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Couch, Reuben Calaway  32  (1830 - 1918)   Born in Bedford Co, Reuben was 5' 9" tall, with a fair comlexion, blue eyes, and dark hair;  Enlisted on 25 Sep 62 and mustered in as a "supernumerary" 2 Lt;  The original Capt of Co F, Eli Fleming, went AWOL just before the Battle of Stones River and was eventually caught, arrested, and Dishonorably Discharged from the Service, causing Lt Couch to become the Commanding Officer of Co C for the next few months;  (This led to mustering and commissioning and back-dating to make the Payroll records and the Chain of Command reflect the situation);  By 10 Sep 63, he was officially commissioned and mustered as Capt;  During the time that Co F was at Camp Cripple Creek, he was on a Special Detachment, but he would have been the Commanding Officer, even though he was officially only the 1 Lt;  (It is unlikely he would have been away from his men the entire time they were at Cripple Creek);   




Roulston, James B.  24  (1838 - 1914)     Born in Marion Co, TN;  Farmer;  Standing 6' 1" tall, fair comlexion, blue eyes, black hair;  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62 as a 2 Lt;  Promoted to 1 Lt on 16 Sep 63;  On special detachment by order of Gen Milroy to command post at Tracy City, TN from May or Jul 64 until Jul 65;  Something happened at Tracy City that caused Roulston and several others to be arrested 9 May (65?)--I do not know what the disposition was;  Mustered out when in 65?;  Moved to Boone Co, Arkansas after the War;  James' father was Robert Simmons Roulston, Robert's brother, Matthew H. Roulston, had a son Named John Belle Roulston, who I believe to have been the John B. Raulston who also served as a Sgt in Co F (making James B and John B  first cousins);  Some family records show the surname as Raulston






???Bearden, William Eli  20  (1842 - 1923)   He was 5 ' 7" tall, with a fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair;  His occupation was Farmer;  Mustered in 25 Sep 62 as a Cpl;  While on a detachment to Head Quarters during May and June 63, he might have spent a few days at Cripple Creek;  Promoted from Cpl to Sgt on 1 Jul 64;  Mustered out on 25 Jun 65;  He returned to Bedford County after the War, to marry in 1872, rear seven children, and live the rest of his life in Bedford Co;  He was the Justice of the Peace at one time;  It is unclear how he was related to Pvt Hugh L. W. Bearden of Co F  


Brown, William A.  26  (1836 - 1919)   Born in Bedford Co, TN, this Farmer was of average height (5' 8") and looks (fair comlexion, blue eyes, light-colored hair);   Mustered in 25 Sep 62 as a Pvt;  Promoted to Cpl on 1 Nov 62;  Moved to KY after the War, working as a Foreman in Logan Co in 1880, and being buried in Todd Co, KY




Burrow, George W.  21  (1841 - 1917)    Mustered in 25 Sep 62 as a Sgt;  Family records show him born in 1838;  Alternate spellings of his surname include Burrus and Burrows;  Was he related to James R. Burrow in the bio below this one?


Burrow, James Riley  32  (1830 - 1915 )   Born and died in Bedford Co, TN--a distant cousin of the enlisted man named Nimrod Burrow whose bio appears in the text box below this one--James Riley's father was named Nimrod, also, although I am still not clear how he is related to the younger Nimrod;  James Rilley Burrow was a Farmer;  an average 5' 7 1/2" tall--fair complexion, blue eyes, dark hair;  Mustered in 25 Sep 62 as QM Sgt;  Appointed 1 Sgt on 6 Apr 65; He married Harriett Elizabeth Gordon;  He filed an Invalid's petition in 1890 and was buried in Willow Mount Cem


Chandler, Franklin L.  24  (1838 - 1902)   Born in Leake Co, Mississippi;  He was 5' 11", fair complected, blue eyes, and light-colored hair;  He was a Farmer;  Mustered in 25 Sep 62 as a Cpl;  After the War, he married Louisa Mariah Phillips in IL in 1868 and moved with her to Nacogdoches, TX for the rest of his life

