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Abbott, Charles F. -- See Ebert, Charles F.

Abbott, William  -- See Ebert, William

Andrews, Robert F.  26 (1835 - )  Mustered in on 1 Nov 61; Discharged to Mississippi Marine Brigade 6 Mar 63, served in Capt. Walling's Light Battery of the MMB, Co. A;  born Perry, NY, 5' 4 1/2", light hair and complexion, gray eyes; He and Cpl Edmond Nichols both transferred on the same day to the MMB; The MMB became the 1 Missouri Light Art., Battery E; consequently, Robert became a Private in this new unit;  He was mustered out in Vicksburg as of April 1865; Robert's father, Josiah Andrews, was a conductor on the Underground Railroad; Is he the Robert Andrews who was born 2 May 1834 in E. Palestine, OH and died in Owatonna, Minn on 18 Dec 1904?

Arndt, Jeremiah "Jerry"  21 (1841 - 1921)  Born on 24 April in OH to Andrew and Mary A. Arndt;  Mustered in on 5 Sep 61;  Wounded 31 Dec 62 at Stones River;  In his book, Our Battery, Orlando P. Cutter lists him as only "slightly wounded" at Stones River, meaning he was able to "continue on duty"; Vet;  Mustered out  22 Jul 65; Married Chloe Valone "Lona" Harper in 1868; By 1870, he and his young family were living in Mich; From 1880 forward, her was a Farmer in Allegan Co, Mich; Filed for and Invalid's Pension in 1889; Died 21 Apr 1921 in Hamilton, Mich (just 3 days shy of his 80th birthday); Lona filed for her Pension on 7 May 1921 and died 8 years later; Both are buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Hamilton, Allegan Co

Avery, Robert S.  22  (1841 - 1906)  Born in CT to Abel and  Eunice Avery; Living in Cleveland, OH by 1850 and lived there most of his life; Married Jane M. Blackwell in Cleveland in 1860; Mustered in on 11 Aug 61;   Mustered out 16 Jun 65 Chattanooga, TN; Worked as lawyer and dabbled in local politics; Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1890; Died on 30 Jun 1906 in Cleveland, OH and buried there in Lake View Cemetery; Jane filed for Widow's Pension 29 Apr 1906 

Axford, Joseph  25  (1837 - 1911)  He was born in England on 5 Mar and came to America when he was a child; He worked as a Laborer in Toledo, OH in 1860; He was mustered in on 5 Sep 61;  He was one of the five men voted by his comrades to be placed on the Roll of Honor created by Gen. Rosecrans in Mar 63;  Like many members of Battery B, he transferred to Battery K on 6 Apr 64; Married Mary Jane Skyrm in 1868 in Cuyahoga Co; In 1870, he and his family are in Rockaway, NJ where he is a Miner; Back in Cleveland by 1880 where he works different jobs--Wire Mill, Dye Rimmer, Deputy Sheriff; Buried in Harvard Grove Cemetery

Barnes, John L. 18 (1843 - 1919)  Born on 20 Apr 1844 in Cleveland, OH, the son of John and Rebecca (Walker) Barnes; He was mustered in on 5 Sep 61 and mustered out with the rest of the battery on 22 Jul 65;  Military life must have agreed with him, because he served in the US Marines from 1866 - 1870, although there is a listing for a John L. Barnes who joined the US Army on 11 Oct 1865 in Cincinnati, occupation Soldier, who Deserted on 21 Jan 66--If this was our John, did he desert in order to join the Marines? [This man was born in Summit Co, OH, age 20, Gray eyes, Brown hair, Dark complexion, 5'10"]; Married Minnie in 1883 (Marriage records for Helena, Ark show he married A. S. Harnell in 1883--other records suggest her name was Amanda Smith Harwell, but she went by the nickname Minnie); Filed for Invalid's Pension in 1891; Living in Phillips Co, Arkansas in 1900 where he was a Farmer and died there in Helena on 7 Aug 1919; Buried in Trenton Cemetery, Phillips Co, Ark (Newspaper obituary has him buried in Maple Hill); His Widow filed for her Pension 11 Oct 1919

