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Christie, Samuel L.   <23>   (<1838> - 1870)  Mustered in on 4 Jun 61 as 1 Lt of Co H;  Promoted to Capt of Co A on 18 Oct 62;  He would resign on 12 Aug 63;  In 1870, he and his family lived in Cincinnati, where he worked as a Bookkeeper;  His widow, Eva, filed for her pension in 1889, so he died sometime before that;  There is an obituary in the Cincinnati Commercial Tribune for a Samuel L. Christie who died in Omaha (NB?) on 30 Oct 1870; Buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery (records confirm he was Capt of 1 KY)


Groves, Charles F.   22  (<1839> - )  Mustered in sometime in 61 (?);  Promoted from Sgt to 2 Lt on 28 Mar 62;  Promoted to 1 Lt on 16 Sep 62;  Would become Capt on 7 Dec 63;  He died before 1890, since his widow, Mary, had had time to remarry by the 1890 Veterans' Census


La Boiteaux, Legrand   <25>  (<1836> - 1910)  Born in OH;  Mustered in sometime in 61 (?);  Promoted from Sgt to Sgt Maj on 11 Apr 62;  Promoted to 2 Lt on 16 Sep 62;  Would eventually be promoted to Capt (skipping 1 Lt?) on 7 Dec 63 (the AG's roster says 7 Dec 62, but that would make for two Captains!);  Lived in Cincinnati after the War;  Worked at any number of jobs:  Clerk, Janitor, Watchman, Molder, and Letter Carrier;  Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery 




Carson, Albert B.  <19>   (<1842> - )   Mustered in  on 4 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Promoted to Sgt on 11 Jan 1863; Mustered out 18 Jun 64 at Covington, KY


Clark, John A. 22   (<1839> - 1930)  Mustered in as a Pvt on 4 Jun 61;  Listed as Cpl on Muster Roll for Jan/Feb 1862; Promoted to Sgt on 11 Jul 63; Served in War With Spain; Filed for Invalid Pension 1927; Died 24 Sep 1930 in Louisville; Widow's Pension filed 9 Oct


Fitzgerald, James  23   (<1840> - 1888)  Mustered in on 6 Jul 61 as a Pvt;  Promoted to Cpl on 5 Aug 62; Widow's Pension filed 8 Sep 1888 


Mackey, James R.  <26>   (<1835> - )  Mustered in on 19 Oct 61 as a Cpl;  Promoted to Sgt on 1 May 62 and then to 1st Sgt on 29 Aug 62;  Was wounded "slightly" in the left breast during the Battle of Stones River, but he was not recorded as being absent from duty during Jan or Feb of 63;  Would be reduced at his own request (back to Pvt) on 11 Jul 63


Moore, Henry     (1834? - 1915)  Mustered in 4 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Promoted to Cpl on 2 Feb 62;  He filed a petition for his pension as an Invalid in 1892 from OH; Died 7 Nov 1915 in Hamilton, OH


Roberts, Charles M.   <19>  (<1842> - 1914)  Mustered in 4 Jun 61 as a Cpl;  Promoted to Sgt on 27 May 62; Mustered out on 18 Jun 64;  There was a Charles M. Roberts, son of Catherine, who lived in Cincinnati for the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 Censuses;  He married a woman named Melissa (Ross? according to a family source on Ancestry) and worked as a House Painter; Filed for Invalid Pension 1899; Died 4 May 1914 in Cincinnati; Widow filed her Pension petition 12 May 1914


Schmidt, Adam  <40?>   (<1821?> - 1893)   Born in Germany; Mustered in 4 Jun 61 as a Pvt;  Promoted to Cpl on 31 Oct 61;  Promoted to Sgt on 18 Dec 62;  Promoted to 1st Sgt on 11 Jul 63;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64 from Covington, KY;  Also served in 184 OH; He is listed as Adam Schmidt, Sr on some of his Muster Roll Cards, and an Adam Schmidt, Jr. appears in the Company briefly as a Drummer (Adam, Jr was mustered in on 31 Dec 61, but on the card for Mar/Apr it is noted that he was "Discharged"--no date given); Carpenter; Filed for Invalid Pension 1890; Entered Dayton National Veterans' Home; Buried there in National Cemetery, Grave 1, 15, 25; His wife, Barbara (1822-1895) is buried in Woodland Cemetery in Dayton




           OTHER  PERSONNEL   from  Co.  A  at   CRIPPLE   CREEK



Terrill, William H.  <27>   (<1835> - 1913)  Mustered in 4 Jun 61 as Wagoner;  Private Isaac Terrill was one of his 3 younger brothers and Pvt George W. Terrill was the oldest brother in the family of John and Jane Terrill of Meigs Co, OH in 1850; Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  William was an Engineer (railroad or mechanical?);  He is buried in the Dayton National Cemetery in Montgomery Co, OH, in Sec 1, Row 5, Site 34


