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Jones, David J.   20   (1838 - 1911)  Mustered in as as 1 Sgt on 8 Jun 61;  Promoted to 1 Lt on 11 Nov 61;  Detached 16 Jun 62 to command Co I;  Appointed Capt of Co D on 10 Dec 62 (although he was apparently not officially mustered in as Capt of Co D until 3 Jun 63 at Cripple Creek);  Taken prisoner in skirmish with Confederate Cavalry on 10 Sep 63 near Greysville, GA;  Taken to Libby Prison in Richmond, VA;  Escaped from Libby on 10 Feb 64; Was given a leave of absence for 1 month or so before rejoining Co D on 9 Apr 64;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  He married Emma McCrum in Jan 62 and had 4 children; Although he was born in NY to Welsh immigrant parents, he lived almost all of his life in Newark, Licking Co, OH;  He was a Shoemaker before and after the War, then about 1897 he became Truant Officer for the Schools, a post which he held until the year before he died;  He suffered a mild stroke around 1907 and died of a massive stroke on 1 Apr 1911 



Brown, Parick J.  22   (1837 - 1869)  Born in Apr 1837 in Ireland to Patrick and Catherine Brown; Living in Cincinnati in 1850 and 1860 (Occupation Belt Maker); Musterd in on 8 Jan 61 as Sgt, becoming 1 Sgt on 11 Nov 61;  Promoted to 2 Lt  "for good and gallant conduct at Shiloh" on 7 Apr 62;  Appointed 1 Lt on 10 Dec 62 (although, like David J. Jones in the bio above this one, he wasn't mustered into his new rank until 3 Jun 63 at Cripple Creek);  He was appointed Commander of Co D from 31 Dec 63 until 8 (or 9?) Apr 64 when Capt David J. Jones had returned from being a POW;  He asked for (and received?) a leave of absence from 27 Jan 64 until 16 Feb 64 due to "matters of importance to attend to which interest me peculiarly and require my own personal presence at Cincinnati";  Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  Is he the same Patrick Brown who enlisted as a Substitute (and a Private) in 66 OH Co C on 17 Aug 64?; The gallant and articulate young lieutenant from Co D apparently never married or had children; He died in Cincinnati in 1869 of Consumption and is buried in Spring Grove Cemetery



Kantz, John D.   23  (1838 - )  Mustered in as Sgt on 8 Jun 61;  Made 1 Sgt on 7 Apr 62;  Apointed 2 Lt on 10 Dec 62 after 2 Lt James Farran was captured;  Left in Nashville, TN on 26 Dec 62--sick, and moved to a Convalescent Camp in Jan / Feb 63;  Rejoined his Co by Mar 63 at Cripple Creek;  Kantz was captured at Greysville, GA on 10 Sep 63; Spent time in Confederate POW camps in Marion, GA, Atlanta, GA, and Camp Assylum, SC;  Paroled at Goldsboro, GA on 25 Feb 65 and arrived at Camp Parole, MD on 6 Mar 65;  Back to Co D by 28 Apr 65 and mustered out with the Company on 18 Jun 64;  Name also spelled Kautz;  There was also a John Kautz / Kantz (no middle initial) who was a Pvt in Co K;  Is our Lt Kantz the same man listed as John D. Kantz in Cheviot, Hamilton Co, OH in 1870, born about 1838 in OH who worked as a Carpenter and was married to Elizabeth M. Kantz?; Pension Index filed under Kautz; Invalid's Pension flied in 1886; Father filed for Pension, but no date, name, or location  






Aldridge, Henry Vincent  19  (1842 - )  Born in Mar 1842 in Nottinghamshire, England and named after a political hero in the Chartism Movement, Henry Vincent;  Mustered in 5 Jun 61 as a Cpl but reduced to a Pvt on 19 Jul 61;  Appointed Cpl again on 11 Nov 61 and promoted to Sgt on 13 Nov 62;  He was sent to Newport, Campbell Co, KY, on Detached Service from 23 Dec 63 until 18 Mar 64 to recruit more men;   Unfortunately, reduced once again to a Pvt on 27 May 64, shortly before being mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  In the 1860 and the 1880 Census Records, he is living in the household with a woman named Efrem or Ephema (Windsor in 1860 and Parks(?) in 1880) who was born in England about 1833--perhaps an older sister?;  I can find no record of him after 1880, when he is living in Clark Co, IN and working as a Candy Maker