???Eledge, Jacob  23 (1839 - )   Hailing from McMinnville, this mystery man was 5' 8", with fair skin, fair hair, and blue eyes;  A Farmer, he married Emily Sartin in 1855;  Mustered in 25 Sep 62;  Promoted to Cpl on 1 Nov 62;  Promoted to Sgt on 26 Jun 64;  He was appointed to several special duty details in the first half of 1863, making it difficult to say if he was actually at Cripple Creek; His name is listed variously as Elegee, Elege, and Eledge, etc;  I cannot ascertain when or where he died

Fowler, Claiborne F.  32  (1830 - 1898)    Born in Rutherford Co (according to his enlistment application);  He stood 5' 9" tall, was fair complected with blue eyes and black hair--very similar in looks to his older brother, Joseph, who enlisted with him;  He listed his occupation as Farmer in 1862;  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62 as a Pvt;  Promoted to Cpl on 1 Nov 62;  Promoted to Sgt 26 Jun 64;  He is buried in the Chattanooga National Cemetery, in Plot S-13125

Fowler, Joseph Norris  33  (1828 - 1899)   Born in Rutherford Co, like his brother, Claiborne (see the bio before this one);  Mustered in 25 Sep 62 as a Cpl;  He was described as being 5' 9" tall with a fair complexion, blue eyes, and black hair;  He worked as a Plasterer before the War;  Captured on the Franklin Pike near Nashville, TN on 5 Nov 62;  Paroled, but did not make it back to his Company until sometime in March or April--so, he was at Cripple Creek;  Like his brother, he is buried in the Chattanooga National Cemetery, in Plot S-13320

Gordon, Adam Edwin  20  (1842 - 1887)   Born in Bedford Co, TN;  He was 6 feet tall, with a fair complexion, blue eyes, and light colored hair;  His occupation was Farmer;  Mustered in 25 Sep 62 as a Pvt, but had been promoted to Cpl by Dec 62;  Not much is known of him after the War, but a family source on Ancestry.com shows he died in 1887

Griffith, Amos L.  31  (1831 - 1916)  Amos was born in Marion Co, TN;  He was 6 feet tall, light complected, with hazel eyes and light-colored hair;  His occupation was Lawyer;  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62 as a Cpl;  Reduced to Pvt on 1 Nov 62 (why?);  He was reportedly captured on 31 Dec 62, but was paroled quickly and returned to Co F after only a few weeks;  Promoted to 1 Sgt on 1 Mar 63 (which is what he would have been while at Camp Cripple Creek);  However, he was not at Cripple Creek for very long because he was placed on a special detachment (as a Scout) on 8 Jun 63;  Unfortunately, he was captured two days later while at Woodbury, TN!;  He was sent to Richmond, VA on 18 Jun 63, and was confined there for a couple of weeks;  He was paroled at City Point, VA on 2 Jul 63, reported to Camp Parole, MD on 3 Jul 63, and sent to Camp Chase, OH on 13 Jul 63;  He was back with his regiment by Nov 63;  A year later, he was sent with a detachment of a few men to Tracy City; He was there from November 64 until Mar 65;  Something happened while the men were in Tracy City--I suspect it had something to do with drunkenness or some other conduct unbecoming an officer;  He was once again reduced in rank (back to a Pvt) on 6 Apr 65;  He mustered out as a Pvt on 8 May 65;  He died in the Washington Co Veterans' Home in Johnson City, TN and was buried in the National Cemetery located there, in Plot H (or D), 9, 11  

???Maupin, Robert C.  28  (1834 - 1905)     Born in Bedford Co, TN, Robert stood 6 feet tall, was fair complected with blue eyes and light-colored hair;  He worked as a Farmer;  Mustered in 25 Sep 62;  Promoted to Sgt on 1 Mar 63;  He was on a special detail as a Courier during May and June 63, so he might not have been at Cripple Creek--or at least not for very long; After the War, he lived as a Farmer in Bedford Co, TN