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Bullard, William Henry  (1839 - 1915)    Born in Cincinnati, OH; Mustered in 4 Jun 61;  Wages stopped in Nov / Dec 63 to pay for a replacement bayonet;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  Worked as a Painter and a Lithographer; Filed an Invalid's Pension Petition in 1881;  His wife, Hannah, preceded him in death by 7 years;  Died in Campbell Co, KY (across the river from Cincinnati) of heart complications; Buried Spring Grove Cem

Carr, Richard A.  23  (1840 - 1915)    Born in Hamilton Co., OH the middle son of William and Lucinda (Stiles) Carr;  Mustered into 1 KY 4 Jun 1861;  Mustered out 18 Jun 1864 Covington, KY;  Enlisted in 7 OH Cav, Co B, with his brother, Perry, on 24 Sep 64, he was captured 28 Nov 64  in Spring Hill, TN, and Exchanged at Vicksburg, MS on 21 Apr 65; He survived the Sultana explosion on 27 Apr 65!; He filed for an Invalid's Pension from OH in 1890 and lists military service in the 19th INf (Co. C and J) and the 28 US Infantry, Co. C--I don't have the dates for those stints;  He also served in the 21 US Infantry, enlisting on 25 Aug 1870 and Mustering out 15 Aug 1875;  He never married, living with his brother, John, in Montgomery Co 1900 where he worked as a Day Laborer; In 1910, he is a boarder, still listing his occupation as Laborer, although he had not worked in the last 12 months; He died in Montgomery Co in 1915 and was buried there in the Woodland Cemetery, Section 113, Lot 192; Even though he was born 2 days before the 1 KY camped at Cripple Creek, I have listed his birthday on the Calendar

???Dwyer, William  27 (<1836> - 1890?)  Joined for duty and enrolled from Gallipolis, OH 12 Jul 61; Taken prisoner 31 Dec 62 at Murfreesboro;  Paroled and marked Present on the Muster Roll card for May/Jun 63--but, does this mean he was back at Cripple Creek or was he at Camp Parole or one of the other waypoints for men returning to their units?; Mustered out 18 Jun 64; William's mother filed for a Pension on 2 Dec 1890 and there is no mention of the OVM

Fogus, Joseph   43  (1817 -   )   Name also given a Foges and Fox; Mustered in 6 Jul 61 at Camp Dennison; Captured at Stones River 31 Dec 62; Apr 63 Absent - Sick; May 63 - Absent Camp Chase;  Muster Roll card Capt T. C. McMahan's Co., 1 Rgt Paroled US Forces, Camp Chase, OH For "To Feb 28 63"; Next Muster Ross card says Co. D, 1 Reg Paroled Forces, Camp Chase, OH Dated Apr 30 63;  Note on Memorandum from Prisoner of War Record says "Returned from CC O (Camp Chase Ohio) to Army of the Cumberland 2 Jun 63", so I assume he might have been at Cripple Creek for at least a couple of weeks; Mustered out 18 Jun 64 at Covington, KY; There is a Josph Fox who lived in the Cincinnati area, born in Baden in 1819 and died in Cincinnati 1881, but there is no indication this man was in the service


Frick, Joseph  <36>   (<1825> - )  Mustered in on 4 Jun 61;  He was incorrectly marked as a Deserter in 1 Oct 61 at Camp Enyart, VA;  However, he would desert from Camp Cripple Creek (alternately listed as Fort Transit Signal Station) on 1 Feb 63;  There is a Joseph Frick born about 1824 in Germany, unmarried, who worked as a Laborer in Antonia, MO--he died of an accidental gunshot wound on 28 Apr 1891--was this our Joseph?  There is also a Joseph Frick 1821 - 16 Sept 1887 who is buried in St. John's Cemetery in Louisville, KY--maybe this is our Joseph?  What made him run away from Cripple Creek?  Where did he go?  What did he do for the rest of his life?

Goodwin, Merril Penn   <22>  (<1840> - Before 1875?)  Born in OH to Nicodemus and Harriet Goodwin; It would appear that he went by his middle name, Penn;  Mustered in on 6 Jul 61;  Would be promoted to Cpl on 20 Jul 63;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64 in Covington, KY;  On 21 Oct 64, he enlists in Navy for 2 years in Cincinnati--he was living in Eagle Twp in Indiana as an Iron Worker and was described as being 5' 4 1/4" tall with Sandy hair, Blue eyes, and a Florid complexion, with a scar on his left thumb; Married Sophronia Caroline Hatch in 1866 in Bartow Co., GA;  In 1870, they are living in Bartow Co., GA with their two young sons;  In 1888, Sophronia C. Wise files for a Widow's Pension from GA (Sophronia was a widow once again in the 1880 Census of Polk Co., GA with her two sons, Albert and Willie Goodwin, and a 4 year-old daughter Hattie Wise)