Johns, Samuel (Fetters?)   22  (1838 - 1928)  Mustered in as Cpl on 8 Jun 61;   Promoted to Sgt on 7 Apr 62;  Began Detached Detail with Pioneer Corps from Nov / Dec 62 until 18 Apr 63--unfortunately, it is not clear from the records whose idea it was for Sgt Johns to join the Pioneers;  Capt David J. Jones clearly did not authorize Sgt Johns' Detached Duty--in a letter to Col Enyart written 14 (?) Mar 63, Jones claims that Sgt Johns has left Cripple Creek without permission to go off with the Pioneer Brigade not once but twice, closing with "Hoping you will endeavor in some way to aid me in demanding and insuring the respect and obedience from my subordinates which you expect from yours";  Meanwhile, on 8 Apr 63, R Clements of the Pioneer Brigade writes to Col Morton asking for the Col's help in obtaining the Descriptive Roll from Co D so that Sgt Johns can finally get paid, stating that Johns "has never been furnished with [the] descriptive Roll and his captain and col refuse to give it to him";  By the end of April, the problem had been referred all the way up to Maj Gen Rosecrans, who apparently sides with Col Enyart and Capt Jones, since the Detachment Muster Roll Card from Mar / Apr says that Johns is "Returned to his regiment by order of Gen Rosecrans";  Things go from bad to worse for Sgt Johns when he is captured along with several others near Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63;  He is paroled from Richmond, VA on 28 Dec 63, sent to Camp Parole, MD on 29 Dec, and on to Camp Chase, OH by 11 Jan 64;  As has happened to other parolees during their transition from captivity to their return to the regiment, Johns is mistakenly listed as a Deserter, but after a brief furlough in Mar 64, Johns is back with his unit, just in time to be mustered out with them on 18 Jun 64;  I am 99% certain that our Sgt Johns was Samuel Fetters Johns who lived most of his life in Cincinnati, being born there in Dec 1838 and dying there in 1928;  Samuel Fetters Johns was the son of James H. Johns, a successful architect and construction engineer in Cincinnati, three of whose sons (including Samuel Fetters Johns) followed him into the world of designing and constructing many of the premiere examples of architecture in the mid-1800s--if this is our Sgt Johns, then it is no wonder he kept wanting to help out with the Pioneer Brigade (the forerunner of the modern Army Corps of Engineers); Each Census his Occupation is always construction-related (Caprenter, Builder, etc.); Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1890; Married Jennie Gray in Brown Co, OH 1866; and Ella R. in 1897 but in 1910 he is listed as a Widower again; Samuel died 26 Mar 1928; He and Jennie are buried in Spring Grove Cem, Cincinnati  




Jones, William Jr.  22  (1839 - 1904)  Born in PA; Mustered in as a Cpl;  Promoted to Sgt on 11 Nov 61;  Promoted to 1 Sgt on 10 Dec 62;  Captured near Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63 and taken to Richmond by 26 Sep 63;  Paroled at City Point, VA on 28 Dec 63;  Sent to Camp Chase, OH the next day;  Remained at Camp Chase until 9 May 64--although he was given a 20 day furlough to Cairo, IL in Apr 64; Returned to his Company in May 64;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  Any relation to Capt David J. Jones?  Not to be confused with Pvt William Jones (aged 27) of Co C; Filed for an Invalid's Pension 1889; Admitted to Home for Disabled Soldiers in Hampton, VA in 1898; At that time he was Sincle, living in Alabama as a Painter, 58, 5' 10 1/2", Dark complexion, Hazel eyes, Grey hair; Protestant, Able to read and write; His only medical complaint was Chronic Rheumatism;  He died on 21 Feb 1904 of Chronic Parenchymatous Nephritis and was buried in the New National Cemetery in Grave 8626 




Louden, George W.   19  (1842 - 1933)  Mustered in as a Pvt on 8 Jun 61;  Made Cpl on 1 Feb 63 while at Camp Cripple Creek;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64  (Related to Oliver Louden who was KIA?);  Name also appears as Loudon; Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1879; Died 29 May 1933 in Center, KY; Widow's Pension filed 13 Jun 33



McMillan, Charles A. 19   (1842 - 1918)   Born in Newburgh, NY;  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Promoted to Sgt on 5 Jun 62 and to Ordnance Sgt on 16 Aug 62;  Is placed on extra duty as Ordnance Sgt for the whole Regiment in May / Jun 63;  Granted a leave of absence from 27 Jan - 21 Feb 64;  Detailed on Detached Duty (doing what?) per Genl Thomas on 20 Mar 64;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  Married Elizabeth Wilson in Campbell Co, KY in 1865; Married for a second time in 1879 to Alice Perry; Entered Disabled Soldiers' Home in Dayton, OH in 1896, suffering from Chronic Bronchitis and Tachycardia;  He was 5' 7" tall with fair complexion, gray eyes and gray hair;  He could read and write;  He was a Protestant;  He had earned his living as a Machinist; He died at the Home on 1 Feb 1918 of Broncho Pneumonia; Buried in the Dayton National Cemetery in Grave 2 - 14 - 41 



Ruff, Gustavus   24  (1837 - )  Mustered in as a Pvt on 5 Jun 61;  Appointed Cpl on 13 Nov 62;  Severely wounded in the right foot and taken prisoner at Stones River;  Paroled after just a few days and sent to Hospital in Annapolis, MD, followed by a couple of weeks at Camp Chase, OH;  At some point in all this moving about, he was (mistakenly?) placed on a list of Stragglers and Deserters, but was able to join his Company at Camp Cripple Creek on 14 Jun 63;   Promoted to Sgt on 13 Aug 63;  A note appears on his Muster Roll Card for Jan / Feb 64 that $1.50 is to be stopped from his pay for the loss of his bayonet; On the card for Mar / Apr 64 a similar note appears, saying that $1.30 is to be stopped from his pay for the loss of his bayonet--did he lose two bayonets?  Did the price of bayonets drop 20 cents in 2 months?  How does one lose a bayonet?;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64