Bayard, Thomas Knox  21  (1840 - 1910)  Born in Geauga Co, OH to Thomas and Ruth (Knox) Bayard; By 1850, his family was living in Cuyahoga Co, OH;  Thomas was mustered in with the original battery on 5 Sep 61; according to his family, he was the Bugler for the Battery, although he is not listed as Bugler on the official roster;   Like many of the unit, he transferred to Battery K on 6 April 64; MMarried Sophia McGue in Cuyahoga Co in 1879; In 1900, he is a Hotel Clerk in Chagrin Halls, Cuyahoga Co; He died and was buried there


Beers, John Pitney***  23  (1840 - 1863)  Mustered in 11 Aug. 62;  Died 10 May 1863 at Camp Cripple Creek of typhoid fever (Orlando P. Cutter in Our Battery says he died at noon on Sunday, 11 May, then, in the next paragraph, he says that Sunday was 10 May;  clearly Beers died on Saturday, 10 May); Cutter later says tha Beers' body was escorted outside the camp by members of his detachment and the body sent home;  There is a plot and a military headstone for Beers in the Stones River National Cemetery;  There is also a headstone for him in the family plot in Cuyahoga Co., OH (one of the headstones is probably a cenotaph, since I doubt his remains were divided between the two burial sites)

Binehower, Joseph  20 (1841 - 1922)   Born in Wayne Co, OH to John and Veronica (Alt) Binehower; He mustered in on 5 Sep 61;  Was one of many who transferred to Battery K  6 Apr 64;  Married Mary Ann Marks in 1867 in Ashland Co, OH; In 1880, he was a Tinner in Ashland Co, although, in his later years, he was an Insurance Agent; He died of a heart ailment that was exacerbated by an auto accident; Buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Lorain Co, OH

Bluim, Jacob M.  18  (1844 - 1918)  Born in OH on 12 May 1844 to German immigrants, John and Mary Bluin; He mustered in on 5 Sep 61 and mustered out 22 Jul 65:  He was considered a "Vet" for re-enlisting after his initial three years were up; Married Johanna/Hannah L. Edelman in Cleveland in 1868; He was a Grocer in Cleveland in 1870, Clerk in Store in Cleveland in 1880; His occupation in 1900 is that of a Circulator PO (What is this?  Something to do with the Post Office?); Filed for an Invalid Pension in 1891; Name given variously as Bluin, Blum, Bloin, etc. which causes some confusion over which Jacob he is, as there were several men with similar names who were born around 1844 who lived in the Cleveland area; The Pension file and the US Soldier Grave Registrations file believe he is the man who died 2 Sep 1918 in Cleveland (South Euclid) and is buried in the Lake View Cemetery

Boies, Jerome  19  (1842 - 1915)  He was born in New York to Dennison and Sally Boies; Lived in Calhoun Co, Mich in 1850, bt settled in Lorain Co, OH by 1860; Mustered in on 5 Sep 61;  Transferred to Battery K  6 Apr 64; Lived most of his life as a Farmer/Farm Laborer in Lorain Co, OH; Married Mary ___ by 1880; Filed for an Invalid Pension 1892; Died in Wellington, Lorain Co, OH on 2 Sep 1915 (according to US Veteran and Pension files--family records on show he died in Stark Co, OH on 3 Sep 1915); Name also given as Boice

Boon, John  32  (1829 - 1900)  Mustered in on 5 Sept 61;  Captured on 6 Aug 62, near McMinnville, TN, was paroled, and returned to the unit a few days later;  He was one of the five men voted by his comrades to be placed on the Roll of Honor created by Gen. Rosecrans in Mar 63;  Transferred to Battery K on 6 Apr 64;  Lived in Wisconsin during the late 1880s;  At the time of his death in Chicago, he was a widower and he worked as a Plasterer

Bull, Charles H.  (1839 - <after 1890> ) Born 1839 in NY (according to his burial record);  Mustered into Battery B of the 1 OH LA on 18  5 Sep 61;  Transferred to Battery K  6 April 64;  He also served in the 193 OH Inf., Co. I (pension record says J), attaining the rank of Sgt;  He filed for a pension from Colorado in 1890 as an Invalid; He is buried in Denver, Colo. but there is no death date information, only a birthdate