Graham, Burton  29  (<1831> - )  Mustered in on 4 Jun 61 at Camp Pendleton;  Sent to Hosp 12 Aug 63, but was back with his company by Nov/Dec 63;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64 Covington, KY; In 1850 Cincinnati, there was a Burton Graham, involved in Retail Sales, living with a woman named Louisa, but this is the only possible clue I have concerning him


Hartman, John  34  (<1825> - 1878)  Born in Germany;  Mustered in 6 Jul 61 at Camp Dennison;  Rec'd a Court Martial judgement 4 Feb 62 to ferfeit half of his pay--what did he do?;  Nov/Dec 63 he was charged for a bayonet;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64 in Covington, KY; Aged 51 when he entered the National Home for Disabled Veterans in Dayton, OH in 1876; He reported suffering from Varicose veins and varicose ulcers, which he contracted during the War;  He was Single, living in Cincinnati; He filed for his Invalid Pension in 1877 (presumably from the Home in Dayton); He died in the Home in 1878 of Phthisis pulmonalis and is buried in the Cemetery there in Section A-17, Grave 2

Hays, Thomas  25  (1835 - )  Mustered in on 4 Jun 61 at Camp Pendleton, OH;  Deserted at Camp Dennison 9 Jul 61;  Forfeited all pay and allowances from 9 Jul 61 to 25 Jun 63 after General Court Martial;  "Gained from Desertion 23 Jun 63 from Cripple Creek, TN";  "Dec 63 - Apr 64  On Daily Duty" as "Provost Guard Brigade Hd Qtrs" (I guess they wanted to keep an eye on him!); Mustered out 18 Jun 64 at Covington, KY; So, I guess he was only at Cripple Creek for one day!

Helfrick, Valentine  31  (<1831> - )   Mustered in on 4 Jun 61 at Camp Pendleton, OH;  Sent to Hospital in Cincinnati 2 Jan 62 and, while there, was "enticed to join" Co. C  69 OH;  He was due 3 months' pay at the time he was marked as a deserter from hospital Cincinnati, OH on 29 Jan 62; He was returned to Co A of the 1 KY on 3 Jan 63; Mustered out 18 Jun 64 in Covington, KY; There is a record for a Valentine Helfrick who enlisted in the 5 Cav, Co M, on 4 Aug 64 from Cincinnati; He was described as being 33, born in Meckelfeld (?), Germany, with Grey eyes, Light Brown/Grey hair, A Dark complexion, 5' 4 1/2", and a Soldier by occupation;  He was enlisting as a substitute for a man named J. E. Todd;  Helfrick deserted the Cavalry on 26 Jul 1865; This could certainly be our Valentine, although there is no further information to be found on him;  Did he change his name? Did he go to another country?

???Hoelscher, John Henry   19   (1842 - 1918)  Born in Hanover, Germany;  Immigrated to the USA in 1852;  Mustered in on 4 Jun 61 in Pendleton, OH; Sick in Cincinnati Hospital in Jun 62;  Was again listed as "Absent sick" in Apr 63; Detached service as Division Teamster from Jul 62 until he mustered out in Jun 64;  Was he truly absent from Cripple Creek during this time as Teamster or living at Cripple Creek and working outside the Camp?;  Worked as a Teamster in civilian life;  Married Catherine Stinning in 1877;  Lived most of his life in the Cincinnati area; Filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1899; Buried in Walnut Hills Cem

Jones, Charles T.  24  (1837 - 1900)   Born in Indiana;  Middle initial sometimes given as "F"; Mustered in on 4 Jun 61 at Pendleton, OH as a Fifer, but reduced to ranks on 8 Jun because he "couldn't play a fife";  Would eventually find his niche as a Clerk (first, in the Commissary Dept, then in the Regimental Quarter Master's Dept);  Mustered out 18 Jun 64; Married Wilhelmina Budke; Worked as a Printer in 1880; Charles and Wilhelmina buried together in Vine St. Cem in Cincinnati

Kenny, Patrick J.  20    (1841 - 1923)  He was born in Ireland to Thomas and Mary Kenny;  Living in Cincinnati as a Laborer in 1860;  Mustered in on 20 Jun 61;  Would be promoted to Cpl on 20 Jul 63;  Mar 64 Absent on Furlough;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64  in Covington, KY;  His obituary says he owned a newsstand on the corner of 5th and Walnut in Cincinnati for many years and had lived with his brothers at 343 New Hope Road in Cincinnati since the death of his wife in 1922;  Buried in St. Joseph New Cemetery

