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                                  COMPANY  B  OFFICERS  at  CRIPPLE  CREEK


Oliver Leonard Baldwin  26  (1835 - 1865)  Born in Woodford Co, KY; When he entered the Army in 1857, he was 21, a Schoolmaster, Grey eyes, Brown hair, Dark complexion, 5' 11"[?], Mustered in as Capt of Co B on 14 Feb 62; Appointed Division Inspector 25 Jul 1862 at Murfreesboro, TN; Promoted to Maj on 10 Feb 63; Wounded at Chickamauga (lower jaw fractured) 20 Sep 63; Asks for a leave to return to Louisville on a Surgeon's Certificat of Disability on 30 Sep 63; In Dec 63, he requested leave to form a cavalry unit in KY and was approved by his superiors; Thomas E. Bramlette, Governor of Kentucky, in authorizing Baldwin's new regiment (the 5th KY Cavalry), he wrote to him saying "Your promoton is for 'gallant services in the field'.  With this commission, accept assurances of my highest regard."; Mustered out 1 Jan 64 to become Col of 5 KY Cav on 1 Jan 64; He resigned on 21 Apr 65, after nine years of gallant service in the Army; During the War, he wrote frequently for the Louisville Courier-Journal as "The Old Soldier"; He married Laura Virginia Gaar on 8 Aug 1864 in Jefferson Co, KY; Just over a year later, he died (30 Sep 1865); He did not file for an Invalid's Pension until 15 Sep 65; Buried Cave Hill Cem, Louisville, KY

[Capt. Seth W. Tuley was 1 Lt of Co E until he was promoted to Capt of Co B on 24 Jul 63.  Was there NO Capt of Co B from 10 Feb until 24 Jul 63?]

William P. Bell  28  (1835 - 1878)  Mustered in on 5 Jun 61 as Sgt in Co G;  Appointed 1 Sgt of Co G on 17 Jun 61;  Promoted to 2 Lt of Co G on 1 Jul 62;   Captured near Murfreesboro, TN on 13 Jul 62 and sent to Madison, GA and finally to Richmond, VA on 11 Oct 62;  He was paroled on 12 Oct 62 at Aiken's Landing, VA and sent to Camp Chase, OH;  He was described as being 5' 7" with brown hair, gray eyes, and a light complexion;  He was a Machinist by trade;  There is no record of when he rejoined his company, but he was there by Jan 63;  2 Lt of Co G until he was transferred to 1st Lt of Co B on 13 Jan 63 [Note: The AG's report erroneously changes the date to 13 Jun 63 in its remarks.  Was there NO 1st Lt for Co B before 13 Jan 63?]-- alternate dates are given in the Co G records, that he transferred to Co B on 13 or 20 Feb 63;  Resigned on 31 May 63--there is no reason given, but it would seem that charges might have been forthcoming had he not resigned (he comrade, Joseph Bontecou who also transferred from Co G to Co B when Bell did was forced to resign for the "good of the service" due to his alcoholism--could Bell have had a similar problem?); He died the day after Christmas in 1878, Buried in Vernon Cemetery, Jennings Co, IN


Bontecou, Joseph Connable  25   (1838 - 1904)  Name spelled variously as Bonticou, Bontecue, etc.;  Born in Rhode Island in Nov 1838 to James and abby Bontecou;  A scholar and musician, his occupation was listed as Professor of Music in 1860, while  living in Hamilton Co, OH;  Mustered in as a Pvt in Co G on 6 May 61, and was quickly promoted to Sgt on 5 Jun 61 and  Promoted to 2 Lt on 17 Jul 61;  Promoted from 2 Lt to 1 Lt on 1 Jul 62;  Would be transferred to Co B as their 1 Lt on 20 Feb 63 (He and Capt William Bell, above, would both make the move to Co B on the same day); the page for him on Co G directs you here; Apparently, Lt Bontecou had a problem with alcohol;  On 26 May 63, Col Sedgewick, his Commanding Officer, had Bontecou sign an "instrument of writing in his own hand...pledging himself upon his honor as an officer and a gentleman to refrain from drinking spiritous liquors" only to be found drunk and unable to function again;  He was brought up on several charges, but was given the option to resign, in order to avoid a court martial;  Col Sedgewick commented on the back of Bontecou's letter of resignation "Acceptance recommended for the good of the service.  Lt Bontecou has become a confirmed drunkard, has lost all interest in his duties, and all respect for himself."; Col Cruft, as he forwarded the letter up the chain of command said, "I trust the resignation will be quietly accepted and Lt Bontecou be permitted to go without further disgrace than is implied in resigning under charges."  After his resignation on 6 Aug 63, he enlisted in the 10th OH Light Artillery Independent Battery as a Private and rose to the rank of 2nd Lt;  After the War, he married Maria Oven in Lenawee, Mich in 1870 and worked as a Lecturer, Journalist, and Editor;  He died in Emmet Co, MI in 1904 and is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery;  Obviously a gifted man who struggled with demons--I hope he was able to overcome them and to share his gifts with the world

George R. McFadden  20   (1842 - 1932)  Mustered in on 20 Jun 61;  Promoted to Sgt on 15 Feb 62;  Became 1st Sgt on 1 Apr 62;  Promoted to 2nd Lt on 21 Dec 62; On 12 April 63, he requested 15 days' leave to attend to family business after the  death of his uncle in Louisville; Col Sedgewick (in his distinctive handwriting) wrote on the outside of the letter requesting leave "Approved and respectfully forwarded.  Lieut McFadden is one of the most worthy young officers in the regiment.  He behaved with great gallantry at "Shiloh", "Corinth", and "Stone River".  His family affairs at home are in such a situation as to require his immediate presence."; Cruft, Palmer, and Crittenden approved and forwarded the request, but he wound up getting 8 days; Promoted to 1st Lt on 7 Jun 63; Jul/Aug 63 Entitled to $10 per month as actual commander of the company since 1 Jun 63 ($30); Mustered out 19 Jun 64; Invalid's Pension filed 1903 in Tenn; Is he the G R Mcfaden, born in Dec 42 in KY and living in Gibson Co, TN as a Widowed Express Agent? If so, he died in Memphis of Senility and Terminal Broncho-pneumonia on 23 May 1934 [The Veterans' Admin Master Index believes this to be him]; Icannot find where this man was buried