Young, Michael  18  (1843 - 1916)  Born in Bavaria, and brought to America when he was just a babe in arms;  Mustered in as a Pvt on 8 Jun 61;  Made Cpl on 1 Jul 62;    Taken prisoner near Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63;  Sent to Richmond, VA on 28 Sep 63;  Released and sent to Camp Parole, MD on 29 Dec 63;  Sent to Camp Chase, OH on 11 Jan 64;  Rejoined his Regiment on 19 May 64;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  He enlisted in Co C of the 2nd US V V on 9 Feb 65 and served until being mustered out on 9 Feb 66 in Albany, NY;  Lived most of his life in the Greater-Cincinnati Area, working as a Painter;  When he entered the Home for Disabled Soldiers in Dayton, OH (for the first time) in 1888, he was 5' 2" tall, with fair complexion, blue eyes, light-colored hair, suffering from Rheumatism;  He was a widower with two grown children and a brother, Jacob, who lived in Cincinnati;  He would be in and out of the Home 4 times, ending with his death there on 31 Mar 1916 from a Myocardial Insufficiency;  He was buried in the Dayton National Cemetery in Grave 1 - 18 - 25



         OTHER  PERSONNEL   from  Co.  D  at   CRIPPLE   CREEK


[Due to restructuring of the Company Personnel on 7 Jun 61; several positions such as Musician and Wagoner were eliminated and the men who held those positions were reduced to Pvt]


1 KY D Plymeser.jpg
george wolf.jpg

Aiholtz, Gotlieb*  18   (1843 - 1865)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Taken prisoner at Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63; Sent to Belle Island, Richmone 28 Jan 64 and later to Andersonville Prison 19 Mar 64; Released to Aiken's Lodge, VA on 24 Feb 65; Died at Tripler Hospital Columbus, OH 8 Mar 65 within 24 hours of Drrival at hospital--unable to speak, supposedly suffering from Typhoid Fever (although a notation says he had been vaccinated at age 19); On 10 Mar 65, William S. Stryker, Paymaster, US Army, writes to Surgeon S. S. Schultz of the Tripler Hospital that he had received "...$130 dollars [and?] the effects of Private Gottlieve Aiholtz..."; On a separate piece of paper, dated 17 Mar 65, his brother, Johan Eichholz, signed a receipt for Gotlieb's effects: 1 cap, 2 great coats, 1 pr shoes, 4 pr socks, 1 blouse, 1 blanket, 1 pr trousers, 2 haversacks, 4 pr. drawers,  2 towels, 2 shirts, Money, one hindred and thirty dollars $130; HOWEVER: A note in the file from S.S. Schultz, the Surgeon in Charge of the Tripler Hosp dated 6 Apr 65, indicates the money had NOT been paid to the brother.  He subsequently wrote to the Adj General of the Army "This receipt is wrong and the Paymaster's correct; the money had not been paid to the heirs of the deceased"; Looking again at the itemized list, it appears that words "Money, one hundred and thirty dollars $130" might have been added later, meaning that the money had NOT been given to the brother and it took a couple of weeks before it was discovered that the $130 had been left off the list (and, I presume, stolen by someone at the hospital); I sincerely hope the moeny was returned to the family, since the notation DOES appear on the receipt (albeit in a different hand); Regargless, His brother spelled the deceased's name as Gottlieve Aiholtz, perhaps because that it how the Army usually spelled it; Surname also given in Army records as Aigholtz, etc., although the brother signed his own surname as Eichholz;

Atkinson, Alexander  20   (1841 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jul 61;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Filed an Invalid's Pension 1880; There is an Alexander Atkinson, son of Henry and Anna Atkinson who was born in Ireland, who lived in Cincinnati from 1850 - 1900, worked as a Moulder, never married, immigrated in 1846; There is also an Alex H Atkinson b. in Ireland--year unknown--who died in 1879, so I don't think this is our Alexander



Brown, Daniel  19   (1842 - 1872)  Was mustered in as a Cpl, but requested to be reduced to Pvt almost immediately;  Was re-instated as a Cpl on 13 Aug 63;  Taken prisoner near Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63;  Paroled 7 Mar 64 at City Point, VA;  Arrived at Camp Parole, MD on 9 Mar 64;  to Camp Chase, OH on 26 Mar 64;  Returned to the Regiment on 19 May 64 and mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Died Nov (date?) 1872 in St. Louis, although his Widow did not file for her Pension until 1892.