???Kummings, William  22  (1840 - 1913)  Born in Prussia;  Name also recorded as Kumming;  Mustered in 20 Jun 61 at Camp Clay, OH; Apr to Aug 62 Sent to General Hospital;  Deserted field while in engagement and taken prisoner on 31 Dec 1862; Paroled Prisoner at Annapolis, MD; Present with his company for May/June 63 Muster Roll card;  Nov/Dec. 63 pay stopped to replace Bayonet; Mustered out 18 Jun 64 at Covington, KY;  A note from AG's Office 22 Dec 1887 states his charge of Desertion is removed.  He "absented himself without leave" on 31 Dec 1862 and was captured by the enemy, held in Richmond, VA on 16 Jan 63 and paroled at City Point, VA on 26 Jan, reported to Camp Parole, MD on 27 Jan 63; Sent to Camp Chase, OH 12 Mar 63 and returned to his company 2 Jun 63;  Does this mean he arrived at Cripple Creek before the rest of his company left?;  Admitted to National Home for Disabled Soldiers in Dayton, OH in 1902;  At the time of admission, he was 5' 4", Gray hair, Gray eyes, Light complexion, Able to read and write, Protestant, had worked as a Fireman in Pittsburgh, PA, and was a widower; He suffered from Varicose Veins in both legs, Loss of hearing, Rheumatism, and had Lost the ring finger on his right hand in 1886; He died there on 2 Jan 1913 of Chronic Interstitial Nephritis; Buried in the Cemetery on the grounds Section 1, Row 10, Grave 60 

NOTE:  James McQuade was NOT at Cripple Creek, but his story is so compelling, I had to include it here, not just in the box below!

McQuade, James  23  (<1838> - )   Mustered in 10 May 1861 at Camp Pendleton, OH, as a Cpl; Reduced to Pvt on 3 Oct 61 for disobeying orders; Deserted 5 Jan 62 from Camp Joe Holt, IN; Recd Furlough from 5 - 15 Jan since he was Absent without Leave;  Due $13.50 to Sutler;  Deserted 15 Jan 62 from Louisville--"Brought back in irons awaiting trial" as of 30 Aug 63;  He apparently languished in a military jail in Nashville until 24 Mar 64 when Maj Gen Stanley rendered judgement in Special Order 50, decreeing that Pvt. McQuade would "forfeit all pay and allowances" for the time he was absent and would make up the time due to the Army during the months he was away.  But then, the man's mother, Ellen, sent letters to Gen. Stanley and even Gen. Halleck, explaining that her son had returned from his furlough in Jan. 63 with letters from his doctors, atteting to his inguinal rupture and pronouncing him unfit for duty.  Unfortunately, these letters were stolen from him and the person who took them lied, causing the young man to be arrested.  I can't imagine him languishing for so many months, unable to explain the situation until his mother's letters in April 1864.  Still, she supplied letters from the doctors who had written the original letters in Jan 62 and the Special Order was revoked and all was forgiven by a new Special Order 65 from Col. Enyart of 19 April 64;  I don't know for certain, but the soldier might have even received back pay since he was (apparently) the sole support for his mother and two sisters back in Cincinnati;  He was Mustered out with his company on 18 Jun 64 in Covington, KY; But (alas!) he was never at Camp Cripple Creek!  I believe him to be the James McQuade who lived in Cincinnati with his wife Isabella in 1870 and 1880, but this might not be him.

Murphy, Peter  34 (1828 - 1891)  Born in Ireland (other sources say England); I believe he is the Peter Murphy who lived in Covington with wife Susan in 1870 and 1880 who worked at the Gas Factory (although there is a Peter Murphy with a wife named Bridget who lived in the Cincinnati/Covington area at the same time); Mustered in 24 Jun 61 at Camp Clay, OH; On Furlough 13 (or 15) Dec. in Cincinnati;  Deserted from Camp Lytle, KY on 14 Feb 62; Returned from Desertion 2 Mar and "pardoned in compliment to his commander" by Brig Gen Nelson 18 Apr 62 (and the Desertion Charge was officially removed; Sent to Gen Hospital Nashville in Sept/Oct 62 Muster Roll card and again (still?) there in Nov/Dec 62; Present Jan/Feb 63; Sick in Hospital 9 Mar 63 (and again 12 Apr?); Nov/Dec. 63 stoppage of pay to replace a bayonet; Mustered out 18 Jun 64 at Covington, KY; Died of "La Grippe" and Pneumonia in City Hospital where his occupation was listed as Laundryman; Buried in Ft. Mitchell, Kenton Co, KY

Myers, Thomas  23  (<1837> - 1910)  Mustered in 4 Jun 61 Camp Pendleton, OH;  Hurt at Pilot Knob and sent to Murfreesboro Hospital on 24 Jun 63; Present with his company for Jul and Aug 63; Stoppage of pay in Nov/Dec 63 to replace bayonet;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64 at Covington, KY; Filed Petition as an Invalid 1886; Died 13 Apr 1910 and his Widow filed for her Pension 29 Apr 1910; Unfortunately, there are too many men named Thomas Myers to be certain which one is mine!  (Too bad, since I would have liked to have known more about him, since he was injured on Pilot Knob!)