Norvell, Elijah A.  18  (1844 - 1906)   Mustered in 25 Sep 62;  Promoted from Pvt to Cpl on 1 Jan 63;  After the War, he lived a long life as a Farmer in Bedford Co, TN

Roulston, John B.  21  (1841 -1903)     Mustered in 25 Sep 62 as a Sgt;  He was described as being 5' 9" tall with a fair complexion, blue eyes, and dark hair;  He was born in Marion Co, TN and was a Farmer;   I believe he was the first cousin of 2 Lt. James B. Roulston whose bio appears above;  Apparently, Sgt John B. Roulston was not involved in whatever happened at Tracy City to cause the arrest of his cousin, James B. Roulston, and several others in 1865



          OTHER  PERSONNEL   from  Co.  F  at   CRIPPLE   CREEK

???Couch, John Archibald  30  (1832 - 1915)   He mustered in on 25 Sep 62 from his home in Bedford Co;  Appointed Saddler on 1 Nov 62;  (Any kin to Cap Couch above?);  Muster Roll show him as being "sick" and "in hospital in Murfreesboro" during May and June 63,with the notation that he rejoined his company on 26 June--so, was he ever actually at Cripple Creek?  Alas, the Muster Roll doesn't specify the date his hospitalization began;  He was 5' 8" with a light complexion, light-colored hair and blue eyes; He served on a special detail as a Scout for Gen Milroy during the last 4 months of 64;  After mustering out, he returned to Bedford Co and married Eliza Hooer in 1867;  They eventally moved to Haskell Co, TX 

Harmon, James Knox Polk   23  (1839 - 1919)   Mustered in on 25 Sep 62 from his home in Bedford Co, this short (5' 4") and swarthy (dark hair, dark complexion, black eyes) fellow was a Farmer by Occuaption;  Appointed Bugler on 1 Jul 64 (So, was he merely a Pvt at Cripple Creek?);  After mustering out, he and his wife, Sally Katherine Jones, moved to Centralia (Marion Co) IL


Tuck, James A.  26  (1836  - 1868)  This native of Halifax Co, VA mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  He was 6 feet tall, with light-colored hair, fair skin, and blue eyes;  A Farmer by occupation, he was originally named as a Company Blacksmith, but his position was reduced to a mere Priv on 1 Nov 65;  He was captured at Lynchburg, TN on 28 Jan 65 and Paroled a few days later on 1 Feb 65; In April 65, he was absent from his company, having been called as a witness in a General Court Martial--I don't know any of the details;  After mustering out with his company, he returned to his wife, Nancy Ann (Snelling) in Bedford Co;  He was buried there, in the Mt.Olivet Cem

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Akin, Overton L.  22  (1840 - 1927)   A tall man for his day, Akin (or Aiken, as the AG' Report lists him) was 5' 11" with a light complexion, fair hair, and grey eyes;  He listed his occupation as Farmer;  Mustered in 25 Sep 62 as a Cpl;  Reduced to Pvt on 1 Nov 62;  Captured near Hillsboro (TN?) on 25 Dec 64;  Paroled, he returned to his company before mustering out and returning home to Marion Co, TN


Armstrong, John Franklin  32  (1830 - <1901>)  Coming from nearby Lincoln Co, John Armstrong was a Farmer, as well as an occasional School Teacher;  He was average in height and looks--5' 9" tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, dark hair--apparently not the sort of man to instill fear either in students or in his fellow soldiers, yet there must have been some quality in him that led his superior to promote him swiftly up the chain of command: mustered in on 25 Sep 62, he was promoted from Pvt to 2 Lt on 10 Sep 63;  He was promoted again, from 2 Lt to Maj, on 25 Apr 64;  On 6 Mar 65, Maj Gen Gilroy issued a Special Order reminding the "forces in the field" that Maj Armstrong was in command of the post at Fayetteville and that he should be "obeyed and respected accordingly", leading me to think there had been some problems with Maj Armtrong's being given the deference due him;  Maj Armstrong was already struggling with the local Confederate reistance who were terrorizing Armstrong's family in Shelbyville--knocking his wife down, stealing their livestock and household goods, threatening his little daughters, and driving Armstrong's elderly father from his house nearby;  The day after Christmas 64, Armstrong demanded the Army send troops (50 or so) to protect his family and bring the guilty Rebel neighbors to justice; However, the strife was apparently too much for Maj Armstrong--abuse from his neighbors and apparently from his comrades in arms-prompting Armstrong to submit his resignation in late March 65;  His resignation was accepted on 7 April 65; Maj Armstrong submitted  an Invalid Pension Petition in 1887 from TN;  In 1894, he is married to his second wife, Lamyra J. Berky, so I surmise that his first wife, Martha, has died.  In 1901, Lamyra file her Widow's Pension from Illinois.