Orlando C. Bryant   25  (1836 - )  Mustered in as a Cpl on 3 Jun 61; Detached to serve as Col's Orderly on 1 Jun 62; Appointed Sgt on 1 Jun 61;  Reduced to Pvt on 31 Aug 61;  Appointed Brigade Ordnance Sgt 17 Sep 61 (Gen Cox's Brigade); Sick in Hospital in Mumford'sville 28 Feb 62; Appointed Cpl again on 17 Apr 62;  Appointed Sgt again on 1 Sep 62;  Resigned 1sgtcy 31 Oc 62; Promoted to 2nd Lt on 17 Jun 63; Wounded (contusion thigh) at Chickamauga 19 Sep 63;  Present Nov/Dec 63; Detached to command detachment of 29 IN Vols 4 Jan 64--entitled to $10 per month as detachment commander; Relieved 31 Mar 64 to command and detailed to command Co A of 2 KY; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Enlisted in US Army and appears in Ringgold Barracks, Texas in 1865 and 1866;      


Brown, Anthony  24   (1837 - )  Mustered in as a Pvt on 20 Jun 61;  Appointed Cpl on 23 Dec 61;  Reduced back to Pvt on 1 Feb 62;  Appointed Cpl again on 1 Mar 62;  Appointed Sgt on 16 Dec 62;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Any relation to Thomas and/or William Brown below?; His Pension File lists an alias of Anthony B. Manley--I presume, because his widow had remarried a man named Manley; Ellen Manley filed for her Widow's Pension on 27 Feb 1886 from California--could this be the Ellen Anderson who married an Anthony Brown in Morris, Texas in 1885? 

Burns, Thomas  30  (1831 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Appointed Cpl on 27 Apr 62;  Would eventually be promoted to Sgt on 25 Jan 64; Detailed "to bring forward recruits" 15 Mar 64; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Any relation to Pvt John Burns below?


Crawford, William H.*  21  (1840 - 1863)  Mustered in 3 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  On 28 Feb 62 he was Sick in Hospital in Bardstown; Mar/Apr 62 still Sick in Bardstown; Sep/Oct 62 $20 stopped by sentence of General Co Martial; Would be killed in action at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63 "by a bullet through the skull and brain"; He was described as having been born in Louisiana, 5' 9" tall, light complexion, brown eyes, red hair; Occupation Machinist;  Mahala C. Crawford filed for her Mother's Pension on 7 Feb 1882; This tells me he was the son of John B and Mahala C. Crawford from Floyd Co, IN in 1850 and 1860; I cannot find William listed in either the National Cemetery or the Fairview Cemetery in Floyd Co where his parents are buried

Ferguson, William G.  32  (1829 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61 as Cpl [Muster Roll cards show him mustered in as a Pvt and promoted to Cpl on 23 Dec 61 or on 1 Feb 62];  Appointed Sgt on 1 Sep 62;  Apointed 1 Sgt on 21 Dec 62;  Wounded slightly (contusion thigh) at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63; Detached on Recruiting Service n KY 18 Dec 63; Returned from Recruiting Service 13 Apr 64; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64

Fitzgerald, Patrick   28  (1833 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61 as a Pvt but promoted to Cpl on 1 Jul 61; In Convalescent Camp in Nashville 26 Dec 62 until 17 Jun 63 [So, he just made it to Cripple Creek!]; Would be reduced to Pvt at his request on 21 Aug 63;  Sick in Rgtl Hospital Nov/Dec 63; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Not to be confused with the Patrick Fitzgerald in Co H; Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1889; Is he the Patrick J. Fitzgerald who died on 28 Nov 1929 and is buried in Cave Hill Cem in Louisville? Or the Patrick Fitzgerald who was born in 1833 and died 1928, buried in St. Aloysius Cemetery in Oldham Co, KY? 

Hern, John A.  31  (1830 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Promoted all the way to Sgt on 16 Sep 62;  Wounded ("Serious") and captured at Stones River on 31 Dec 62;  Paroled and exchanged and returned to company on 6 Jan 63;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Any relation to Pvt James O'Hearn below?

Langdon, Thomas  20  (1841 - )  Born in VA; Lived in Louisville in 1860 as a Printer [says he was born in IN]; Mustered in on 3 Jun 61 as a Pvt; Promoted to Cpl on 1 Mar 62;  Wounded (GSW right leg) at Shiloh, in Hospital in Louisville from 15 Apr 61; Returned to Company on 1 Sep 62 but returned to Hospital 18 Oct 62; Promoted to Sgt on 5 [or 16] Dec 62;  Would be promoted to Sgt-Maj on [23 Jan] or 1 Jun [or Jan?] 64;  Mustered out 19 Jun 64 ; Enlisted in 45 US Inf Co. A; Filed for an Invalid's Pension 1875; Entered Dayton Veterans' Home 2 Aug 1878, when he was 38, Printer in Louisville, Single, James Langdon of Louisville his brother; Discharged 16 Oct 79 at his request;    

Rutledge, James  20   (1841 - 1877)  Born in Ireland; Mustered in on 28 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Sent to Hospital 26 Jul 62; Returned to Company 31 Oct 62; Appointed Cpl on 5 Dec 62;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Entered Dayton Veterans' Home 8 Sep 76 when he was 34, a Laborer from Cincinnati, Single, his cousin, John Gill [?] lives in Cincinnati; Suffering from Disease of ___l hemorrhoids, fistula in ___ ; Filed for an Invalid's Pension 1877; Died 10 Dec 77 of Consumption; Buried on the grounds in