Plunket, George W.  22  (1840 - 1884)  Spent most of his life in Cincinnati, OH; Mustered in 4 Jun 61 at Pendleton, OH; Reported as a Deserter from Camp Gauley, (W)V on 18 Dec 61--originally listed as at home "on sick furlough until fit for duty" beginning 1 Dec 61, but it must have been reported that Pvt Plunket was choosing to remain in Cincinnati after his health was restored;  Arrested and subjected to Court Martial--forfeited all his pay between 15 Dec 61 and 12 May 63 (the date he rejoined his company after his GCM) and was charged $10 to pay for the costs incurred by his arrest!;  Passed the rest of his enlistment without further incident;  Mustered out with his company on 18 Jun 64 in Covington, KY;  Worked as a Machinist and a Stove Fitter for several years after the War;  He was probably the George W. Plunket who married Margaret Parker in 1873;  Died of bronchitis in 1884 and was buried in Spring Grove Cem

Porter, Benjamin  22  (1841 - )  Mustered in at Camp Pendleton on 4 Jun 61;  Deserted the field at Stones River 31 Dec 62, but apparently rejoined his company at Cripple Creek 10 Feb and his "desertion" was considered a "missing in action"; Mar. 63 his superiors apparently decided he really HAD deserted and he was arrested and sent to Camp Chase as a paroled prisoner; Sent to Hospital in April 63 and remained in Hospital for the next several months, eventually detached in Dayton as a Provost Guard in July/Aug 63, but Present with his company Oct 31 63;  Pay stoppage for replacement of bayonet Nov/Dec 63;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64 in Covington, KY; See the note at the end of the bio for David R. Porter below

Porter, Crockett   26  (1835 - 1905)  Born in Kanawha Co. (West) Virginia;  I am not sure what brought him to serve in Kentucky, unless it's because the 1st KY was stationed near his home in the early months of the War;  Mustered in 29 Jul 61 from Camp Gauley, VA;  Left in Hospital, sick, in Charleston Mar 62; He was sick in Hospital in Cincinnati in Apr and again in Jun of 62; In Jul of 62 he was in Hospital in Murfreesboro; Jan 63, he was in Hospital in Louisville; He was sick in Mar and Apr 63 and in the Hospital again in May 63;  From June to August he was on Daily Duty (Yay!) and again on Daily Duty from Dec 63 to Apr 64 (Yay!); Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  He then enlisted with the 7th WV Infantry, Co A, on 1 Mar 65 as a substitute for a man named Ferdinand F. Morris--Crockett did not receive a bounty for doing this;  At the time of his enlistment in WV, he was described as 29 years old, 5' 9 1/2" tall, with fair complexion, hazel eyes and brown hair;  After the War he lived the rest of his life in and around Kanawha Co, WV;  In the 1890 Veterans' Census, he told the interviewer his eyes were affected (The Sore Eyes?) and he suffered from Rheumatism and was "Ruptured" (Hernia?);  He filed for his pension as an Invalid in 1887;  His widow filed for her pension in 1905;  I cannot find a connection between Crockett and the other two Porters in Co A


Porter, David R.  20  (1840 - )  Mustered in at Camp Pendleton 4 Jun 61;  Mar/Apr 62 he was sick in Bardstown Hospital; Deserted 6 Oct 62 from Bardstown Hospital;  Returned from Desertion and pardoned on 4 Feb 63 (Col Enyart wrote a letter on his behalf, but the private had to forfeit all pay and allowances from 6 Oct to 4 Feb by order of Gen Palmer);  Deserted again on 17 Aug 63, taking Austrian rifle and allowances; Captured with a squad of Rebels in Manchester and court martial again stopped his pay and allowances on 21 Sep 63 (but accepted back into his company!); Mustered out 18 Jun 64 in Covington, KY; In Cincinnati 1860, there were three Porters (brothers?) living with Joseph and Hester/Esther Phill/Phile: Benjamin (22), William H. (19), and David (16)--could this be our David and Benjamin? 