Burnham, David  22  (1840 -  ) Mustered in on 7 Aug 62;  Discharged due to disability on  1 Feb 64; A family source on thinks he might be the David E. Burnham, son of Steadman and Betsy Jane Burnham of NY, but I am not convinced this is our David

Carter, Francis  26  (1832 - 1898) Born in Wiltshire, England; Arrived in the USA by 1860 where he works for the Rail Road in Cuyahoga Co, OH; Mustered in on 5 Sep 61;  Vet;  Mustered out  on  22 Jul 65;  Married Minerva Amelia (Minnie) Simmons in Cuyahoga Co in 1868; He worked in a Refinery in Cleveland in 1870; Francis and his wife and children moved from Ohio to Iowa at the time of the 1880 Census (where he was a Laborer), but were back in Ohio by 1890 and would remain there until Francis' death in 1898; Buried in the Monroe St. Cemetery in Cleveland  

Chambers, Hugh  24  (1838 - 1916)  Born 3 Apr 1838 in OH; Mustered in on 5 Sept 61;  He was one of several men who transferred to Battery K on  6 Apr 64;  After the War, Hugh was a Farmer in Lorain County, OH; Married Margaret (Maggie) Nicely in OH in 1865; Buried in the Penfield Cemetery

Chapman, William H.  44  (1817 - 1885)  Born in Mass; Mustered in on 5 Sept 61 and transferred to Battery K on 6 Apr 64;  He married Sarah Hathaway in 1866 and lived in Cleveland for the rest of his life where he was a Farmer; His cemetery records show him as being born in 1817, but his military records show him as being born in 1839--big difference!; Buried in East Cleveland Township Cemetery

Chester, Edwin  30  (1832 - 1907)  He was born in OH in Apr 1832 to Simeon and Evelyn (Fish) Chester; He married Emma Roberts in 1859; He mustered in on 13 Aug 62 and mustered out on 16 Jun 65 in Chattanooga, TN;  He made his living as a Carpenter in Cuyahoga Co, OH;  His only son (Robert) was a soldier in 1900; Buried in the Brookmere Cemetery, Cleveland, OH

Cole, Orlando D.*  19  (1843 - 1864)  He was mustered in 11 Aug 62;  he died 8 Mar 64 in  Nashville, TN "of disease";  On her application for his pension, his mother's name is given as Lydia A. Cole;  His father was (I think) Jonathan Cole (listed as Cowle in the 1850 Census for Orange, Cuyahoga Co., OH);  This would make him and and the next man on this list, Samuel B. Cole, brothers--and probably cousins of Sardis Cole

Cole, Samuel B.  21  (1841 - 1934)  Mustered in on 5 Sep 61; Wounded on 19 Sep 63 at Chickamauga; After his return to this battery from the hospital, he transferred to Battery K on 6 Apr 64; Invalid pension filed 1897 from Missouri;  He died and is buried in Bates Co., MO; I believe that he and Orlando D. Cole were brothers and that Sardis Cole was a cousin

Cole, Sardis S.  35  (1826 - 1870)  Mustered in on 5 Sept 61 and mustered out on 22 Jul 65;  Vet;  Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1869; The National Park Service Index of Civil War Soldiers lists "Samuel S. Cole" as an alternate name for him;  He was probably a cousin of the Cole brothers listed above


Coleman, John S.  32  (<1829>- 1883)  Born in Mass, he was living in Barnstable, Mass at the time of the 1860 Census, so I am not sure how he ended up in Ohio at the outbreak of the War; He originally volunteered for a 3-month enlistment from 27 Apr 61 until 13 Aug 61 in the 14th OH Infantry, Co., I;  There seems to be a slight overlap in the dates, since the Roster of Battery B indicates that he was mustered in with them on 10 Aug 61 as an Artificer;  Vet;  Mustered out 22 Jul 65;  He and his family lived in East Cleveland after the War;  His wife (Elizabeth) filed for a widow's pension in 1883, but the Veterans' Records show that he died in Rockville, IN on 12 July 1870