A - 2 - 24

Young, John B.  21  (1841 - 1888)  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61 as a Pvt; In Sep/Oct 62, $4 stopped from pay by sentence of Regtl Field Officer and $20 stopped by order of Gen Court Martial; Appointed to Cpl on 16 Dec 62; Would be reduced to the ranks on 4 Dec 63;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; A letter in his file dated 17 Feb 65 written from the Provost Marshall's Office 22nd District Penna, states John Young is 21 years old, was born in Indiana Co, PA, that since being honorably discharged from the 2nd Kentucky he resides in Johnstown, PA, that he is 5'8" tall, Dark complexion, Black hair; Black eyes, and that he was hospitalized only once while in the 2nd KY, that being with Rheumatism for one month in Manchester, TN and that he suffered no other sickness while in service, no hernia or rupture, and wishes to reenlist if provided with transportation to Washington, DC; Given that he has no other enlistments in his Pension File, he must not have enlisted with any other regiments; He was probably the son of Joseph and Mary Young, Germany immigrants living in Cambria Co, PA in 1850; He married Lola E. Green in 1867 and had 5 children; John worked as a Laborer in Erie Co, PA in 1870 and 1880; John died 2 Nov 1888 in Erie, PA and is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery there; Lola filed a Widow's Pension on 11 Nov 1889 from PA



   OTHER  PERSONNEL   from  Co.  B  at   CRIPPLE   CREEK





2 KY B McCormack.jpg

Brown, Thomas  34  (1827 -  )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61; Nov/Dec 63 $20.68 to be stopped from his pay for loss of Enfield rifle and accoutrements after Chickamauga, not paid at last payment having been absent in camp of Transients etc at Stevenson, AL  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Any relation between Thomas and William Brown or with Cpl Anthony Brown above?



Brown, William  40  (1821 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Wounded (severely) at Bridge Creek, Mississippi and returned to duty on 10 Jun 62;  Reported a Deserter at Murfreesboro 18 Aug 62, "having been in arrest at Nashville, Tenn"; Returned and ordered to duty 14 Sep 62; Sent to Hospital 16 Sep 62; Ordered to duty without trial by order of Bri Gen Wm Sooy Smith; In Convalescent Camp Nashville 26 Dec 62;  Returned to duty 30 Apr 63; Absent without leave from Stevenson, AL from 22 Sep 63; Present Nov/Dec 63; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Any relation between the Browns in this company?



Burge, Thomas Fierce  23  (1838 - 1903)  Born in KY; Mustered in on 3 Jun 61; He was described as 5' 10" with a Fair complexion, Light hair, Blue eyes; Detached as Ordnance Sgt for Gen Cox's Brigade 17 Sep 62; 30 Apr to 31 Aug 62 Detached as Teamster for Regtl Staff; Sept/Oct Absent  Detailed as Teamster; Nov/Dec 62 Present Teamster for Regtl Staff; 31 Oct 62 - 28 Feb 63 Present Colonel's Servant; Mar/Apr 63 Present Regtl Staff Teamster; 28 Feb - 30 Jun 63 Present Regtl Teamster; 25 Aug 63 Returned to Company from Regtl Team; Captured at Chickamauga on 20 Sep 63;  Escaped from Richmond, VA on 14 Oct 63;  Returned to duty 23 May 64;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Married Martha J. Gum about 1867; In 1870, he is a Brickmason in Green Co, KY; Invalid Pension filed for in 1880 (the person indexing the files mistakenly transcribes his middle initial as "L"--I would have expected his middle name might be "Pierce", but it is "Fierce"); In 1880, he is a Brickmason in Hart Co, KY; In 1900, he is a Farmer in Taylor Co, KY;  According to his obituary and family records on Find-A-Grave, he was playing cards with a man named Wiley Smith in early December in a gunshop and the two began to argue; Smith shot "TF" in the groin and the back and escaped; TF died on 6 Dec 1903 and is buried in the Brookside Cemetery inTaylor Co, KY; The newspaper story incorrectly says he was a Confederate veteran--there is no follow-up to say if Wiley Smith was ever brought to justice; Martha filed for her Widow's Pension on 21 Dec 1903


Burns, John  20  (1841 -  )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Wounded at Barboursville, VA on 13 Jul 61; Is entitled to extra pay from 1 Dec 62 to 15 Feb 63 for duty as Nurse;  30 Apr to 31 Aug Hospital Attendant/Ward Master, but still Present on Company Roll; Sep/Oct 62 Present Hospital Attendant; Jul/Aug 63 this pattern continues, with the notation Regtl Hospital Attendant since 31 May 62 by order of Col Sedgewick; Captured Chickamauga on 20 Sep 63 and held in Richmond and later at Andersonville, released on or about 31 Mar 65; Suffering from Rheumatism and Scorbutus; Furloughed 30 days from Benton Barracks, MO after release from Rebel Prison beginning 26 Apr 65; Mustered out after his company, due to his imprisonment; Any relation to Cpl Burns above?

Busick, Francis M.  18  (1843 - 1913)  Born in Orange Co, IN to John Counsil and Adeline (Keeth) Busick; Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  28 Feb 62 Sick in Hospital; Mar/Apr 62 Present Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Name ale given as Busic; In 1870, he is a Carpenter in Orange Co., IN; Married Mary Ellen Hays in 1873 in Orange Co, IN; In 1880, he is a Cabinet Maker in Daviess Co, IN; Invalid Pension filed in 1891; In 1900, he is a Machinist in a Factory in Leavenworth, KS; In 1910, he s an out-of-work Cabinet Maker in Los Angeles, CA; He died 4 Jun 1913 in Los Angeles, CA and his wife filed for her Widow's Pension on 26 Jun 1913; He is buried in the Sunnyside Cemetery in Long Beach. CA'

Carl, Morgan  30  (1831 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Sep/Oct 62 $20 stopped by order of General Co Martial; There is a note that he was captured at Chickamauga 20 Sep 63, but there is nothing to indicate this (he is "Present on subsequent Muster Roll cards) and there is a further notation "remarks cancelled" with an "x" beside the "captured" line; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Invalid Pension Filed under "Carr" in 1890 in Minnesota

Cashman, John  25  (1836 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61; In Gen Hospital in McMinnville, Tenn since 16 Aug 63; Sick in Hospital at Stevenson, AL since 1 Oct 63; Hospitalized in Louisville, KY from 1 Oct 63 until returned to duty on 23 May 64;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64