Burns, John*      ( - 1864)  Mustered in on 8 Jul 61;  Left sick in Louisville 1 Oct 62; Present again by Jan/Feb 63; Taken prisoner during skirmish 10 Sep 63; Died of starvation (or Scorbutus) at Belle Island Prison, Richmond, VA on 5 Feb 64


Butler, Edward   28  (1833 - 1913)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Wounded and taken prisoner at Stones River;  Paroled 27 Jan 63;  Sent to Hospital in Annapolis and then to Camp Chase, OH before returning to Regiment on 14 Jun 63 at Cripple Creek (was mistakenly reported as AWOL on 30 Apr 63 during transition from Hospital to Camp Chase);  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Invalid Pension filed 1890;  Died 4 Mar 1913; Pension filed under Butter

Crane, Charles  18   (1843 - )  No age given; Mustered in on 8 Jul 61;  Nov/Dec 62 Pay stopped 50 cents by sentence of Provost; Also on the Nov/Dec 62 Muster Roll card, Absent at Nashville with leave; Jan/Feb 64 1 dollar and 50 cents stopped from pay for loss of Bayonet (on the next card it says it was one dollar and thirty cents);  Mustered out 15 Jun 64

Curran, John  25   (1836 - <Before 1875>)  Mustered in on 8 Jul 61; Jan/Feb 62 Absent sick in Hospital in Bardstown, KY and one month's pay stopped by Sentence of Regt Co Martial; Present on the next Muster Roll card; Left Sick in Nelson's Cross Roads, KY on 22 Oct 62;  Nov/Dec 62 Absent in Convalescent Camp in Nashville, and again on Jan/Feb 63 card; Special Muster Roll card of 11 April says he is "at Murfreesboro on way to the Regt" and is marked Present on the Mar/Apr 63 card; Sent to Hsopital at Murfreesboro 24 Jun 63; He would be Absent in the Hospital for the next few months until "Returned to the Company 2 Feb 64"; Mustered out on 15 Jun 64; Surname also spelled Curren; Widow filed for her Pension in Jun 1874

Dickhaut, Martin  35  (<1827> - 1876)  Born in Hesse; Name also given as Decker, Dickheit, Dickhart; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Sent to US Hospital in Gallipolis, OH, sick with Dropsy (and he owed sutler $2.00); Present again by Jan/Feb 62; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; He might be the Martin Dickhite who enlisted in the 181 OH Co C on 10 Sep 64 and Mustered out 14 Jul 65; A Martin Dickhaut, Wagon Maker, is listed in the Cincinnati City Directory for 1867 and 1869 and the Newport, KY City Directory for 1969 and 1872; He is listed (Martin Dickhon, Wagoner) in Newport, KY in 1870 with wife, Margaret and their children; A military headstone was furnished for Martin Dickhout of 1 KY D in the (National) Home (Cemetery) in Dayton, OH , Sec. A, who died 25 Dec 1876;  Body disinterred and shipped to Newport. KY; Widow's Pension filed for in Sep 1885, but no name or location 

Dorna, Christian   23  (1838 - 1880)  Born in IN, he was a first-generation American, both parents being born in Bavaria;  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as Wagoner, but was reduced to Pvt on 7 Jun 61 (not because of any disciplinary infraction, but due to restructuring of Command);  Was promoted from Pvt to Cpl on 13 Aug 63;  Captured less than a month later, on 10 Sept 63, at Graysville, GA;  He was eventually released and mustered out--date not given in the AG's Report;  In 1880, he is a Grocer living in Cincinnati with his wife, Mathilde, and several children;  He died in Cincinnati on 10 Dec 1880;  Last name given variously as Derna, Dorne, Dorna

Dougherty, John  26   (1835 - <By 1876>)  Mustered in on 8 Jul 61;  31 Aug 61 Lost his musket; 22 Oct 61 Left sick at Wilson's Cross Roads; Nov/Dec 62 $4.25 to be stopped from his pay by Sentence of Regt Provost; Sep/Oct 63 $9.00 to be stopped from pay by Sentence of Regt Provost; Mustered out on 15 Jun 64; Widow filed for her Pension in Feb 1876 

Elvis, William H.  18  (1843 - 1908)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Promoted to Drummer 5 Jun 61; Transferred to Regtl Band 1 Sep 61; Transferred back to Co D on 1 Jan 62 [I believe the Regimental Bands were deemed no longer necessary in some units]; On extra duty as Drummer Mar/Apr 63 and May/Jun 63; Taken prisoner near Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63; Held in Richmond, VA; Eventually paroled, treated in Hospital at Annapolis for Debility and returned to his Regt on 19 May 64; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; His Pension Card lists Harry Nelson as an alias; Filed for an Invalid Pension in 1883; Died 23 Nov 1908 in Chicago, IL; His widow filed for a Pension in Oct 1916

Finkenstein, Martin*  40  (1821 - 1864)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Sent to Hospital in New Haven, KY in Jan 62 and back with Co D by Sep / Oct 62;  Captured at Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63 and sent to Andersonville Prison Camp;    Died at Andersonville on 30 Jul 64 or Scorbutus or Diarrhea;  Buried in Grave 4344;  Name appears variously as Finfenstien, Finkenstine, etc.