Bearden, Hugh Lawson W.  18  (1845 - 1931)    Born in Bedford Co, TN;  At the time he was mustered in on 25 Sep 62, he was 5' 9" tall, with a fair complexion, grey eyes, and black hair;  He was a Farmer;  A man named L. G. Lisk signed the "Consent In Case of Minor" part of his enlistment papers, calling himself Hugh's legal guardian (I don't know who he was);  After initially being sick and in hospital in Oct 62 and again in Nov 62, he managed to stay healthy enough to be present for each Company Muster Roll until he was mustered out on 8 May 65;  He was buried in Decherd, Franklin Co, TN;  It is not known if he were related to Cpl Wm E. Bearden of Co F


Brown, Andrew J.  44  (1818 - )   Mustered in on 25 Sep 62; (related to Cpl William Brown?)

Bryson, William J.  30  (1832 - )  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  "Dis to rec pro " (? I'm assuming this is some sort of light duty assignment--records processing?) as a 2 Lt on 23 Jul 64;  "res 19 May 65" (resumed regular duties?)

Burrow, Nimrod C.  19  (1842 - 1908)  A Farmer from Bedford Co, TN, he mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  Light- colored hair, fair complexion, and blue eyes;  (Any kin to Sgt Geo Burrow and 1 Sgt James Burrow, listed above?)  He was captured at Lynchburg, TN on 28 Jan 65--and managed to escape later that same day;  Unfortunately, in escaping with his life, he was relieved of his horse, his weapons, and his "accoutrements";  He mustered out with his company and moved to Texas;  He  filed for an Invalid's pension in 1891 from TX;  His widow, Mary Frances, filed for her pension after Nimrod's death in 1908  

Chambers, David T.  32  (1830 - 1901)      Mustered in 25 Sep 62;

Clark, George D.  24  (1838 - )    Mustered in 25 Sep 62;


Cox, John W.  43  (1819 - )   Mustered in 25 Sep 62;  Promoted to Cpl on 1 Jul 64;

???Doss, William A.  35?  (1827? - 1894)   Born in Marion Co, TN;  When he mustered in on 25 Sep 62, he was 5 ' 11' tall, with blue eyes, dark hair, and a fair complexion;  He was a Farmer;  Captured near Nashville on 26 Dec 62, and taken to Richmond, VA;  Exchanged on 26 Jan 63 at City Point, VA and taken to Camp Parole, MD on 27 Jan 63;  From there, he went to Camp Chase, OH, arriving around 10 Mar 63 and staying until 2 Jun 63;  In the mean time, he was marked as a Deserter in December 62;  By 30 Jun 63, he was back with his Regiment, but did he arrive while they were still at Cripple Creek or meet up with them on the Tullahoma Campaign?   (I may never know--how long would it take for him to go from Camp Chase, OH to Murfreesboro, if he left on 2 Jun?)  An interesting note has him Absent with leave on 8 May 64, with no further details;  On 6 Jul 64, he is said to be "sick at home" on the Muster Roll, although a subsequent record says he was "Absent, detached service at Tracy City 5 Jul 64 by order of Maj Gen Milroy";  This "secret service" as the AG's roster calls it, lasts until he is mustered out on 8 May 65 (a later source says he was mustered out on 25 Jun 65 in Fayetteville, TN);  What was he doing for Maj Gen Milroy while he was at home in Tracy City from July 64 until May 65?  I can't imagine he was involved in spying in Tracy City, but it is possible;  Maybe it truly was an illness and Gen Milroy (a personal friend, perhaps?) sent him home to recuperate while still on the government payroll);  Filed a petition for an Invalid's pension in 1865 and his widow, Caroline, field for her pension in 1894,  A family source shows his date of birth as 4 Aug 1829 and his death as 1894