Powers, Robert  <29>  (1829 - 1887)   Born in Ireland; Mustered in 1 Jun 61 in Pendleton, OH;  Muster Roll indicates he was sent to the Convalescent Camp in Nashville on 26 Dec 62 and is not listed as "Present" until the May / June 63 Muster Roll, so I take it he WAS at Cripple Creek;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64 in Covington, KY;  Died in 1887 and buried in the St Joseph New Cem in Cincinnati;  His next-of-kin was listed as Margaret Powers, his sister

Pratt, William  25  (1835 - 1918)  Born in NJ on Christmas Day, but lived most of his life in Springdale, OH, near Cincinnati, as a Farmer;   His military file is missing (misfiled?) from the Fold3 database, except for the note that he was Absent Without Leave in Aug and Sept 63; Married Catherine Riddle; Buried Oak Hill Cem

Reese, Joseph E.  19  (1842 - <1899>)  Mustered in on 4 Jun 61 at Camp Pendleton, OH; On Furlough 18 Dec 61 for 12 days, but charged as a Deserter from Camp Joe Holt, IN on 10 Jan 62; Returned from Absent Without Leave by President's Proclamation 15 Mar 63; Mustered out 18 Jun 64 in Covington, KY;  Filed an Invalid's Pension in 1887 from OH; His widow, Annie, filed for her pension in Feb 1900; A Minor's Pension was filed on behalf of Roma V. Anderson in 1910; I can find no other information on Joseph

Rieger, Rupert  20  (1843 - 1905)  Rupert (or Robert as he is known in most of his documents) was born in Wuerttemburg in May 1843; I can't find him in before his being mustered in.  His age differs between the Military documents and the Civil documents.  Likewise, the 1900 Census indicates he immigrated in 1870--which makes it doubtful that he is the same man who fought in the 1 KY.  Yet, the 1890 Census and the Pension applications make it seem that Rupert Rieger and Robert Rieger in NYC are the same man;  Oh well...He was mustered in on 4 Jun 1861 from Camp Pendleton, OH;  Sent to Hospital 7 Sep to 21 Nov 61;  Wounded in right thigh at Stones River (from 30 Dec 62 - 6 Jan 63); Mustered out 18 Jun 64 from Covington, KY; There was a Naturalization Petition filed in NY in 1868 (In 1900 Census, he says 1870);  Is this our Rupert?  Robert Rieger married Dora Gerdes/Gertes in NYC in 1883;  In the 1890 Census, "Robert Rieger" is living in NYC; Rupert filed for an Invalid's Petition in 1897 in NY; Robert and Dora Rieger are living in NYC in 1900 with their children (the youngest of whom is 11 year-old Dora); He was a Piano Maker in 1900; There was no Widow's Pension filed for, but a Minor's Petition on behalf on Dora Riger was filed in NY in 1906


Rice, Charles  28  (1832 - 1896)  Born in Ireland; Mustered in on 4 Jun 61 at Camp Pendleton, OH; Sent to General Hospital Apr - Aug 62;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64 from Covington, KY; At his intake into the National Home for Disabled Soldiers in Dayton, OH in 1890, he reported he had received a GSW to his Left arm and breast during the War (the reason for his hospitalization?  If so, it might have occurred at Shiloh);  He married Elizabeth McGlove, the widow of John Duffy sometime between 1871 and 1880, probably in Wheeling, WV; In 1880, Charles works in an Iron Mill and lives with Elizabeth and her children;  In 1890, he was living as a Peddler in Wheeling, WV with his wife, Elizabeth before entering the Soldiers' Home in Dayton; He was 5' 7" tall, with Black hair, Hazel eyes, and a Florid complexion; Catholic; Deaf in both ears; He must have left the Home, because in a final note it is stated he was "Reported to have died at Covington, KY AWL" (Absent without leave) on July 15, 1896 Cause unknown

Rooney, John  30  (1831 - )  Mustered in 24 Jun 61 from Camp Clay, OH; Sent to Hospital 9 Mar 63 (he would remain in General Hospital Murfreesboro until the end of the War, although the date of admission was eventually reported as 9 Aug 63;

I have not been able to determine which John Rooney is ours

Rosenquest, John  32  (1828 - )  Mustered in 4 Jun 61 at Camp Pendleton, OH;  Sent to General Hospital in Louisville on 1 Oct 62; Present for Jan/Feb 63 Muster Roll card; Pay stopped in Nov/Dec 63 to pay for bayonet;  Present, but sick in Apr 64;

Mustered out on 18 Jun 64 in Covington , KY; I have been unable to find any information on him either before or after the War

Schrick,  Joseph  26  (1834 - )  Mustered in on 4 Jun 61 at Camp Pendleton, OH;  Pay stopped to replace bayonet in Nov/Dec 63;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64 in Covington, KY;  He enlisted in the 9 US Veteran Volunteer Infantry (Co G); He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1887 from IN; Once again, I cannot determine which man is our Joseph based upon all the possible candidates

Spence,  John D.   25  (1836 - 1865)  Mustered in on 20 Jun 61 at Pendleton, OH;  Mustered out by telegram 15 Jun 64; died 18 Sep 65 and buried in Cincinnati's Wesleyan Cem; There are several John Spences in Cincinnati in 1850 and 1860, and it is diffcult to determine which one is ours

Terrill, George W.  30   (1831 - 1891)  Mustered in 23 Jul 61  Older brother of Isaac and William H (three of the five sons of John and Jane Terrill of Meigs Co, OH 1850);  Mustered out on 18 Jun 64 in Covington, KY;  He married Mary Amanda Hopkins before the War;  After the War, he moved with her and their children to Wheeling, Marshall Co, WV, where he died and is buried;  He worked as a Boiler;  His middle name was either Walter or William (not Washington!)