Cole, Henry W. 18   (1841 - 1919)  Born in Barren Co, KY; to Ira and ouisa Ann (Parrish) Cole;  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Attached to Hospital from 15 Dec 61 until 7 Feb 62; Captured at Chickamauga on 20 Sep 63 and paroled on the same day;  Sent to military prison in Alton, IL by order of General Court-martial for charges of Conduct Prejudicial to Good Order and Military Discipline and Exciting [inciting?] Mutiny; He was ordered to forfeit all government pay and allowances and discharged to date 19 Sep 1864 after 6 months hard labor; In 1870, he was a Laborer in Barren Co, KY; Around 1873, he married Susan B. [or Susan J.] ___; In 1880, he was a Farmer in Edmonson Co, KY; Invalid's Pension filed 1887 in KY; In 1910, Henry and Susan are living in Edmonson Co; Died 1 Sept 1919 in Rocky Hill, KY of mitral stenosis and buried in the Spillman Farm Cemetery in Edmonson Co, KY

Costello, John  20  (1841 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Sep/Oct 62 $6.00 stopped by order of Regtl Field Officer; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Is John related to Thomas in the next bio?; Filed for an Invalid's Pension 15 Aug 1863 [before he was mustered out?]


Costello, Thomas  26  (1835 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  28 Feb 62 Sick in Hospital at Bardstown; Promoted to Sgt on 23 Apr 62; On 11 Jul 62 a court martial was held near Athens, AL--I don't know what the charge was, but I wonder if the decisio of the trial was what caused Costello to be reduced in ranks; Reduced from Sgt on 1 Sep 62;  Sent to Hosp (Bowling Green) 20 Oct 62; Present again on Muster Roll card for 31 Oct 62 - 28 Feb 63; Wounded (slightly--contusion shoulder) at Chickamauga 20 Sep 63; In Convalescent Hospital at Bridgeport, AL since 25 Jan 64 Mustered out on 19 Jun 64


Connelly, James  30  (<1830> - 1894)  Born in Ireland; Mustered in on 3 Jun 61; Sent to Gen Hospital 1 May 62; Rejoined company 1 Jul 62; Sent to West End Hospital Cincinnati 6 Nov 62; Jul/Aug 63 detailed as Company Cook; Detailed as Brigade Provost Guard 12 Nov 63 until 17 May 64; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Served in the 144 IN, Co H (2 Mar 65 - 5 Aug 65);  Invalid's Pension filed 1881; Entered Veterans' Hospital in Dayton 29 May 86, he was 56, 5' 6", Dark complexion, Dark eyes, Dark hair; a Laborer from Cincinnati; Married to Nancy Connelly who lived in Ironton, OH; Complained of a GSW to the left side of his jaw also an injury to his left thumb and his left knee from the War [when did these injuries occur?]; He died 26 Oct 1894 of Oedema of the lungs; He was buried on the ground in Grave I - 26 - 2 

Easton, William Henry Harrison 20  (1841 - 1928)  Born 30 Mar in Bullitt Co., KY to Robert and Elizabeth (Saunders) Easton; In 1850 and 1860, his family lived in Jefferson Co, KY; Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Wounded (severely in thigh) at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63;  Returned to duty on 29 May 64; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; There was some confusion in his records, as his name was incorrectly recorded as Eastman; Married Eliza A. Archer in 1865 in Jefferson Co, KY;  Invalid Pension filed 1880 under Easton; He was a Farmer in Jefferson Co, KY in 1880; By 1900, he was a Farmer in Vigo Co, IN; In 1910, he and Eliza still live in Vigo, Co, but he is a Laborer doing odd jobs; In 1930, he is a Widower living with his daughter and her family; He died 19 Mar 1928 in Vigo Co and is buried there in Terre Haute in the Hull Cemetery


Forcelle, Josiah S.  22  (1839 - 1918)  Born 5 Mar in KY to a French-born father and a Kentucky-born mother; In 1860, he is a Cooper in Jefferson Co, KY;  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61; In Convalescent Hospital in Murfreesboro since 2 May 63;   Returned to duty 23 Feb 64; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Enlisted in the 18 KY Co I; Married Rachel A ___ in 1875; Pension Filed under Josiah S. Forcelle (Military file under Josiah Forsell); Invalid Pension filed 1890; In 1900 and 1910, he was a Farmer in Daviess Co, KY; Died 21 Apr 1918 in Gatewood, Daviess Co, KY; Buried Union Baptist Church Cemetery in Hancock Co, KY; Rachel filed her Widow's Pension 8 Jul 1918; I cannot find when or where Rachel died



Garcia, Evaristo   20  (<1838> - 1914)  Born in Mexico City, Mexico; Mustered in on 3 Jun 61 as a Fifer/Musician; Reported as a Deserter in Murfreesboro18 Aug 62;  Rejoined the Company, ordered to duty, and reduced to ranks without trial by Brig Gen Wm Sooy Smith on 10 Oct 62 [some Muster Roll cards continue to show him as Musician, others as Pvt with the notation he is part of the Regtl Band];  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Name given variously as Everisti Garcie, etc.; Invalid's Pension filed under Evaristo Garcia in 1879; He entered the Dayton Veterans' Home on 4 Apr 1884; He was 47, 5' 4 1/2", Dark complexion, Dark hair, Dark eyes; Able to read and write; a Widower, A Tailor in Cincinnati; Suffering from Bronchitis; Rheumatism and Diseased heart; No relatives; Died 1 Sep 1914 in National Home Dayton of Chronic Interstitial Nephristis; Buried on the grounds 1 - 14 - 56; Military records show him born in 1841, but burial records show 1837; The 1900 Census says he was born in Oct 1838 and he immigrated in 1850;


Howe, James  28  (1833 - 1913)  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Detached as Blacksmith 4 Jun 62 [Consequently, he is marked Absent on Muster Roll cards until Nov/Dec 62--after that, he is Present, but there is no mention of his being a Blacksmith]; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Married Mary R. Invalid's Pension filed under Hovee in 1879; Died 23 Feb 1913;  Mary filed for her Widow's Pension on 14 Apr 1913 in KY