Cutter, Orlando Phelps  37  (1824 - 1884) Born in Willoughby Lake, OH to Orlando and Phyana (Phelps) Cutter;  One of the original group of enlistees to join the Battery on 5 Sept 61, he chose to reenlist and mustered out with the unit on 22 Jul 65; his memoir, Our Battery, is one of the main sources used on the Calendar pages; In 1880, he is an Auctioneer in Cuyahoga Co, OH, listed as Married, but his wife is not listed with him; Buried in Woodland Cemetery in Cleveland

Dalgleish, Walter W.   21  (1840 - 1924)  Born in Penfield, OH to Robert and Jeanette Dalgleish; He mustered in with the second wave of recruits on 8 Aug 62 and mustered out on 16 Jun 65 at Chattanooga, TN; Walter's younger sister, Mary, may be the Mary A. Dalglish (daughter of Robert) who married Lester J. Richmond of Battery B--perhaps a Wartime romance?;  Married Margaret Creasinger in 1867 in Mich; In 1870, Walter and his family are in Gratiot, Mich where he was a Farmer; After 1900, Walter relocated to the West Coast, settling in San Bernadino Co., CA where he is buried;  His War records list him as Walter Dalglish 


Day, Joseph A.  18  (1843 - 1934)  He was born Cleveland, OH to Hiram and Catherine (Beers) Day; He mustered in on 5 Sept 61 and mustered out on 7 Nov 64;  Married Elizabeth Waterman in Mich in 1866, but by 1870, they are living in Cuyahoga Co, OH where he was a Farmer, likewise in 1880; He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1879; In 1890, his Veteran's Census lists only that he suffers from Lumbago;  In the 1900 Census, he worked in the Railway Mail Service and would continue this for 34 years;  He lived in East Cleveland, OH, but he died in Union Co, OH; He is buried in Cleveland 

Diederich, Frank  22  (1840 -  1931)  Born on 13 Mar 1840 in Germany to John and Gertrude Diederich; The family came to the USA around 1843 and settled in Elyria, Lorain Co, OH; He mustered in on 18 Aug 62 and mustered out on 16 Jun 65 in Chattanooga, TN;  He married Katharina Pauly in 1865; He worked as a Carpenter in 1870 and 1880; By 1900, he is a Farmer; Died 5 Jan 1931 in Elyria, OH; He was buried in St. Peters Cemetery in Lorain Co, OH; Name appears variously as Deidrick, Deadrick, etc.; An article in the Elyria Chronicle Telegram for 29 Dec 1960 has a story about Frank and Standart's Battery and reveals that Frank's grandson, Walter Diederich, has the Battleflag for the Battery--although Walter did NOT know how the flag came into Frank's possession!


Disbrow. James  43  (1816 - 1878)  He was born in New York to James and Polly (Knapp) Disbrow; He married Mary Ann Jump in Lorain Co, OH in 1841; There is a second marriage record for him in Lorain Co, OH in 1843 to a Mary Mack; He mustered in with the original group of recruits, but he transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps on  22 Apr. 64, due, perhaps, to his being twice as old as some of his fellow soldiers; He married third to Cynthia Lane in 1871 in Lorain Co, OH; He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1877; He died 21 Oct 1878 in Penfield, Lorain Co, OH and is buried in the Penfield Cemetery 

Dodge, Marvin "Mack"  18  (1843 - 1897)  Mustered in on 5 Sept 61; mustered out on 22 Jul 65;  Vet;  Marvin has a plot in two different cemeteries, both in Marion Co., TN (neither set of records has any dates listed and one transcription erroneously states he was in the "L4" rather than the "LA");   His pension file shows him as living in Tennessee for the last years of his life, with his widow's pension being filed in 1897;  A family source on lists his birthplace as "at sea" to Irish immigrant parents