Terrill, Isaac   25  (1837 - )  Mustered in on 4 Jun 61;   Younger brother (there were two more even younger at home) of George W and William Terrill of Co A;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64 from Covington, KY;  After the War, he married and raised a family in Covington, KY;  In 1870, his occupation is listed as "Roll Mill House" (I'm not sure what that means!);  Isaac filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1879, but I cannot locate Isaac nor any of his children nor his wife after this;  There is an intriguing story in the Cincinnati Enquirer of 28 Oct 1875 which tells of an Isaac Terrill of Covington who was rowing his skiff near the Suspension Bridge when a man jumed off, in a suicide attempt;  Isaac was able to pull him out of the water and into his boat, but the man died a few moments later; Was this our Isaac? 

Thomson, Robert   27   (1834 - )   Mustered in 4 Jun 61;  Entered Bardstown, KY Hospital on 4 Feb 62;  Entered General Hospital  #2 in Louisville on 1 Jul 62 with rheumatism--returned to duty 4 Aug 62;  Entered Convalescent Barracks Hospital in Nashville, TN on 26 Dec 62;  Detailed for duty as a Nurse while in Hospital;  Returned to duty (with Co A at Cripple Creek) on 13 Mar 63;  Entered GH #8 in Nashville on 17 Mar 63 suffering from "ozema with caries" (ozema was a chronic disease of the nose accompanied by a fetid discharge and marked by atrophic changes in the nasal structures);  Returned to duty (again, at Cripple Creek?) on 2 May 63;  Entered General Field Hospital in Stevenson, AL on 14 Sep 63 with "injury to head";  Entered GH #2 in Louisville on 27 Sep 63 with "gun shot wound to left side";  Returned to duty 7 Oct 63;  Treated for Tonsilitis on 27 - 28 Oct 63;  Treated for Catarrh on 27 Nov 63;  Sick on 11 Dec 63--diagnosis "Meanness"!  (See Page 24 of his Fold3 records);  Entered GH in Louisville on 24 Dec 63 with Intermittent Fever;  Returned to duty 13 Jan 64;  Treated in Convalescent Barracks Hospital in Louisville 25 and 27 Jan 64;  Arrested 13 Mar 64 as a "Straggler"in Cincinnati, OH and delivered to Lytle Barracks;  Rejoined his command in Apr 64;  Entered Marine Hospital in Cincinnati on 8 Jun 64 with Jaundice;  Mustered out with Co A in Covington, KY on 18 Jun 64;  If you lost count, he was treated in Army hospitals 12 times (that we know of) in his 3-year military career;  Name appears variously as Thompson, Thomson, Thomason;  Some records give his age as 23, making him born about 1838;  He filed for an Invalid's Pension in 1875 and a Widow's Pension was filed, but no date of location or woman's name given


Timmer, John D.  32?  (1829? - 1901)  Born in OH to German immigrant parents;  Mustered in on 4 Jun 61;  Mustered out 18 Jun 64;  He also served in Co K of the 1st (or the 19th?) USV Infantry--pension index says 1st, cemetery records say 19th);  Lived most of his life in Hamilton Co, OH;  He worked as a Laborer;  Filed for his pension as an Invalid in 1889;  His widow, Theresa, filed for her pension just a couple of weeks after he died in Oct 1901;  He is buried in the St. John's Cemetery in Hamilton Co, OH;  His enlistment age of 32 would put his birth around 1829, but the family records say he was born 9 Aug 1831 and the 1900 Census says he was born in Aug 1836


Veeley, Augustus   <20>   (<1841> - 1886)  Augustus was the youngest child of Peter and Virginia Veeley of Fayette, (West) Virginia;  Mustered in with his older brother, John, on 16 Sep 61 at Camp Enyart, VA;  Like his brother, he became ill and was sent to a hospital in Charleston, VA on 16 Nov 61;  Like John, he was eventually sent to a Convalescent Camp in Nashville, TN on 26 Dec 62;  Augustus rejoined Co A on 12 Apr 63, while they were at Cripple Creek;  He remained with his Unit (and with his brother) through the end of the Company's three-year enlistment; however, when the rest of the Unit mustered out on 18 Jun 64, Augustus was sent on a secial detachment to the Provost Marshall in Covington, KY until 23 Sep 64, because his term was unexpired (due to his hospitalization?);  After the War, he lived in and nearby Louisville, KY;  In 1880, he worked as a Car Greaser, which I assume to have been connected with the railroad;  He died in Louisville in 1886 and is buried in the Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, KY


