     (  - )


Mercer, Andrew J.     (  - )


Moore, Tillman     (  - )


Morris, William T.     (  - )


Morrow, William T.*     (  - 1863)  There are too many William Morrows in the area in the 1860 Census to know for certain which one is our William;  Mustered in from Vigo Co on 20 Sep 61;  Died at Chattanooga, TN on 20 Nov 63;  Buried in Nashville National Cemetery, Grave C-7274


Runey, John     (  - )


Romine, Ebenezer*   21   (1840 -1864)   Mustered in from Prairieton on 20 Sep 61;  Vet;  Killed at Nashville, TN on 15 Dec 64;  The Register of Deaths of Volunteers lists him as a Cpl and notes he was Killed in Action;  I find no pension nor burial records for him


Serber, Joel     (  - )


???Shepard, William M.     (  - )


Sterrett, Ezra     (  - )


Stranahan, Robert      (  - )


Stranahan, Sennecca     (  - )


Vanwinkle, Daniel     (  - )


Westfall, Daniel M.     (  - )


Wheeler, Abel     (  - )


Wiles, Lyman     (  - )


Wilgus, William T.*   <23>   (<1838> - 1863)  Born in IN; Mustered in from Terre Haute on 20 Sep 61;  He must have had a furlough in Sep 62, as he married Mary Ellen Cartwright in Vigo Co on 4 Sep 62;  Died at Chattanooga, TN on 11 Sep 63 of Congestion of Lungs;  I can find no pension nor burial records for him


Williams, George     (  - )








              DIED                         GONE HOME                 UNACCOUNTED FOR          NOT YET RECRUITED

Bevans, Adam

Bogard, Levi (different from

        Levi H. Bogard)

Brook, Matthew

Dancy, Joseph

Dowd, James

Earnest, Willis M.

Fred, James

Goodman, Achilles

Harpold, Peter

Lancaster, Charles

Lyon, Peter M. (Sent to hospital

        in Jun 62, presumed dead)

McClary, John E.

Prather, James M.

Ripley, Samuel H.

Shewmaker, John  (Cpl)

Shewmaker, Thomas

Southerland, Findal (Sent to

        hospital in May 62, presumed


Stewart, David H.

Taylor, Joseph

Welsh, John S.  (Capt)

Blue, Frederick

Bogard, Daniel

Brooks, Francis (1 Lt--Later

      became Capt in the 85th IN)

Bushel, Hampton B.

Davis, Alonzo

Foxworthy, William N.

Goad, Hiram

Goodman, Nicholas H. (Wagoner)

Herrington, Thomas (Died at home)

Leek, George W.

Lloyd, William R.

Lockman, Samuel C. (Sgt)

McMurran, William F. (Sgt)

Perkins, John

Piety, Austin H.

Poths, William  (Cpl)

Ray, Newton

Williamson, Lycurgus

Willis, Sheppard

Barnes, Michael H --  Deserted

Black, John W.  (Wounded, Sent to

   Hospital, Not heard from since)

Higginbotham, George H. (Cpl)

          --  Deserted

McMurtrie, Robert -- Deserted

Morgan, John L (Sgt) --  Deserted

Purcell, Samuel  --  Deserted

Simpson, James L.  (Musician)

            --  Deserted 

Trueblood, Leonard -- Deserted

Walton, John  -- Deserted





Scott, William H.  To 43rd IN

Ackerman, Edward

Albriten, James H.

Anthony, William P.

Armstrong, Alexander

Baker, Hickman V.

Baldwin, John

Bear, Henry

Bennett, William*

Boehm, George  (P)

Bohall, John

Bohall, Joseph

Brinston, James R.*

Buddick, William A.

Burckdoll, Linus*

Burn, James

Cansey, Alexander

Clark, Robert

Collins, Lewis

Dawson, John F.*

Day, Andrew

Dobbs, Henry

Doneka, James

Fear, William A.*

Fry, William

Givens, Charles

Gordon, Rude D.

Harmon, Cartliff

Hart, William*

Hartman, Henry

Hawkins, Charles W.

Hinkle, William A.

Hollis, John P.

Hunt, John F.

Judkins, Jefferson

King, William

McConnell, James

McIntire, Daniel

Mannville, Aries*

Martin, George W.

May, Michael

Miessner, Albert

Murphy, William A.

Nelson, Joel F.

Owens, Philip

Pritchard, Edward*

Rightmyer, Lewis

Robb, William N.

Rorig, Lewis*

Sewell, Peter*

Summers, Francis M.*

Summers, William

Sweeney, Lewis

Thomas, George W.*

Walker, Eli

Walls, George*

Whinehan, Marion

Wildman, John

Wilhelm, Ernest

Winters, Henry


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