Hartley, Samuel   22  (1837 - 1904)  Born in Ireland to Samuel and Jane Hartley;  Came to America in 1860;  Mustered in as a Pvt on 8 Jun 61;  He iis listed as "Absent--Sick at Murfreesboro" from 31 Aug 62 until sometime in Sept;  Would make Cpl on 13 Aug 63;  He was wounded in the left forearm at Chickamauga in Sept 63 and would be in hospital in Nashville until 22 Nov 63;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  Spent the rest of his life near Syracuse, NY where he worked as a Bricklayer;  He and his wife, Frances, were married in 1870; They had no children;  He died in Syracuse, Onondaga Co, NY of Dysentery

Hatter, Frederick   29  (1832 - 1900)  According to a family source on, he was born in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany and came to American in 1857;  Mustered in on 8 Jun 61;  "Fred" was reported Sick in the Nashville General Hospital on 21 Nov 62 and spent a few weeks at the Convalescent Camp in Nashville before joining his Unit at Camp Cripple Creek;  Was appointed Cpl on 13 Aug 63;   Captured with several others at Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63 and sent to the notorious Andersonville Prison Camp in GA;  He was released at Aiken's Landing, VA on 24 Feb 65 and taken to the Hospital in Annapolis, MD on 27 Feb 65;  Was mustered out on 29 May 65 from Louisville, KY;  He married Anna Grimm later that year and lived with her and their children in Cincinnati;  He was a Tailor;  Last name occasionally given as Halter;  He is buried on the grounds of the St Elizabeth Hospital in Washington DC, where I assume he was a patient  


???Hetch, John C.  21  (1840 - <By 1882>)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Left sick at Wilson's Cross Roads 22 Oct 62; Wounded severely in left foot at Stones River on 31 Dec 62 and sent to Hospital in Nashville and later to Cincinnati and Louisville; He returned to his company for the Jul/Aug 63 Muster Roll card but was he ever at Cripple Creek?; Captured at Crawfish Springs, GA on 16 Sept 63 (POW record says Graysville on 10 Sep 63) and was sent to Richmond but was back with his Regt by 19 May 64; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Surname given variously as Hitch, Hetch, and Hatch; Widow's Pension filed in 1882

Homan, William  22  (1839 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Left sick in Louisville on 1 Oct 62; Was marked as AWOL for a couple of months, then Sick in Hospital in Nashville on 25 Apr 63 [I suspect he was lost while he was in Hospital and finally found in a different hospital]; Returned to Company 4 Jun 63; Wounded in Left Leg (GSW factured Fibula) at Chickamauga and sent to Nashville Hospital; Given furlough which a Doctor Purviance of Wayne Co, IN recommended be continued on 24 Mar 64;  No indication of his returning to his company, yet he was mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Invalid's Pension filed in 1864; Widow's Pension filed but no date, name, or location 

Hughes,  Thaddeus  18 (1843 - 1930)  Born in OH; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Taken prisoner near Graysville, GA on 10 Sept 63; Held in Richmond, but Paroled and returned to his Regiment 10 May 64; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; The person who transcribed the Pension Index misread first name as Haddeus!; Married Mary Eizabeth Billingsley; Invalid's Pension filed for in 1890; He first entered the Soldiers' Home in Dayton, OH in 1909, saying he was 64, 5' 8", Fair complexion, Blue eyes, Brown hair, Able to read and write, Protestant, a Carpenter and a Widower who lived in Cincinnati; He would be in and out of the Home several times , always leaving with a doctor's approval; His medical complaints included Defective vision, Pterygium of left eye, Old injury to right knee, Occasional hemorrhoids, Slight cardiac hypertrophy; His obituary in the Dayton  Died 2 Mar 1930 in Louisville; Buried Greendale Cemetery Lawrenceburg, IN

Hunt, Charles*  19?  (<1844?> - 1864)  Was reportedly 19 when he was mustered in on 8 Jul 61, meaning he was born about 1842;  He was 5' 5 1/2" tall with a dark complexion, gray eyes, and dark hair  Was one of several men taken prisoner on 12 Sep 61 in a skirmish three miles above Peytona, VA on the Coal River;  Was released and sent to Camp Wallace to recuperate before joining Co D at Cripple Creek on 11 Apr 63;  He was taken prisoner for the second time in the skirmish near Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63 (almost 2 years to the day since he was captured the first time);  Was released and on his way to rejoin Co D in May 64, when his return trip took him through the military post in Nashville, TN;  He was wounded by a sentinel's bayonet while in Nashville on 31 May 64 (there is no explanation of why or how this happened);  He died in Nashville on 9 Jun 64 and is buried there in Grave 7989 in the National Cemetery;  Being unmarried, his personal effects were sent to his brother, Patrick, in Boston, MA, to wit:  1 pair of trousers, 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of socks,  1 hat (forage cap), and 2 wool blankets;  His age on his death record is given as 18, making him born about 1846 [I compromised in his bio here and gave his approximate birth year as 1844]