Hunt, George Nelson  30  (1831 - 1873)  Born in NY to Thomas and Mary (Weiss) Hunt; Usually goes by Nelson Hunt; Married Louisa Atkins in 1852 in Jefferson Co, KY; Mustered in on 3 Jun 61 as a Cpl; Promoted to Sgt 10 Jun 61;  Detailed as Col's Orderly 1 Sep 61; Reduced to Pvt 1 Mar 62; On card for 30 Apr - 31 Aug 62 he is a Pvt but still listed as Col's Orderly; Taken Prisoner and paroled Oct 62; Absent until card for 10 Apr 63 when he is Present again; Mar/Apr 63 once again the Col's Orderly; On card for 28 Feb - 30 Jun 63, he is Regtl Ambulance Teamster [date given as 1 Apr 63]--he will continue until Jan/Feb 64, marked as Present on all but card for Jan'Feb 64; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Died 15 Apr 1873 in Louisville, KY;  Buried in the St. Stephens Cemetery; Filed for her Widow's Pension 15 Apr 1889; A Minor's Pension was filed 11 Sep 1914


King, Thomas 25  (1836 - )  Born in Ireland; Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Wounded at Bridge Creek, Miss and in Hospital sinc 28 May 62; Returned from Hospital 12 Oct 62; Jul/Aug 63 and Sept/Oct 63 Company Cook;  Discharged on Surgeon's Certificate of Disability on 4 Feb 64 at Bridgeport, AL; He was described as 5' 8" tall, Dark complexion, Blue eyes, Dark hair; He was a Farmer; Wounded severely at Bridge Creek and suffering with Chronic Diarrhea since Jan 63; pain in bowels, emaciated, feeble,scarcely able to get about, appetite very poor; Filed for his Invalid's Pension in 1874

McCormick, James  20  (1841 - 1891)  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Wounded at Bridge Creek, Mississippi on 28 May 62;  Returned to duty 1 Jun 62;  In General Hospital in McMinnville, TN from 24 Aug 63; 30 Jun 63 to 31 Oct 63 Present; Detailed as a Safeguard at Mrs. James' by Order Col Enyart 26 Dec 63 [Was this a civilian needing protection?]; In Convalescent Camp  Bridgeport, AL since 26 Jan [?] 64; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Any relation to Martin in the next bio?; A James McCormick is a Registered Voter in Yountville, Napa Co, CA in 1890--he is listed as 49, a Teamster from Wisc; Invalid's Pension filed 1890 in Calif; Entered Sawtelle Veterans' Home 28 Mar 1891; suffering from Chronic Rheumatism, at age 50, 6' tall, Light complexion, Catholic, Teamster from Yountville, CA, A relative William McCormick in Milwaukee, Wisc; He died in the Home 27 Jul 1891, cause of death Accidental [although the California Death Register lists Cystitis as the cause]; HERE IS A MYSTERY: Hospital records show our James was buried in the Sawtelle National Cemetery in grave 1 - B - 18--although the cemetery record for the James McCormick (29 Year-old Miner) buried in this grave shows he died on 20 JUN 1891 and served in the 1 CA INF, Co C--mustered in on 26 Aug 61 and mustered out 31 Aug 64 in New Mexico Terr; YET, there is a record for a military headstone for a James McCormick who died 20 Jun 91 and another James McCormick who died 20 Jul 1891; assuming these were two different men, where is MY James who died in July?


McCormack, Martin  19   (1842? - 1922?)  THIS IS WHAT I KNOW FOR CERTAIN: Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  In Hospital in McMinnville, TN on 24 Aug 63; Convalecent Camp in Bridgeport, AL beginning 25 Jun 64, even though he was mustered out on 19 Jun 64;   >>>I am not certain, but I believe the Pension File for my Martin McCormack was incorrectly merged with the record for a man named Martin Carroll; Pension file for Martin McCormick lists an alias: Martin Carroll; Invalid Pension filed in MO on 18 Apr 1897; On the same Pension card, a woman name Ellen Carroll files for a Widow's Pension on 9 Dec 1918 in MO, with the notation that he died 12 Nov 1918 in St, Louis, MO;  Case #1:  Martin Carroll listed in St. Louis 1890 Census, but no regiment is listed; Martin Carroll buried Calvary Cem St Louis--born unknown, died  Nov 1918, aged 77; Martin Carroll's death certificate was for a man aged 77 who was a Stationary Engineer born in Canada to a French Canadian father, Married,[no wife named] who died of General Arteriosclerosis and Bronchopneumonia on 12 Nov 1918--information provided by a City Hospital employee [name illegible]; Martin Carroll and Helen, his wife, lived in St. Louis, where he was a Fireman in a Brewery; In 1900, Martin and Allie Carroll live at the same address as in 1910--he is still a Fireman in a Brewery, he claims to have been born in Canada in Feb 1839, arrived in America in 1840, and married about 1865; In 1880, Martin and Ellen live in St. Louis where he is a Fireman--he was born about 1840 in Canada; Martin Carroll is listed in St. Louis 1870 as a Fireman in a Paper Rolling Mill; In 1860, there is a Martin Carroll, born ca 1840 in Canada, who is a S.B. Hand [another man is a S.B. Cabin Boy] in Cincinnati; US Veterans' Admin Master Index lists Martin/Martin Carroll/McCormick with Military Service born 25 Feb 1839 and Military Date 19 Jun 1864 with Residence listed as St. Louis and Death Date 12 Nov 1918  Case #2: Martin McCormack Ohio, US Soldier Grave Registrations lists Martin McCormack, born in Mass in 1842, Enlisted 12 May 61 and Discharged 19 Jun 64 who died in Cincinnati 2 Feb 1922. buried in Calvary Catholic Cemetery; Grave Registration card shows he was in Co B, 2 KY; THEREFORE, since this record actually links a Martin McCormack to the 2 KY, I will go with the man listed in Case #2 and list the dates 1842 - 1922 as MY Martin 

???McFall, George W.  21  (1840 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  In Muster Roll card for 30 Apr to 31 Aug 62, he was listed as Absent, Detached as Teamster; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Any relation to William in the next bio?