Ebert, Charles F. 19   (1844 - 1900)  Born in Bavaria,Germany to Frederick and Christian (Moss) Ebert; Enlisted 13 Aug 1862;  mustered out 16 June 1865 in Chattanooga, TN;   Married Matilda Harrott in Dec. 1867 in Cuyahoga Co, OH;  Census (1870, 1880, 1890), marriage and pension records list him as "Charles Ebert" and show his place of birth as either Bavaria or Ohio;   Military records show him as "Charles Abbott, alias Charles Ebert";  If he truly was born in Bavaria, he may have spoken with an accent and this may account for the discrepancy in the name;  he worked as a Sign Painter for many years and later as a Foreman, a Printer, and a Vice-President of the Cleveland "Anzeiger" Publishing Company;  the 1894 Cleveland City Directory shows Charles F. Ebert living at 43 Brunswick St  and a newspaper report (18 June 1894, Cleveland Leader) of an attempted burglary has a Charles Ebert of 43 Brunswick Street wrestling the "midnight marauder" to the ground, leading to the intruder's arrest!  Clearly, the bravery shown by Charles during the War had not diminished 30 years later!;  Sadly, an article written after his death (1 Feb. 1900 in the Cleveland Plain Dealer) tells of a Coroner's inquest to determine whether his death by gunshot was a suicide  (the same article tells of his coming from Germany at age 7 with his parents and having been wounded twice at Chickamauga in the 1st Ohio Artillery, also);  A follow-up on the inquest (4 Feb) has the Coroner describe the gunshot injury as a mere flesh wound (most likely from cleaning his gun carelessly) that may have hastened his death by Bright's Disease; It is possible that William Abbott (alias Ebert) was his brother


Ebert, William  23  (<1839> - 1890)  Enlisted 13 Aug 62;  mustered out  16 June 65 in Chattanooga, TN; married Eliza Moader in May 1868 in Cuyahoga Co., OH;  Pension records list him as "William Ebert" although military records show him as "William Abbott, alias William Ebert";  It is possible that Charles Abbott (alias Ebert) was his brother

Fast, James Hayes  21  (1840 - 1901)  Born in OH, he lived most of his life in Ashland Co., OH;  Mustered in 5 Sept 61;  Was one of the men captured near McMinnville, TN on 6 Aug 62,  but released and returned to camp a couple of days later;  Was appointed Cpl on 11 Mar 65;  Vet; Mustered out on 22 Jul 65; He worked as a Railroad Engineer upon leaving the service

Fischer, Balthasar  36 (1825 - 1899)  Born in Bavaria, he became a naturilized citizen in 1860 in Cuyahoga County, OH;  He was mustered into Battery B on 15 Aug 62;  transferred to the 11th Veterans Reserve Corps,  Co. A,  on 27 Feb 64;  Through the years he held different jobs, including Cook, Saloon Keeper, and Tailor;  He, his wife, and children remained in Cuyahoga County, OH after the War


Fowler, Charles Elbridge  20  (1841 - 1920)   Born in Dresden, Yates Co, New York to John Fowler; Mustered in with the initial company on 5 Sept 61;  Vet; Married Anna Lee in Cuyahoga Co, OH in 1864; Mustered out on 22 Jul 65;  There are several Charles Fowlers for the time period before and after the War, and it is hard to say which one is our Charles for some years; In 1880, he is listed in the Cleveland City Directory as a Painter; He filed a petition as an Invalid in 1889 in Ohio; [Is he the Charles E. Fowler who was a Prisoner in Columbus, OH?  If so, what was he in prison for?]; In 1910, he is a House Painter in Sharpsville, PA;  Pension file notes he died on 27 Sept 1920 in Sharpsville, PA--His death certificate states he was a Mail carrier and his death was caused by his being struck by an Erie Rail Road passenger train while delivering the mail; Buried in Riverside Cemetery in Sharpsville;


Freeman, William  33  (1829 -  )   Mustered in on 9 Aug 62;  mustered out on 16 Jun 65  in Chattanooga, TN; There was a William Freeman, born Jul 1828 in England who lived in Cuyahoga County in 1870, 1880, 1900, but (according to the 1900 Census), he didn't arrive in America until 1871; However, there was another William Freeman born about 1839 in CT who was lving in Cuyahoga in 1880--married, but wife not listed as living with him, a blacksmith, suffering from melancholia; Are either of these men our William?