Jennings, Michael   19  (1840 - 1885)  Born in Ireland; Mustered in on 8 Jul 61; Slightly wounded at Shiloh 7 Apr 62;  Absent sick Murfreesboro 31 Aug 62, later sent to Nashville; Present with his Regt Nov/Dec 62; Mustered out on 16 Jun 64; Admitted to the Soldiers' Home in Dayton, OH on 20 Dec 1884, he was described as being 44, 5' 4" tall, Dark complexion, Gray eyes, Brown hair, Single, and a Teamster from Cincinnati; He complained of Defective vision and Rheumatism since Shiloh in 1862; He was transferred to the Government Hospital for the Insane on 25 May 1885, due to Chronic Melancholia with __nition; He died there on 29 Jun 1885



Kelsey, Henry  18   (1843 - <After 1880>)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Left sick in Hospital in Corinth [KY?] 4 Jun 62; Present Sep/Oct 62 (although appears on a Special Must Roll card as a Nurse in Oct 62); On extra duty as Ambulance driver in May/Jun 63; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Invalid's Pension filed 1880

Laittle, Jacob*   30  (1831 - 1864)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Captured near Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63;  Sent to Andersonville Prison Camp;  He died there on 17 Jun 64 of Congestive Fever and is buried in Grave 2109;  Name is also spelled Little Leitel


McDonald, Michael*  35  (1826 - 1864)  Born in Ireland;  Mustered in 8 Jul 61;  Taken prisoner for the first time near Camp Gauley in VA on 15 Sep 61 and paroled on 2 Jun 62;  Sent to Hospital at Camp Wallace to recuperate;  Finally returned to the 1 KY while they were at Cripple Creek around Mar 63;  Was taken prisoner (again!) at Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63 and again sent to a Rebel prison;  Paroled on 20 Mar 64 and sent to hospital in Annapolis, MD on 16 Apr 64 of Congestion of the Lungs 



McElroy, Samuel  30   (1831 - <Before 1871>)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Taken Prisoner near Peytona, VA on 12 Sep 61, owing the sutler $2.00; Originally taken to Tuscaloosa, AL, but then to Richmond, VA; Paroled and sent to Camp Wallace near Columbus, OH; Was mistakenly reported AWOL in mid-April 63 [it looks as though they had him as being in the 1 KY Cav, rather than the Inf], but was back with his company by the end of the month of Apr 63; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Married Catherine Name misread as McElvoy in Pension File; Widow's Pension filed 1871


McLaughlin, Nicholas  19   (1842 - 1912)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Left sick at Louisville 1 Oct 62; Back with his company Jan/Feb 63; Taken prisoner Graysville, GA 10 Sep 63; Paroled and sent to Camp Chase, OH 26 Mar 64; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Pension record filed under Nicholes McLaughlin; Filed for an Invaldi Pension 1892; Livd in Cleveland, OH at some point, as per Veterans' File; Died 11 Apr 1912 in Lynn Haven, FL; Widow's Pension filed 3 May 1912

Mullaly, Morris   32  (1829 - 1876)  His name on the AG's Report appears as Millally;  He was born in Ireland and may have immigrated in 1849, arriving in New Orleans;  He is probably the M. Mellaly who worked as a Day Laborer living in Storrs Twp of Cincinnati in 1860 with his wife, Bridget, and their daughter Ellen;  Musterd in on 8 Jul 61;  Captured near Camp Gauley in VA on 15 Sep 61, paroled and exchanged and sent to Camp Wallace near Columbus, OH for a few months' recuperation;  He returned to the 1 KY while they were at Cripple Creek (17 Mar 63);  Like a few of his comrades, he was captured for a second time at Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63 and released at Charleston, SC on 11 Dec 64;  He was sent to a hosital in Annapolis, MD and then to Camp Chase, OH before being mustered out;  He died (in a military hospital?) in Bethlehem, PA on 19 Dec 1876 and is buried there in St. Michael's Cemetery in Grave 1-5-17-SW  



Murphy, Michael*   19   (1842 - 1864)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Wounded slightly in the left arm at Shiloh on 7 Apr 62 and sent to a hospital in CIncinnati;  He was reported as a Deserter on 18 Aug 61;  On 7 May 62, he was found in Cincinnati, arrested, and confined in the Newport Barracks across the Ohio River in KY;  He was returned to his Company on 27 Sep 62, losing 5 months' pay for the period he was AWOL, but apparently not being discharged from the service;  He was originally listed as Missing In Action (and possibly a Deserter once again) after the Battle of Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63, however, it was later learned he had been taken prisoner at Chickamauga and was being held as a POW in Richmond;  He was taken to a Confederate hospital in Richmond in Apr 64, suffering from Hepatitis and arrangements were made for him to be paroled;  He was sent to a Union hospital in Annapolis, MD, but he died there of Pneumonia on 19 May 64;  He was buried there, in the Ash Grove National Cemetery in Grave B - 467--a sad tale of Desertion and Duty; Valor and Vindication; Michael was unmarried, from Cincinnati


Noon, Thomas  21   (1840 - )  Mustered in on 8 Jul 61;  Jan/Feb 62 One month's pay stopped by Sentence of Regt Court Martial; Nov/Dec 62 $2.00 stopped from pay by Sentence of Regt Provost; Mustered out 15 Jun 64; Pension Index filed under Noan; Invalid Pension filed in 1886; Widow's Pension filed, but no date, name, or Location