McFall, William P. 19  (1844 - 1913)  Born in KY, his family says 1844; Mustered in as a Cpl on 3 Jun 61; Reduced to Pvt on 23 Dec 61; Company Teamster from 1 Dec 62, but still Present; Wounded Chickamauga 19 Sep 63--contusion on back; Sick in Hospital in Nashville since 20 Oct 63--run over by team [!]; Mar/Apr 64 The "Sick in Hospital" notation is crossed out, replaced with Teamster in Division Ammunition Train without authority; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64 in accordance with a telegram from AG's Office of 14 Jun 64; Related to George in the bio at the bottom who transferred to Teamsters?; Around 1867, he married Bertha Wynn; In 1880, He is living in Kansas City, MO with his first wife, Bertha, and their children; He married Julia R in 1882; Invalid's Pension filed 1892 from TX; In 1900, he and Julia are living in Wyandotte Co, KS where he is a Brick Contractor [he was born in Nov 1844 in KY]; In the 1910 Census for Douglas Co, KS, he is a Brick Mason;  Died 25 Jan 1913 in Overland, KS; Julia R. filed for her Widow's Pension on 18 Apr 1913; Buried in the Corinth Cemetery, Johnson Co, KS 

O'Hearn, James  19  (1842 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Detached as Teamster and Absent for part of the time from 30 Apr - 31 Aug 62, also Absent as Teamster for Sep/Oct 62 and Nov/Dec 62, but he is Present again after Stones River; On the Muster Roll card for Mar/Apr 63, there is a notation that $10 stopped each month for six months by sentence of General Court Martial; He continued to be Regimental Teamster and to be marked Present; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Also listed as James O'Harrow, O'Haron, etc.; Any relation to the John Hearn who was a Sgt?; There is a James A. Hearn (no regiment listed) living in Newport, Campbell Co, KY at the time of the 1890 Veterans' Census--is this our James? 


O'Mailley, John  30  (1831 - 1898)  Born in Ireland; Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Name also given as O'Mailer. O'Maler, Filed an Invalid Pension in 1890 from OH as John O. Malley; Admitted to Dayton Veterans' Home on 5 Dec [?] 1870 when he was 40, Sinfle, a Laborer, suffering from a Strain of right ankle; For the 1890 Veterans' Census, he was living in the Dayton Veterans' Home and reported suffering a fracture of his right ankle [when did this happen?] and Rheumatism also Chronic hearing loss [?]; He died 30 May 1898 in Chicago, IL--unknown cause of death, while he was AWL [Absent Without Leave?]; I cannot find where he is buried 

Patterson, James*  27  (1834 - 1864)  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Wounded at Barboursville, VA on 13 Jul 61;  In General Hospital since 6 Jun 1862; Admitted to Hospital Steamer "Stephen Decatur"  24 Jun 62 with Remittent fever; Admitted to General Hospital No 1 in Louisville on 28 Jun 62 with Gonorhoea, diagnosis also shown as Chronic diarrhoea; Deserted at Louisville 17 Jul 62 [Original Muster Roll information said1 Oct 62]; Returned from Desertion 10 Dec 62, Ordered to duty without trial by Brig Genl Smith; Captured at Chickamauga, GA on 19 Sep 63; Confined in Rebel Prison Richmond, VA 29 Sep 63; Sent to Danville, VA 12 Dec 63; A card in his file headed "Notation" and dated 5 Jan 1895 dates he was Admitted to Prison Hospital Andersonville, GA 8 Sep 64 where he died that same day of Dysenteria; "...the charge of desertion no longer stands against him. The record of the fact that he was absent in desertion from July 17 1862 to Dec 10, 1862, can not, however, be expunged."; It is hard to know which James Patterson he is prior to the War; Not to be confused with James W. Patterson form Co F


Phelps, Warren Spencer  20  (1840 - 1917)  Born in New York to Nelson and Mary (Spencer) Phelps; In 1850, the family lived in Washington Co, Wisc; Mustered in on 3 Jun 61; Sick in Hospital in Bardstown, KY 28 Feb 62; Returned from Hospital 1 Jul 62; Sent to Hospital 6 Sep 1862; Company Teamster since 1 Nov 62; Sep/Oct 62 Four months' pay stopped by sentence of General Court Martial; Mar/Apr 63 Major's Servant; Sent to Stevenson, AL with spare horses 12 Sep 63; Mar/Apr 64 Company Cook; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Enlisted in 65 NY Co I on 4 Apr 65 and mustered out 17 Jul 65 in Hall's Hill, VA; Married Nancy L. Newton in IA in 1868; In 1870, 1880, and in 1900, he was a Farmer in Davis Co, IA; Invalid Petition filed 1890; In 1910, he is living in Pasadena, CA with his wife, Clara A. [I presume that Nancy died between 1900 and 1910]; Died 22 Jul 1917 Pasadena, CA; Clara filed Widow's Pension 2 Aug 1917; Buried Griffin's Mills Cemetery in Erie Co, NY [I have to wonder, how did Warren come to serve in the 1 KY since he was living in Wisc and born in NY?]


Reddy, Christopher  21  (1840 - )   Mustered in on 3 Jun 61; Sick in Hospital in Chattanooga since 26 Sep 63; Nov/Dec 63 Present; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64


Reynolds, John   22  (1839 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Wounded at Barboursville, VA on 13 Jun 61;  Returned to duty on 18 Nov 61;  Sep/Oct 62 Absent Detailed Teamster; Nov/Dec 62 Absent Teamster; 28 Feb - 30 Jun 63 Present Adjutant's Servant; Nov/Dec 63 Muster Roll card Present 15 Dec 63 Division Teamster ; Jan/Feb 64 Absent Division Teamster; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  >>>THERE IS INFORMATION ON THE PENSION FILE CARD ABOUT A JOHN REYNOLDS WHO SERVED IN THE 35 IN CO F, BUT MAY NOT APPLY TO MY JOHN: John M. Reynolds enlisted in 35 IN Co F on 4 Oct 64 and mustered out 30 Sep 65; ; In 1890 Veterans' Census, this John M. Reynolds is living in Holt Co, MO [making no mention of 2 KY] suffering with partial deafness; John M. Reynolds was born in Fairfield Co, OH in 1827 and died in Holt Co, MO in 1902; His wife's name was Maria Parks, married 1854 in IN<<<  HOWEVER, the Pension File card also includes this information: Invalid's Pension filed 1879; And a wife named Rebecca filed for her Widow's Pension on 20 Jun 1898 from IN; SO, once again the Pension Filed card seems to have incorrectly merged the information for two different men; I DO NOT believe that MY John Reynoled served with the 35 IN; I believe he was married to a woman named Rebecca and that he died before 20 Jun 1898, probably in IN.