in Robertson Co, TN  

Ellis, Clark  35  (1827 - )   Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  Living in Marion Co, TN for 189 Census

Farmer, Wiley  40  (1822 - )   Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;

Foster, William  28  (1834 - )   Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;

Gilliam, James M.*  25  (1837 - 1864)   The older brother of John H. Gilliam listed in the next bio, William was 5' 8" tall, with a fairncomplexion, blue eyes, and light-colored hair;  Mustered in together on 25 Sep 62, both brothers would be killed in a skirmish with Carter's Confederate guerrillas on 4 Aug 1864 near Tracy City, TN;  Together in life, the brothers were laid to rest together in the Tate Cemetery in Marion Co, TN

Gilliam, John H.*  19  (1843 - 1864)   A native of Marion Co, TN, he and his brother (James, in the bio above) were sons of Thomas and Martha Gilliam;  He mustered in on 25 Sep 62 with his brother, James;  He stood 5' 7" tall, with brown eyes, dark hair, and a dark complexion; He was a Farmer;  He would be one of a handful of men who would be killed near Tracy City, TN by Carter's guerrillas on 4 Aug 64--sadly, his older brother, James, was also killed in the same raid;  The brothers were buried together in the Tate Cemetery in Marion Co

Gillum, William F.  18  (1844 - ) Mustered in 25 Sep 62;  Promoted to Cpl on 1 Jul 64;  Captured near Hillsboro (TN?) on 25 Dec 64;  Paroled (when?)

Goffett, Martin Van Buren  22  (1840 - )   Mustered in 25 Sep 62;  Promoted to Cpl on 1 Jul 64;  Captured near Hillsboro (TN?) on 25 Dec 64;  Paroled (when?)

Gordon, Amzi*  18  (1844 - 1863)  He was a Farmer who was born in Bedford Co, TN;  He was fair complected with blue eyes and dark hair;  He was 5' 10" tall;  A man named Peter Holt signed his Consent in Case of Minor form, stating he was Amzi's legal guardian (which may or may not have been true);  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  He was "taken sick" on 27 Jul 63 and was eventually taken to his father's house in Bedford Co;  Amzi died there on 25 Sep 63 of Chronic Diarrhea;  He died  exactly 1 year from the date he was mustered in!;  His name is spelled Amzy on his tombstone

Jenkins, George Newton  27  (1833 - 1900)  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62, along with his brother, Daniel M (who was in hosital while George and the Regiment were at Cripple Creek);  Reduced from Musician 1 Jan 63;  Would be discharged to accept a promotion on 28 Jun 64;  By 1880, George and his family were living in KS where he worked as a Miller;  After that, he settled in Colorado, which is where is died and is buried

Johnson, Isham  22  (1840 - )  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;

King, Charles B.  18  (1844 - )    Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;

Koonce, William W.  34  (1828 - 1902)  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  Reduced from Cpl on 1 Jan 63

Lacy, Ezekiel M.  36  (1826 - 1892)  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  Wounded in action at Shelbyville, TN on 27 Jun 63 (only 3 days after leaving Cripple Creek);  Discharged due to disabilities  


Lincoln, Isaac H.  18  (1844 - 1922)    Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  John C. in the bio below is his younger brother;  Isaac died less than 2 weeks after his brother, John 

Lincoln, John C.  18  (1844 - 1922)  Younger brother of Isaac H. Lincoln in the bio above;  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  Wounded and captured near Triune on 4 Sep (64?), but recaptured (meaning rescued by his unit?) on the same day


Loucks, David Henry  18  (1844 - 1918)  Born in IL;  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  Captured near Wartrace, TN on 7 Oct 63;  Last heard from in parole camp (What happened to him?)


