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George R. Crow was a Pvt in 1 KY B when Col Enyart asked him to prepare a drawing of the Camp on 20 Feb 63.


He would later be commissioned as a Lt and would work as a Topographical Engineer. 


It was only after I found his drawing, housed in the Archives at Ashland University in OH, that I finally had an idea of the size and the layout of Camp Cripple Creek.


The drawing shows where each of the four main regiments were located, although there is no indication of where Standart's Battery was located within the Camp.  It will be noted that the 5th TN Cavalry was not located at Cripple Creek until May, at which time they would be located on the east side of the Creek on the south side of the road.




1.  I assume that each red dash within a regiment's area of Camp stands for a tent; yet, at the time the map was prepared in Feb 63, the regiments were still using Sibley tents.  It would appear that each regiment had 40 tents formed in four rows with ten in each row.  Does this mean that each of the 10 companies in each regiment had 4 tents? Across from these in each regiment are 7 tents--for the Regimental staff?  What about the staff for each company?  Were they mixed in with the regular men?  Cpl Lott in the 90 OH was the tenmate of Pvt John Chilcote, so were Cpls housed with the Pvts?  What about the Sgts, Lts, and Capts?  


2.  There is also no indication of where latrines, hospital tent(s), chapel(s), guard house(s), commissary(ies), and other important areas of the camp were located.  Would each regiment have had its own hospital, chapel, etc. or would the regiments have shared one common structure?  


3.  Where was the barn located that became the picket building referred to by Sgt Busbey? 


4.  What does the Scale mean at the bottom left corner (e.g. 17 inches to the mile, 8 inches to the mile, etc)?  


5.  Were any of the structures in camp made of wood or perhaps a combination of wood with a canvas tent used for a roof?


I share this drawing here with the kind permission of the Archivist from Ashland Unversity.

The following men died at Camp Cripple Creek.  Those who were buried in the Camp were eventually moved to the Stones River National Cemetery or to a different location closer to their homes.

                                                       Name                         Regiment         Age     Date          Cause of Death

                                             George Barcus                  31 IN A             37      13 June     Inflammation of Lungs     

                                             John Pitney Beers           1 OH LA           24     10 May      Typhoid Fever

                                             John Haines                      90 OH D          31      27 Mar       Inflammation of Brain

                                             Lewis Hatfield                  90 OH C          20     24 June      Disease

                                             Elliott Hendrickson       31 IN A             17      13 June       Erisypelas

                                             John Koelsch                     1 KY K             26     25 April      Internal injuries--run over by wagon

                                             William Ledlie                 90 OH B          21      20 April      Disease

                                             David Lindsay                 90 OH              44      27 Mar       Pneumonia

                                             John Schockmann          1 KY I               20     23 June       Execution

                                             Godfried Seigel                2 KY K             42     13 June        Suicide

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