Veeley, John D.   21   (1840 - 1911)   Born in West Virginia (when it was still part of VA!);  Mustered in with his younger brother, Augustus, on 16 Sep 61 at Camp Enyart, VA;  Like Augustus, he became ill and was sent to a hospital in Charleston, VA on 16 Nov 61;  Like Augustus, he was eventually sent to a Convalescent Camp in Nashville, TN on 26 Dec 62;  Unlike his brother, I do not know the date he returned to his Regiment, but he is shown Present on the Muster List for Mar/Apr 63, so he probably arrived on or about the same date as his brother (12 Apr 63);  This means he was at Camp Cripple Creek;  He remained with his Unit (and with his brother) through the end of the Company's three-year enlistment; however, when the rest of the Unit mustered out on 18 Jun 64, John was sent on a secial detachment to the Provost Marshall in Covington, KY until 23 Sep 64, because his term was unexpired (due to his hospitalization?);  After the War, John lived in and around Louisville, KY, working as a Carpenter;  According to his Army records, he was 21 in 1864, but the 1900 Census shows he was born in Jun 1840;  (Family records agree with this and since they also contain the whole date of birth, I will accept 1840 as his birthyear),  He died in 1911 and was buried in the St. Louis Cemetery in Louisville, KY  (Listed as John D. Veeley)

Walter, Charles   37  (1823 - <1873>)  Surname also given as Walters   Mustered in on 4 Jun 61 at Camp Pendleton, OH; Present sick on Muster Roll card for Mar/Apr 64; Mustered out 18 Jun 64 at Covington, KY;  His Widow filed for his Pension 10 Jan 1874





                                        MEN OF COMPANY A WHO WERE NOT AT CAMP CRIPPLE CREEK

       DIED                  GONE HOME          IN PRISON       TRANSFERRED      UNACCOUNTED         IN HOSPITAL


Bauer, Wunderlin* 

   (His    name is

   variously spelled as

   William, Vunderline,

   Bowers, etc.)

Beardmore, John

Brown, Thomas*

Powers, Robert

Shayne, Charles

    "Carl" (In hospital in

     Gallatin, TN  from

     28 Oct 62; Dis-

     charged from there

     on 26 Feb 63) 

Waterman, Joseph

   (the  AG's roll incor-

   rectly lists him as



Beckler, John

Dixon, George

Dwyer, John

Fowler, Aaron

Fanner, John P.

Hillman, George

Howell, Evan

McCarty, John

Makin, Thomas

Meagertee, Frank

Mitchell, Levi W. (Deserted

   1 Oct 62; Was found,

   arrested, and returned to

   Co on 9 Nov 63; Demoted

   from Sgt to Pvt and lost

   all pay for the time


Newton, James

Randall, John W.

Rauth, Joseph

Skillings, Richard (Officially    marked Deserted on 14  

   Feb 63, but was missing

   before then, so never at

    Cripple Creek)

Strover, Michael

Truss, George

Usher, William

Wasson, Clinton (Deserted

   in 62, turned himself in

   to Provost Marshall in

   Cincinnati in April 63 and

   eventually returned to

    company in Dec 63)

Williams, Henry

Allen, Theodore W.

Nadand, Joseph J.  (Cpl)

Rice, Patrick

Riley, Henry

Sheets, William

Smith, James (Cpl)

Terrell, John W.

Williams, Edward

Williamson, Clarke

Amsburry, William

Ball, William

Brown, John

Crowford, William  (Cpl)

Dolin, Patrick

Ehler, Thomas

England, Thomas

Fowler, Henry C.

Greau, George

Harrol, Theodore  (2 Lt)

Hauser, Abraham

Jackson, John (1 Lt)

Lenhart, John R.

Meador, Nathan B.

Nowlin, Titon L.

Patterson, Robert D.  (Sgt)

Perry, Joseph

Rice, Andrew

Sweeny, Thomas O.

Sutor, Leonard  (Cpl)

Tohaugen, Peter

Truman, Burnett (The

    AG's Roll shows him

    being discharged in Jul

    63,but the actual date

    was 16 Jul 62)

Underhill, Byron R.  (2 Lt)

Walker, James

Wheeler, Joseph T.  


Brannan, James -

  to Pioneer Corp

   in Nov 62 Coldwater, Charles

Cole, Benjamin

Frank, Henry       

   (Detached to QM in

   Nashville Jul 62 -

    Sept 63)

Mackey, James  


Nowlin, James  (Cpl)

Shane, Charles     

   (Fifer--to Co F)

Spaulding, James

Reed, Joseph C.

   (Captured at

   Stones River)

McQuade, James (See

   story above)

Walter, John E. 

   (Captured at

   Stones River)

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