McQuiddy, Albert Galiton  19  (1843 - 1926)  Born in Bedford Co, TN, and mustered in on 25 Sep 62 as a Musician;  He was a Farmer, 5' 10", fair complexion, grey eyes, light hair;  Reduced from Musician on 1 Jan 63;  Captured near Bradyville, TN on 1 Mar 63 and escaped the same day;  Mustered out on 8 May 65;  Albert had an older brother named Henry, but I am not sure if he was the same Henry McQuiddy who transferred from Co F to Co D;   Albert did some Farming in Bedford Co after the War, but by 1880, he and his family were living in KS where he was a Miller;  He died and was buried in Harvey Co, KS in 1926

Maynard, John H.  19  (1843 - )    Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  At the time of the 1890 Veterans' Census, while living in De Kalb Co, YN, he indicated he suffered from spinal and kidney problems

Miser, Isaac H.  18  (1844 - )  Born in Marion Co, TN, 5' 5" tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, Farmer;  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  His military career was unremarkable until 24 Sep 64 when he deserted, taking his government-issued "horse, equipments, and fire arms" with him while on detached assignment in Normandy, TN;  He returned (of his own volition?) on 21 May 65 and was awaiting the decision of his Court Martial trial in July 65--I can find no further records on him

Patton, Samuel B.   18  (1844 - 1919)  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;

Payne, Andrew J.  25  (1837 - )  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;


Pearson, George W.  18  (1844 - )  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;

Pearson, James L.  20  (1842 - )  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;

Pearson,  Thomas  44  (1818 - 1893)  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;

Phillipe, John M.  18  (1844 - )  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  Captured at Shelbyville, TN on 30 Sep 64;  Mustered out on 5 Jun 65, as per General Order #77

Reed, James M.  33  (1829 - )    Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  AWOL from 25 Jun - 3 Jul 64; Returned to duty with loss of pay for time absent  (Were there extenuating circumstances that caused him to risk Court Martial for Desertion, such as a family crisis?)


Rogers, James B.  32  (1830 - )  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  Reduced from Saddler on 1 Nov 62

Rogers, Stephen  30  (1832 - )  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62

Roulston, Henry A. W.  23  (1839 - )    Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  Reduced from Sgt on 1 Mar 63 (Down to Pvt?  What did he do?); (Kin to James or John in the officers or Samuel below?)

Roulston, Samuel H. (the first)  23  (1839 - )  Although a few months younger than the other Samuel H. Roulston in Co F, this Samuel was considered the main one, while the Samuel H Roulston in the next bio was considered "the Second" one;  He was born in Marion Co, TN, stood 5 ' 11", had a fair complexion, blue eyes, and auburn hair (I am surprised he wasn't called "Red" to distinguish him from the other one);  Even though this Samuel H was mustered in on 25 Sep 62 as a Sgt, I have decided to list him down here with the other Samuel H, rather than in the box above this with the other officers

Roulston, Samuel H.  (the second) 24  (1838 - )  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62 as a Pvt;  This Samuel H. Roulston was referred to as "the Second";  Born in Jackson Co, AL, he was 5' 11", had a fair complexion, grey eyes, and dark hair;  Reduced from Sgt (down to Pvt?) on 1 Jun 64  (Wait a second, it was the first Samuel H. Roulston who was mustered in as a Sgt--was the second Samuel H promoted to Sgt at some point in order to be demoted on 1 Jun 64?  Or was it the first Samuel H who was demoted?  This is VERY confusing!);  How is he related to the other Roulstons in Co F?