Schartman, Bernard  29   (1832 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Wounded (severely) at Chickamauga, GA on 19 Sep 63; Returned from Hospital in Nashville to duty 1 Apr 64;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64


Scully, John   21  (1840 - 1913)  Born in Ireland; Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Married Catherine Name also given as Sculley; Related to Patrick in the bio in the Gone Home Box below?; I believe he is the John Scully who lived in Louisville 1880 with his wife, Catherine, and worked in a Tannery; Invalid's Pension filed 1888 in Maryland; Entered the Dayton Veterans' Home on 10 Feb 1894, when he was 54, 5' 10", Dark complexion, Gray eyes, Gray hair, Unable to read or write, Catholic, Laborer from Louisville, KY; Wife Catherine still lives in Louisville, Suffering from Paralysis Agitaus [Parkinson's Disease], Rheum, etc.; Discharged 7 June 1894--Dropped AWOL; Admitted again to Dayton Home on 6 Jul 1895; Transferred to Western Br. (Leavenworth, KS) 11 Sep 1895; To Central Branch Admitted to Central Branch on 14 Sep 1895; Reported that he died 15 Feb 1913 in Louisville while on furlough from Barrack #14--unknown cause, but death certificate says Pneumonia; Buried in St. Louis Cemetery in Louisville, KY, next to wife, Catherine who had died 20 Nov 1894

Sohn, Johan Nicolaus "Nicholas"  21  (1840 - 1932)  Born 31 Mar in Hessen, Germany, the son of Johann Nicolaus and Eva Katharina (Sattler) Sohn; Arrived in America 1857; Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Wounded, right thigh, at Chickamauga on 19 Sep 63;  For some reason, $3.80 was stopped from his pay for transportation from Nashville Hospital to Louisville Hospital; Muster Roll card for No 8 USA General Hospital, Nashville, Sept/Oct 63, shows him employed as a Cook; Nov/Dec 63 Muster Roll card for USA General Hospital No 1, New Albany, IN, shows him Present [as a Cook?];  Returned to duty on 7 Jun 64; Jan/Feb 64 Muster Roll card for USA General Hospital No 8 in New Albany, IN shows him Present as a Patient; Muster Roll card for 31 Dec 63 to 30 Apr 64 for USA General Hospital No 6 in New Albany, IN shows him Present;  Mustered out [I presume] on 19 Jun 64; Enlisted in 26 US Infantry Co B, 10 US Infantry Co B, and in the Navy!; Filed an Invalid's Pension 1877; Married Harriet Elizabeth "Hattie" McIntire 1878 in Washington, MO; Living in Caledonia, Washington Co, MO in 1880 as a Laborer, Still there in 1890 Veterans' Census--he reports being wounded in Head and Knee [?]; Heart Disease and Feneral Debility; He is still living in Washington Co in 1910 as a Farmer; He is a Widower, still in Washington Co in 1920; In 1930, he lives with his son in St. Francois, MO; Buried Pilot Knob [!] Cemetery in Iron Co, MO; Died 21 Apr 1932 in Bonne Terr, MO

Stafford, Thomas Moore  19   (1842 - 1910)  Born in KY to John and Sarah Stafford; In 1860, he is a Harness Maker in Louisvile, KY; Mustered in on 3 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Reduced to Pvt on 23 [or 3] Dec 62;  Promoted to Cpl again on 1 May 62; Nov/Dec 62 Muster Roll card shows him again as a Pvt--was his promotion from 1 May 62 not officially approved or was he reduced in ranks again after 1 May?; [The notation on his Muster-out card where his movement up and down the ranks in recapitulated makes no mention of his return to Corporalcy after beging reduced in Dec 62]; Mar/Apr 63 He is Present, but designated as Regimental Sadler [since 29 Mar 63]; Relieved of duty as Regimental Sadler on 22 Oct 63; Once again Regimental Sadler as of 15 Nov 63;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64;  Married Frances H. "Fannie" Dykes in 1869 in Clark Co, KY; In 1880, he was a Saddler in Nicholas Co, KY; Filed for his Invalid's Pension in 1882 in KY; In 1900, he was a Farmer in Citrus Co, FL; Died 5 May 1910; He was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Tampa, FL; Frances filed for her Widow's Pension 13 Jun 1910 FL

Styer, Charles N.  19  (1842 - )  Mustered in on 6 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  In General Hospital since 6 Jun 62; Nov/Dec 62 Absent, Servant to Capt Baldwin; Returned from Hospital 3 Feb 63; Nov/Dec 63 Company Cook; Jan/Feb 64 Company Cook; Would be appointed Cpl on 1 Mar 64 [Was this appointment made so he would no longer have to be the Company Cook?  HA! Sorry, Charles--no offense to you or your descendants!];  Mustered out 19 Jun 64


Sullivan, Daniel  23  (1838 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Was appointed Cpl on 23 Dec 61;  Reduced to Pvt on 6 [or 1?] Feb 62; Sick in Hospital in Bardstow, KY 28 Feb 62; Returned from Hospital 1 Jul 62; Sep/Oct 62 Six dollars stopped from by by Sentence of Regimental Field Officer;  Would eventually be appointed Cpl again on 21 Aug 63;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Filed for an Invalid's Pension 1890 from KY; Martha M. filed a Widow's Pension on 18 Mar 1896 from KY Could the Michael (whithout any paperword) in Greenup Co, KY in the 1890 Veterans' Census be MY Daniel?'