French, John  20  (1841 - 1920)   Mustered in on 15 Aug 62; mustered out on 16 Jun 65 in Nashville, TN--older brother of Alfred (listed elsewhere) and Albert (mentioned in Alfred's bio);  John filed for a pension as an Invalid in 1891 from OH;  no record of a mother's or widow's pension ever being filed; While all of the French brothers were born in OH, the family lived in Racine Co., Wisc for a few years around 1850, but eventually settled in Cuyahoga Co., OH;  John lived with his daughter, Corabelle, and her family after he became a widower; Buried in Lakewood Park Cemetery



Gardner, Silas A   19  (1843 - 1883)  Mustered in on 14  Aug 62;   mustered out on 13 May 65 in Nashville, TN;  Moved to Michigan after the War where he worked as a Farmer and reared a family

Gillett, Ransom Elmer  20  (1841 - 1919)   Mustered in on 5 Sept 61; with many others from Battery B, he transferred to Battery K on 6 Apr 64; Born in VT, after the War, he was a Farmer in Michigan

Goodyear, Gilbert S.  23  (1837 - 1910)     Mustered in on 9 Aug 62;  Mustered out on16 Jun 65 in Chattanooga;  born in CT, he (like Silas Gardner, above) was a Farmer in Michigan after the War




Gott, Thomas S. or Theodore S.  20  (1841 - 1879)   Mustered in on 5 Sept 61;  Vet;  Mustered out on  22 Jul 65;  Born in OH and lived most of his life in Lorain Co., OH;  There are some discrepancies in his name, particularly as it appears on his badly-weathered tombstone (see discussion on his Find-A-Grave page for T. W. Gott) 

Graham, Robert S.  20  (1842 - 1916)   Mustered in on 11 Aug 62 and mustered out on 16 Jun 65 in Chattanooga, TN;  Lived nearly all of his life in Cuyahoga Co., OH as a Farmer

Grant, John  21  (1840 - 1912)  Mustered in when the battery was formed on 5 Sep 61; Orlando P. Cutter says Grant was slightly wounded at the Battle of Stones River, but not seriously enough for him to leave his unit;  Vet;  Mustered out on 22 Jul 65;  Born in England, he came to America in 1850 and settled in Cuyahoga Co., OH;  Removed to Minnesota in 1873 and remained here the rest of his life;  About a year after he joined Battery B, his father, William Grant, also joined (see next bio)

Grant, William  49  (1813 - 1897)   Born in England, he arrived in America in 1850 and became a naturalized citizen in 1857;  He was mustered in on 4 Aug 62 and mustered out on 16 Jun 65  in Chattanooga, TN;   After the War, he lived in TN, ARK, and died in Indian Territory;  Filed for an Invalid's pension in 1889 from Arkansas;  His widow filed for his pension in 1897 from Indian Territory;  He joined Battery B about a year after his son, John, did (see John's bio above)


Guilford, Charles G.  28  (1834 - 1895)   Born in Massachusetts, He married Jane Spencer in 18857 in Cuyahoga Co, OH;  He was mustered in on 11 Aug 62;  Mustered out on 16 Jun 65 in Chattanooga, TN;  He was a Printer in Cuyahoga Co in 1870 and an Editor in Summit Co in 1880; His wife filed her widow's pension application from Ohio in 1895


Hamlin, Dwight Newton  20  (1843 - 1917)   Born in Ohio, he lived most of his life in three counties of Ohio:  Cuyahoga, Ashtabula, and Portage; Mustered in 1 Oct 61;  His military records do not indicate when he was appointed Cpl, so he might have been Pvt Hamlin while he was at Cripple Creek;  Vet;  Mustered out 22 Jul 65; Married Iantha Libbey in 1866; He was a Farmer; Buried in Trumbull Cemetery in Ashtabula Co, OH

Hathaway, James Alvin  22  (1841 - 1920)   Mustered in on 11 Aug 62 and mustered out on 16 Jun 65 in Chattanooga, TN;  Filed petition as an Invalid in 1889;  Widow's pension application filed 1920 by Amanda E. Hathaway;  He is buried in Summit Co., OH where he spent much of his life as a Farmer