???Roulston, William D.  28  (1834 - )  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  Captured near Nashville on 5 Nov 62;  Exchanged prisoner (when did he return to the unit?)  Captured (for a second time!) near Granville (TN?) on 9 Apr 64;  Escaped soon after;  Reduced from Sgt (down to Pvt?) on 26 Jun 64


???Searcy, Giles D.  15  (1847 - 1910)  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  He was actually the younger brother of James, whose bio follows, both of them being the sons of Vincent and Adelade (Snelling) Searcy of Bedford Co;  At the time of enlistment, Giles claimed to be 21 (and able to give consent as an adult, although he apparently could not read or write), while he had only turned 15 in March of 1862;  He stood 5' 8", had a dark complexion, brown eyes, and dark hair;  He listed himself as a Farmer from Bedford Co;  It is unclear whether the boys' family opposed their joining the Union, although the deception they used might lead one to infer there might have been;  He served as a Pvt the whole War;  During May and June 63, he was absent from his Co, doing a Courier Detail, so he may have totally missed being at Cripple Creek (the specific dates of the Courier Detachment are not listed);  Mustered out 8 May 65 in Fayetteville;  He and James lived together in 1870 and apparently remained close emotionally and geographically throughout their lives;  Like James, he is buried in the Hollywood Cemetery in Wartrace, TN

???Searcy, James W.  17  (1845 - 1918)  He and his brother, Giles (see bio above) enlisted together on 25 Sep 62;  While both boys were under the age of consent, James is the only one who provided a "legal guardian" to sign for him--a mystery man named Thomas Simpson (perhaps a distant relative or a family friend who was supportive of the boys' desire to take up arms for the Union);  James, however, was the older brother, having turned 17 in Feb 62;  He was also taller than Giles (James was described as being 6' tall, with a fair complextion, brown eyes, and dark hair);  In spite of being taller and chronologically older, it may be that he had a "baby face" which made Giles look the part of one who would need no guardian's signature to enlist;  They might not have even represented themselves as brothers to the enlistment officials;  James listed himself as a Farmer from Bedford Co;  Both spent the whole War as Privates in Co F;  Both were assigned to a special detatchment as Couriers in May and June 63, which means they might not have spent any time at Camp Cripple Creek;  They mustered out together in Fayetteville, TN on 8 May 65;  In 1870, Giles was living with James and his bride,  Both men are buried in the Hollywood Cemetery in Wartrace, Bedford Co;  In nearly all of his records, James' middle initial is given as "W"--although a few list him as "James S."

Shoffner, Plummer W.  41  (1821 - 1910)  Born in TN, in 1821;  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  Discharged due to disabilities on 17 Feb 65;  Plummer appears to be an uncle or a distant cousin of the Thomas J. Shoffner who follows (Although Plummer and his wife, Nancy, had a son named Thomas A. Shofner who was born about 1849);  Family spelled surname "Shofner";  Married Nancy Conwell about 1848;  Filed Pension petition as Invalid in 1874;  Lived his life as a Farmer in Shelbyville, TN;  

Not to be confused with distant relative Plummer L. Shofner (1811-1888) who is also buried in the Shofner Lutheran Church Cemetery in Bedford Co, TN

Shoffner, Thomas J.  18  (1844 - )  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  Thomas appears to have been the son of Joel and Matilda Shoffner, although I haven't yet figured out how Joel and Plummer are related--suffice it to say they were distant kin

Singleton, John M.  26  (1836 - )  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;

Stone,  William  27  (1835 - )  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62;  Reduced from the rank of Blacksmith on 1 Nov 62;  Captured while on "a secret service" in Marion Co (TN?) on 15 May 63;  Made his escape from Chattanooga soon after, so I presume he was in time to join his company at Cripple Creek;  I have seen references to other members of the 5th TN being part of a "secret ervice" detachment.  What, exactly, does this "secret service" mission mean?  Does it have something to do with what the Secret Service branch of the government does?  Providing protection to federal officials?  Espionage?  Something to do with the Treasury?;  I may never know;  A native of Marion Co, TN;  Six feet tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, and light-colored hair;  His civilian occupation was Farmer;  I cannot say with any certainty what happened to him after the War      

Taylor, John B.  28  (1834 - )  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62

Tucker, Robert A.  19  (1843 - )  Mustered in on 25 Sep 62




          DIED                     GONE  HOME                UNACCOUNTED  FOR                         NOT YET RECRUITED

Ballard, James M.