Sullivan, Dennis  30  (1831 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Promoted to Cpl 23 Dec 61; Mar/Apr 62 Absent--Detached as an Artillerist; 30 Apr - 31 Aug 62 Present; Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Enlisted in 8 US Vet Vols Co E; Invalid's Pension filed 1886


Walsh, Thomas  22  (1839 - 1913)  Born in Ireland; Mustered in on 3 Jun 61;  Wounded ("slightly") at Shiloh 7 Apr 62;  Muster Roll cards say he was returned from the hospital either on 31 Aug 62 or 1 Sep 62; Recapitulation on final Muster Roll card states he returned to duty 1 Oct 62;   Mustered out on 19 Jun 64; Enlisted with 2 US Infantry Co I on 19 Dec 1868 and mustered out 19 Dec 1871; Invalid Pension filed 1865; I believe he is the man who lived in Louisville in 1880, born about 1835 in KY [?], a Widower who lives with his daughter, Katie, who works in a Candle Factory, and who lived with Kate, age 7, and wife Catherine, in 1870 in Louisville (He was listed as Thomas Welsh, born Ireland about 1830, a Common Laborer); Admitted to Western Branch Veterans' Home on 25 Sep 1888 at Age 52, 5' 5 1/2", Fair complexion, Gray eyes, Gray hair, Able to read and write, Catholic, Single; Laborer in Louisville, KY; Brother Michael J. Walsh lives in Louisville, Suffering from Defective Hearing and Vision, Loss of part of middle finger on right hand, and Senility; There were TWO men named Thomas Walsh in the Dayton Veterans' Home in 1900, but I believe OUR Thomas is the one who was the one who was born in Jun 1834, a Widower, Immigrated in 1851; Discharged 30 May 1895 at his own request; Admitted to Central Branch 11 Nov 1895; Transferred to Mt Branch 21 Jun 1907; Died 8 Oct 1913 at 7:45 PM in Veterans' Home in Johnson City, Tenn of Senility; Buried in C - 7 - 20

Willis, Joseph  31  (1830 - )  Mustered in on 3 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Would be appointed Cpl on 6 Dec 63;  Mustered out on 19 Jun 64



        DIED                   GONE  HOME           TRANSFERRED       UNACCOUNTED FOR        IN  HOSPITAL     

Brinkman, Herman

Hollwun, Michael

Jordon, John

Kelly, Michael

McCabe, John

McElroy, Barney

Price, Joshua  (Cpl)

Brady, Michael

Homer, Albert

Huber, Sigmund (2 Lt) --         Court-martialed for             drunkenness in Aug 62 

Hyland, Kearnes

Kennedy, Henry

Langley, Eli N.

Linsey, William

Pennell, George W.

Phillips, Louis W.

Scully, Patrick -- He was 

   discharged for Orchitis

   29 Nov 62, and he

   originally refused his pay

   for the months he was in

   hospital, but the

   physicians at Bowling

   Green who attended him

   wrote on his behalf;

   Relative of John Scully


Thomas, George -- Was

   Drum Major/Musician

   from 3 Jul 61 and some-

   times denoted as F&S,

   not in Co B, but then he

   is "Discharged by Order

   of the War Dept" on the

   Muster Roll card for

   Nov/Dec 62, with no

   date given for being

   Mustered out; He might     have applied for a

   pension, but a note from

   1870 states "Investi-

   gation fails to elicit any

   further information rela-

   tive to this soldier"

Vandyke, Gideon (2 Lt) --

    Dismissed for  

    drunkenness Jan 62

Weber, John

Cable, Anthony -- To Co. E

Codley, David -- To 5th OH Inf

Donohue, John  -- To 4 US Art

   on 16 Dec 62

Fitzgerald, Mathias J. -- To Co G

Gray, William G -- Detailed to        Pioneer Corps from Nov 62 -      Jun 64

Henry, James -- To 1 KY, Co F

Kuhn, John -- To Commissary

   Guard 1 Oct 62

Kummer, Ernst -- To Simond's        Battery

McFall, George W -- Division

   Teamster/Ambulance Driver

    from Sep/Oct 62

McGroarty, William -- To 50th        OH as Commissioned  


Perkins, George -- To Co G

Richardson, John (Sgt) -- To 4th    US Artillery

Schoder, Charles -- Detailed to      Pioneer Corps from Nov 62 -      Jun 64

Sullivan, Timothy -- To Co E

Wallers, William -- To 1 KY, Co F



Bell, Jacob

Bowman, John W.

Bright, Charles  (Sgt)

Chapman, Warren H.

Conry, Henry

Fay, Daniel

Griffith, John

Hillman, William

Hunt, Theodore F.

Langdon, William

McKee, Johny

O'Donald, William

O'Rourke, Thomas

Walsh, John



Bartholomew, Alfred --

   In Convalescent Camp        from 26 Dec 62 until            transferred to Invalid            Corps

Cobley, Michael -- Would be    Discharged 3 Mar 63

Friel, Barney -- In Hospital

   from 6 Sep 62 until

   Discharged 26 Oct 63, 

   Chronic diarrhea, causing

   extremem emaciation

Gray, James -- In Hospital

  from Jan 63 [11 or 12 or

  13] Jan in Nashville until 

  14 Jul 63 

Hart, Jerry -- Wounded in a    quarrel at Shiloh,

   hospitalized from 21 Apr


Heiskell, Ferdinand -- In

   Hospital since 7 Jan 63

   and transferred to Invalid

   Corps 1 Sep 63

McCorkhill, William -- In

   Convalescent Camp in 

   Nashville from 26 Dec 62 

   until 3 Aug 63

McLee, Owen -- Deserted       from a hospital in

   Louisville on 20 Jan 63

Mead, Owen -- Discharged      5 Mar 63 from Gallatin,

   TN Convalescent Camp

Reid, William -- Discharged     from Louisville hospital 

   on 7 May 63

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