Hayden, Charles Leslie  18  (1844 - 1910)   One source gives his middle name as Lewis--family has it as Leslie; Born in Cuyahoga Co, OH to Amos and Sarah (Ely) Hayden; Mustered in on 12 Aug 62;  Mustered out on16 Jun 65 in Chattanooga, TN;  Moved to IL in 1867; Married Lena Rowe in Woodford Co, IL in 1869; Around 1890, they moed to Morgan Co, IL; Invalid petition filed 1891 in IL;  Although a Farmer, Charles served as Clerk of Circuit Court for three terms in Morgan Co;  Widow's pension application filed 1910 in IL; Buried Diamond Grove Cemetery in Morgan Co

Hayes, Augustus Bigelow   18  (1844 - 1929)   Born 26 Mar 44 in Penfield, Loraine Co, OH to William and Orilla Hayes; Lived most of his life in the farm where he was born; Mustered in on 8 Aug 62;  Wounded at the Battle of Stones River on 31 Dec.--according to Orlando P. Cutter, it was only a slight wound and he was able to continue on duty, rather than being sent to a hospital;  Mustered out on 16 Jun 65;  Married Elsie J. Brown in 1870; Invalid Pension application filed 1892 in OH; In 1900, he was a County Commissioner for Lorain Co;  Widow's pension application filed in Jan 1929 in OH;  He spent the last few years of his life in Marion Co., OH, where he is buried in the Marion Cemetery

Hickock, Lewis   21  (1840 - 1898)   Born in OH to Hiram and Lydia (Edmonds) Hickock; Stayed with Battery B for the whole duration of its existence--mustered in 5 Sep 61, veteranized, mustered out 22 Jul 65; Married Bianca Shepherd in 1874; In 1880, he is a Laborer; Filed Invalid petition 1889 in OH;  Widow (Bianca) filed pension petition in 1898 in OH; Born in OH, he lived most of his life in Ashtabula Co., OH; Buried in Orwell North Cemetery in Ashtabula Co, OH



Holcomb, Thomas J.   21  (1841 - 1883)   Born in OH; Mustered in on 11 Aug 62 and mustered out on16 Jun 65 in Chattanooga; Married Beeda Jane Snediker in Geauga, OH 1865; Pension (Invalid's) filed 1873, Worked in a Paper Mill in 1880 Cuyahoga Co; Widow's Pension filed 1883 in OH;  Born and died in OH; Buried Evergreen Hill Cemetery in Chagrin Falls, OH

Howe, William Craig  25  (1837 - 1895)   Born in NY on 1 May 1836 to Henry and Margaret Howe; Mustered in on 11 Aug 62;  Transferred to 151st Co., 2nd Battallion of the Veterans' Reserve Corps 1 Oct. 64;  Mustered out on 30 Jun 65 in Nashville, TN; In 1870, he was a Carpenter in Cuyahoga Co, OH, possibly with a wife named Julia; In 1880, he is a Carpenter in San Francisco, CA--married, but his wife is not with him; Invalid's pension filed 1887 in CA, and widow's pension petition filed 1895 in CA;  Born in NY;  Appears as a registered voter in CA as early as 1875 (possibly earlier); Voter information for 1892 includes details such as he was 5 ' 7 3/4' tall with blue eyes, gray hair, and a dark complexion and a scar on his cheek (!)

Hudson, Thomas J*.  26  (1836 - 1863)    Born in OH,  the son of William and Adelphia (Sherwin) Hunter; Lived in Cuyahoga Co, OH in 1850 and 1860; Married Nancy Beirs in Cuyahoga Co in 1859; Mustered in on 11 Aug 62;  Killed at Chickamauga  20 Sep 63; Nancy filed for her Widow's Pension on  31 Oct 1863 and a Minor's Pension on behalf of their two little girls, as well

Humm, Charles Edward  25  (1836 - 1885)   Born in Germany;  Mustered in 15 Aug 61 as the second Bugler for Battery B (his rank was Bugler 2nd Class);  Discharged 9 Jun 63 at Readyville, TN by Surgeon's certificate of disability;  Became naturalized 1872;  Lived, died, and was buried in Cleveland, OH