O'Brien, John C.     ( - )  No age given; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Taken prisoner 12 Sep 61 on the Coal River near Peytona, Boone Co,VA; Owed sutler $21.00 at the time he was captured; Sent to Prison Camps in Tuscaloosa, AL and Salisbury, NC; Released 22 May 62; Appears on Muster Roll card for Camp Wallace near Columbus, OH on Sep/Oct 62; Present (at Camp Cripple Creek?) on 12 Apr 63; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Also listed as J.C. Bryant (Pension Index filed under this name); Invalid's Pension filed in 1891

???Payne,  Charles  19  (1841 - 1893)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Detailed as Division Teamster 5 Jun 62; Changed to Company Teamster 28 Jun 63--does this mean he was not at Cripple Creek when he was Division Teamster?; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Married Carrie Pitzelberger in Kenton Co, KY in 1869; In 1870, Charles was a Wagon Driver in Kenton Co, and in 1880 he was a Laborer in Campbell Co; Invalid's Pension filed in 1891; Widow's Pension filed, but no name, date, or location; He died 1893 in Kenton Co., KY and is buried there; Carrie would outlive him by over thirty years

Perkins,  William  28  (1833 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61; Taken prisoner near Peytona, VA on 12 Sep 61, owing sutler $19.50; Nov/Dec 62 Paroled from Tuscaloosa, AL (and Richmond?) and sent to Camp Wallace near Columbus, OH; Was [mistakenly?] reported AWOL, but had returned to company by end of April 63; Taken prisoner Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63 and held in Richmond, VA; Exchanged and supposedly taken prisoner again on 14 Mar 64 in WV, but was in Louisville, KY by Apr 64;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64

Plymesser, John S.  18   (1843 - 1918)  Born in Harrisburg, PA;  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  He was detailed as the Division Teamster from 11 Aug 63 until he mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Married 4 times;  Worked as a Laborer and a Machine Rigger; Died of Senile Dementia and Myocarditis; Buried in the Walnut Hills Cem in Cincinnati

Schatzmann, Frederick*  20  (1841 - 1864)  Younger brother of Jacob (see next bio);  Originally mustered in as a Musician on 5 Jun 61, but reduced to a Pvt (not for disciplinary reasons) on 7 Jun 61;  Was a Pvt until 13 Aug 63 when he was appointed to Cpl;  Less than a month later, he was captured at Graysville, GA (on 10 Sep 63);  He was sent to Andersonville Prison Camp in GA;  He died there on 6 Aug 1864 of diarrhea and is buried in Grave 4831;  The family name appears many different ways in the records:  Schautzmann, Schratsman, Shotzmann, etc 

Schatzmann, Jacob  25  (1835 - 1920)  Born in OH to Bavarian immigrants;  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 with his younger brother, Frederick; Like Frederick, he was captured at Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63 and sent to Andersonville Prison Camp in GA;  Unlike his brother, he survived for 18 months there before his release;  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  He worked as a Laborer and lived the rest of his life in northern Kentucky, rearing his family with his wife, Rachel;  He filed for an Invalid's pension in 1888;  He died 11 days after his 85th birthday

Schrison, John*  29   (1832 - 1864?)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Captured by Confederate Cavalry at Graysville, GA on 10 Sep 63;  Sent to Belle Island Prison where he reportedly died of starvation--date unknown;  Buried in Richmond, VA;  Name appears in the AG's roll as Shinson and in Pension Index as Johannes Schrayschun where his Widow filed in 1868

Shelly, John   25  (1836 - 1915)   Born in Ireland; Mustered in on 8 Jul 61;  Was reported as sick in a Louisville Hospital on 1 Oct 62;  He was back with Co D by the Jan / Feb 63 Muster List;  Captured at Graysville, GA  on 10 Sep 63;  Mustered out at Camp Dennison, OH by telegram on 15 Jun 64; Pension filed under John Shilby; Entered Verterans' Home, Dayton, OH, on  9 Nov 1877, where he described himself as 41, Able to read and write, Occupation Huckster in Cincinnati, OH, Single, Wounded (GSW) in right hand during the War while in Nashville on 25 Sep 1861; Invalid Pension filed 1887; No known relatives; Died 20 October 1915 in Nat'l Mil Home Ohio due to Acute Cardiac Dilatation and Chronic Myocarditis; Buried in Cemetery on grounds Sec 1, Row 14, Grave 34

Thornton, Milton  20   (1841 - 1888)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as a Cpl, but resigned on the same day and became Pvt;  Absent without Leave on Nov/Dec 62 Muster Roll Card; Present for Jan/Feb 63; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; There was a Milton Tifft in Newport, KY in 1860, a Coppersmith, the son of Claudius and Mary Tifft, he is listed in the City Directory for Cincinnati 1861 as a Coppersmith--is this our Milton?; There is a family story on Ancestry (taken from a publication titled Old Soldiers Who Have Lived In O'Brien County, Iowa) that Milton Tift was an alias of Milton Thornton, born in OH, the son of James and Mary E. Thornton--he fought as Milton Tift in the 1 KY Co D, then enlisted under his real name in the185 OH, Co E, settling in O'Brien Co, IA, dying there and being buried in Sanford; If THIS is our Milton, he was born 11 Jan 1841 and died on 12 Jun 1888;  He married Elizabeth Ward; This man's tombstone reflects that he was in the 1 KY D, so I will change this bio from "Tift" to "Thornton" to reflect this, but I wonder WHY he changed his name? 