Beevins, Thomas H.

Cannel, Robert N.

Gillam, Joseph N.

Hurt, Calvin

Lee, Green D.

Murray, Nicholas

O'Neal, John M.

Patton, James R.

Roulston, George W.

Roulston, William H. H.

Rogers, Daniel L.

Rogers, Jesse

Rogers, Thomas B.

Snelling, James B.

Trible, Joel R.

Flemming, Eli G. (Capt) -- For some reason, he went AWOL on 26 Dec 62;  When he returned in Jan 63, he was arrested and quickly dismissed from the Service by Order of Gen Rosecrans


Lawrence, George W. (Sgt.)


Wortham, James  (1 Lt)













Bible, Henry L.  -  Captured 1 Jan 63 and paroled on 3 Jan, but it would be almost a year before he would return to his regiment  


McQuiddy, Henry  -  Transferred to Co D under the command of Col Streight and captured 7 Apr 63 on the ill-fated foray into Alabama; (His name is spelled various ways in the AG's muster rolls, but McQuiddy is correct)

Parkerson, Thomas J. -- Deserter

Purdom, Wilson - Deserter

Hopper, James H.  32  (1832)    He transferred from Co F to Co C on 1 Nov 62  (See Co C's Page)



In Aug 63, five men from Co F went with Cos D and E on a special detachment to Alabama;  When the five men had not returned by 31 Oct 63, they were marked as Deserters;  One of the men, Samuel J. Godwin, was eventually found and brought back to the Regiment on 24 Jun 64; A trial was held to determine whether he would be Court Martialed;  Apparently he was exhonorated and discharged (honorably?) as per General Order 83 by the War Dept on 25 Jun 65;  I don't know what happened to the other four men who went with him, one of whom was his brother, Henry K Godwin;  the other three were Lewis R. Oden, William A. Patterson, and Abraham Stover;  Even though all five would have been with Co F at Cripple Creek, I am including them here, due to the special status they would hold just a few months later











                 IN HOSPITAL

Holt, Samuel M.  21  (1841 - )  Wounded 1 Mar 63 at

  Bradyville, TN--he would remain in hospital for

  about a year before returning to Co F

Hurt, Thomas L. 30  (1832)  Between recurring 

  illness requiring hospitalization and serving as the

  Regimental Teamster, it seems doubtful that

  Thomas (erroneouly listed as Thomas Hunt in the

  AG's Report) was ever at Cripple Creek

Jenkins, Daniel M.  (Sgt)  23  (1839)  First listed as

  being sick on 1 Oct 62, he would not return to his

  Regiment until July 64!  

Roulston, Matt N.*  22  (1840 - )   Mustered in on 25

  Sep 62;  Captured on 5 Nov 62 on Franklin Pike

  near Nashville;  Paroled soon after;  Sick in

  hospital from 7 April 63;  Discharged from Hospital

  in Louisville, KY on 21 Jul 63;  "Have learned from

  a reliable source that he was discharged from a

  hospital in Louisville and was murdered on the way

  home"  When? By whom?  Why?  Oh well, I know

  now that he wasn't at Cripple Creek

Baker, William F.

Ballinger, John W.*

Britt, Irvin

Brown, Willis        

Bruton, George  

Bruton, James B.

Cantrell, John W.

Coleman, Thomas F.

Craig, Henry C.

Floyd, Alfred F.

Floyd, James W.

Green, Reps T.

Hall, William

Hitt, William P

Jolly, William H.

Lavan, James B.

Law, Stephen*

McDonal, Henry (also

         spelled McDanal, McDanel)

Newton, Albert T.*

Nunley, George P. (also

         spelled Nimley)

Osborn, Thomas J.  (also

          spelled Osborne)

Rogers, Newton C.

Smith, John     

Smith, Samuel F

Smith, William C (Blacksmith)

Snell, Jesse T.

Stone, Marion

Upton, James

Weaver, Alfred G. C.