Hunter, Thomas Milo  20  (1843 - 1928)  Born in Mich in May 1843; Mustered in on 5 Set 61;  Discharged 24 Mar 64 on Surgeon's certificate of disability; Enlisted in 4 Mich Cav, Co D; Married Sally E. Burnham in Medina Co, OH in 1866; In 1870, he is a Farmer in Chautauqua, NY; Filed for an Invalid Petition in 1886;  By 1900, he is a Farmer in Medina Co, OH; Died in Eylria, OH on 1 Jul 1928; Buried in the Spencer Cemetery in Medina Co, OH



Jackson, John Sr.  42  (1819 - 1900)  Born in England; Married Amy Barney circa 1845; In the 1851 Census of England, he is 30 years old and they are living in Kent with two of their children; Lived in Ashland Co, OH in 1860 as a Farmer; Enistment info has his age as 22, but his estimated birth year at 1819!  (I suspect, his age should have been reported as 42!); Mustered in on 5 Sep 61;  Veteranized;  Mustered out 22 Jul 65; By 1870, he is a Farmer in Ottowa Co, Mich--ditto for 1880; Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1889 from Mich; Living Antrim Co, Mich for 1890 Census, reporting that he suffered from Deafness, Rheumatism, and a Rupture (Hernia); Buried in Bay View Cemetery in Antrim, Mich; Widow, Amy, filed for her Pension on 31 Aug 1900 in Mich

Jennings, James S.*  23  (1837 - 1865)   Mustered in on 7 Aug 1861;  Married Louisa Carvey in Lorain Co, OH on 10 Sep 61;  Died 17 Jan 65 in Rochester, OH of Chronic Diarrhea while on furlough;  Buried in Beckley Cemetery, Rochester, Lorain Co., OH

Kelley, Patrick   38   (1824 - 1900)    Born in Ireland; Immigrated to America around 1845; He married Mary Larkin around 1850;  In 1860, I believe he is the Patrick Kelly, Day Laborer, living in Springfield, OH with wife (Mary) and son, Edward; Mustered in on 4 Aug 62;  Mustered out on 16 Jun 65; In 1870, he and his family lived in Erie Co, OH where he was a Laborer; In 1880, he is a Farmer in Kane Co, IL; He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1890; He entered the Dayton Veterans' Home on 23 Jul 1894, at which time he was 70, Suffering from Senility, 5' 7", Dark complexion, Gray eyes, Gray hair, Able to read and Write, Catholic, Widower, Worked as a Cooper in San Francisco; Son (Edward) lived in Andersonville, IN; He was Discharged on 6 Jun 1895; He was readmitted on 30 Jul 1895, but was Discharged 18 Mar 1896 and transferred to the Government Hospital for the Insane in Washington, DC; He died there (St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Anacostia, D.C.) on 6 Feb 1900 of Senile Dementia and Organic Disease of the Brain with Pulmonary Tuberculosis;  His last name is spelled Kelly on his burial record; Buried in Bluff City Cemetery, Kane Co, IL

Kirk, Buchan(an) Colin  22  (1840 - 1921)    Mustered in 5 Sept 61;  Transferred from Battery K on 1 Dec 61;  Vet;  Mustered out on 22 Jul 65;  Born in England, he came to America in 1853;  He lived in Cuyahoga Co., OH until sometime in the 1870s, when he moved with his wife and children to Kansas, where he remained for the rest of his life

Koch, Conrad  27  (1835 - 1912)     Mustered in on 14 Aug 62;  Mustered out on 16 Jun 65 in Chattanooga, TN;  Born in Germany, he came to America around 1854, settling in Cuyahoga County, Ohio; He married Hendrina (Tina Bressler?) in 1861; Buried in Lake View Cemetery in Cuyahoga Co, OH 

Krebs, Joshua Bowman  20   (1841 - 1916)    Mustered in on 5 Sept 61: Vet;  Mustered out on  22 Jul 65;  He married Mary Jane Vanande in 1864; After the War, he moved with his wife and children to Michigan where he spent the rest of his life;  He worked as a Farmer, a Sawyer, and a Carpenter; Mary Jane died in 1897 and he married Lucinda Hause in 1899; He died in 1916 and was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Stanton, Mich

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