???Weaver,  John  25   (1835 - )  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Had $1 stopped from his pay in Nov/Dec 62 by Order of Regt Provost M; Wounded (severely) in right thigh at Stones River and sent to Hospital in Murfreesboro and later in New Albany, IN; Muster Roll card indicates he was Absent May/Jun 63, but Present Jul/Aug 63, so WAS HE AT CRIPPLE CREEK?; Taken prisoner at Graysville, GA in skirmish 10 Sep 63; To Richmond and then to Camp Chase by 4 Apr 64; Was apparently able to be mustered out on 18 Jun 64 in Covington with the rest of his company

Weissart, Anthon*  29   (1832 - 1864)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Captured at Graysville, GA  on 10 Sep 63;  Taken to Andersonville Prison;  Taken to the Confederate Hospital there on 2 Dec 64, but he died a few months later on 12 Mar 64 of Scorbutus;  Buried in Grave 12279

Wolfe,  George N. 18   (1843 - 1922)  Born in New York; Mustered in on 5 Jun 61;  Wounded in right leg at Chickamauga 19 Sep 63 and sent to Hospital in Nashville; Returned to Co 2 Feb 64; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64; Invalid's Pension filed 1891; Died 13 Dec 1922 in Eddyville, Iowa of Senile Debility; Buried Highland Cemetery in Eddyville; He was Single and a Retired Coal Miner

                                      MEN OF COMPANY D WHO WERE NOT AT CAMP CRIPPLE CREEK

    DIED                     GONE HOME           TRANSFERRED           UNACCOUNTED FOR            IN HOSPITAL         

Bragger, Frederick

Cadel, Andrew

Daley, James

Gordon, Frederick

Grant, George W.

Loggins, Martin

Louden, Oliver

Quinn, Thomas


Andrews, William W.


Barr, Samuel, Jr.  


Bracken, James F.  


Bricher, Peter

Calvert, Gordon

Clayburgh, Frank M.

Dale, Thomas D. 

Dick, David S.  (Cpl)

Griffith, David

Harkins, Bernard

Henley, Robert  (Sgt)

Hullman, Frederick

Hunchback, John

Hoffman, John

Johns, David Y.  (Capt)

McDonald, Alexander J.

Morris, Levi

Munroe, Alfred H.

Myers, David

Thompson, John

Thompson, William

Werthwine, Gottlieb


     Frederick  (Cpl)



Crost, Bernard

Riley, Thomas



Andrews, George W.

Berg, Frederick

Dorson, John

Ellis, Joseph A.

Fitzgerald, Michael

Gilmartin, John

Grace, Richard

Gray, James H.

Kelly, Timothy

Kestenholtz, Charles

  (the AG's roll has him

   as Keslentroly)

Lloyd, George W.

Morris, James

Ray, John

Shokey, John

Yeager, Martin

Young, David

Farran, James (2 Lt)

  Captured VA in Sep

  61; Finally returned

  to 1 KY on 7 Nov 62;   His position had

  been filled by J D

  Kantz, so he was

  transferred to Co I;  

  Wounded severely at

  Stones River--part of

  right shin removed;

  Hositalized until Apr

  64 (was in command

  of VRC 125 Co, 2

  Batt while in hosp);

  Mustered out 21 Jun


Flynn, Michael -

  Wounded in left

  ankle at Shiloh in

  Apr 62, hospitalized

  until his medical

  discharge on 27 Oct


Frey, George -

  Wounded "slightly" in

  leg at Stones River;

  Deserted from

  Hospital in New

  Albany, IN in Dec 63;

  Name incorrectly

  listed as Trey in AG's


Green, Patrick -

  Wounded severely at

  Shiloh and hospital-

  ized until his dis-

  charge on 11 Apt 63

  from Cincinnati

Russelll, John - In

   Hospital and in

   Convalescent Camp

   in Nashville from 26

   Dec 62

Ryan, John - Sick in 

   hospitals from 22

   Nov 62 until 16 Nov


Smith, Christopher J. -

   Wounded at Stones

   River in hospital in

   Louisville; little and

   ring fingers of left

   hand amputated

   and no use of the

   middle finger;

   Discharged 13 May






Brewer, George - To Co B

Brownfield, Jasper P. - To

   Pioneer Corps 10 Dec 62

Freekner, John - To Co B

Hays, Addis - To F&S

Keefer, George - To Co B

Kromer, Henry - To Co B

Reed, Stroeder - To the 

   Pioneer Corps 21 Nov 62

Rode, William - To Co B

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